Internet Instructions – March 2007 (III)

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20 March 2007, 16:19

All websites: do not play up the incident of two Chinese persons being kidnapped in Nigeria, relevant information must be dealt with in a low-key manner, do not make lead stories, do not set up special subjects, do not link it to the previous kidnapping incidents, do not set up news trackers.

20 March 2007, 17:30

Please notify the persons in charge of all website search engines to come to our office for a meeting tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon, and to bring an electronic copy of all keywords set up for the 17th Party Congress.

23 March 2007, 18:22

Set up four new keywords: 1, Shanxi meeting; 2, new Eight Honours and Eight Disgraces; 3, the Four Heavenly Kings among the news stars on the Chinese political altar; 4, the diary of Deng Yingchao

Requirements: no search results, no more posts or blog texts containing this sort of information may also appear on forums and blogs, please clean up and delete existing content yourself.

24 March 2007, 12:00

Concerning the matter of the Chongqing nail house, commercial websites may no longer play this up, special subjects must be deleted, do not transmit this sort of information and comments anymore, forums and blogs cannot recommend this, trackers must be closed without exception for forum posts. It is stressed again: special subjects must be thoroughly deleted.

24 March 2007, 14:01

1.Concerning the matter of the Chongqing nail house, this may no longer be played up, delete special subjects, new articles, comments or blog texts may not be issued anymore, forums and blogs cannot recommend this, close trackers for posts without exception, remove it to the back stage, do not do VIP interview.

2. Websites must remove “Jilin University Reveals Itself to Owe Huge Debts, Collects Resolution Plans from Teachers and Students in the Whole School”, this matter must not be played up, do not open trackers, forums and blogs are not to discuss this.

24 March 2007, 18:06

Concerning Renmin University International Relations Institute Director Zhang Ming being dismissed and the Chinese Academy of Social Science Finance Office’s Yi Xianrong resigning, this must not be played up online, do not reprint posts or issue new reports, articles and posts, existing special subjects must be removed, reports, articles, etc., on front pages must be removed, forums and blogs may not recommend this, lock trackers for existing posts. Please implement this.

24 March 2007, 15:15:43

It is stressed again: reporting requirements for the selection on the 15th of the Hong Kong Chief Executive

On the 25th, the Hong Kong SAR’s chief executive is selected, for reporting before and after this selection, only reprint from Xinhua and People’s Daily without exception, give prominence to reporting that this selection is a selection passed with high popular will and high votes. At the same time, forums, blogs and other interactive segments must be managed well, strictly block discussions seizing the opportunity to attack our political system and “one country, two systems”. The title “SAR Head” may not be used in reporting, use “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive” without exception.

22 March 2007, 12:01:00

Propaganda instructions concerning the incident in Guixi City, Jiangxi, where some masses blocked the railway.

Concerning the incident in Guixi City, Jiangxi, where some masses blocked the railway, all websites are only to reprint corresponding information from People’s Daily, Xinhua Net and China Jiangxi Net, do not set up special subjects, do not open news trackers, do the natural trundle of everyday news, forums and blogs are not to discuss this.

23 March 2007, 16:36

All websites: please immediately delete the article “Beijing Floating People’s Information Registration Form’s Inclusion of Nickname Column Called Discriminatory”.

26 March 2007

Network Management Office, Lin Lingsi: if there are very new positive propaganda columns, content, or activities organized by websites, etc., please recommend them to us through RTX, the Network Propaganda Office will timely grant added points and awards according to the evaluation structure.

All websites: please remove the article “Japanese Vice-Cabinet Secretary States Comfort Women Did Not Exist in Army” to the back stage.

29 March 2007, 17:49

All portals: please reprint on the main page of websites and in the important news section with “Network Disputes Need Standards” as title.





增设4个新的关键词 1、西山会议2、新八荣八耻3、中国政坛新星中的四大天王4、邓颖超日记。





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