The Chinese Dream Concentrates Overwhelming Positive Energy

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This is a Qiushi opinion piece (from 1 April) providing more background to the developing idea of the Chinese dream. As usual, nothing really new, a lot of national humiliation and kudos to the Party for leading China to greatness, repackaged for the new leadership.

One phrase, one phrase that stirs people’s heartstrings, that excites people’s spirits, and inspires people’s thoughts, is reverberating around the minds of millions of Chinese people, it has become the strongest sound in the present Chinese society, it is called the “Chinese Dream”!

How is it that the Chinese dream is so popular?

After visiting the exhibition on “The Path to Rejuvenation”, where he deeply elaborated the Chinese dream for the first time, General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply discussed the Chinese dream once again at the closing ceremony of the first meeting of the 12th National People’s Congress. Since then, from newspapers and screens to streets and lanes, from QQ groups to microblogs, the discussion on the Chinese dream has risen in temperature again. Why does the Chinese dream move the people so much? Why can it give rise to such strong resonance?

This is because the Chinese dream has awakened the people’s profound historical memory. China is a large oriental country having more than five thousand years of civilization and history. The Chinese nation has, with its own industry and wisdom, created a world-leading ancient civilization in the past, and has made major contributions to the development of humankind. But, as history marched into the modern era, China became backward. After the Opium War of 1840, Western invaders kept pouring in, and launched one war of aggression against China after another with extreme evil, forced China’s corrupt feudal rulers into compromise and submission time and time again, and pushed China into the abyss of a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society step by step. At that time, it was as though all capitalist and imperialist strong countries all participated in the invasion and pillaging of China, one unequal treaty that humiliated the nation and forfeited its sovereignty after another broke apart the national territory, one war indemnity after another was tantamount to using the country’s gold and silver to pay war expenses to countries invading this country; at that time, the Chinese were seen as the “sick men of Asia”, and signs saying “Chinese and dogs not allowed” towered over China’s territory, foreign concessions enjoyed extraterritorial rights, foreign troops burned the Yuanmingyuan and looted China’s cultural treasures, foreign missionaries cheated men and lorded over women, oppressed and victimized village people, and it was also at that time, that saving the nation from ruin and revitalizing China became the dream that China’s innumerable people of lofty ideals pursued, they explored with untold hardships and made indomitable stands for this purpose, but this ended in loss time after time. Only when the Chinese Communist Party was born, did a fundamental transformation of the Chinese nation’s history of pursuing dreams occur. The Chinese dream has been nurtured and has grown from the sediments in the collective memory and history of our entire nation, humiliation and suffering are its soil, and that is why it is so profound, why it moves the people’s hearts so, and shakes people’s minds so.

This is because the Chinese dream has illuminated the real prospects for which the people arouse themselves and forge ahead. China’s marching the Socialist path is the choice of the people and a historical necessity. The Socialist system has inspired millions of people’s enthusiasm in constructing new lives, and the New China has rapidly obtained major achievements in economic, political, cultural and social construction. Although we have also made mistakes and have marched down detours, the Chinese Communist Party’s purpose of seeking happiness for the people, for the country and for the nation with heart and soul has never changed, this has enabled our Party to incessantly summarize lessons and experiences, and conduct arduous exploration and unwavering struggle for the objective of strengthening the country and enriching the people. With reform and opening up as the symbol, the Party and the people have found a new path for constructing Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Reform and opening up has brought extensive, profound, billowing, glorious and major changes for China’s society, and has enabled Socialism to become truly dynamic and prosperous in China. Since 30 years, our country’s economic quantities and comprehensive national strength have increased substantially, ta historical leap from insufficient dress and food to moderate overall prosperity has occurred in the people’s lives, the Socialist system has perfected and developed itself through removing abuses and innovation, earth-shaking changes have occurred in the country’s appearance. In today’s China, the people are high-spirited and vigorous, development brings something new every day, society is brimming with vitality, its international position is rising clearly, and it is the focus of attention of the whole world, which admires and envies it. Now, we are closer than at any time in history to the objective of the magnificent rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and have more confidence in and more capacity to achieve this objective than at any time in history. The Chinese dream truly is the echo of the ideals and convictions of the prosperity and strength of the country, the revitalization of the nation and the happiness of the people that we jointly persist in, the country’s forceful development situation is its real support, and therefore is it able to be so strong, and does it touch people’s hearts so, and inspires people’s hearts so.

