Building a Philosophy and Social Science Innovation System

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Innovation is the spirit of progress of the nation, it is an inexhaustible driver for the flourishing and growth of the country, and is the destiny of all scientific activities. Vigorously promoting innovation in disciplinary structures, academic viewpoints and scientific research methods, constructing philosophy and social science innovation systems, shaping philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics, Chinese styles and Chinese airs, is a strategic tasks put forward by the Party Centre, standing on the height of the times, and is a necessary path for the flourishing and development of our country’s philosophy and social science.

I, Constructing philosophy and social science innovation structures is an extremely urgent strategic task

Since the Nineties of the last century, a number of countries worldwide have continued to make the construction and perfection of national innovation systems into a national strategy. Against this background, our country has set to researching and formulating plans for the construction of a national innovation structure, and officially put this into effect at the end of the Nineties. For over a decade, our country’s national innovation structure has undergone a process of incessant perfection in terms of knowledge innovation, technology innovation, structure and mechanism innovation and comprehensive innovation. Following the incessant progress in the undertakings of reform, opening up and modernization construction, our Party’s understanding of the position and function of philosophy and social science has become ever deeper, philosophy and social science structure innovation has been brought into the category of national structural innovation, and to this end, a series of principles and policies that have a major real significance and a long-term guiding significance have been rolled out. The 18th Party Congress has again stressed the necessity to develop philosophy and social science and construct philosophy and social science innovation structures.

Constructing a philosophy and social science innovation structure is a necessary requirement for persisting in and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics from a new historical starting point. Through more than thirty years of reform and opening up, our country’s economic and social development has gained achievements that attracted worldwide attention. By the year 2020, our country must realize the magnificent objective of completely constructing a moderately prosperous society, the next ten years therefore are a crucial period to develop Socialism with Chinese characteristics. At present, economic structures, social structures, interest patters and ideological concepts are all subject to broad and profound change, new situations and new problems emerge incessantly. The circumstances in the ideological area are intricate and complex, all sorts of thinking trends are rising one after another, the task of unifying thoughts and creating consensus has become ever more arduous. Persisting in and perfecting the basic economic system and political system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, faces many new and major theoretical and practical questions. Population, resource and environmental constraints are incessantly strengthening, no time must be wasted in the transformation of economic development methods. Income allocation, social justice, employment, corruption and other such problems are extremely prominent, mass-type incidents occur frequently, social contradictions are pronounced, etc. Answering and resolving these major theoretical and practical questions urgently requires that philosophy and social science, with new ways of thinking and angles, provide theoretical support for the consolidation of a common ideological basis for the united struggle of the entire Party and the people in the entire country , provide a scientific basis for correct Party and State policymaking, provide a knowledge basis for raising the ideological and cultural quality of the nation, and provide spiritual drivers to realize the Chinese Dream.

Constructing a philosophy and social science innovation structure is a necessary requirement for strengthening national soft power, raising international competitiveness and seizing international discourse power. The present world is in a period of major developments, major changes and major adjustments, political multipolarization and economic globalization are developing deeply, scientific and technological developments bring something new every day. On the international stage, all sorts of forces are manoeuvring in different directions, all-inclusive competition revolving around comprehensive national strength, the international order, international markets, regional politics, development models and value systems is becoming more intense every day, economic security, political security, military security, financial security, food security, research and energy security, cultural security and other such problems are extremely prominent, hostile forces have never ceased implementing strategies of Westernization, separation and containment against us, some countries forcibly push their social and political systems and value concepts, and implement thought, cultural and ideological infiltration against us. In the face of complex international trends and international environment, it is urgently necessary that philosophy and social science earnestly researches, correctly explains and broadly propagates China’s development path and development concepts, raises national discourse power and public opinion initiatives, and provides timely and effective suggestions to the Party and the State to respond to international challenges and risks; it is urgently necessary to establish philosophy and social science innovation structures that correspond to our country’s international position, that are able to provide powerful support for strengthening national comprehensive strength and international competitiveness, to ensure that our country’s philosophy and social science emerges on the global stage with a new and unprecedented posture, and to further broaden the influence, attraction and inspiration of our country’s academia and culture.

