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GAPPRFT Spokesperson States that Control is Implemented Over Singing-Type Competition Programmes to Provide Rich and Varied Television Programmes to Audiences (2013)

Cai Fuchao Chairs Administration Training Class for the Party’s Mass Line Education and Practice Movement and Gives Speech (2013)

Publications Market Management Regulations (2011)

Rules on Rewarding Meritorious Persons Reporting “Pornography Production”, “Pornography Peddling”, Infringement, Piracy and Other Illegal Publishing Activities (2000)

Notice concerning Reiterating Provisions on Publishing Works of Lu Xun (1999)

Opinions concerning Publishing Works of Lu Xun (1996)

Opinion concerning Strengthening Management of and Further Running Newspaper “Weekend Editions” Well (1994)

Notice concerning that Newspapers Shall Abide by the Purpose of the Newspaper and Straiten Publishing Order (1993)

Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Newspapers Publishing “Weekend Editions” (1992)

Notice concerning Issuing Audiovisual Product Import and Publishing Permits (1991)

Notice concerning Collecting Imported Audiovisual Product Examination Fees (1990)

Regulations concerning Newspaper Temporarily Increasing Sheets and Increasing Numbers (1990)

Some Provisions to Strengthen Book, Newspaper and Periodical Printing Management (1989)

Notice concerning Conditions for the Examination and Approval of Newly Established Publishing Houses (1986)

Constitutional Outline of the Chinese Soviet Republic (1931)

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