Whose dream is the Chinese dream?

The Chinese dream links up past and present, history and future, it links up great houses and small houses, the country and individuals. When people become excited about the Chinese dream, what is the process of their train of thought after all?

The Chinese dream comes from Chinese hearts, it is the dream of a strong and prosperous country, which Chinese person does not hope that the motherland becomes strong soon, or does not hope to take shelter from wind or rain under the big tree of the motherland whose branches and leaves are lush? The Chinese dream grows from the feelings of the nation, it is the dream of national revitalization, who among the descendants of Yan Di and Huang Di, who are linked by blood, dos not look forward to the Chinese nation holding up its head and standing on its own feet, and feeling proud and elated amongst the forest of the nations of the world? The Chinese dream, in the end, is the dream of the people, it is the dream of the people’s happiness, and only if the people are happy, can the Chinese dream be truly beautiful, truly splendid and truly fragrant.

Furthermore, the Chinese dream is the dream of every Chinese person. Life tells us: only when the country does well, and the nation does well, can you do well yourself. In 1932, the silhouette of a Chinese contestant appeared at the Olympic games for the first time in history, the Manchurian famous sprinter Liu Changchun refused to represent the false Manchukuo, propped up by Japan, in participating in the Olympic Games, and braved the perils of the Japanese Kwun Tong Army’s continuous chase to flee to Beijing, and participated in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in the United States, representing China, with the subsidy of 8000 silver dollars from General Zhang Xueliang.76 years later, the in the arena of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese contestants achieved an outstanding result of 51 golds, 21 silvers and 28 bronzes, 100 medals in total, and came first in the gold medal rankings for the first time, tens of golden medallists let the national flag rise because of themselves time and time again, and let the national anthem be performed for them time and time again. From the “one-person Olympics” to the Beijing Olympics that all people supported and participated in, this is a leap of such great significance! What a profound interpretation did the relationship between the fate of the country and the fate of individuals gain in the bodies of the Olympic contestants!

In today’s China, the rural youths who number in the hundreds of millions, struggle in the cities for the purpose of realizing their own “Urban dream”; the Chinese people who number in the millions, cross the broad waters to invest and set up businesses in other countries for the purpose of building their “international dream” or “global dream”. Large numbers of pioneering entrepreneurs who have become rich say in their speeches: “I hit the right moment”; many successful and famous stars say when they accept prizes: “thanks for these times”. The victim masses of the large earthquake in Wenchuan might not have thought in their dreams that in only three years time, beautiful new homes and gardens, enough to cross 20 years, were built on the ruins of the disaster area; hundreds and thousands of overseas Chinese have straightened their body because of the strengthening of the motherland, and have generously contributed or did all they could to help their motherland’s compatriots when natural disaster struck. Who could have thought that normal households’ “car dream” became the great difficulty of traffic congestion in an instant, and that the “university dream” of young students would bring on employment difficulties for university students…

It is true, there are many things in our lives that do not meet people’s wishes, the problems of development aren’t fewer in any way than those brought on by not developing. But, China’s development progress has been brought to every Chinese person, and in the end brings new hopes and new dreams. It is just like General Secretary Xi Jinping said: “The Chinese people living in our magnificent motherland and these magnificent times, jointly enjoy the opportunity to have a human life full of brilliant things, jointly enjoy the opportunity for dreams to come true, and jointly enjoy the opportunity to grow and progress together with the motherland and with the people. Have dreams, have opportunities, have struggles, and all beautiful things can be created.”

What does the Chinese dream rely on to become true?

We have never been so full of confidence in realizing the Chinese dream of the magnificent rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as today.

