Internet Instructions – February 2007 (I)

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1 February 2007, 18:14

The matter of Taiwan investment on the mainland is extremely sensitive, all websites must deal cautiously with this, and especially investments that involve Taiwanese businesses in the area of high technology may not be reported without exception. At present, the text “Thaw in Taiwan Investment Ban  – Mainland Semiconductor Market Suddenly Bursts Into Life” that has been reprinted online is gravely inaccurate, all websites are requested to not reprint this, where it has been reprinted, it must be immediately removed, corresponding information may not appear on forums or blogs.

1 February 2007, 18:21

Delete the Article “Reform and Development Commission Report States Strength of Government Adjustment of Income Differences Is Insufficient”

1 February 2007, 19:36

At the 6th Asia Winter Games, a Korean athlete held up a slogan on the podium that Mount Paektu is the territory of our country, the Central Propaganda Department reminds that Beijing media are not to report on this, and especially remind that metropolitan-type newspapers are not to play this up, it must be prevented that excessive discussions emerge online.

1 February 2007, 19:55

All websites, concerning the matter at the 6th Asia Winter Games, where a Korean athlete held up a slogan on the podium that Mount Paektu is the territory of our country, do not send text messages, do not put it on the front page of websites or the important news section of the news centre, only use Xinhua copy without exception, close trackers; forums and blogs are not to recommend this or put it in a header, do not excessively play up this matter.

2 February 2007, 14:09

1. All websites: for reports concerning the selection of the 3rd Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, please only use Xinhua copy, do not use copy from other sources. No news tracker are to be opened for this sort of article, forums are also not excessively to set up discussions, prevent that this is played up online.

2. All websites, Matters involving investment of Taiwanese businesses in the area of high technology may not be reported without exception, at present, the text “Thaw in Taiwan Investment Ban – Mainland Semiconductor Market Suddenly Bursts Into Life” is gravely inaccurate, all websites are requested to immediately delete it, this sort of information may also not be disseminated in forums or blogs.

2 February 2007, 16:34

All websites: Please move this news article, “Yunnan Traffic Office Vice-Director Hu Xing Absconds, Arrest Is Officially Authorized” to the domestic news section, issue it as a single piece of news, do not link it up with corresponding news.

These words are not yet screened, rapidly deal with this, and ensure there are no search results “Beijing Municipal Committee Standing Committee – Under Investigation”

Summaries can still be seen.

Beijing municipal high officials all feel insecure, it is necessary to “report safety” with newspaper titles.

2 February 2007, 16:51

Recently, foreign media carried information concerning Beijing Municipal officials being under investigation by relevant Central departments, which all incurred urgent reactions from Beijing Municipality. For example, foreign media in the past few days reported on the Beijing Municipal Committee Standing Committee, 16 January 2007, 02:55:14 – snapshot of article content

Writer: Guzhuzhijun (all articles from Guzhuzhijun – Guzhuzhijun’s RSS)

2 February 2007, 17:29

All portal websites: an article concerning “’17 January’ Mass Incident in Dazhu, Sichuan Already Cracked”, will be issued in a while by the People’s Daily and Xinhua, please timely reprint it, do not put it on front pages of websites and important news sections, it may be issued in the domestic section, do not open trackers, do not set up special subjects, do not set up corresponding links, do not send out text messages.

2 February 2007, 17:41

All websites, concerning the matter of the Korean athlete during the medal presentation at the Asia Winter Games, only use Xinhua copy, do not issue it on the main page of websites and the important news section of the news centre, it may be issued in the domestic section, do not set up special subjects, do not make links, close trackers, do not send text messages, do not put it in headers of forums, do not play it up, manage interactive segments well.

2 February 2007, 18:02

All websites are requested to clear up information in their websites and searches concerning “rumours about ex-State leaders and famous actors”, all search engines shall make “Jiang Zemin and Song Zuying”, “Jiang Zemin Song Zuying” etc. into keywords for screening, so that there are no search results and shall not set up corresponding searches, clean up reactionary posts such as “inside stories on Song xx becoming Jiang xx mistress”, “it is said that the child of Song xx is called Jiang x”, etc. This will take effect from 11.00 tonight.

4 February 2007, 16:25

The press release on starting up text message service recommendation activities has come out, everyone is requested to carry it on the appointed position in the important news section

(News reference draft)

Text messages recommending to vote at the Spring Festival, share the warmth and happiness of the holidays

The “2007 New Spring Happiness Text message Recommendation Selection Event” has begun (pre-selected title)

What is the text message to wish happiness for the New Spring that the masses welcome the most today? The “2007 New Spring Happiness Text message Recommendation Selection Event” that started on 5 February will mobilize the broad mobile phone users and network friends to jointly seek the answer. This recommendation vote activity for New Spring well-wishing text messages is the largest in scale in Beijing so far, and will last for 10 days, on 15 February, the 10 New Spring well-wishing text messages and the number of votes they gained will be published.

Starting from 6PM on 4 February, all participants may register on 20 websites or use mobile phones to send text messages, to participate in the recommendation or voting selection of the 10 most liked New Spring well-wishing text messages of 2007. Recommended text messages must revolve around the theme of “New Year’s wishes for the New Spring”, and reflect happy hopes and wishes; content is to be vigorous, healthy and upward; language is to sincerely move the people, relaxed and vivid, and to reflect the characteristics of text messages; with Chinese in the first place, not accompanied with images or special characters. Regardless of whether or not it is original, all may participate in the selection.

