Closely Grasp the Leadership Power, Management Power and Discourse Power in Ideological Work

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This article was published in yesterday’s Red Flag, together with the contribution by the Heilongjiang Propaganda Department director translated earlier.  Ai Wenli Whether or not ideological work can be done well, relates to the future fate of the Party, relates to the peace and order of the country, and relates to the cohesion and centripetal force of the nation. Ideological work is an extremely important work for the Party, it is the Party’s “Divine Needle to Calm the Sea” to unite and lead the people of all ethnicities in the entire country to completely move the magnificent undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics forward. At present, we must, from the strategic height of promoting the long-term development of the undertaking and realizing the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, fully and clearly understand the duties we shoulder and the challenges we face, and closely grasp the leadership power, management power and discourse power in ideological work, incessantly consolidate the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological area, and incessantly consolidate the common ideological basis for the united struggle of the entire Party and the people in the entire country. I, “Grasp” confidently, firmly grasp the leadership power in ideological work The Party manages propaganda, the Party manages ideology, this is decided by the fundamental essence of our Party and country, it is an important principle and system shaped through a long time of practice by the Party, and is an important aspect of persisting in the leadership of the Party. We must realistically and satisfactorily implement the requirement that the Party manages propaganda and the Party manages ideology, we must fully understand the long-term nature, complexity and acuity of struggle in the ideological area, incessantly strengthen as sense of politics, a sense of the larger picture, a sense of responsibility and a sense of worry, we can absolutely not let the leadership power fall to others. We must dare to grasp. In the face of severe challenges, we must have a spirit of daring to take matters on, have the courage to take responsibility at key moments, ensure that we dare to grasp dare to manage, dare to bare our swords, defy attacks coming from hostile forces, and defy temporary misunderstandings coming from all sides; we must have clear banners in the face of great rights and wrongs, ensure that our viewpoints are firm, we are selfless and fearless, and dare to conduct justified, beneficial and moral struggle with mistaken words and deeds; in the face of urgent and difficult matters, we must be able to stand up and come forward, ensuring that we advance despite difficulties, welcome difficulties and overcome them, that we dare to bear the responsibility we should bear, and grasp the leadership power in ideological work from beginning to end. We must be good at grasping. We must deeply research the circumstances and issues we face in ideological work, summarize all successful experiences of our Party’s leading ideological work, realistically grasp their regularities, strengthen comprehensive guidance over the judgment of major questions in the ideological area and major strategic tasks, and raise the scientific level of ideological work. We must deeply grasp the expectations and demands of the broad cadres and masses with regards to ideological work, truly understand and correctly judge social situations and the popular will, pay attention to tactics and effects, grasp timing, degree and effect well, launch public opinion guidance in a focused manner. We must comprehensively utilize modern science and technology means, mobilize and integrate all sorts of resources