The Chinese path has hoisted the sails and is the pilot for realizing the Chinese dreams. In the magnificent practice of more than thirty years of reform and opening up, through the continuous exploration of the more than sixty years since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, and in the deep summary of the development process of the Chinese nation during more than 170 years of the modern era, and through the inheritance of the Chinese nation’s long civilization of more than 5000 years, we have marched the correct path to lead the present Chinese development and progress, and this is the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. This path is hard-earned, and must be cherished over and over again. The practice of more than sixty years since establishing the New China and especially of more than 30 years of reform and opening up has already irrefutably demonstrated that: this path that China is marching now is successful and correct. We cannot see any country that is comparable to China anywhere in the world that has developed better and more successfully than China; conversely, we have seen many facts in the present world that provide evidence on the contrary or from another side that demonstrates that China’s path is correct. We have full grounds to persist in self confidence about our own path, self-confidence about theory and self-confidence about the system, and do not have any reason to again march the old path of feudal closure or the evil path of changing flags and changing direction.

The Chinese spirit has concentrated minds and forces for realizing the Chinese dream. The spirit of the nation is spiritual blood relationship that multiplies endlessly and passes down the torch around a nation. In more than 5000 years of development, the Chinese nation has formed a national spirit of unity and integration, loving peace, industry, courage, and continuous self-renewal, our Party has led the people during a long period of struggle, and has incessantly enriched the magnificent spirit of the nation with nationalism at the core. In the present China, nationalism and Socialism are closely integrated. Carrying forward the banner of nationalism and Socialism enables the concentration and mobilization of the forces of the whole nation to the greatest extent, to struggle to revitalize China. Innovation is the spirit of national progress, the entire nation’s creative spirit and innovative ability is and inexhaustible drover for the magnificent rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Reform and opening up has enabled the people of all ethnicities in our country to bring forth a huge creative vitality, and has shaped a clear spirit of the times with reform and innovation at the core. Only by persisting in reform and innovation will it be possible to let all vitality and sources for creating new lives vie, burst forth and fully gush forward. The spirit of the nation and the spirit of the times are mingled with each other, and are deeply cast in the vitality, creativity and cohesion of the nation, they are the spirit to rejuvenate the country, strengthen the country, concentrate hearts and concentrate forces. Carrying forward the magnificent spirit of the nation and sprit of the times, enables the strengthening of spiritual bonds to unite into one mind, and of spiritual drivers for incessant self-renewal, and to always march towards the future full of vigour and vitality.

The Chinese forces struggle united for the realization of the Chinese dream. The people are the creators of history, the masses are the true heroes, the unity of the people of all Chinese ethnicities is the physical source for realizing the Chinese dream. As long as the people of all ethnicities in the entire country closely unite, and ten thousand masses unite as one to struggle to realize joint ideals, the forces to realize dreams will be strong without match. When the popular masses are in a state of disunity, they have no strength, and can only let themselves be trampled upon and be enslaved; of all forces that are inimical to the people, the most fearsome is the unity of the people. Only when the people are organized and united do they have strength, and are they able to gain victories in the struggle to fight for their own interests. The task of organizing and uniting the people can only be borne by Marxist parties. In the China of the present, the Chinese Communist Party’s persistent leadership is an indispensible condition for the unity of 56 ethnicities and 1.3 billion people, at the same time, the people’s support is the eternal basis for the Party’s existence, the source of its strength and the root of its victories. In the journey to realize the Chinese dream, taking root among the people and benefiting the people from beginning to end, guaranteeing the flesh-and-blood bond of the Party with the popular masses from beginning to end, and linking the people’s hearts, breathing together and sharing the same fate as the people from beginning to end, will certainly enable our Party to march at the front ranks of the times from beginning to end, to become the backbone for the people of all ethnicities of China from beginning to end, and to become the firm leading core to persist in and develop Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and unite and lead the people to realize the Chinese dream from beginning to end.

The Chinese path, the Chinese spirit, and the Chinese forces, are the fundamental guarantee for the “Chinese dream” coming true. Facing vast and mighty currents of the times, and facing the eager expectations of the popular masses in living even better lives, we cannot be complacent in the slightest, and cannot slacken in the slightest. We must even more closely unite  around the Party Centre with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, and let the Chinese dream bring together the boundless positive energy of China’s society, make concerted efforts, be dedicated to the task, storm fortifications and overcome difficulties, keep firmly forging ahead, continue to advance the undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and struggle unwaveringly to realize the magnificent rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!



















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