Internet Instructions – October 2006 (I)

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9 October 2006, 11:45, Chen Hua

Everyone, a short briefing, on the matter of the North Korean nuclear tests, it is strictly prohibited to transmit foreign dispatches, standardize copy sources, do not gather news by yourself (VIP interviews, news lines, etc.)

9 October 2006, 16:06, Huang Jing

Everyone, recently, some websites reprinted the posts “Laid-Off Workers’ Song of Eternal Sorrow”, please notify all websites to thoroughly investigate their website forums, news trackers and other interactive columns, if this sort of information is discovered, it is to be deleted without exception.

9 October 2006, 19:09, Chen Hua

Concerning the North Korean nuclear tests, only use People’s Daily and Xinhua copy, earlier China News copy is to be completely deleted and may not be used again, everyone is requested to rapidly adjust their pages.

10 October 2006, 8:50, Chen Hua

All websites, please immediately delete the text “Experts: the Six-Party Talks May Go from Coma to Death”.

9 October 2006, 12:43, Beijing Municipal Information Office

I: For news on North Korea’s nuclear tests, only copy from Xinhua and People’s Daily can be used, it is not permitted to use that of China News Net. Open trackers, but they must be managed well, in managing trackers, some principles shall be persisted in: 1, our country’s persistent position of “non-nuclearization” on the Korean peninsula; 2, the hope of return to the Six-Party Talks; 3, all sides deal with this matter soberly; 4, do not disseminate rumours, do not engage in pointless guessing concerning nuclear pollution.

II, Concerning reporting the case of the Beijing City Vice-Mayor Liu Zhihua, including the process of the case, work units and individuals involved in the case, as well as targets of investigation, etc., only official copy from Xinhua and “People’s Daily” is to be transmitted online, it is strictly prohibited to use copy from other sources. Strengthen management over forums, news trackers, blogs and mobile telephone messages, all information not conform to these requirements must be firmly deleted. Situations of non-earnest implementation of these requirements will be severely dealt with.

III: All websites, the 6th Plenum will be organized from the 8th until the 11th. During this time, negative news from all localities and all departments may not appear in the important news section, do not report on sudden malicious incidents and production security accidents.

IV: Abe’s visit to China has an important significance, propaganda and reporting must coordinate with the large picture of our country’s foreign affairs; all websites must timely delete provoking and inciting discussions, and the source of harmful information must be tracked down. For reports concerning the South Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun and Japanese Prime Minister Abe visiting China soon, please use Xinhua and People’s copy without exception, and it is not permitted to issue this in the heading position of the important news section; if separate articles are issued on the visits to China by these two people, the information on Roh shall be before information on Abe, and they may respectively be placed in the second and third position of the important news section; if the visit to China of the two persons is reported in one article, the name of Roh must appear before the name of Abe, and it may be placed in the second position of the important news section; trackers and forums must be managed well, it is not permitted to have extreme discussions.

11 October 2006, 10:43, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Huang Jing

All websites, recently after the complete inspection and earnest re-examination by the Hunan Provincial, municipal and county judicial departments, it has been ascertained that the accusation in the original case of the original defendant Yang Mingyin, a farmer from Cili County, of the crime of plundering has not been established. In this regard, some websites have engaged in excessive reporting, which was not beneficial to safeguarding social stability in that locality. All relevant websites are requested to speedily calm down their existing reporting, and will immediately push articles to the back stage, they may not play this up, and may no longer publish new reports.

11 October 2006, 10:48, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Yang Le

All websites are to clean up and delete images of the oil paintings “Chairman Mao Living Today” and “Chairman Mao and Actresses” in forums, blogs and other interactive segments, search engines are to set up keywords to shield corresponding links.

11 October 2006, 16:42, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Huang Jing

All websites, please reprint the following articles in the domestic news section of the news centre,

Title: Li Chang: We Were Deceived by Li Hongzhang! Address:

Title: Wang Zhiwen: How Was “25 April” Arranged. Address:

Please pay attention to transferring this from Kaiwind.

12 October 2006, 18:37, Beijing Municipal Information Office

Everyone, please immediately put the special subject on the 70th anniversary of the Long March on the main page of websites and the second position of the news page, and report the speeches of Central leading comrades at the opening ceremony of the “Magnificent Feat, Glorious Process – Exhibition Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Victorious Long March of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army” on 16 October.

