Always Maintain the Flesh and Blood Relationship with the People

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People’s Daily editorial, 18 June

“The Party’s basis lies in the people, its blood vessels lie in the people and its strength lies in the people”, “the core issue in strengthening and improving the Party’s work style construction is maintaining the flesh-and-blood relationship of the Party with the popular masses.”

According to the deployment of the 18th Party Congress, the Party’s Mass Line Education and Practice Movement with serving the people, pragmatism and honesty as main content will be deeply launched in the entire Party. At the Party Mass Line Education and Practice Movement work conference convened by the Centre, General Secretary Xi Jinping stood on the height of our Party’s more than 90 years of glorious history and realizing the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation,  deeply elaborated the profound significance of the Party’s Mass Line Education and Practice Movement, and pointed out the guiding ideology, objectives and requirements of launching this education and practice movement’. The thinking in the speech was profound, penetrating and incisive, it had a strong guiding nature and focused nature, it is an important speech to follow for our Party to persist in the mass line in a new era, and a scientific guidebook to do mass work well under new circumstances.

The Party style of a governing Party relates to the life and death of the Party and the country, the largest danger for a Marxist governing party is to become separated from the masses. In the last few years, from Party rectification to education about the “Three Stresses”, from maintaining the Communist Party members’ progressive education to deeply studying and practicing the scientific development view, our Party has given high regard to work style construction, and has consistently required strict administration of the Party. The Party’s Mass Line Education and Practice Movement is a major policy decision to persist in the fact that the Party must manage the Party, and to strictly administer the Party under new circumstances, it is a major deployment that conforms with the expectations of the masses and strengthens the construction of a study-type, service-type and innovation-type Marxist governing Part, and it is a major measure to move Socialism with Chinese characteristics forward.

Everything is for the sake of the masses, everything relies on the masses, come from the masses, go into to the masses, concentrate matters and persist in matters. This mass line is the lifeline and the basic work line of the Party. The popular masses once fed the Yan-an Revolutionary Base with millet, they used small carts to push towards victory in the Chinese Revolution, they opened up the process of reform and opening up with their fingerprints, only because the relationship with the popular masses has been maintained throughout, our undertaking has gained the support, participation and endorsement of the people, and has it been possible to defeat risks and trials rarely seen in the world, and gain magnificent achievements that attracted worldwide attention.

Today, we stand on a crucial historical node, and a completely new starting point for development. The struggle objective of the “two centuries” has promising prospects, the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation has a morning light of hope ahead. Global circumstances, national circumstances and Party circumstances have deeply changed, bringing severe trials facing the relationship of the Party and the masses, and the cadres and the masses. Within the Party, the phenomenon of separation from the masses exists in great numbers, these “four styles” of formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance not only harm the image of the Party among the popular masses, they harm the Party-masses and cadre-masses relationship even more. In the face of unprecedented risks and challenges, persisting in the mass line and closely linking up with the masses are necessary requirements for realizing the struggle objectives determined by the 18th Party Congress, they are necessary requirements for maintaining the progressiveness and purity of the Party and consolidating the governing basis and governing basis of the Party, and are necessary requirements for resolving prominent issues to which the masses react strongly.

How is the Mass Line Education and Practice Movement to be launched? Closely grasp this main task of work style construction, and it ill be possible to take aim, look for the acupuncture point, grasp vital points, and collectively resolve the issues of the “four styles”. Earnestly implement the general requirement of “look in the mirror, wear correct hats and clothes, clean up things and treat illnesses”, and it will be possible to truly realize self-purification, self-perfection, self-innovation and self-improvement. In terms of attitude , we must launch criticism and self-criticism with a spirit of work style rectification, disregard prestige, truly move formidable obstacles and stir up spirits. In terms of measures, we must persist in leadership and pioneering, strive to raise our understanding a level, study a step more deeply advance our practice a touch, analyse and resolve prominent problems a notch better. In terms of methods, we must pay attention to establishing long-term mechanisms, formulating new rule systems and perfecting existing rule-systems, grasp this regularly and grasp it for the long term. Strictly avoid formalism, achieve “no falsehoods”; resolve prominent problems, achieve “no holes”; persist in revolving around the purpose, achieve (no bias), truly aim at the tender spot, hit the mark, and only then can this movement gain actual effects and gain long-term effects.

“For trees to grow, its roots must be stable. For streams to flow, their source must be dredged”. Since the 18th Party Congress, the Party Centre with Xi Jinping as General Secretary has powerfully proposed work style improvements, closely linked up with the masses, practiced what they preach, taken the lead in being good examples, and have established a model for the Party’s Mass Line Education and Practice Movement. Now, the Centre has again made a complete deployment of this movement, the first batch of education and practice activities have begun, tasks are arduous, responsibilities are great, and the comrades in the entire Party and especially all levels’ leading cadres absolutely must deeply comprehend, vigorously participate and firmly move matters forward, bring the people together with a fine work style, be kindred spirits with the people, share joy and sorrow with the people, struggle  in unity with the people, and assemble overwhelming forces to realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.










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