Internet Instructions – August 2007 (IV)

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29 August 2007, 18:58:02

Reporting requirements concerning the readjustment of the positions of comrade Jin Renqing; websites are to use Xinhua information without exception, and may not reprint reports from any other source; do not set up special subjects, do not issue it on the main page of websites and the important news section of the news centre, it may be issued in the domestic section, let it remain there until 12:00 in the evening; strictly manage trackers, examine all posts before publishing, quantities may not exceed 50, firmly delete all harmful information seizing upon the opportunity to attack Party and State leaders, attack our country’s political system, social system and the Party’s cadre system; forum, blogs, instant messaging, post bars and other interactive segments are not to actively set up topics, information and comments from foreign websites may not be posted; all search engines will direct searches for “Jin Renqing” to news websites, do not set up related searches.

30 August 2007, 07:42:43

All websites: please do not reprint or report today’s report in the 14th edition of the Beijing Daily, “Capital’s First Social Insurance Corruption Case”. Interactive segments are not to discuss this, as soon as this is discovered, delete it immediately. Thanks for the cooperation!

30 August 2007, 18:43:27

All websites are requested to find today’s propaganda instructions (six portal have already been notified), these must be transmitted to the interactive segments and the next shift’s personnel. Thanks everyone!

Propaganda instructions concerning “Capital’s First Social Insurance Corruption Case”

All websites: please do not reprint or report today’s report in the 14th edition of the Beijing Daily, “Capital’s First Social Insurance Corruption Case”. Interactive segments are not to discuss this, as soon as this is discovered, delete it immediately. Thanks for the cooperation

30 August 2007, 22:37:10

All websites: concerning information on changes in the posts of four ministers today, please abide by yesterday’s propaganda instructions, successively remove this to the back stage, everyone must be clear about this, deal with this on the back stage, do not simply control positions… Complete implementation before 2 o’clock, thanks for cooperation! That is if we click on any one channel, we cannot see it, ha….

Also, some websites have asked whether only information concerning Jin Renqing must be removed, we have considered that doing this may very well give rise to suspicion, therefore, the appointment or dismissal of all ministers is required to be removed to the back stage before 12 o’clock … sorry for the trouble!

All portal websites are especially requested to pay attention to their own finance and economics channels… it is absolutely necessary to correctly implement this. All finance and economics-type websites are also requested to cooperate well. Sorry for the trouble!

30 August 2007, 23:20:26

Leaders have said, for the moment, this is to be done…

All websites: the notice of a moment ago that information on changes in positions of four ministers is to be removed to the backstage, is now ordered as being void, please wait for the newest notice tomorrow.

31 August 2007, 13:41:24, Huang Jing

All websites: everyone is requested to immediately deal with information that has not been deleted or has not yet been responded to on the reporting platform for unlawful or harmful information.

31 August 2007, 14:11:51

All search engines are to direct searches for “Jin Renqing” to news websites, do not set up related searches.

31 August 2007, 16:51:12

Second level: please search for and delete the text “China-India Border Negotiation Result Emerges – China’s Territorial Surface Area Becomes 9.51 Million Square Kilometres (pictures)”, this test is false information. Interactive segments are not to disseminate or discuss this.

All search engines will ensure the title of this article is screened and set up the following keywords for screening, and ensure no search results in the entire websites: “China-India border negotiation result”, “9.51 million square kilometres”

31 August 2007, Chen Hua:

Everyone: please screen searchers for the following three batches of keywords, ensure there are no results and related searches on the entire website, finish this before 11:00 this evening. First batch: Shandong Energy privatization, privatization Shandong Energy, Shandong Energy privatization Liu Zhenya, Liu Zhenya Shandong Energy privatization, Liu Zhenya Shandong Energy, Shandong Energy Liu Zhenya, Shandong Energy Group privatization; direct all search results for Liu Zhenya to news websites. Second batch: Guangdong Electric salaries, Guangdong salary slips, Electric salary slips, Electric system salaries, looking at salary slips in the Electric systems, salary Guangdong Electric, looking at Guangdong salaries, Guangdong Electricity Supply Bureau salaries, Shenzhen Electricity Bureau salaries, Foshan Electricity Bureau salaries, Dongguan Electricity Supply salaries. Third batch: a bit of sunshine on salaries scares you, Guangdong Electric system salaries, Guangdong Electricity Supply Bureau salaries, sunshine on salaries scares you, complete salary situation of the second quarter, salaries that frighten you, sunshine salaries Guangdong. That’s it, respond, sorry for everyone’s trouble.



2007-08-29 18:58:02


2007-08-30 07:42:43


2007-08-30 18:43:27



各网:今天北京日报14版报道的:“京城首起社保基金贪污案”,请不要转载报道 互动环节不讨论,一经发现,立即删除.谢谢合作

2007-08-30 22:37:10

各网:关于今日四部部长任职变动的消息,请遵照昨日的宣传提示,陆续撤入后台,各位一定要明确,是撤后台处理哟,不是简单的调控位置…… 2点之前执行完毕 谢谢合作!就是我们点进任何一个频道,都不能看见,哈……



2007-08-30 23:20:26



2007-08-31 13:41:24 黄婧


2007-08-31 14:11:51


2007年8月31日 16:51:12

二级:请查找删除《中印边界谈判结果已浮现 中国陆地面积已变为951万平方公里(图)》一文,此文为虚假消息。互动环节不传播、不讨论。

2007年8月31日 陈华:



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