Internet Instructions – September 2006 (I)

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1 September 2006, 18:54, Chen Hua
Everyone, concerning the incident of Fujitso and First Finance, do not play it up, water it down as soon as possoble, existing articles and special subjects are to be pushed to the backstage, no longer issue new copy, forums and blogs are no logner to organize new discussions, subsequent reporting will be arranged uniformly.
1 September 2006, 11:18, Huang Jing
Reinforcement and reconstruction works will start shortly on the Xizhimen Bridge on the Second Ring Road in Beijing. Municipal news media will, starting from today, issue information and reports concerning this every day for two weeks.
Websites may not actively post corresponding information orn forums or start discussions. Discussions and articles concerning project quality, backward planning and caused traffic jams may not emerge on forums, blogs and other interactive segments.
All websites are requested to give this high attention, and must implement matters according to requirements.
1 September 2006, 16:34, Mx, Huang Jing
All websites; please search for and immediately delete two pieces of information on forums blogs: 1, the content and content extracts from the book “Mein Kampf”, written by Hitler; 2, ther workers’ strike at Henan Xinxiang Xinfei Electric.
3 September 2006, 10:49, Lu Chao
Today is 3 September, the remembrance day of victory in the War to Resist Japan, please strengthen supervision and control over sensitive information involving Japan, if mobilizing information concerning demonstrations or assemblies, etc., emerges, inform our office by telephone, 85223522.
Lu Chao
3 September 2006, 12:56, Bai Jie
All websites are requested to pay attention: the matter of Mu Zimei’s marriage may not be put on the front pages of websites, news centres, forums and all channels, etc.
6 September 2006, 11:15, Chai Yue
All search engines: please immediately make the folliwing words into keywords for screening: “Background to the CCP Second Artillery Personnel Changes: Inside Secrecy and Corruption to the Bottom”, “Yu Jixin”, “Zhang Yuting”, “Wang Jiurong”, “Peng Xiaofeng”.
6 September 2006, 18:04, Chai Yue
All websites, please do not transmit the article “Capital Construction Unveils Plan for ‘Morgan’ Land”, published on 6 September by the “New Capital Daily”, websites who have already transmitted it are requested to immediately delete this article. At the same time, all search engines are requested to make “Capital Construction Unveils Plan for ‘Morgan’ Land” into a keyworkd for screening.
6 September 2006, 18:30, Chai Yue
All websites, in the near future, relevant Centre work units will go to Beijing City to inspect the situation of websites running the web in a civilized manner. All websites are requested to earnestly deal with this inspection, and conduct a clean-up of the complete content of their websites within five days, starting from tomorrow. It must be achieved that the main page of websites and the main pages of all channels do not contain unhealthy content. Areas where inhealthy content is published often, such as “women”, “both sexes”, “picture bars”, “heath”, “emotions”, “reading”, “women”, “forums”, etc., must be earnestly cleaned up, and the situation of an overall loweing in style cannot occur. Our office will also launch special inspections, and require the closure of channels and columns that do not meet the requirements of running the web in a civilized manner. All websites are requested to give high regard to this special clean-up.
7 September 2006, 8:52, Chai Yue
Today, it is permitted to push the special subject “Paying Tribute to the Loveliest People” to the back stage.
7 September 2006, 14:40, Chai Yue
All websites: please close trackers concerning the article “Central Military Commission Strictly Deals with Resopnsible Persons for Two Transport Plane Crash Accidents”.


2006年9月1日18时54分 陈华




2006年9月1日16时34分 网管办黄婧

各网:请在论坛、博客环节内,查找并立即删除两个信息: 1、希特勒所写《我的奋斗》一书的内容及内容节录; 2、河南新乡新飞电器工人罢工
2006年9月3日10时49分 卢超

今天是9月3日,抗日战争胜利纪念日,请加强涉日敏感信息监控,如发现游行集会等行动性信息,打电话告我处,85223522 卢超
2006年9月3日12时56分 白洁

2006年9月6日11时15分 柴玥


2006年9月6日18时30分 柴玥

2006年9月7日8时52分 柴玥

2006年9月7日14时40分 柴玥

各网:请关闭《中央军委严肃处理运输机坠毁等两起事故责任人 》一稿的跟帖

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