12 October 2006, 23:11, Beijing Municipal Information Office, Chen Hua:

The matter concerning the case of a suicide by jumping off the Tiananmen building today in the afternoon, and the matter of a person burning a gasoline can tonight in Tiananmen Square are not to be reported, interactive segments are not to discuss this.

12 October 2006, 18:37, Beijing Municipal Information Office

Do the propaganda for the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Long March well, the special subject must be put on the main page and on the second position of the news page, timely disseminate focus articles.

13 October 2006, 15;57, Beijing Municipal Information Office

All websites: please set up the title “Central Party School Social Science Department Professor Qin Gang Talks About Building Harmonious Society” in the “Building a Harmonious Society” special subject header, link to At the same time, the “Building a Harmonious Society” special subject is to be restored to the important news section.

13 October 2006, 20:50, Network Management Office, Duty manager 2

In recent days, there have been relatively many discussions online concerning cancelling Chinese medicine and Chinese drugs, which is not beneficial to protecting the excellent traditional culture of the nation, is not beneficial to the development of our country’s Chinese medicine and Chinese drug undertaking, and is not beneficial to guaranteeing the people’s health. All websites may no longer reprint or post comments concerning cancelling Chinese medicine or Chinese drugs, and may also not set up corresponding topics to guide netizens’ discussions. Where existing content on forums and blogs plays up the cancellation of Chinese medicine and Chinese drugs, measures must be adopted to curb this. All localities’  foreign propaganda offices are requested to notify websites to implement this.

13 October 2006, 20:50, Network Management Office, Duty Manager 2

Please make “Yesterday Reappeared” into keywords and screen searches. Also, the said article may not be reprinted.

13 October 2006, 0:24

Immediately delete articles with the following content on websites (focus on inspecting searches and blog articles), make the following four words into keywords for screening.

A. Born as Renjie B. Li Renjie C. Renjie Reappears D. Renjie and Weihong Reappear

15 October 2006, 22:24, Network Management Office, Duty manager 2

Notice: on the matter of a number of Jilin Agricultural University Visual Arts Faculty teachers having put forward resignations because they are dissatisfied with the school merging faculties and the corresponding incidents triggered by this matter are all to be not reported, where it has been reported, it is to be immediately deleted, forums and blogs are also not to discuss this matter.


2006年10月09日11时45分 陈华

2006年10月09日16时06分 黄婧

2006年10月09日19时09分 陈华

2006年10月10日8时50分 陈华

2006年10月09日12时43分 北京市新闻办


二:关于北京市原副市长刘志华案的网上报道包括案件进展、案件涉及到的单位和个人,以及被调查对象等,网站只转发新华社和《人民日报》的正式稿件,严禁使用其它来源的稿件。 加强对论坛、新闻跟帖、博客、手机短信息的管理,凡与此要求不符的信息必须坚决删除。对不认真执行要求的情况,将要严肃处理。


四:安倍访华具有重要意义,宣传报道要配合我国外交大局;各网要及时删除挑动和煽动性言论,对有害信息要查源头。 关于韩国总统卢武铉、日本首相安倍即将访华报道,请一律用新华、人民网稿件,并不得发在要闻区头条位置;如两人访华消息是分别发稿,卢的消息应在安倍消息之前,可分别放在要闻区二、三条位置;如两人访华是一条消息发布,则卢的名字须在安倍之前,可放在要闻区二条位置;务必管理好跟帖和论坛,不得有过激言论。
2006年10月11日10时43分 北京市新闻办 黄婧

2006年10月11日10时48分 北京市新闻办杨乐

2006年10月11日16时42分 北京市新闻办黄婧


标题:李昌:我们被李洪志蒙蔽了! 网址:

标题:王治文:“4?25”是这样安排下去的 网址:

2006年10月12日18时37分 北京市新闻办

各位,请马上将长征70周年专题放在网站首页和闻首二条位置,并报好10月16日中央领导同志在”伟大壮举 光辉历程-纪念中国工农红军长征胜利70周年展览”开幕式上的致辞。
2006年10月12日23时11分 北京市新闻办 陈华:

2006年10月12日18时37分 北京市新闻办

2006年10月13日15时57分 北京市新闻办黄婧

2006年10月13日20时50分 网管办值班2


2006年10月13日20时50分 网管办值班2



A.生当作人杰 B.李人杰 C.人杰重现 D.人杰伟鸿重现
2006年10月15日22时24分 网管办值班2



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