Five-Year Planning Outline for Central Intra-Party Regulation Formulation Work (2013-2017)

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In order to implement the Centre’s requirements concerning strengthening intra-Party regulation formulation systems, completely raise the scientific levels of Party building, according to the relevant provisions of the “Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party” and the “CCP Intra-Party Regulation Formulation Regulations”, and on the basis of the general deployment of the 18th Party Congress concerning Party building, this planning outline is formulated.

I, Guiding ideology, work objectives and basic requirements

1. Guiding ideology. Persist in taking Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important “Three Represents” thought and the scientific development view as guidance, completely implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress and study the spirit of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, closely grasp this main line of strengthening the construction of the Party’s governing ability, advancedness and purity, persist in liberating thoughts, reform and innovation, persist in the facts that the Party must manage the Party and that the Party must be governed strictly, with the Party Constitution at the basis, with the democratic centralism system at the core, vigorously move intra-Party regulation formulation work forward, accelerate the building of intra-Party regulation systems and structures, and provide real institutional guarantees for the comprehensive increase of the scientific level of Party building, strengthening and perfecting the Party’s leadership and guaranteeing that the Party becomes the strong leading core of the undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics from beginning to end.

2. Work objectives. On the basis of conducting a comprehensive clean-up of existing intra-Party regulations, grasp the formulation and revision of a batch of important intra-Party regulations, strive to exert five years of effort to basically shape an intra-Party regulatory and institutional systems and frameworks that cover the main areas of Party building and Party work, and that are suited to the needs of managing and governing the Party, to ensure that intra-Party life becomes more standardized and proceduralized, to ensure that intra-Party democracy structures and institutions become more perfected, to ensure that the operation of powers is more effectively restrained and supervised, to ensure that the institutional basis for Party governance is more consolidated, and to lay a firm basis for the comprehensive shaping of intra-Party regulatory institutions and systems with scientific content, strict procedures, perfect structures and effective operations by the time of the 100th anniversary of the Party’s foundation.

– Complete basic and pillar intra-Party regulations more. Conduct comprehensive improvement of a number of fragmented and overlapping intra-Party regulations and normative documents, shape a batch of comprehensive intra-Party regulations, so that the integration of intra-Party regulations and institutions clearly increases. Major advances are to be obtained in the basic formulation of basic and pillar intra-Party regulations in all areas of Party ideology building, organization building, work style building, anti-corruption and pro-honesty building and institution building, and the formulation of basic and pillar intra-Party regulations in the areas of Party leadership and Party work, and basically establish intra-Party regulation institutions, structures and frameworks.

– Timely roll out intra-Party regulations that are urgently needed in practice. Aiming at prominent issues existing in Party building and Party work, and with guaranteeing Party members’ rights, developing intra-Party democracy, reforming appointment systems, strengthening grass-roots organization, moving work style transformation forward, standardizing the exercise of power, strictly enforcing Party discipline and strengthening intra-Party democracy as focus points, grasp the formulation of intra-Party regulations that are urgently needed in practice and that the cadres and the masses fervently expect, strive to provide institutional arrangements for the resolution of hot and difficult issues that cadres and the masses pay broad and close attention to.

– Perfect the structure of intra-Party regulations more. Strengthen the coordinated building of existing intra-Party regulatory institutions, ensure that the implementation rules and regulations of basic and pillar intra-Party regulations are basically complete, that corresponding supplementary special institutions are incessantly perfected, that procedural, safeguard and punishment rules are strengthened, and that the extent of matching, operational nature and practical nature of intra-Party regulations clearly increases.

– Coordinate and unite all intra-Party regulation areas. Establish, complete and effectively operationalize comprehensive planning mechanisms, consideration and examination mechanisms, dynamic clean-up mechanisms, filing and inspection mechanisms, and interpretation and evaluation mechanisms for intra-Party regulation work, mutually link up intra-Party regulations across different areas, different levels and different effects, clearly increase the systematicness, coordination and unity of intra-Party regulations.

