Central Propaganda Department Theory Bureau Notice concerning Reporting Topics on Deepening Research on the Chinese Dream

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All provincial (regional, municipal) Party Committee Propaganda Departments, the Seven Nationwide Theory Research Centres for the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, the relevant controlling departments for the project.

In order to implement the spirit of the Central leading comrades’ instructions and incessantly deepen research and elaboration of major issues related to the Chinese Dream, the Marxist Theory, Research and Construction Project Office drafted batches of focus research topics, and organises project experts and theory workers in launching research. Hereby, the relevant mattes are notified as follows.

I, The orientation of selected topics in the first batch

1, The historical origins and contemporary background of the Chinese Dream

2, The opportunities and challenges faced in realizing the Chinese Dream

3, The basic content and main characteristics of the Chinese Dream

4, The Chinese Dream, the Party’s governance concepts and the country’s development objectives

5, The Chinese Dream is a dream that relies on the people and benefits the people

6, Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the necessary path to realize the Chinese Dream

7, The Chinese Dream and carrying forward the Chinese spirit

8, The Chinese Dream and concentrating China’s strengths

9, The Chinese Dream and constructing the Socialist core value system

10, The Chinese Dream and realizing the “Two Centuries” struggle objective

11, The Chinese Dream, national defence and military construction

12, Realizing the Chinese Dream and taking real action to rejuvenate the country

13, The Chinese Communist Party is the leading core for realizing the Chinese Dream

14, Realizing the Chinese Dream benefits the civilizational progress of the world

15, The Chinese Dream and work in all areas.

All work units may, on the basis of the above topic selection orientations, draft one or more titles for every orientation and report them.

II, Topic reporting and organization

1, Topic reporting work is to be conducted with the seven nationwide Theory and System Research Centres of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and all provincial (regional, municipal) Theory and System Research Centres of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics as units. Topics reported by nationwide bases shall have the departments and work units to which the bases are subordinate as topic controlling work units; all provincial (regional, municipal) bases reporting topics shall have the provincial (regional, municipal) Party Committee Propaganda Department as controlling work unit. Topic controlling work units are responsible or the selection of principal experts in topic groups, topic composition and topic result authentication and gatekeeping, and reporting work.

2, All work units may, on the basis of their own research strength and previous accumulated achievements, voluntarily report topics in the above topic selection orientations, there is no quantity limit, titles may be drafted by topic groups themselves.

3, All work units are requested to report topic materials before the end of June, including topic reporting forms (see attachment for template), a preliminary outline and listed main previous research results, this is to be submitted to the Project Office in four copies. After examination and approval, topic projects will be established in the beginning of June. Research work for all established topic projects is to be complete by the end of August, and research achievements are to be submitted to the project office (in ten copies, with electronic version attacked). Topic research achievements are mainly to be presented as theoretical articles, internal reports, survey reports and similar forms. The Project Office is responsible for arranging that main Central newspapers and periodicals publish them or for submitting them to relevant departments for consultation.

III, Topic support

The quantity and quality of completed research achievements of all work units are the main basis for appraisal work, and funding for costs shall be granted in view of the situation at the end of the year.

Contact persons: Feng Jing, Li Jun

Contact telephone numbers: 83087254, 83087252 (Fax)

Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project Office

(Stamped: Central Propaganda Theory Bureau)

9 June 2013





























    联系人:冯静  李军

    联系电话:83087254  83087252(传真)






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