GAPPRFT Demands that Media Learn Lessons from the Chen Yongzhou Case

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This press release was published on 1 November, on the Central Government Website.

Xinhua, Beijing, 1 November, a relevant responsible person from GAPPRFT has issued a statement on the investigation and prosecution situation of the case of the “New Express’s” Chen Yongzhou case, demanding that news work units and news journalists nationwide learn lessons, and demanding that all localities administrative press, publications, radio, film and television departments investigate and prosecute news blackmail, paid-for news and other suc issues according to the law.
The said spokesperson indicated that the influence of the problems of violating laws and regulations by the “New Express” journalist was vile, it gravely harmed media credibility and the social image of news journalists, this lesson is very profound. The Guangdong Province Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television Bureau made an investigation and prosecution decision according to the law, which was a necessary measure by administrative press and publications departments to implement their duties according to the law and to safeguard newsgathering and editing order. It is hoped that news work units nationwide draw inferences from this example, take warning and further perfect newsgathering and editing procedures as well as regulatory structures, strengthen internal management and team construction. It is hoped that news journalists nationwide earnestly learn lessons from Chen Yongzhou, build firm legal baselines, scrupulously abide by their professional integrity, and consciously safeguard the social image of news journalists.
The said spokesperson stated that, with regard to the problems revealed by this case, the GAPPRFT has demanded that all levels’ administrative press, publications, radio, film and television departments continue to expand governance strength over false news, paid-for news, news blackmail and other such issues. The Administration again published reporting telephone numbers: 010-65212870 and 010-65212787, and the China Journalist Website to check journalists’ identity registration, URL: http: //, all walks of society are welcomed to report all kinds of acts violating laws and regulations in news publishing.

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