Internet Instructions – August 2006 (III)

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21 August 2006, 16:30, Huang Jing

Recently, it has been discovered that the text “Monks Collectively Visit Prostitutes – The Background of the ‘Three Old Convent Scandal’ in Guangdong”, published by foreign websites, has been posted some domestic forums and blogs, etc., and attacks our religious policies. All websites are requested to strengthen management and earnestly inspect this, this text may not be reprinted or posted, where it has been posted, it must be speedily deleted.

21 August 2006, 21:30, Network Management Office

Content concerning the case of Gao Yingying, is no longer to be put on the main page of websites and the main page of news and forums. Stop renewing news trackers and forum trackers.

22 August 2006, 8:45, Network Management Office

All websites: the Youth World Cup has finished, please delete the special subject on the “Athletic Federation Youth World Cup”; the special subject of commemorating the Long March will no longer have “One Primary School Pupil’s Long March Website” as special subject entry, please restore the title of “Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Long March” as entry; the special subject of running the web in a civilized manner will no longer have “Prevent Online Wrongdoing” as entry point, please restore the title of “Running the Web in a Civilized Manner” as title. In the near future, if there is no new notification, please only maintain these two entry points for special subjects in the important news section of the main page of news centres: commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Long March, and running the web in a civilized manner.

22 August 2006, 9:15, Network Management Office, Huang Jing

Sina, Sohu, Netease, China, TOM, Xici Hutong, Western Land Forum, Maopu Forum, DoNews, Blog Net, Baidu, China Search, Search Dog, Aiwen, Yahoo China, Qihoo, and Great Flag: the State Council Information Office Second Phase Internet News Training Class registration time is the afternoon of 25 August; the place of registry is the Yuanshan Grand Hotel (Xicheng District, Yumin Road, No. 2, between Anhua Bridge and the Panda Roundabout on the Axis Road, 50 metres to the west of the traffic lights, the hotel telephone number is 62010033).

24 August 2006, 9:47, Network Management Office, Huang Jing

All websites: please put the matter of water pollution occurring recently in the Songhua river in the middle part of the important news section, do not put it in a header position.

24 August 2005, 16:56, Huang Jing

All websites, please make “Lin Biao’s diaries” into a keyword, delete all search results in search engines (including snapshots).

24 August 2006, 17:16, Huang Jing

All websites, on reports concerning the matter of workers gathering on the roof of a building to protest against late salary payments causing traffic disruption (images), all websites are requested to immediately remove it from information on their sites!

24 August 2006, 17:56, Huang Jing

Recently, a water pollution accident happened in the domestic tributary of the Songhua River, the Niu River, in Jilin City, Jilin Province, Xinhua has already issued news copy. For online reports of this matter, all websites are only to reprint Xinhua copy, do not reprint articles from other sources, do not set up news trackers, do not link it up with the Songhua River pollution incident. Management over forums, blogs and other interactive columns must be strengthened, harmful information that is inconsistent with official reports or uses the opportunity to attack the Party and State structure, etc., must be timely deleted.

27 August 2006, 0:56, Chen Hua

Search for and delete the article “Second Artillery Construction Sites Spread into Xinjiang, Tibet and Other Localities, Workload Quadruples”, search engines are to screen this article.

28 August 2006, 8:35, Network Management Office, Huang Jing

All websites, please immediately delete the recent online text concerning “Why Take the Knife of Cui Yingjie to Kill Urban Management”.

28 August 2006, 10:35, Network Management Office, Huang Jing

Propaganda instructions concerning Beijing recruiting volunteers for the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics:

1, All sorts of information must be published according to the uniform formulation of the Beijing Olympic Volunteer Work Coordination Group. Information from other sources or non-standard formulations may not be reprinted;

2, the wording “global recruitment” may not be adopted in news titles and reports on recruitment work;

3, information on negative trends occurring in recruitment work may not be reprinted.

30 August 2006, 12:12, Network Management Office, Huang Jing

Concerning the case of social security funds being diverted in Shanghai City, only transmit People’s Daily and Xinhua Net copy, do not make it into a special subject, do not open trackers, do not conduct surveys, do not debate it. All websites are requested to immediately deal with situations that do not conform to the above requirements. Forums, blogs and other interactive segments are not to discuss this.

31 August 2006, 9:00, Network Management Office, Huang Jing

All websites: please move the article “Dashan Village Committee in Panyu, Guangzhou, Forces Detention of 200 People concerning Temporary Residence Permits” to the domestic section.

31 August 2006, 9:53, Network Management Office, Huang Jing

All websites, please put the article “Beijing Network Media Deliberate the Long March Spirit in Zunyi, Chinese Long March Net Opened” in the middle or upper part of the important news section of the news centre, and the title on the main page of websites.

31 August 2006, 9:53, Network Management Office, Huang Jing

Please immediately delete the article “Taiwanese Diaoyu Island Protectors in Fishing Boats Locked in Stalemate with Japanese Naval Ships, Use Drinks Bottles to Fight Back”.


2006年8月21日16时30分 黄婧

2006年8月21日21时30分 网管办

2006年8月22日08时45分 网管办

2006年8月22日09时15分 网管办黄婧

2006年8月24日09时47分 网管办黄婧



各网:关于工人聚集楼顶抗议欠薪致交通中断(组图) 一事的相关报道,请各网站立即从本网站的信息中删除!
2006年8月24日17时56分 黄婧

2006年8月27日0时56分 陈华

2006年8月28日08时35分 网管办黄婧

2006年8月28日10时35分 网管办黄婧




2006年8月30日12时13分 网管办黄婧

2006年8月31日9时00分 网管办黄婧

2006年8月31日9时53分 网管办黄婧

各网:请将《北京网络媒体遵义研讨长征精神 中国长征网开通》一稿,放至新闻中心要闻区中上部,并在网站首页出标题。
2006年8月31日9时53分 网管办黄婧

请各网马上删除《台湾保钓人士渔船与日本军舰相持 用饮料瓶还击》一稿。

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