Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Printing, Reproduction and Distribution

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XCZF No. (2013) 8

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Press and Publications Bureau, the Liberation Army General Political Department Propaganda Department Press and Publications Bureau, the Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing municipal comprehensive cultural market law enforcement teams:

In order to implement the spirit of the National Propaganda and Ideology Work Conference, to create a good atmosphere for the convention of the 3rd Plenum of the 18th Party Congress, and realistically strengthen management over printing, reproduction and distribution, hereby, the relevant requirements are notified as follows:

I, Unify thoughts, raise understanding

All localities must earnestly study the spirit of the National Propaganda and Ideology Work Conference, and deeply understand the implications of General Secretary XI Jinping’s speech on “ideological work relates to the future fate of the Party, relates to a long time of peace and order for the country, and relates to the cohesion and centripetal force of the nation.” Printing, reproduction and distribution are important segments for the consolidation and dissemination of ideological and cultural content, have clear ideological properties, are important battlefields for ideology management, and are important areas to safeguard cultural security. In the new era, administrative structural reforms to streamline government administration and decentralize power have deepened incessantly, printing, reproduction and distribution industries have developed rapidly, digital network technology is broadly applied, and even higher demands have been put on management work of the printing, reproduction and distribution sectors. All localities’ relevant management departments must soberly understand the important responsibility they bear and the complex situation they face, expand ways of thinking, and perform supervise work with a high sense of responsibility and a sense of mission.

II, Perfect mechanisms, stress innovation

Integrating daily patrols with unexpected inspections is an important measure in management systems to supervise that printing and reproduction enterprises carry out contracting letters, and in management systems to supervise that distribution work units perfect book purchasing and sales. All localities must summarize experiences, innovate incessantly and progressively perfect long-term management mechanisms. Prominence must be given to the following two points:

(1) Perfect online management sharing mechanisms, innovate management methods.

Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangdong, Shandong and other such places have taken the nationwide lead in establishing printing and reproduction management information systems, they realized online inspections of contracting letters within their regions, and have resolved relatively well problems that exist in the segments of contracting letter listings, filing, etc. All localities must learn from experience and accelerate the construction of management information platforms. Beijing and Hebei are two unique regions, in which the implementation of network printing management was especially pressing, it is necessary to strive to gain substantive progress in the first half of next year, and realize interaction between both as soon as possible. Other localities meeting conditions must also vigorously move networking trials forward. Furthermore, information and data sharing mechanisms must be set up between printing, reproduction and distribution management departments and comprehensive cultural market law enforcement teams, to ensure that enterprise information is shared, information about punishments is communicated, rewards and punishments are consistent, and supervision and management results are raised.

(2) Perfect team training and building mechanisms, innovate grass roots work.

The printing, reproduction and distribution sectors have many points, long chains and a vast coverage, the problems and tasks in supervision and management mainly lie at the grass roots. All localities must, in integration with launching the Party’s mass line education and practice movement, pay high attention to grasping the grass roots, do foundational work, and realistically strengthen ideological education and professional training for grass roots management personnel. The Administration will successively organize training for relevant personnel in provincial level management departments and in batches for district-level city management departments. All localities must formulate plan to successively organize rotational training at least once every two years for relevant management personnel at the district-level city or focus county level. At the same time, it is necessary to go out the door, go all the way down, vigorously resole difficulties and issues at the grass roots front, and incessantly strengthen the fighting strength and cohesion of grass roots teams.

III, Dare to manage strictly, be pragmatic and effective

Printing, reproduction and distribution are the principal forces of cultural industry development, all localities must overcome the one-sided thinking on “focusing on development, overlooking supervision and management”, persist in changing the flawed situation that supervision and management work “is soft in correcting [mistakes] and does not lead to penalties”, persist in grasping matters with both hands, both hands must be strong, dare to unsheathe the sword, dare to grasp and dare to manage. Strictly administer matters according to the law, persist in relying on laws where they exist, and implementing the law strictly.

(1) Strictly investigate focus regions, persist in dealing with acts violating regulations that happen often.

All localities must, on the basis of hierarchical and categorized management of printing, reproduction and distribution, and on the basis of the real situation, conduct focused inspections of localities where publications printing enterprises and read-only compact disc reproduction enterprises are concentrated, localities where foreign-related reproduction and printing enterprises are concentrated, localities where acts violating laws and regulations often occur, as well as publications wholesale markets, and off-line and online bookstores that are often pointed to in reported clues, and raise their intensity and strength. It is necessary to sustainably deal with acts violating regulations that happen often, such as printing publication without contracting letters for printing or reproduction, printing internal reference-type publications without printing permission certificates, accepting printing or reproduction contracts in violation of regulation, not having standardized publications purchasing channels, sale of illegal publications or pirated publications, etc. At the same time as conducting strict punishment of printing, reproduction or distribution enterprises that violate regulations, list them on a “blacklist” for focus supervision and management.

(2) Strictly implement rules, realistically strengthen supervision and management of online bookstores.

All localities must earnestly implement the management regulations concerning online bookstores in the “Publishing Management Regulations” and the “Publications Market Management Regulations”. According to the requirements of Article 36 of the “Publishing Management Regulations”, and Articles 17 and 27 of the “Publications Market Management Regulations”, strengthen management over publications business activities conducted through information networks, the provision of online publications trading platform services and other such business activities, strictly keep access gates, further implement network distribution work units’ real name registration and credential publication rules. Strengthen supervision and management over online bookstores during and after business, focus on expanding supervision and inspection strength over online publications trading platforms, unlicensed or incompletely licenced online bookstores must be cleaned up in a concentrated manner, or rectify within a limited time. Supervise online bookstores to establish and complete publications sales management systems, and standardise business activities. Expand case investigation and prosecution strength, where illegal publications, pirated publications as well as foreign illegal publications are sold through online bookstores, once this are discovered, this must be punished strictly and without mercy.

(3) Strictly implement responsibilities, implement law enforcement reporting and appraisal systems.

All localities must persist in localized management and the principle that who manages is responsible, implement responsibility systems and responsibility investigation systems, ensure hierarchical responsibilities and individual responsibility. It is necessary to persist in and perfect the “National Administrative Printing and Reproduction Law Enforcement Reporting Appraisal System”, implement target assessment, supervise grass roots management personnel in entering enterprises, patrol markets and handle cases, realistically change the present negative supervision situation that a number of management personnel “do not want to handle cases, do not dare to handle cases, or cannot handle cases”. We must grant awards to localities where supervision and management work is implemented relatively well and achievements have been obtained, places where management rule implementation is powerless, or false reports are made are to be criticized, and printing, reproduction and distribution supervision work systems are to be further improved and perfected.

All localities must make printing, reproduction and supervision management work into an important content of ideological management work and grasp it. They must vigorously strive for the support of local Party Committee and government leaders. They must actively coordinate relevant departments in strengthening case-handling and forming force pools. All localities must timely report problems encountered in printing, reproduction and distribution supervision and management work, as well as good methods and experiences, to the Administration.

General Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television

12 October 2013




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