and forces from all sides, adapt to new circumstances, respond to new changes and resolve new problems, deeply move forward and strengthen conceptual innovation, methods innovation and grass-roots work innovation. We must grasp the crux. In doing ideological work, battlefields, orientations and teams are crucial. Battlefields are the support and stage for ideological work, only when we have a battlefield can we send out the voice of the Party and the people and disseminate advanced ideas and culture. We must strengthen a sense of the battlefield, it must be achieved that all sorts of propaganda, ideology and culture battlefields can be managed and controlled, we can absolutely not let them drift outside of the Party’s leadership, and ensure that the Party’s leadership realizes complete coverage over the ideological area, that no dead spots and black spaces are left. Guidance is the core, management the essence, if there are deviations in guidance, great problems will emerge. When guidance is grasped, the lead of ideological work is grasped. We must put the correct orientation in a prominent position throughout, incessantly raise the consciousness to persist in the correct orientation, strengthen the effect of the correct orientation, and let the demands of the correct orientation be reflected in the entire process and all segments of ideological work from beginning to end. The realization of grasping battlefields and grasping orientations, in the end, must rely on grasping teams. We must give high regard to the construction of propaganda and ideology teams, and especially of leadership ranks, further strictly implement the principle of unifying the management of people and of affairs, and put excellent cadres who stress politics, understand business and are excellent in management, and especially cadres who have “a number of brushes” in theory, writing ability, eloquence or other professional specialties on the ideological work front, strengthen the study, training and practical exercise of backbone talents in higher education and other focus areas, and incessantly raise the fighting strength and implementation power of ideological work teams. II, “Manage” in a scientific and standardized manner, closely grasp management power in ideological work Realistically implement “who manages matters is responsible, who runs matters is responsible” and the principles of localized management, perfect corresponding management systems, strengthen the management of the Party over all sorts of propaganda and cultural battlefields, ensure management according to the law, scientific management and effective management. Strictly implement the principle that the Party manages the media. Persist in the correct public opinion orientation, implement the requirements of the correct orientation into every aspect and the complete process of work, keep the gate well in terms of politics, content, procedure, technology and all other aspects, no traditional media, new media and propaganda and cultural activity venues can provide space or conveniences for discourses that maliciously attack the leadership of the Party, attack the Socialist system, distort Party history or national history or spread rumours to create trouble. Strengthen online social management according to the law. Strengthen the management of new technologies and new applications, all sorts of forums, blogs, microblogs, micromessaging services, search engines mobile telephone newspapers, mobile news clients and other businesses that have news, public opinion and social mobilization functions, must be brought under licensing management. We must, through strengthening online topical propaganda, improve online criticism work, optimize the online environment, and forge an online positive public opinion atmosphere; through strengthening Internet propaganda management organ construction and