Online Celebrities’ Common Understanding and Joint Respect of the “Seven Baselines”

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People’s Daily, 11 August

On the afternoon of the 10th, online celebrities convened at the new CCTV Broadcast Centre, for a dialogue on the social responsibility of online celebrities.

Everyone consistently believed that network selebrities should bear more social responsibility and disseminate positive energy. A common understanding was reached to jointly respect the “Seven Baselines”: first, the legal and regulatory baseline, second, the baseline of the Socialist system; third, the baseline of the national interest; fourth, the baseline of citizens’ lawful rights and interests; fifth, the baseline of social and public order; sixth, the baseline of moral customs; seventh, the baseline of information truth.


人民网北京8月11日电(记者 贾玥)10日下午,网络名人齐聚央视新址演播厅,对话畅谈网络名人的社会责任。



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