Establishing a philosophy and social science innovation structure is a necessary requirement for constructing an innovative country, and for expanding and perfecting a national innovation structure. During over more than a decade of development, our country has shaped the beginnings of the general setup for a national innovation structure, national innovation capacity has clearly increased and comprehensive national strength has clearly risen. Following our country’s economic and social development entering a new phase, the national innovation structure will be further expanded and perfected. The philosophy and social science innovation structure has become an important content for constructing an innovative country, and has become an organic component part of the national innovation structure. People have ever more deeply understood that, innovation provides thought conditions, rational guidance and value orientations for structural innovation, scientific and technological innovation, cultural innovation and other such aspects, the philosophy and social science innovation structure also has an irreplaceable promoting function.

II, The basic content of constructing a philosophy and social science innovation structure

The philosophy and social science innovation structure is guided by Marxism, covers comprehensive innovation with disciplinary structure innovation, academic viewpoint innovation, research method innovation and other such content, is an organic whole, and must be comprehensively planned and systematically moved forward.

Disciplinary structure innovation. Disciplinary structure innovation is an important basis and support for the construction of a philosophy and social science innovation structure. Under new historical conditions, we must abide by the development rules of philosophy and social science disciplines, perfect disciplinary construction mechanisms, optimize disciplinary compositions, and shape a disciplinary arrangement with the characteristics of the times, complete categories, rational structuring, prominent superiorities, that stands at the forefront of international academia and is suited to national economic and social development needs. We must consolidate and develop Marxist theory disciplines, persist in equally stressing basic research and applied research, and equally stressing traditional disciplines, emerging disciplines and interdisciplinary work. We must strive to stimulate the mutual permeation between philosophy and social sciences and the natural sciences, stimulate the mutual permeation of different disciplines within philosophy and social sciences, focus on constructing a batch of basic disciplines that can strengthen original creation capacity and promote theoretical development, a batch of applied disciplines that have strong countermeasure research capacities and have a major influence on economic and social development, and a batch of emerging disciplines and interdisciplinary areas that stand at the academic forefront, and pays attention to prospective research.

Academic viewpoint innovation. Academic viewpoint innovation is the core content and central task of philosophy and social science innovation structure construction, and is the essence and marrow of philosophy and social science research. Academic viewpoint innovation means originally created academic viewpoints, which not only rely on books, not only rely on experience, and not only rely on existing knowledge, but start from the present objective reality, put forward a scientific basis, and can endure historical and practical tests, or that, on the basis of inheriting and learning from others and predecessors’ research achievements, somewhat develop, somewhat perfect, somewhat rectify, sand somewhat surmount them. A hundred flowers are encouraged to bloom and a hundred schools to contend, carry forward academic democracy and artistic democracy, propose vigorous and healthy academic criticism and counter-criticism, progressively approach objective truth through the collision, clash and blending of different viewpoints. It is encouraged to found Chinese viewpoints and Chinese schools, and to launch equal and dignified dialogues and exchanges with international philosophy and social science circles. The focus is on supporting research programmes that are based on the practice of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, that have a major innovative sense and a major influence on economic and social development, research inheriting China’s excellent traditional culture is supported, strive to push out excellent achievements that have the height of the times, represent national levels and exert global influence.

Research method innovation. Research method innovation is a necessary requirement for the flourishing and development of contemporary philosophy and social sciences, and is an important condition to realize theoretical innovation, conceptual innovation and disciplinary innovation. We must strive to push ahead research method and research means innovation, and completely raise the modernization levels or research methods and means. First, we must absolutely persist in the viewpoints and methods of the fundamental positions of Marxism, second, we must broadly absorb and learn from advanced research methods from the natural sciences and other disciplines. Strengthen philosophy and social science informatization construction, forcefully push forward with the process of deep informatization, vigorously forge digitized philosophy and social science research and teaching structures. Integrate nationwide philosophy and social science research forces, plan and construct a batch of large-scale specialized databases and national focus laboratories covering the main disciplines of philosophy and social sciences, to provide powerful support to macro-level, strategic, overall, comprehensive and perspicacious philosophy and social science research.