3. Basic requirements. To do intra-Party regulation formulation work well, we must abide by the following basic requirements:

– Revolve around the centre, serve the bigger picture. Earnestly implement the Party’s basic theory, basic line, basic programme, basic experiences and basic requirements, consciously serve the general arrangement of the undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, serve the new magnificent project of Party building, guarantee the implementation of the Party’s theory, line, principles and policies institutionally, fully give rein to the important function of intra-Party regulations in stimulating the overall picture of work.

– The Constitution is supreme, the Party Constitution is the basis. Abiding by the constitution, guarantee that intra-Party regulations reflect the spirit and requirements of the Constitution and the law, guarantee that intra-Party regulatory institutions and systems are inherently united with the Socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, guarantee that all levels’ Party organizations and Party members operate within the scope of the Constitution and the law, earnestly implement all intra-Party duties and responsibilities. With the Party Constitution as the basis, move forward intra-Party regulation formulation work according to the basic principles, requirements and tasks determined in the Party Constitution.

– Move forward comprehensively, give prominence to focus points. Focus on building systematic and complete intra-Party regulatory institutions and systems, move forward intra-Party regulation formulation work in a three-dimensional and omnidirectional manner, safeguard the uniformity of intra-Party regulatory institutions and systems. Integrate storage-type tasks with strategic objectives, grasp intra-Party regulation programmes that are central, crucial and that urgently need to be formulated according to the principle of establishing first what is urgently needed, concentrate forces and move forward, strive to gain breakthroughs in important areas and crucial segments.

– Carry forward democracy, formulate [regulations] scientifically. Persist in starting from reality, fully carry forward democracy, investigate and research matters deeply, solicit opinions broadly, abide by the laws of Party institution building, appropriately deal with the relationships between quantity and quality, forward-looking matters and current matters, etc., guarantee that intra-Party regulations are suited to the needs of Party building and Party work, reflect the wishes of the broad party members and cadres, so that they can endure the tests of practice and history.

Reform, innovate and move forward with the times. On the basis of summarizing and absorbing both positive and negative historical experiences, research new situations, resolve new problems summarize new experiences, respect the pioneering spirit of the grass roots, learn from the useful methods of foreign political parties, pay attention to bringing successful experiences from practice and law-type understandings into intra-Party regulations, timely revise intra-Party regulations that are no longer suited to the requirements of practice, ensure that intra-Party regulation building follows the incessant move forward of developments in practice and progress of the times throughout.

– Create strict standards, which are effective and useful. According to the principles of circumscribing the law well and making matters simple and convenient, raise the levels of intra-Party regulation formulation, ensure that they are full and accurate in content, their measures are useful, their logic is rigorous, their formulations are correct, their language is concise, their form is standardized, and that they are focused, guiding and operative.

II, Perfect intra-Party regulations in the areas of Party leadership and Party work, further improve the Party’s leadership methods and governing methods

Revolve around giving rein to the leading core function of the Party in assuming responsibility for the overall picture and coordinating all sides, according to the principle that the Party’s leadership mainly means political, ideological and organizational leadership, grasp the formulation and perfection of intra-Party regulations in the areas of Party leadership and party work, strengthen and perfect Party leadership through the arrangement of scientific and standardized mechanisms, raise the levels of Party scientific governance, democratic governance and governance according to the law.

1. Perfect local Party Committee work structures. Grasp the formulation of the “CCP Local Committee Work Regulations (Trial)”, formulate concrete structures and rules reflecting an integration of collective leadership with individual division of responsibilities, establish and complete power structures and operational mechanisms in which policymaking powers, implementation powers and supervision powers are both mutually restraining and mutually coordinated.

2. Standardize and perfect Party organization work structures. Grasp the formulation of the “CCP Party Organization Work Regulations”, clarify Party organizations’ establishment, duties and responsibilities, as well as work mechanisms, standardize policymaking procedures in Party organizations, further rationalize the relationships between Party organizations and the organ or organization in which they reside, which means supporting the People’s Congresses, governments, consultative conferences, judicial organs, and people’s organizations in launching their work according to the law and the independent responsibilities of the articles of association of each, in a coordinated and consistent manner, support State-owned enterprises and undertaking work units to operate according to the law, and give rein to the leading core function of Party organizations in these organs and organizations, to guarantee that the Party line, principles, policies and policy deployments are implemented.

