Internet Instructions – July 2007 (IV)

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23 July 2007, 15:15:37

Third level: everyone, concerning the matter of Olympic propaganda, the following is instructed:

1, Olympic propaganda relies on everyone.

2, You must act within the existing framework of Chinese laws and regulations, and international practice.

3, You must safeguard the rights and interests of the International Olympic Committee and Olympic partners, and establish a good international image of China being sincere, honest and keeping promises.

4, There must be no mutual attacks for foreigners to have a laugh at.

5, In propaganda, the statistical data of AC Nielsen are not to be cited.

6, Please transmit the above content to the editor-in-chief so he knows it.

23 July 2007, 11:17:33

Second level: Reports concerning the matter of the National Development Bank purchasing chares in the British Barclay’s Bank and participating in the purchase of a Dutch Bank must be dealt with in a low-key manner, it must not be issued on the main page of websites and the main page of the news centre, it may be issued in the financial channel of all websites, only reprint Xinhua copy online, do not open news trackers, do not play this up, forums, blogs and other interactive columns are also not to discuss this.

25 July 2007, 18:52:22

First level: Concerning immediately deleting posts of the so-called “Deng Xiaoping’s Political Testament”, “Deng Xiaoping’s Political Accounts”, etc., all websites are requested to strengthen management over forums and blogs.

25 July 2007, 19:14:52

Third level: without permission from our Office, all websites may without exception not reprint reports related to the false news on “paper-stuffed baozi” in Beijing, all websites are requested to strengthen management over forums, blogs and other interactive columns, may not continue to reprint or post posts from netizens doubting that “paper-stuffed baozi” is false news, where these have been reprinted, they must be removed as soon as possible, harmful information attacking our news management policies must be timely deleted.

25 July 2007, 19:17:16

Third level: all websites must not reprint the text “Hubei Farmer Kills Beggar and Sells Organs”, where it has been reprinted, it must be deleted immediately. Management over forums and blogs must be strengthened, do not post or discuss this information, timely delete related harmful information.

25 July 2007, 11:22:15

For reports concerning Olympic venues, please wait for the corresponding uniform reporting arrangements from Beijing Municipality and the Olympics Organization Committee, all other reports must be deleted.

26 July 2007, 21:42:41, Huang Jing

All websites: concerning the matter of Chen Liangyu being dismissed as NPC representative and Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress representative, only reprint Xinhua Net copy, manage trackers well, delete negative posts and posts linking up with personnel issues at the 17th Party Congress.

1, Uniformly use Xinhua copy:;

2, all websites are only permitted to issue this one article, do not make related news, special subjects in any form may not be opened, corresponding links may not be made;

3, concerning news trackers, these must be examined first and issued later without exception, and only posts supporting the Central decision may be published.

All websites are given twenty minutes to deal with this, there will be a concentrated inspection in a moment! Everyone, work hard! It is stressed again, it is only permitted to issue this one article, the title may not be altered. Subtitles are to be removed without exception! Everyone, work hard! It is permitted to put it in a header for the moment, but trackers must absolutely be managed well.

26 July 2007, 22:05:55, Huang Jing

On this article about Cheng Liangyu, requirements are confirmed again with everyone, everyone is requested to implement these requirements, everyone, work hard! The following two articles from Xinhua Net must be issued: “Chen Liangyu Dismissed from Positions of National People’s Congress Representative and Shanghai People’s Congress Representative According to the Law”, and “Chen Liangyu Expelled from Party and Removed from Positions – Handed Over to Judicial Organs for Handling:, but, it is not permitted to alter titles, and it is certainly not permitted to have the wording “double dismissal” appear on the two main pages, if the title character numbers are exceeded, it is permitted to issue them as two separate news items, but it is not permitted to link to any related news. Everyone is requested to manage trackers for this news well, delete negative posts and posts linking to personnel issues at the 17th Party Congress.

28 July 2007, 18:44:04, Yang Le

Second level: all websites are requested to search for and delete “Some Principle Positions and Policies concerning Changes in the Political Situation of the Taiwan Region” and “Breaking: Enlarged Central Military Commission Meeting Must Make Real Steps Concerning Taiwan!”

30 July 2007, 18:40:46

First level: recently, a number of villagers from the original Datun Village in Chaoyang District, because of dissatisfaction with the allocation of collective assets, assembled in front of the gates of the Huahui Yachen Real Estate Development Company. All websites are requested to strictly implement the following requirements:

1, Do not reprint related reports and comments;

2, Forums, blogs and other interactive segments may not disseminate textual or image information concerning this incident;

3, websites’ interactive segments are to launch a self-examination tonight, and delete related content;