The objective of promoting disciplinary structure innovation, academic viewpoint innovation, research method innovation, and constructing a philosophy and social science innovation structure lies in shaping philosophy and social sciences that have Chinese characteristics, Chinese styles and Chinese airs. Our country’s philosophy and social sciences must fully reflect Chinese characteristics, which means that Marxism and especially Socialist theory with Chinese characteristics must be guidance, excellent traditional Chinese cultural achievements are to be inherited, they are firmly rooted in real Chinese soil, and answer and resolve Chinese questions. We must fully reflect Chinese styles, which means paying attention to practice, sticking close to life, letting a hundred schools contend, each giving play to their strong points, making things everlastingly new, and being concise but profound. We must fully reflect Chinese airs, which means perfect structures, rigorous science, leading the times, planning prudently for the future, being wide-ranging and profound, and being tolerant and open-minded. China’s philosophy and social sciences should reflect the fresh spirit of the times and the thick spirit of the nation, integrate matters with China’s national conditions, integrate matters with the larger picture of Party and State work, and closely grasp its own core values and discourse structures.

III, Implementing innovation projects is an important carrier for constructing a philosophy and social science innovation structure.

After deliberation and approval by the Politburo Standing Committee, the Chinese Academy of Social Science began in 2005 to implement the construction of a philosophy and social science innovation structure with constructing the “Six Large Projects”, forming the “Five Large Centres” and giving rein to the “Four Large Functions” as main content. On the basis of conducting full perfection and comprehensive upgrading of the original objectives and tasks, and according to the requirements of the Centre and the deployments in the “12th Five-Year Plan” outline, our Academy has begun in 2011 to take the lead in implementing philosophy and social science innovation projects, made innovation projects into an important practical carrier for constructing a philosophy and social science innovation structure, and put forward the main tasks and basic objectives to implement innovation projects.

Construct firm Marxist battlefields. We must strive to move forward with the Sinification, updating and massification of Marxism, earnestly study the classical works of Marxism and the Socialist theoretical structure with Chinese characteristics, incessantly raise the us of Marxist positions, viewpoints and methods of comrades in the entire Academy to guide philosophy and social science research and capacity in all work, strengthen the political acuity and power of political distinction of the broad cadres and employees, realistically safeguard national ideological security. Integrate the forces of the entire Academy to earnestly complete Marxist theory research and construction project tasks, push out high-level theoretical research results, comprehensively raise Marxist theory research and propaganda levels. Strengthen basic Marxist theory discipline construction, strengthen the construction of newspapers, periodicals, publishers, libraries, websites, databases and other academic battlefields for Marxism.

Construct important Party and State think tanks and brain trust. We must deeply research coordinated and sustainable economic and social development, industrialized and urbanized coordinated development, agricultural modernization and food security, employment and social security structures and other such major issues. Deeply research the development situation of ethnic questions, stability and development in the border regions, religious questions and social harmony, cultural and ideological security, international relations and international strategy, and other such major issues, push out high-quality research results, that put forward realistic and effective countermeasure suggestions. Integrate the information resources of the entire Academy, establish specialist information research structures, revolve around central Party and State work, timely collect, select and report data and information that has important reference value to central policymaking. Forcefully strengthen research work on national circumstances, select questions that have a major significance for Party and State policymaking, conduct deep and form investigation and research, provide the Centre with investigation and research results having important value, ensure that investigation and research of national circumstances becomes an important channel to give rein to the functions of think tanks and brain trusts.

Construct the highest palace hall for Chinese philosophy and social science research. We must strive to move disciplinary structure construction forward, shape basic theoretical disciplines having a supporting function, focus disciplines having relatively strong superiorities, emerging disciplines and interdisciplinary areas having major real significance, support “rare fields” and endangered disciplines having important cultural value, strive to build disciplinary structures that are at the forefront of international academia, and are suited to the development needs of Socialism with Chinese characteristics; strive to push academic viewpoint innovation forward, put forward innovative academic viewpoints with an objective basis, that can stand the test of practice and history; strive to push forward research method and investigation means innovation, completely raise the modernization levels of research methods and investigation means. Inherit, carry forward and improve advanced academic thinking, good moral, cultural and value views, deeply research the achievements of advanced Socialist culture, traditional Chinese culture and global civilization. Strengthen the construction of divisions, fully give rein to the academic guidance and disciplinary coordination function of divisions. Construct a batch of research institute, research departments and research centres that are domestic leaders and famous internationally. Strengthen research talent team construction, produce even more research masters, push out even more excellent works and masterpieces.

