Internet Instructions – April 2007 (II)

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13 April 2007, 17:57:46

Earnestly manage news trackers concerning the press conference on the Olympic Games ticket sales

All websites, on the 15th of this month, the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee will organize a press conference on the arrangements for Olympic Games ticket sales. All websites are requested to earnestly manage news trackers for corresponding information, as well as forum posts, blog articles and other interactive segments, and remove negative discussions concerning ticket sales.

13 April 2007, 17:22:43

All websites, concerning the matter of clashes that occurred between Italian police and local Chinese, please delete pictures of the clash, do not set up special subjects, do not put it in the important news section and the front page of websites, interactive segments are not to discuss this.

13 April 2007, 15:08:46

For reports and comments concerning Darfur, Sudan, use Xinhua copy without exception, and do not open trackers when reprinting this. Websites must strictly abide by propaganda discipline, strengthen management over forums and blogs, and timely block and delete discussions using the Darfur, Sudan issue to attack or start rumours about our country.

12 April 2007, 18:06:04

To report the foundation conference of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland, only use Xinhua copy!

The foundation conference for the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland will be organized in Beijing on 16 April, for corresponding reports, only use Xinhua copy, avoid prominent political flavouring.

12 April 2007, 18:03:58

To report on Darfur, Sudan, use Xinhua copy without exception, do not issue any comment.

19 April 2007, 17:08

“The Great Exposure of the Cause for Today’s Big Nose Dive”, this article’s content is inaccurate, everyone is requested to self-inspect for this article and corresponding content, and to delete it., Hexun link, provided for reference

19 April 1007, 17:50:00

All websites are requested not to reprint the China Youth Daily text of 19 April “Why 1.000 Mu of Farmland Lie Wasted”, where it has been reprinted, please delete it promptly.

19 April 2007, 20:55:00

Please manage trackers on the matter of the accident of the steel ladle falling off in Liaoning well, please delete cursing and attacking posts.



2007-04-13 17:57:46



2007-04-13 17:22:43


2007-04-13 15:08:46


2007-04-12 18:06:04



2007-04-12 18:03:58


“今日大盘跳水原因大揭秘 “这篇文章内容不实,请大家自查该文及相关内容,并删除。和讯的链接,供参考
2007-04-19 17:50:00

2007-04-19 20:55:00


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