team construction, forge systems and mechanisms where the various departments mutually cooperate, and all areas of society vigorously participate, and constitute a nationwide “one network” management structure; through deeply launching online public opinion struggles and tightly preventing and restraining online attacks and acts of infiltration, organize forces to refute mistaken ideologies and viewpoints. Strengthen management of the cultural market, social and cultural activities. Persist in deeply launching activities to sweep pornography and strike illegality, investigate and prosecute unlawful activities in performance and entertainment, Internet cafés and Internet surfing services, electronic games, fine art sales, cultural trading and other activities. Strengthen management over all sorts of lectures, forums, seminars and public report meetings, strengthen management over people-run social science research organs, non-governmental cultural work rooms, and people-run cultural organs, strengthen management over higher education school journals, intra-school organizations, intra-school broadcasting and campus networks, do not provide dissemination channels for mistaken ideologies. III, “Guide” highly effectively, firmly grasp the discourse power in ideological work. At present, domestic and foreign circumstances are intricate and complex, this is reflected in the ideological area, all sorts of “discourse” are unprecedentedly dynamic, especially information technology development symbolized by digitization and networking have rapidly sped up information dissemination and cultural dissemination, and the public opinion ecology has become even more complex and variable. As the Party’s propaganda and ideology departments, we must actively speak out, speak out at high decibels, stand in the lead and maintain direction in the middle of diversity, plurality and change, and strengthen the cohesion and influence of mainstream ideology. Guide through deepening theoretical armament. Unwaveringly arm the entire Party, educate the people and promote work with the theoretical structure of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, lay down a firm and common ideological basis for the united struggle of the entire body of the people; strongly move forward the Sinification, updating and massification of Marxism, deeply implement Marxist theoretical research and construction projects, vigorously move forward with the Party’s theoretical innovation achievements “entering schools, entering classrooms and entering minds”; organize and launch research and elaboration of major theoretical and real issues, vigorously dispel doubts and explain misunderstandings, analyse things and clarify rationales. At present, we must especially give high regard to doing propaganda and education on the Chinese dream well, ensure that the beautiful prospect of the Chinese dream becomes a household word and deeply enters people’s minds, further stimulating the initiative and vigour of the popular masses to realize the Chinese Dream with real actions. Guide through doing positive propaganda well. Broadly launch topical propaganda, propaganda about achievements, propaganda about models and propaganda about circumstances and policies, guide the people to correctly understand the present hot and difficult issues, deeply understand the Party’s theories, line, principles and policies, and concentrate a consensus on reform and development to the largest possible extent. Actively set up discussion topics, start from social reality, grasp prominent achievements in reform and opening up, improving people’s livelihoods and other such areas, correctly find the economic and social foci that the masses care about, timely send out persuasive and authoritative voices to explain and persuade, effectively guide the social public’s thoughts and minds towards positive