Construct academic dissemination platforms for Socialist theory with Chinese characteristics. We must strengthen the construction of high-quality academic platforms, strengthen organization, management and innovation, raise quality, disseminate and exchange the newest academic results. Vigorously forge a “Digitized Chinese Academy of Social Science”, establish a series of focus laboratories and large-scale databases. Push forward the construction of portal websites for Chinese philosophy and social sciences. Expand funding strength for the publication of academic periodicals and excellent academic results. Strengthen national-level philosophy and social science specialist libraries and digital libraries, build integrated national philosophy and social science specialist library structures. Provide categorized support to academic communities and non-substantive research centres having important guidance strength.

Construct academic windows for the “marching out” strategy. We must closely follow global economic and political trends, strive to research new tendencies in the adjustment of global economic structures and global governance structures, an external environment for the transformation of development methods and peaceful development, our country’s middle and long-term foreign participation strategy, our country’s border relations and countermeasures under new circumstances, the protection of China’s maritime rights and interests, coastal strategies and other such major issues, in order to provide prospective suggestions for safeguarding national economic, political, military, ecological, resource, and other forms of security. Support excellent experts to go to foreign high-end think tanks, attend overseas important academic organs and international organizations to engage in high-level exchanges, cooperate in conducting deep research on economic and social development and international issues. Vigorously give rein to the main channel function of academic diplomacy. Strengthen international academic exchange platform construction, make the “China Social Science Forum” into a branded forum that is famous at home and abroad. Foster a batch of middle age and young academic heroic talents who are able to directly conduct dialogues in international exchanges and forcefully seize discourse power. Push out a batch of excellent foreign language academic periodicals and foreign language excellent books. Launch emergency response investigation and research concerning international hot spots and focus points, and timely provide high-level analysis reports and countermeasures suggestions to the State. Persist in integrating “inviting in” with “marching out”, invite famous foreign scholars to publish articles or publish books in our Academy, strengthen international discourse power and influence.

Constructing heights for philosophy and social science research talents. In order to implement middle and long-term talent development plans and programmes, and implement talent fostering plans for Marxist theorists and backbones, expend great energy to foster a batch of Marxist theorists and backbones with strong theoretical skills in Marxism, who are well acquainted with China’s national circumstances, and have the ability for Marxist theory innovation. Implement the plan that everyone pushes forward in academia, completely foster and forcefully promote our Academy’s experts and scholars with profound academic achievements, whose level of learning is generally recognized by domestic and international academic circles, and who have gained outstanding achievements and prominent contributions in the area of philosophy and social sciences. Implement high-end talent recruitment plans, through open recruitment and other such forms, assemble a batch of experts and scholars who have the capacity to foresee and predict, who have made prominent contributions and innovative achievements in corresponding areas, who are able to acutely grasp national strategic needs, and who provide advice to rejuvenate the country and benefit the people. Implement ad leading talent support plan, focus on supporting disciplinary leading talents with strong theoretic skills, an expansive strategic vision, who dare to explore and innovate, who are able to acutely grasp scientific development orientations. Implement young heroic talent promotion plans, forcefully foster young research personnel under the age of forty, with good conduct, solid basic specialist knowledge, who ardently love the undertaking of scientific research, who have a spirit of exploration and innovation, and a relatively large development potential and prospects for fostering. Implement management talent fostering plans, focus on fostering management talents and backbone cadres who have both ability and integrity, who have advanced management ideas and relatively strong organizational and coordination abilities, who have obtained clear achievements in party matters or policy research and other positions, and have fostering potential.

Through implementing the philosophy and social science innovation project, strive to use five to ten years of time to move forward and achieve great progress in the Sinification, updating and massification of Marxism; give full reflection to the function of important Party Centre think tanks and brain trusts; clearly strengthen discourse power and influence in international and domestic pass areas; basically shape a philosophy and social science innovation structure with disciplinary structure innovation, academic viewpoint innovation, research method innovation and research organization and management innovation as content. In short, strive to ensure that the Chinese Academy of Social Science is built into a “strong national institute” and a “global famous institute” occupying high-end levels.
























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