3. Perfect intra-Party regulations for Party leadership over State rule of law construction. According to the requirements of Party leadership over legislation, its guarantee of law enforcement and its taking the lead in abiding by the law, strengthen Party leadership over rule of law construction, complete institutional and structural mechanisms for Party leadership over rule of law building. Strengthen and perfect Party leadership over legislation work, revise the “CCP Central Committee Some Opinions concerning Strengthening Leadership over State Legislation Work”, standardize work procedures for Party leadership over legislation, to ensure that the Party’s viewpoints become the national will through legal procedures even better. Strengthen and improve Party leadership over law enforcement work, vigorously move judicial structural reform forward, timely research and formulate Party Committee Politico-Legal Committee work regulations, perfect structures and mechanisms to perfect Party leadership over politico-legal work. Perfect structures and rules for Party members and cadres, and especially leading cadres, to take the lead in studying the law, respecting the law, abiding by the law and using the law, drive the entire society in shaping a fine atmosphere in which the rule of law is upheld, laws are respected and matters are handled according to the law.

4. Perfect intra-Party regulations in the ideological work area. Strengthen intra-Party regulation building in the propaganda and ideological work area, strengthen, improve and guarantee the Party’s leadership over ideological work institutionally. Persist in the principle that the Party manages the media, perfect new media and news employee management structures and rules, strengthen management over Internet and other new media, satisfactorily implement public opinion management. Perfect ideological battlefield management regulations and structures, complete management structures for all sorts of academic associations, societies, research associations, and people-run social science research organs, do not provide paths to propagate mistaken thinking trends and standpoints.

5. Perfect intra-Party regulations for work in the area of the United Front. Persist in and perfect multi-Party cooperation and political consultation structures under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, move institution building forward in political consultation, democratic supervision and political participation and discussion. Formulate the “CCP United Front Work Regulations”, perfect structures and mechanisms for the Party to lead United Front work, and stimulate the building of harmonious relationships between parties, between ethnicities, between religions, between strata and between compatriots at home and abroad. Research and perfect institutions and regulations in the area of Socialist consultative democracy, complete consultative democracy work mechanisms, move the development of broad, multi-level and institutionalized consultative democracy forward.

6. Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of mass work. Research the formulation of structures to strengthen and improve the Party’s leadership over labour unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation and other such people’s organizations, bring Party leadership over people’s organizations onto institutionalized and standardized tracks, support that people’s organizations fully give rein to a bridging and linkage function.

7. Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of foreign affairs work. Revise and perfect institutions and regulations related to foreign affairs work, establish and complete foreign affairs work structures and mechanisms, raise the institutionalization and standardization levels of foreign affairs work.

8. Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of military political work. Persist in the basic principle of absolute Party leadership over the Army and the basic purpose of a People’s Army, revise and perfect the “Chinese People’s Liberation Army Political Work Regulations”, the “CCP Military Commission Work Regulations”, and the “CCP Military Branch Work Regulations”, strengthen the Party’s ideological work and organizational work among troops, give rein to the service guarantee function of military political work even better, guarantee that troops are loyal to the Party and loyal to the people from beginning to end.

III, Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of ideology building, provide institutional guarantees for doing theoretical innovation and theoretical arming work well

Focus on educating and guiding the broad Party members and cadres to persist in ideals and convictions, take ideal and conviction building as the basis, Party spirit education as the core, and morality building as the foundation, to expand intra-Party regulatory institutional strength in the area of ideology building, vigorously explore effective channels and methods for theoretical innovation and theoretical arming work, promote the institutionalization and regularization of ideology building work.

1. Perfect Party member and cadre theory study structures. Complete Marxist theoretical research and building work structures and mechanisms, perfect propaganda and dissemination structures for the theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Complete study-type Party organization building structures. Perfect Party Committee (Party organization) central group study structures, leading cadre theory study assessment structures, study and training battlefield building and management structures, study style building structures as well as study and training discipline regulations, strengthen hard restraints, enhance the effects of study. Formulate education work regulations for CCP Party members, revise the “Cadre Education and Training Work Regulations (Trial)”, and raise the focus and effect of education and training.

