Notice concerning Earnestly Doing the Distribution and Screening Work of the Films “The Young Lei Feng”, “Lei Feng in 1959” and “Lei Feng’s Smile” Well

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On 4 March, SARFT issued the “Notice concerning Earnestly Doing the Distribution and Screening Work of the Films ‘The Young Lei Feng’, ‘Lei Feng in 1959’ and ‘Lei Feng’s Smile’ Well” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus, all cinema chain companies, rural digital cinema chain companies, relevant film studio work units, the China Film Co. Ltd., the Huaxia Film Distribution Co. Ltd., the Film Channel Programme Centre, the Film Digital Programme Centre and the China Film Distribution and Screening Association, the Notice sais that the films “The Young Lei Feng”, “Lei Feng in 1959” and “Lei Feng’s Smile” are excellent films that have been meticulously produced to remember the 50th anniversary of Mao Zedong and other older-generation revolutionaries’ writing about Comrade Lei Feng. These three films use moving stories, vivid images and lively details to display the short but magnificent life of Lei Feng from different angles, with the real history of Lei Feng’s growing up as the core thread. In order to carry forward the Lei Feng spirit, embody passing down the torch of the Lei Feng Spirit, fully give rein to the important function of the films in building a Socialist harmonious society and stimulating the construction of a spiritual civilization, hereby, the following matters relating to the distribution and screening works of these three films are notified as follows:

I, Doing the distribution and screening work of the films “The Young Lei Feng”, “Lei Feng in 1959” and “Lei Feng’s Smile” well, is a concrete practice to carry out and implement the spirit of the 18th Party congress, all radio, film and television bureaus and relevant film work units must fully understand its importance, firmly keep their responsibility in mind, strengthen leadership, plan matters meticulously, fully give rein to the function of films to bring teaching into entertainment, and create a good cultural environment and atmosphere for the entire society to surge towards a new high wave of learning from Comrade Lei Feng. We must, through film screening, organization bookings, rural mobile screening and many other matters, screen the films for the broad masses, vigorously broaden the social influence of the films, give rein to the educational, guiding and encouraging functions of films.

II, All distribution companies, cinema chain companies and cinemas must vigorously produce propaganda, distribution and screening marketing plans and schemes, timely provide film copies and propaganda goods to satisfy market demand, and attract even more audiences to walk into cinemas through group tickets, preferential ticket prices and excellent service. We must fully utilize cinema halls, electronic screens and propaganda billboards to do the battlefield propaganda work for the films well, and guarantee sufficient time and screenings to be arranged for the films.

III, Relevant film production work units must actively cooperate with the propaganda, distribution and screening work for the film, vigorously organize their production units and main creative personnel to participate in film propaganda, marketing and promotion activities, and timely provide necessary materials for rural screening and dubbing into minority languages.

IV, The Film Digital Programme Management Centre must actively provide information to digital cinema chain companies and screening teams, and satisfy rural film screening requirements.

V, The Film Channel Programme Management Centre, all film media and other relevant work units must coordinate with the propaganda, distribution and screening of the films, vigorously do propaganda and promotion work for the films well, give rein to their function in correctly guiding public opinion, and further raise the influence and propagation of the films in society.

VI, The China Film Distribution and Screening Association must fully give rein to its function as sector association, in coordinating cinema schedules, propaganda planning and other aspects, it must actively serve member work units. It must strengthen sector supervision, follow market information, and report the relevant situation within the sector through bulletins.










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