Internet Instructions – May 2007 (III)

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25 May 2007, 15:46:08

All website: please do not participate in the “China’s 100 Strongest Secondary Schools Selection Event”; do not reprint propaganda or reports concerning this selection event.

24 May 2007, 17:57:48

The article “Census Register Reform Documents Reported to State Council – Lawful Fixed Place Becomes Condition for Move” of 23 May is inaccurate, websites that have already reprinted it must immediately remove it. This article may also not be posted in forums and blogs. Official Xinhua copy is to be taken as standard when reporting census register reform.

24 May 2007, 14:27:00

Explanation on websites’ internal third-party supervision mechanism work, please transmit this to the responsible schoolmate

Explanation on websites’ internal third-party supervision mechanism work.

I, Purpose: promoting that websites perfect internal supervision mechanisms, and raise self-management levels.

II, Organic setup: all websites’ departments outside the news centre, are to set up a separate department or small work group of equal rank to the news centre, with a company chief inspector level or departmental responsible person in charge, and that directly reports work to the general editor.

III, Main functions: 1, being responsible to maintain close coordination with the first contact person, jointly receiving and implementing management requirements;

the first contact person is still the first interface person with the Municipal Network Management Office notices and affairs. 2, being responsible for internal supervision in the website of whether all channels have received the management instructions transmitted by the first contact at the first instance. 3, being responsible for supervising within the website whether all channels have implemented the management requirements transmitted by the first contact person according to requirements. 4, Coordinating and communicating with corresponding channels within the website that exceed the scope of responsibilities of the first contact person. 5, In Beijing Municipality focus website’s propaganda evaluation systems, assessment content for having a third-party supervision mechanism will be added, the good will be rewarded, the bad punished. 6, Participating in corresponding training organized by the Municipal Network Management Office. 7, Putting forward management suggestions to the Municipal Network Management Office at all times.

25 May 2007, 10:05:43

(Third Level) All websites: please make “Chu Bo” into a keyword and ensure that search results are directed at focus central news websites, do not set up related searches.

28 May 2007, 17:20:20

Everyone is requested to self-examine their websites for content related to Li Ling’s “Fierce Dog Mohammed: I Read the Koran”, where it is there, delete it, especially in blogs, forums and other interactive segments, do not recommend or discuss it.

28 May 2007, 17:50:19

Branch study notice, everyone is requested to read this, and participate on time according to requirements. Do not respond.


All branches:

According to the requirements of ministerial offices concerning studying and implementing the spirit of the 10th Municipal Party Representative Committee Meeting, our Office’s general Party branch has researched and implemented concrete measures for this work, hereby, the work arrangements for the near future I, I, On 30 May, at 9:00 in the morning, a plenary meeting will be convened. The Municipal Committee Research Office leading comrade has been invited to introduce and explain the drafting process of the report of Comrade Liu Qi and the main content of the report, to strengthen the understanding and knowledge of the personnel in the entire Office on the spirit of the report.

II, On 20 May, at 2:00 in the afternoon, the Office General Party Branch convenes an expanded branch committee meeting, to discuss, exchange and study the lessons and understanding of Comrade Liu Qi’s report, and research and deeply all branches’ study arrangements.

III, All branches are to convene branch meetings, to integrate the work of that department, study and understand the spirit of Comrade Liu Qi’s speech, and report the study and discussion situation in written form to the General Party Committee before 6 June.

All branches must make studying and implementing the spirit of the 10th Party Representative Committee into an important work and grasp it well, realistically deepen understanding through study and discussion, unify thoughts, clarify objectives, and merge the spirit of the conference into the work of their personnel.

Network Management Office General Party Branch

28 May 2007

28 May 2007, 18:10:19

Delete the song “Chinese Democracy” of the U.S. rock band Guns ‘n’ Roses, all search engines are to make the said song into a keyword for screening, and may certainly not provide it for download.

30 May 2007, 14:14:44

(Second level) all websites: concerning the matter of our Taiwanese fishing boat and two Korean fishing boats who were held hostage on the Somalian coast, only reprint Xinhua copy, it is strictly prohibited to translate foreign wires, non-Xinhua copy is to be deleted without exception.

30 May 2007, 09:55:59, Huang Jing

Second level, no reports are to be made without exception concerning 10.000 people gathering in Xiamen to oppose the Taiwanese Xianglu Group building a factory in Xiamen, forums and other interactive segments are not to discuss this.

30 May 2007, 15:29:13

All websites: recently, some websites have disseminated information on “teacher-insulting videos” involving a school in Beijing, which violate social morals, on 29 May, our Office has sent an instruction to require websites to remove his sort of reports and video information, but today, there are still websites that are playing this matter up. Requirements are hereby reiterated again as follows: concerning the matter of “teacher-insulting videos”, no copy from any source may be reprinted, “teacher-insulting video” information may not be reprinted or posted, where it has been reprinted or posted, please delete it. All websites are requested to earnestly inspect matters and implement these provisions.

31 May 2007, 15:50

All websites: the text “Secrets from Behind the Scenes of Raising the Stamp Duty” is gravely inaccurate, all websites are requested not to reprint this text, where it has been reprinted, it must be speedily deleted, forums and blogs are not to discuss this.

31 May 2007,  07:14:18

Third level: for reports concerning rescuing hostages in Nigeria, only reprint Xinhua copy, reports from other sources are not to be reprinted without exception.

31 May 2007, 15:47:53

Second level: notice concerning deleting the report “Secrets from Behind the Scenes of Raising the Stamp Duty”

All websites: the text “Secrets from Behind the Scenes of Raising the Stamp Duty” is gravely inaccurate, all websites are requested not to reprint this text, where it has been reprinted, it must be speedily deleted, forums and blogs are not to discuss this.


2007-05-25 15:46:08


2007-05-24 17:57:48


2007-05-24 14:27:00

网站内部第三方监督机制工作说明 请转达给负责同学

网站内部第三方监督机制工作说明 一、宗旨:推动网站完善内部监督机制,提高自我管理水平。二、机构设置:各网站在新闻中心之外的部门,另行设立与新闻中心平行的部门或工作小组,由公司总监级或部门主管担任负责人,并直接向总编辑汇报工作。三、主要职能: 1、负责与第一通知人密切配合,共同做好管理要求的接收与执行;第一通知人仍为市网管办通知事项的第一接口人。 2、负责在网站内部监督各相关频道是否第一时间接收到由第一通知人传达的管理要求。 3、负责在网站内部监督各相关频道是否按要求执行了第一通知人传达的管理要求。 4、对网站内部超出第一通知人职责范围的相关频道进行协调沟通。 5、在北京市重点网站宣传考评体系中增加各网站第三方监督机制的考评内容,奖优罚劣。 6、参加市网管办组织的相关培训。 7、随时向市网管办提出管理建议。
2007-05-25 10:05:43


2007-05-28 17:50:19










2007-05-28 18:10:19

删除美国枪炮与玫瑰乐队(Guns N Roses)的《中国民主 chinese democracy》一曲,各搜索将该歌名设关键词屏蔽,更不得提供下载。
2007-05-30 14:15:44

2007-05-30 09:55:59 黄婧

二级 对厦门万人集会反对台湾祥鹭集团在厦门建厂一事不报道,论坛等互动环节不讨论。
2007-05-30 15:29:13

2007-05-31 15:50

2007-05-31 07:14:18


2007-05-31 15:47:53



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