2. Perfect structures for Party members’ Party spirit education and analysis. In comparison with the provisions of the Party Constitution and the basic requirement of maintaining Party members’ advancedness during a new period, explore the establishment and completion of Party spirit education and analysis mechanisms and rules, to conduct analysis of how Party members persist in principles, implement their duties, give rein to their functions, etc., to strengthen the Party spirit consciousness of Party members. Complete long-term mechanisms for Party members to blaze forward and strive for superiority on the basis of their posts, guide the broad Party members to give rein to their functions as vanguards and models even better, and maintain the purity of Party member teams.

3. Perfect Party member and cadre morality building structures. Aimed at prominent problems existing in the area of morality building among Party members and cadres, and especially leading cadres, clarify moral compasses for Party members and cadres under new circumstances, clarify moral requirements for leading cadres’ engagement in politics, complete morality assessment and evaluation rules, perfect morality building reward and punishment measures, supervise and guide Party members and cadres to be models of Socialist morality, leaders of sincere and honest customs, and the protectors of fairness and justice.

IV, Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of Party organization building, strive to raise the institutionalization levels or organizational work.

Focus on tamping down the organizational basis for Party governance, further perfect intra-Party regulations in the areas of cadre team building, grass-roots organization building, Party member team building, etc., strive to build organizational structures with broad coverage, rational structuring and complete functions, strive to build high-quality governance backbone teams, promote the incessant gain of new progress in bringing organization building onto the tracks of institutionalization.

1. Perfect macro-level cadre management systems. Grasp the formulation of regulations to strengthen macro-level cadre management, strengthen cadre policy norms, clean up regulations published in the localities that are inconsistent with Central policy, strictly prohibit the allocation of cadres above quota, standardize cadres’ job titles, strictly prohibit the unauthorised raising of organizational ranks and cadres’ ranks and remunerations, to prevent the progressive decrease in age at which cadres are appointed to positions.

2. Perfect cadre intra-Party regulations in the area of selection and appointment. Deepen cadre human resource structure reform, revise and perfect the “Party and Government Leading Cadre Selection and Appointment Work Regulations”, persist in and perfect democratic recommendations, perfect inspection content and methods, standardize open selection and competitive appointments, strictly standardize exceptional promotions, perfect position avoidance systems, complete cadre selection and appointment work supervision, inspection and responsibility investigation structures, etc., to effectively restrain unhealthy tendencies in appointments.

3. Perfect leading cadre assessment and evaluation structures. Grasp the formulation of opinions to improve and perfect cadre assessment work, grasp cadre assessment standards, give prominence to morality assessment, improve work achievement assessment, strengthen work style assessment, establish an orientation of giving first place to morality, scientific development and attention to work styles, realistically change the phenomenon that a series of leading cadres one-sidedly pursue gross product, and blindly compare their development speeds.

4. Perfect Party and government leading cadre term of appointment structures. Timely revise the “Provisional Regulations on Party and Government Leading Cadre Appointment Terms”, strictly control that the selection of leading cadres occurs within their terms of appointment, standardize cadre rotation and exchange, avoid that Party and government leading cadres are driven to short-term actions because of their frequency of rotation.

5. Perfect Party and government leading cadre accountability systems. Timely revise the “Provisional Regulations concerning Implementing Party and Government Leading Cadre Accountability”, further clarify accountability situations and standardize accountability forms. Grasp the formulation of strict provisions for the work arrangement of cadres under accountability, straiten resumption conditions, procedures and functional arrangements for cadres under accountability, etc., guarantee that accountability structures are effectively linked up with Party discipline and government discipline punishment, and legal responsibility investigation structures. Perfect organizational punishment structures, expand regulation strength over incompetent and unqualified cadres through methods such as transfer away from posts, dismissal, demotion, etc.

