Transmitting Positive Energy to Realize the Chinese Dream with a Strong Sense of Social Responsibility – A Pledge

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Taking on the social responsibility for beating the drums and cheering for the realization of the Chinese dream, is the great trust of the times that the Party and the people have entrusted to news media, is the sublime pursuit of the present news workers, and is an important pillar for the Chinese nation to build the Chinese dream with one heart. The broad news workers must consciously implement their duty and mission, and provide strong spiritual drivers and ideological guarantees for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. To this end, we pledge to:

I, Sing in the strongest voice about realizing the Chinese dream. We must sign the main melody of the times, transmit positive social energy, and expand the mainstream public opinion field. Forcefully propagate that realizing the wealth and strength of the country, the vitalization of the nation and the happiness of the people are the common aspiration of all the people of all ethnicities in the entire country, deeply expound that to realize the Chinese dream, we must walk a Chinese path, carry forward a Chinese spirit, and concentrate Chinese forces, guide and encourage the broad popular masses to incessantly strive to create an even happier and more beautiful future for the Chinese people and the Chinese nation.

II, Faithfully implement the duty and mission of news workers. Consciously accept the leadership of the Party, persist in the principles that the interest of the motherland and the people are higher than everything, and the Party nature of news work from beginning to end, be a model of abiding by the Constitution and the law, persist in the correct public opinion orientation from beginning to end, persist in the basic orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism from beginning to end, truly take up the duties of constructors of the Socialist undertaking, the recorders and promoters of the development of the times, transmit the voices of the Party and the government well, display the mainstream of the present society well, reflect the voices of the popular masses well.

III, Realistically safeguard the truthfulness and fairness of news. We make truth into the life of news, make seeking truth from facts into a standard for daily work, and see safeguarding the credibility of media as a professional pursuit. Persist in truthful newsgathering, on-the-spot newsgathering, direct newsgathering, repeatedly confirm and verify news facts in many ways. Standardize news information sources, do not rely on hearsay, gossip or subjective assumptions in writing news, do not pursue sensational effects, distribution numbers, listening or viewing rates, wilfully distort news facts, compile false news, but strive to ensure that news reporting is done truthfully, accurately, completely and objectively.

IV, Strictly and earnestly pursue the social effect of news reporting. Correctly deal with the relationship between social effect and economic effect, persist in putting social effect first, prevent mistaken tendencies of the one-sided pursuit of economic effect. Consciously abide by Chinese laws and regulations, persist in resisting paid-for news, preserve an upright and honest work style from beginning to end. We must stress raising the grade and style of news reports, stress concern and respect for the people, transmit advanced culture, carry forward the correct social wind, and conscientiously foster and practice the Socialist core value system.

Work units jointly issuing the pledge (26):

All-China Journalists’ Association, People’s Daily, Xinhua, Seeking Truth, Liberation Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, Central People’s Radio, CCTV, China International Radio, China Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Discipline Inspection Daily, Workers’ Daily, China Youth Daily, China Women’s’ Daily, Peasants’ Daily, Legal System Daily, China News, People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Online, China Network Television, Beijing Television, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Youth Daily, Capital Times.

16 April 2013









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