change. Guide through innovating propaganda methods. We must broaden lines of thought and innovate methods, go deeply into the masses and go deeply into reality, realistically transform work styles, rectify study styles and improve writing styles, strengthen the affinity and infectiousness of propaganda and culture work. We must be good at using language that the masses know well and methods that they love to see and hear, change force-feeding teaching into interaction and persuasion, and consciously utilize this in theoretical propagation and explanation, ideological and moral construction, mass cultural activities and other such aspects. At the same time, on the basis of the psychological characteristics and reception capacity of different groups, [we must] conduct  differentiated guidance. What is especially prominent is doing work with intellectuals well, to unite them around the Party to the largest possible extent, and encourage them to consciously contribute their intelligence and wisdom to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (The author is a CCP Hebei Provincial Committee Standing Committee Member and Director of the Propaganda Department) 牢牢掌握意识形态工作的领导权管理权话语权 艾文礼 能否做好意识形态工作,事关党的前途命运,事关国家长治久安,事关民族凝聚力和向心力。意识形态工作是党的一项极端重要的工作,是我们党团结带领全国各族人民全面推进中国特色社会主义伟大事业的“定海神针”。当前,我们必须从推动事业长远发展、实现民族复兴中国梦的战略高度,充分认清肩负的责任与面临的挑战,牢牢掌握意识形态工作的领导权、管理权、话语权,不断巩固马克思主义在意识形态领域的指导地位,不断巩固全党全国人民团结奋斗的共同思想基础。 一、理直气壮地“抓”,牢牢掌握意识形态工作的领导权 党管宣传、党管意识形态,是我们党和国家的根本性质决定的,是党在长期实践中形成的重要原则和制度,是坚持党的领导的重要方面。要切实把党管宣传、党管意识形态的要求落到实处,必须充分认识意识形态领域斗争的长期性复杂性尖锐性,不断增强政治意识、大局意识、责任意识、忧患意识,决不能让领导权旁落。 要敢于抓。面对严峻挑战,我们要有敢于担当的精神,在关键时刻勇于负责,做到敢抓敢管、敢于亮剑,不畏来自敌对势力的攻击,也不畏来自各方面的暂时误解;在大是大非面前旗帜鲜明,做到立场坚定、无私无畏,敢于与错误言行进行有理有利有节的斗争;在急事难事面前能够挺身而出,做到知难而进、迎难而上,勇于承担应尽的责任,在不断破解难题、克服困难中始终掌握意识形态工作领导权。 要善于抓。我们要深入研究意识形态工作面临的形势和问题,总结我们党领导意识形态工作的成功经验,切实把握规律性,加强对意识形态领域重大问题的研判和重大战略任务的统筹指导,提高意识形态工作的科学化水平。要深刻把握广大干部群众对意识形态工作的期待与要求,真实了解和准确判断社情民意,讲求策略和成效,把握好时、度、效,有针对性地开展舆论引导。要综合运用现代科技手段,动员和整合各种资源和各方面力量,适应新形势,应对新变化,解决新问题,深入推进增强理念创新、手段创新、基层工作创新。 要抓关键。做意识形态工作,阵地、导向和队伍是关键。阵地是意识形态工作的依托和舞台,有了阵地我们才能发出党和人民的声音,传播先进思想文化。要强化阵地意识,对所有宣传思想文化阵地,都要做到可管可控,决不能游离于党的领导之外,使党的领导实现意识形态领域全覆盖,不留死角、不留空白。导向是核心、管根本,导向有偏差,就会出现大问题。抓住了导向,就抓住了意识形态工作的龙头。我们始终要把正确导向放在突出位置,不断提高坚持正确导向的自觉性,增强正确导向的有效性,把正确导向要求始终体现在意识形态工作的全过程和各环节。抓阵地、抓导向,最终要靠抓队伍来实现。要高度重视宣传思想队伍特别是领导班子建设,进一步严格落实管人管事相统一的原则,把讲政治、懂业务、精管理的优秀干部特别是在理论上、笔头上、口才上或其他业务专长上有“几把刷子”的干部充实到意识形态工作战线,加强对高校等重点领域骨干人才的学习培训和实践锻炼,不断提高意识形态工作队伍的战斗力执行力。 二、科学规范地“管”,牢牢掌握意识形态工作的管理权 切实贯彻“谁主管谁负责、谁主办谁负责”和属地管理原则,完善相关管理制度,加强党对各类宣传文化阵地的管理,做到依法管理、科学管理、有效管理。 严格落实党管媒体的原则。坚持正确舆论导向,把正确导向要求贯穿到工作的各领域和全过程,从政治、内容、程序、技术等各个方面把好关口,对恶意攻击党的领导、攻击社会主义制度、歪曲党史国史、造谣生事的言论,一切传统媒体、新兴媒体和宣传文化活动场所都不能为之提供空间、提供方便。 依法加强网络社会管理。加强网络新技术新应用的管理,对各种论坛、博客、微博、微信、搜索引擎和手机报、移动新闻客户端等具有新闻舆论和社会动员功能的业务,都要纳入许可管理。要通过加强网上主题宣传,改进网评工作,优化网络环境,营造网上正面舆论氛围;通过加强互联网宣传管理机构建设和队伍建设,打造各部门相互配合,社会各方面积极参与的体制机制,构建全国“一张网”管理格局;通过深入开展网上舆论斗争,严密防范和抑制网上攻击渗透行为,组织力量对错误思想观点进行批驳。 加强文化市场和社会文化活动的管理。持续深入开展扫黄打非行动,查处演出和娱乐、网吧及互联网上网服务、电子游戏、美术品销售、文化经营等活动中的违法行为。加强对各类讲座、论坛、研讨会、报告会的管理,加强对民办社科研究机构、民间文化工作室、民营文化机构的管理,加强对高等院校校刊、校内社团、校内广播和校园网的管理,不给错误的思想提供传播渠道。 三、卓有成效地“引”,牢牢掌握意识形态工作的话语权 当前国内外形势错综复杂,反映到意识形态领域,各种“话语”空前活跃,特别是以数字化、网络化为标志的信息技术发展,使信息传播、文化传播手段迅速快捷,舆论生态更加复杂多变。作为党的宣传思想部门,必须主动发声、高分贝发声,在多元多样多变中立主导、把方向,增强主流意识形态的凝聚力和影响力。 通过深化理论武装来引领。坚持不懈地以中国特色社会主义理论体系武装全党、教育人民、推动工作,打牢全体人民团结奋斗的共同思想基础;扎实推进马克思主义中国化时代化大众化,深入实施马克思主义理论研究和建设工程,积极推进党的理论创新成果“进学校、进课堂、进头脑”;组织开展重大理论和现实问题的研究和阐释,积极解疑释惑、析事明理。当前,要特别重视做好中国梦的宣传教育,使中国梦的美好愿景家喻户晓、深入人心,进一步激发人民群众以实际行动实现中国梦的主动性积极性。 通过做强正面舆论来引领。广泛开展主题宣传、成就宣传、典型宣传和形势政策宣传,引导人们正确认识当前的热点难点问题,深刻理解党的理论和路线方针政策,最大限度的凝聚改革发展的共识。主动设置议题、从社会实际出发,抓住改革开放、改善民生等方面的突出成就,找准群众关注的经济社会焦点,及时发出有说服力的权威性声音进行解释疏导,有效引导社会公众思想心态的良性变化。 通过创新宣传方式来引领。要拓宽思路、创新方式,深入群众、深入实际,切实转作风、正学风、改文风,增强宣传文化工作的亲和力、感染力。要善于使用群众熟悉的语言和喜闻乐见的方式,变灌输填鸭为互动疏导,并自觉运用到理论宣讲、思想道德建设、群众文化活动等各个方面。同时,根据不同群体的心理特点和接受能力,进行分众化引领。特别是突出做好知识分子工作,最大限度地把他们团结在党的周围,激励他们自觉为中华民族的伟大复兴贡献聪明才智。 (作者:中共河北省委常委、宣传部长)

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