6. Perfect Party grass roots organization work structures. Revise and perfect the “CCP Rural Grass Roots Organization Work Regulations”, grasp the formulation of State-owned enterprise grass-roots organization work regulations, formulate opinions concerning strengthening grass-roots service-type Party organization building, clarify the objectives, requirements, main tasks and guarantee measures for grass-roots service-type Party organization building in all areas, complete Party grass roots organization work structures and systems, promote the institutionalization, regularization and long-termification of serving the masses and doing mass work well.

7. Complete intra-Party regulations in the area of Party member team building. According to the requirements of controlling total quantities, optimizing structures, raising quality and giving rein to functions, perfect and make detailed management institutions to develop Party members and Party member management. Complete mechanisms so that Party members can be appointed and removed, optimize Party member team structures, dredge open the exits of Party member teams, and impose organizational punishment on Party members not meeting requirements timely. Complete Party member democratic discussion structures and intra-Party commendation structures. Perfect mobile Party member education, management and service structures, complete intra-Party incentive, care and assistance mechanisms.

8. Complete intra-Party regulations in the area of Party management over talent. Research and formulate talent work regulations, accelerate the reform of talent development structures and mechanisms, and policy innovation, improve work method for Party management over talent, establish and complete talent fostering, development, evaluation, discovery, selection, appointment, mobility, deployment, incentive, and guarantee mechanisms, promote the shaping of institutional guarantees to encourage the creative vitality of talents and to encourage talents to do pioneering work, concentrate talent from all sides around the undertaking of the Party and the country.

V, Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of Party work style building, provide strong drivers for the promoting work style transformations

With implementing the spirit of the Centre’s Eight Rules as focus point, and aimed at prominent issues of formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, extravagant tendencies, etc. expand intra-Party regulations building strength in the area of work style building, raise the integration, focus and execution strength of corresponding institutions, provide powerful institutional support to moving work style building forward.

1. Perfect institutions for Party members, cadres and especially leading cadres to directly link up to the masses. Integrate this with the development of the Party’s mass line education and practice movement, perfect structures for Party members, cadres and especially leading cadres to directly contact the masses, including structures for leading cadres’ grass roots contact points, investigation and survey systems, regular reception of masses’ visits and visit-making structures, grass-roots office structures, etc., expand and smoothen channels for the masses’ appeals and reactions, perfect structures for the Party and the government to take the lead in safeguarding the masses’ rights and interests, make contacting and serving the masses into an important ask and responsibility of Party members, cadres and especially leading cadres, raise the capacity to do mass work under new circumstances well.

2. Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of Party and government organs practicing strict economy and opposing waste. Clean up all past structures and regulations to oppose and prohibit extravagant and wasteful activities, strengthen the building of institutions and structures to practice strict economy and oppose waste with a spirit of reform and innovation. Formulate regulations for Party and government organs to practice strict economy and oppose waste, persist in restraining phenomena violating regulations, discipline and the law in public expenses and publicly funded consumption.

3. Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of leading cadres’ remuneration. According to the requirements of guaranteeing work and life needs, as well as strictness and simplicity, revise and perfect intra-Party regulations and structures concerning leading cadres’ housing, office premises, cars, personnel allocation, healthcare, vacation and leave, transportation, security protection and other such areas, strictly standardize leading cadres’ work and life remuneration.

4. Perfect structures for work style building, supervision and punishment. Complete work style building, supervision and inspection mechanisms, expand supervision and inspection strength. Bring the situation of work style building into the scope of inspection tour work. Complete work style building punishment mechanisms, clarify the content of liability for violating regulations and discipline, and punishment measures, strictly investigate liability, and urge Party members and cadres to realistically improve their work styles with strict discipline and severe punishment.

VI, Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of Party anti-corruption and pro-honesty building, realistically lock power into a cage of regulations

Revolving around building a clean government, expand education, supervision and punishment strength, make resolving systemic flaws and institutional loopholes into the focus point, accelerate moving forward with building intra-Party regulations in the area of anti-corruption and pro-honesty, raise the systemic nature and scientific nature of institutional arrangement, strive to form punishment mechanisms where corruption is not attempted, prevention mechanisms in which corruption is not possible, and guarantee mechanisms in which corruption is not easy.

