Internet Instructions – July 2007 (III)

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16 July 2007, 17:59:25

First level: concerning the matter of the dismissal of the Jinan People’s Congress Chairman, only reprint copy from main Shandong media, do not issue it on the main page of websites and the main page of news centres, do not open trackers, forums and other interactive segments are not to discuss this. Delete images related to this case.

17 July 2007, 09:22:26, Zhong Fu

All websites: please immediately delete the article “Beijing Municipal Construction Committee Low-Key Meeting Seeks for Opinions – Foreign Investment Advice Policy Stable”.

17 July 2007, 09:32:48, Zhong Fu

All websites: please immediately delete the article “Chongqing College Entrance Exam’s First Humanities Gets Bogged Down in Tsinghua – Peking University Fight and Faces Dropping from List”.

17 July 2007, 13:54:34

Second level: requirements concerning Chinese economic analysis reports

All websites’ news, finance, economics, stock market and related channels may not use analysis reports related to the Chinese economy from any foreign organ such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc., please clean them up as soon as possible, delete existing articles that violate regulations.

16 July 2007, 18:17:40

Redirect “Bo Yibo” to central and local focus news websites, do not set up related keywords.

18 July 2007, 09:31:33, Zhong Fu

All websites: please delete all news related to “black heart baozi” as well as posts and blog texts in interactive columns.

18 July 2007, 16:16:57

First level: please ensure there are no search results for the following keywords, and maintain this until 1 August.

“Gao Qinrong wins international news freedom award”, “Gao Qinrong – international news freedom award”, “Gao Qinrong – news freedom award”, “Gao Qinrong – freedom award”, “Gao Qinrong – goes abroad to receive award”, “Gao Qinrong – wins award”, “Gao Qinrong – received award”.

19 July 2007, 19:13:13

Everyone: that Qianlong Net article on black heart baozi, is to be removed to the back stage by 10:00 tonight, trackers are to be locked, no news articles concerning this matter, including comments, are to be issued.

19 July 2007, 23:31:44, Chen Hua

Everyone: tomorrow morning, Beijing media will issue articles concerning Beijing Television’s handling conclusion in the matter of the black heart baozi, only issue it in the domestic section on the front pages of news centres, standardize sources, strictly manage trackers, there can only be positive and supporting posts, do not send text messages, do not issue other articles and comments, etc. Respond.

20 July 2007, 09:23:16, Huang Jing

I, Concerning the matter of a social security centre staff member in Dongcheng District, Beijing being suspected to have embezzled 440.000 Yuan of social security funds, please do not reprint things. Where matters have been reprinted, please delete them immediately.

II, First level: reprinting requirements concerning the matter of the paper-stuffed baozi, all websites are requested to implement these requirements.

1, only reprint articles on dealing with the parties involved, other information and comments revolving around this matter are not to be reprinted without exception;

2, when reprinting, it may not be put on front pages of websites and important news sections, but put in the middle part of the domestic news section;

3, when reprinting, only issue single articles, do not make links to food security incidents or related news;

4, do not open trackers

5, do not send text messages;

20 July 2007, 11:06:16, Huang Jing

All portals, please open trackers for the article “Person Responsible for False Reporting on Paper-Stuffed Baozi in Beijing Dealt With”, only release posts calling for paying importance to news professional ethics, condemning false journalists and supporting the decision. The position of the article must not change, it is still to be in the middle part of the domestic section.

20 July 2007, 14:04:18, Huang Jing

All websites, do not reprint the text “Female Peking University Student States She Is Raped by Some Prefecture Head in Hunan”, where it has been reprinted, delete it immediately, blogs, forums and other interactive segments are not to discuss it.

20 July 2007, 15:58:09: Huang Jing

First level: concerning the matter of the “paper-stuffed baozi” and the fact that related personnel from Beijing Television have been dealt with, this is no longer to be discussed in interactive segments.

20 July 2007, 18:07:09

Third level: screen out online information on demobilized soldiers’ rights defence

All localities and all websites must launch clean-up work of online rights defence by demobilized soldiers, and timely delete harmful information inciting mass incidents and inciting linkages, rumour mongering and attacks, etc. Supervision and management over forums, blogs, search engines, instant messaging, mobile text messages, etc., must be strengthened. All measures rolled out by the Party Centre and the State Council concerning doing the work for the targets for special care and retired army personnel well must be propagated prominently; timely reprint relevant information and explanatory articles published by Xinhua and China government net as well as the websites of Labour, Personnel, Civil Affairs and other departments. Forcefully propagate advanced models of targets for special care and retired army personnel who make prominent achievements in common work positions; propagate that the Party and government give high regard to and are concerned with doing the work for the targets for special care and retired army personnel well.

21 July 2007, 9:10

All websites, please pay attention: existing news concerning paper baozi is to be put on the back stage without exception. If there are new articles, ask the Network Management Office for instructions, and only issue them after agreement.

21 July 2007, 20:42:12

Second level: Concerning the “Southern Weekend” report “Where Do Dead Chickens in Chicken Farms Go?”, all websites are requested to stop reprinting this, where it has been reprinted, please delete it.

21 July 2007, 20:44:13

Second level: concerning the matter of the reform of a bus company in Jinzhou City, Liaoning causing a strike, all websites are requested not to report this, it may not be posted or discussed in forums or blogs, please delete existing related posts, trackers and videos.

21 July 2007, 22:56:48

Second level: information concerning Dawang Township, Guangrao County, Shandong being the most polluted township does not conform to facts, all websites are not to reprint or comment on this, where it has been reprinted, delete it immediately, forums and blogs are not to discuss this.

23 July 2007, 18:10:19

Third level: at present, the domestic security situation in Pakistan is relatively grave, there are incessant terror incidents involving our citizens, online news reports shall grasp the principles of objectivity and moderation. As for reports of raids on our citizens or kidnapping incidents, give first place to general facts, do not disclose relevant details; reports concerning our leaders’ concern about citizens’ safety must be based on the uniform deployment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; do not wilfully reprint foreign media information; do not raise the “Chinese factor” in the Pakistani government attacking the forces of terror, do not link Pakistan’s domestic political problems with the Sino-Pakistan relationship. News sources must be strictly standardized, extreme discussions in forums, blogs, trackers and posts bars, etc., must be timely deleted.



2007-07-16 17:59:25

2007-07-17 09:22:26 钟阜

各网:请马上删除《北京市建委低调会议征求意见 外资建言政策稳定》一稿
2007-07-17 09:32:48 钟阜

2007-07-17 13:54:34


2007-07-16 18:17:40

2007-07-18 09:31:33 钟阜

2007-07-18 16:16:57


“高勤荣获国际新闻自由奖”、“高勤荣 国际新闻自由奖”、“高勤荣 新闻自由奖”、“高勤荣 自由奖”、“高勤荣 出国领奖”、“高勤荣 获奖”、“高勤荣 领奖”
2007年7月19日 19:13:13

2007年7月19日 23:31:44 陈华

2007年7月20日 09:23:16 黄婧


二、 一级:关于纸馅包子一事的转载要求,请各网务必按要求执行。
2007年7月20日 11:06:16 黄婧

2007-07-20 14:04:18 黄婧

2007-07-20 15:58:09 黄婧

2007-07-20 18:07:08


2007-07-21 9:10

2007-07-21 20:42:12

2007-07-21 20:44:13

2007-07-21 22:56:48

2007-07-23 18:10:19


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