Notice concerning Cleaning Up Radio and Television “Gift-Giving” Advertising

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This is a translation of the SARFT press release, the original text of this notice has not been made public.

Recently, SARFT issued the “Notice concerning Cleaning Up Radio and Television “Gift-Giving” Advertising”, requiring all levels’ radio and television stations to immediately delete advertising with content playing up “gift-giving”

The notice points out that in a small number of advertisements broadcast by some radio and television stations, content playing up “gift-giving’ such as “first choice for gift-giving”, “gift leader”, “gaining face with higher levels”, etc., there being no lack of famous watches, expensive stamps, gold and silver commemorative coins, etc., among the gifts, this communicates an incorrect value system, and easily foments undesirable social tendencies.

SARFT’s news spokesperson indicated that, the Centre has repeatedly stressed recently that all sectors and all departments must rigorously enforce diligence and thrift, oppose extravagance and waste, that the radio and television system must earnestly implement the Centre’s requirements concerning improving work styles and realistically linking up with the masses “Eight Rules”, and create a good public opinion environment in the whole society to practice strict economy and oppose waste. Radio and television stations are an important propaganda, ideology and cultural battlefield, and must fully give rein to their important function of guiding customs, educating the people, serving society and promoting development, forcefully carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation and modern civilized living concepts, taking the lead in setting the example, implement strict self-discipline and make cleaning-up “gift-giving” advertising into a real action to implement the requirements of the Centre and a concrete measure in restraining the undesirable practice of gift-giving and gift-receiving, grasp implementation with determination and great force, to satisfy the popular masses.

In order to guarantee that the provisions are satisfactorily implemented, SARFT has required all levels’ administrative radio, film and television departments to realistically strengthen daily supervision and management, and standardize advertising broadcast order. At the same time, SARFT has also required all localities to further strengthen work to produce and broadcast public service advertising, strengthen the effect of positive guidance through effective propaganda with unobtrusive influence, and construct a desirable social atmosphere of joy and auspiciousness.





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