1. Complete restraint and supervision systems for the execution of power. Revise the “CCP Intra-Party Supervision Regulations (Trial), further complete supervision mechanisms, expand supervision channels, strengthen supervision strength. Research and formulate rules to strengthen supervision over major leading cadres, realistically expand supervision strength over number one leaders. Revise the “CCP Inspection Tour Work Regulations (Trial)”, fully give rein to the important function of inspection tour work in discovering problems and forming deterrents. Perfect structures for leading cadre work and honesty reporting, warning talks, exhorting chats, written inquiries, interpellation, recall, dismissal, etc. Perfect structures for leading cadres to report relevant personal matters.

2. Perfect intra-Party regulations on corruption prevention. Focus on preventing corruption from the sources, strive to form integrated and effective corruption prevention institution. Strengthen building clean government risk prevention and control mechanisms, and form scientific prevention and control mechanisms with vigorous prevention at the core and strengthening management as the method. Establish and complete structures to prevent conflicts of interest, strengthen education and restraint of leading cadres, their relatives and personnel working on their sides. Establish information sharing mechanisms to prevent corruption, warning mechanisms and clean government indicator systems, fully give rein to the function of modern technological means in preventing corruption.

3. Perfect intra-Party regulations on investigating and handling corruption cases. Integrate existing corresponding structures and regulations, research and formulate the “CCP Discipline Inspection Organ Case Handling Work Regulations”, further perfect case handling procedures, standardize case handling measures, raise case handling quality. Complete network reporting and acceptance mechanisms, online information collection and management mechanisms, timely expose, discover, investigate and prosecute corruption cases.

4. Perfect discipline punishment systems and Party member appeals structures. Revise the “CCP Discipline Punishment Regulations”, on the basis of new circumstances and new situations, supplement punishment details, create detailed corresponding provisions, clarify punishment standards, unify the name of acts violating regulations, raise the standardization levels of disciplinary punishment. Research and formulate the “CCP Discipline Inspection Organ Party Member Punishment Appeal Work Regulations”, clarify the appeals procedures for Party members who do not agree with a disciplinary punishment they are subject to, smoothen channels to receive Party members’ appeals, complete appeals handling mechanisms, realistically guarantee Party members’ right to appeal.

5. Perfect structures to deal with reports and accusations. Perfect procedural provisions to handle reports and accusations concerning Party organizations, Party members and cadres, clarify the scope and methods of accepting reports and accusations, straiten handling procedures, provide clear definitions for erroneous reports, mistaken reports and false reports, strictly investigate and punish acts of accusation out of retaliation, protect the lawful rights and interests of the reporting or accusing person institutionally.

6. Perfect discipline inspection systems and mechanisms. Further clarify the organic structure, functions, tasks and work rules of discipline inspection committees. Perfect uniform management structures for discipline inspection staff being posted in organs, complete management systems and work mechanisms, to give rein to the supervising function of posted staff in organs concerning their leadership ranks and members. Perfect discipline inspection work rules for State-owned enterprises and undertaking work units.

VII, Perfect intra-Party regulations in the area of building the Party’s democratic centralism system, accelerate the building of intra-Party democracy institutions and systems

According to the requirements of the Party Constitution and the “Some Norms concerning Intra-Party Political Life”, grasp building and completing concrete structures for the democratic centralism system, strive to build institutions and systems for intra-Party democracy, realistically promote the concretization and proceduralization of democratic centralism, truly implement the major principles of democratic centralism in a satisfactory manner. Strengthen Party discipline building, further clarify Party discipline regulations, safeguard the Party’s centralization and unity.

1. Complete structures to guarantee Party members’ rights. With implementing Party members’ right to know, right to participate, right to elect and right to supervise as focus points, revise and perfect the “CCP Party Members’ Rights Guarantee Regulations”, make guarantee measures more detailed, clarify guarantee procedures, further raise the extent of Party members’ participation in intra-Party affairs, strengthen responsibility investigation of acts infringing upon Party members’ rights, give rein to the core function of Party members in intra-Party life better.