This city’s ten main newspapers and twenty famous websites will, from 6 February until 14 February, open a list of that day’s text messages in their media, and announce the listed text messages recommended by the masses and examined by the evaluation committee, the ten text messages that get the most votes on one day are to be maintained in the list for the second day, the 10 messages receiving the least votes are dropped from the list, 10 text messages that are recommended by the people and evaluated by the evaluation committee are listed. All websites are at the same time to set up recommendation and voting windows, to receive recommendations and votes from netizens, Sina Web will also set up mobile phone recommendation and voting text message platforms for the masses who cannot co online, to provide convenient, broad and diverse participation channels for the broad audience. Every person may send moving wishes in their hearts that they receive themselves, through the screens of mobile phones or computers to the hearts of even more people. Let empathy and wishes transfer between people, to become the warm fragrance and sweetness during the joyful festival of the new Spring, and let the wind of sending civilized and harmonious text messages become a new fashion to celebrate the new year.

Apart from directly voting on all large website lists, China Mobile telephone users may input the text message numbers to be listed and send them to 5366511 for voting, Unicom mobile phone users may input the text message numbers to be listed and send them to 9888511 for voting (5 mao per text message, not including connection fees). The daily activity column of the “Beijing Daily” and all other large newspapers, the five famous radio columns, “A Smooth Road”, “Information 8AM”, “City Zero Distance”, “Love Starts Fill the Sky”, “974 Information Net” and the 6 famous television columns “Beijing News”, “Special Interest”, “Good Morning Beijing”, “Beijing Live”, “Daily Culture and Entertainment Broadcast” and “Capital Economic Reform”, as well as the special event sections of 20 websites, all will, at all times, follow the newest trends in test message listings.

Many New Spring whishing text messages sent by media have attracted the attention of all walks of society. Famous scholars Yu Qiuyu, Yan Chongnian, Zheng Yuanjie, Sima Nan, famous model worker Li Suli, literary and artistic celebrities Feng Yuanzheng, Guan Ling, Li Xiang, Zhao Wei, Hu Ge, Hong Huang, famous presenters Wang Wei, Wu Zhoutong, Gao Chaodong, Xu Tao, Xu Chunni, Huang Jianxiang, Liang Hong, Dong Lu and network heartthrob Little Fairy Sister (Erma Yinuo) all are the evaluation committee in this event, and will evaluate the text messages recommended by the masses every day.

In order to encourage the masses to participate, rich awards that are great in quantity and with large prizes have been put up for this event. The first 10.000 text message recommenders will all win a vigorous participation award, the netizens and mobile phone users who have chosen for the 10 most liked text messages among those that were recommended and voted for will also have the opportunity to win an Elantra car, a 37 inch LCD television, a Lenovo computer, a Motorola mobile phone, a Newsmy MP3, mobile phone top-up cards and other awards. The total number of award winners is 12080.

On Lantern Festival, on 4 March, a raffle ceremony will be organized for the 2007 New Spring well-wishing text message recommendation and selection event, and from all people who recommended and voted for the ten text messages, all levels’ recommendation awards and voting awards will be drawn for this event through computer lottery.

This event is supported by 15 media work units, Xinhua’s Beijing branch, the Beijing Daily, the Beijing Evening Daily, the Beijing People’s Radio Station, Beijing Television, the Beijing Youth Daily, the Capital Daily, the Beijing Morning Post, Beijing Entertainment News, the Beijing Commercial Daily, the Legal System Evening Post, Beijing News, Jinghua Times, Beijing Mobile Television, Beijing City Television, sponsored by 20 websites Qianlong Net, Sina Net, Sohu Net, Netease, Tom, China Net, Xilu Net, Xici Hutong, Hexun Net, Phoenix Net, Baidu, Yahoo China, China Search Net, Daqi Net, Qihoo, Qianxiang Interactive, Soufang Net, Blog Net, Kongzhong Net and Everyday Online, undertaken by the Beijing Network Media Association, and supported by Sina Net, Beijing Suning Electronics Co. Ltd and Beijing Gehua Yangguang Advertising Co.

News copy does not need revising, it is OK to issue it as is, put content online at 6 o’clock.




台商在大陆投资事十分敏感,各网站要慎重处理,特别是涉及到台商在高科技领域的投资一律不得报道。日前网上转载的《台湾投资禁令解冻 半导体大陆市场骤生变》一文严重失实,请各网站不要转载,已转载的要立即撤除,相关信息也不得出现在论坛、博客中。




1. 各网:有关香港特区第三任行政长官选举的报道,请只使用新华社通稿,不使用其它任何来源的稿件。此类稿件不开新闻跟帖,论坛也不主动设置讨论,防止网上炒作。

2. 各网:涉及到台商在高科技领域的投资一律不得报道,日前网上转载的《台湾投资禁令解冻 半导体大陆市场骤生变》一文严重失实,请各网站立即删除,论坛、博客中也不传播该类信息。


这个词,还没屏蔽,速处理一下,设为搜无结果“北京市委常委 被调查”


北京市高官人人自危 要以新闻标题”报平安”

最近海外媒体登载有关北京市官员被中央有关部门调查的消息,都马上招来北京市的紧急应对。比如海外媒体这些天报导了北京市委常委 2007-01-16 02:55:14 – 文章内容快照

作者:guzhuzhijun(guzhuzhijun的所有文章 guzhuzhijun的RSS)






推荐投票新春短信 共享节日温馨祝福











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