4, All interactive segments are requested to make “Datun Neighbourhood Office – dispossessed peasants”, “‘Bird’s Nest’ – dispossessed peasants”, “Datun Village dispossessed peasants”, “Datun – dispossessed peasants”, “Huahui Real Estate Development Centre”, “Huahui Real Estate Development”, “Huahui Yachen Real Estate Development Company”, “Huahui Yachen”, “Apollo Grand Hotel”, “Honghua Golf Course”, “Olympic project building placement – black buildings”, “Datun Village Olympic project location”, and “Datun Neighbourhood Office – dispossessed peasants” into filtering terms, and strictly investigate posts containing the above keywords;

5, All search engines are requested to ensure that search results for the following keywords point towards focus news websites: “Huahui Real Estate Development Centre”, “Huahui Real Estate Development”, “Huahui Yachen Real Estate Development Company”, “Huahui Yachen”, “Apollo Hotel”, “Honghua Golf Course”, Datun Village Olympic project location”, “Datun villagers”, “Datun village residents”, “Datun Neighbourhood Office”, “Datun Village Olympic Project”;

6, All search engines are requested to ensure there are no search results for the following keywords, and maintain this until 1 September: “Datun Village – dispossessed peasants”, “Datun Neighbourhood Office – dispossessed peasants”, “Olympic project – dispossessed peasants”, “‘Bird’s Nest’ – dispossessed peasants”, “Datun – dispossessed peasants”, “Datun dispossessed peasants demand fairness”, “Datun dispossessed peasants – demand fairness”, “Olympic project building placement – black building”, “Datun – land compensation”, “Datun residents – sit-in”, “Datun residents – protest”, “Two months of running the Olympics – sacrificing the property of a whole generation of common people”, “Running the Olympics – sacrificing the property of common people”.

31 July 2007, 14:50:04, Huang Jing

Second level: The matter of the Korean diplomat in China, Whang Joung-il, who died, may not be reported without approval from our Office, forums and other interactive segments are not to discuss this. Point search results for “Whang Joung-il” and “Korean diplomat in China Whang Joung-il” to news websites, do not set up related searches.

31 July 2007, 14:57:34, Huang Jing

Supplementary Notice: no sort messages may be sent on the matter of the Korean diplomat in China, Whang Joung-il, who died.

31 July 2007, 22:40:39

Second level: all websites are requested to not reprint the “South Reviews” text “On-the-Spot Investigation of the ‘Divert Southern Waters North’ Project”, where it has been reprinted, it must be immediately deleted. It also may not be posted in forums and blogs.

31 July 2007, 22:53:19

Third level: do not report on the work adjustment of a number of Beijing municipal-subordinate media, interactive segments are not to discuss it, this must be especially transmitted to media columns, post bars and other segments.



2007-07-23 15:15:37


2007-07-23 11:17:33

2007-07-25 18:52:22

2007-07-25 19:14:52

2007-07-25 19:17:16

2007-07-25 11:22:15

关于奥运场馆的相关报道请等候北京市和奥组委有关的统一报道安排 其他一切报道都要删除的。
2007年7月26日 21:42:41 黄婧



给各网二十分钟时间进行处理,稍候集中检查!辛苦各位! 再次强调,只许发此一篇稿件,不得更改标题。小标一律撤除!辛苦各位! 头条暂时可以,但是一定要管理好跟贴。
2007年7月26日 22:05:55 黄婧

陈良宇这个稿子再和大家确认一下要求,请大家按照这个要求执行,辛苦各位了:新华网的以下两条稿子都必须上\”陈良宇被依法罢免全国人大代表和上海市人大代表职务\”、“陈良宇被开除党籍开除公职 送司法机关处理”,但是,不允许修改标题,更不允许在两个首页出现“双开”字眼,如果标题字数超了,可以按照两条新闻来发,但是不可以做任何相关新闻的链接。请大家管好该新闻的跟帖,删除负面和与17大人事问题挂钩的跟帖。
2007-07-28 18:44:04 杨乐

2007-07-30 18:40:46



4、各互动环节请将“大屯街道办事处 失地农民”、““鸟巢” 失地农民”、“大屯乡失地农民”、“大屯 失地农民”、“华汇房地产开发中心”、“华汇房地产开发”、“华汇亚辰房地产开发公司”、“华汇亚辰”、“阿波罗大洒店”、“鸿华高尔夫球场”、“奥运工程安置房 黑楼”、“大屯乡奥运工程所在地”、“大屯街道办事处 失地农民”设为过滤词,严格审查带有以上关键词的帖文;


6、各搜索引擎请将以下关键词设为搜索无结果,并保持至9月1日:“大屯乡 失地农民”、“大屯街道办事处 失地农民”、“奥运工程 失地农民”、“鸟巢” 失地农民”、“大屯 失地农民”、“大屯失地农民要讨回公道”、“大屯失地农民 讨公道”、“奥运工程安置房 黑楼”、“大屯 土地补偿款”、“大屯居民 静坐”、“大屯居民 抗议”、“办奥运两个月 牺牲百姓一世家产”、“办奥运 牺牲百姓家产”。
2007-07-31 14:50:04 黄婧

2007-07-31 14:57:34 黄婧

2007-07-31 22:40:39

2007-07-31 22:53:19


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