2. Perfect the Party’s Congress system. Deepen permanent county (city, region) Party Congress appointment trials, implement annual Party representative conference systems in small towns. Implement and perfect Party Congress representatives’ term of office systems, formulate implementation rules for structures on motions by Party Congress representatives, to provide institutional guarantees for Party Congress representatives to implement their duties and responsibilities.

3. Perfect intra-Party election structures. Adopt to the new circumstances of Party building and the need to develop intra-Party democracy, summarize and absorb good experiences and methods created in recent years by all local levels’ Party Committees and grass-roots Party organizations in election work, revise and perfect the “CCP Local Organization Election Work Regulations” and the “Provisional CCP Grass-Roots Organization Election Work Regulations”, further perfect intra-Party election rules, straiten election procedures, clarify election discipline, improve candidate nomination methods, standardize the scope and proportion of differential nominations and multi-candidate elections, expand the channels for Party members to participate in the recommendation of candidates, shape procedures and environments that fully reflect the wills of voters.

4. Perfect Party Committee deliberation and policymaking structures. Research the formulation of local Party Committee policymaking procedures and regulations, make investigation and research, soliciting opinions, legal inquiries and collective discussion and decision into procedures, perfect major cadre voting structures for local Party Committees to discuss and decide major issues and appointments, raise the levels of scientific policymaking, democratic policymaking and policymaking according to the law by Party Committees. Complete working committees’ work systems and mechanisms, make regulations for the establishment, duties and work structures of working committees.

5. Perfect structures for democratic life meetings for Party members and leading cadres. Focus on strict intra-Party life, summarize and attract experiences and methods  from the Party’s mass line education and practice movement’s special democratic life meeting, grasp the revision of the “Some Regulations concerning County-Level and Higher Party and State Organ Party Members’ and Leading Cadres’ Democratic Life Meetings”, use the weapons of criticism and self-criticism well, strengthen the political nature, principle nature and militant nature of intra-Party life, strengthen intra-Party supervision and leadership ranks’ ideological and work style building, realistically raise their ability to rely on their own strengthen to resolve contradictions and problems.

6. Perfect intra-Party grass-roots democracy structures. Research and formulate the “CCP Party Affairs Openness Regulations”, complete reporting structures on intra-Party matters, strengthen the transparency of intra-Party life. Broaden intra-Party grass-roots democracy, establish and complete intra-Party affairs hearing and consultation structures, perfect structures for Party members to regularly discuss and evaluate grass-roots Party organization leadership ranks, establish and complete structures for Party members to sit in on grass roots Party Committee meetings, Party Congress representatives to attend  relevant Party Committee meetings at the same level, etc.

7. Perfect political discipline regulations. Focus on strengthening Party discipline construction, further strengthen political discipline demands on Party members and cadres, perfect supervision mechanisms and punishment mechanisms, strictly investigate and prosecute activities violating political discipline, persist in safeguarding the authority of the Centre.

8. Perfect Party Committee supervision and inspection work systems. Respect and formulate the “Party Committee Supervision and Inspection Work Regulations”, perfect Party Committee supervision and inspection work leadership systems and work mechanisms, further clarify supervision and inspection work duties, standardize supervision and inspection work procedures, strengthen supervision and inspection work results, promote the implementation of major policy decisions by all levels’ Party Committees, including the Centre and the localities, guarantee the smooth implementation of government decrees, persist in rectifying the phenomenon that decrees are not implemented or prohibitions are not executes.

VIII, Raise the formulation quality and implementation strength of intra-Party regulations

1. Raise the formulation quality of intra-Party regulations. Earnestly implement formulation procedures, strictly do planning and programming work, drafting organization work, preliminary examination work, deliberation and approval work, verification and signature work, publishing and promulgation work and work in other such segments well, strictly according to the relevant provisions of the “CCP Intra-Party Regulation Formulation Regulations”. We must persist in marching the path of the masses, going deeply into reality and into the grass roots to conduct surveys, fully hear opinions from all sides, realistically ensure that wisdom is pooled. We must strengthen preliminary examination, important intra-Party regulations shall only be submitted for deliberation and approval after undergoing preliminary examination by intra-Party regulation work organs, to guarantee that problems in intra-Party regulation drafts are discovered and eliminated timely. Do intra-Party regulation interpretation work well, guarantee that the intent of formulating intra-Party regulations and the meaning of articles are correctly interpreted. Perfect intra-Party regulation filing structures, to safeguard the coordination and unity of intra-Party regulation structures. Complete clean-up work mechanisms, timely resolve the problems that intra-Party regulation systems are not suited to each other, not coordinated, not linked and not consistent.

2. Expand intra-Party regulation propaganda strength. According to requirements of openness in principle and non-openness in exceptions, ensure that work is done to timely open up intra-Party regulations. All matters that can be opened up are not to be kept secret, all secrets matters that can be opened up must be timely opened up, and when they are opened up, corresponding propaganda work must be done. Perfect propaganda and education mechanisms, bring intra-Party regulations into Party School and Cadre Academy training materials, guide Party members and leading cadres in handing affairs according to regulations, using power according to regulations and govern according to regulations. establish and complete regular intra-Party regulation compilation structures, generally, intra-Party regulations that are promulgated are to be compiled once every five years, and are to be openly published after implementing declassification procedures, so that they are implemented and respected.

3. Complete intra-Party regulation implementation structures. Persist in the fact that regulations must be followed where they exist, enforcement of regulations must be strict and those breaking regulations must be punished, expand intra-Party regulation implementation strength, ensure that hard restraints are strictly observed, realistically ensure that everyone is equal in the face of regulatory structures, that there are no privileges in abiding by regulatory structures, that there are no exceptions in implementing regulatory structures, persist in preventing the emergence of “broken window effects”, realistically strengthen the strictness and authority of regulatory systems. Complete supervision and inspection structures, clarify the departments responsible for supervising implementation, perfect supervision and examination methods, expand supervision and examination strength. Perfect punishment and responsibility investigation mechanisms, clarify the punitive provisions when implementing intra-Party regulations, regularly circulate reports on the implementation situation of intra-Party regulations and the situation of investigation and prosecution of acts violating regulations. Vigorously launch intra-Party regulation post-implementation evaluation work, and timely revise and perfect corresponding intra-Party regulations on the basis of the situation of feedback and evaluation.

IX, Grasping organization and implementation

1. Strengthening organizational leadership. The Central Committee Secretariat must earnestly implement intra-Party regulation building planning and coordination work, grasp the breakdown of tasks, well, draw up annual plans, coordinate the implementation of all tasks listed in this planning outline. The Central Discipline Inspection Committee and relevant Central departments that are responsible for the drafting of intra-Party regulations bear an important responsibility with regard to implementing the formulation tasks in this planning outline, they must realistically strengthen organizational leadership and formulate implementation plans. Main responsible comrades must make personal inquiries, relevant responsible comrades must strengthen coordination, and regulatory work organs must strive to grasp implementation.

2. Fully give rein to the function of intra-Party regulation work organs. All relevant departments and all localities must grasp the establishment and completion of intra-Party regulation work organs, assist in the resolution of real difficulties in areas such as team strength, facility conditions, work development, etc., and fully give rein to the advisory and assistance function of intra-Party regulation work units in serving the Party’s institution building and the Party governing according to the law. It is necessary to create conditions for intra-Party regulation work organs’ responsible persons to attend important Party Committee meetings at their levels as non-voting delegates, and especially those meetings that discuss regulatory document. It is necessary to bring intra-Party regulation work expenses into financial budgets of the government at that level, in order to provide guarantees for the conduct of intra-Party regulation work.

3. Strengthen supervision and guidance. The Central Committee Secretariat must strengthen follow-up analysis of the implementation situation if this planning outline, maintain close communication and contact with the programme drafting work units, timely grasp the situation of the progress of drafting work, assist in the resolution of important problems touched upon in drafting work, and supervise the completion of drafting tasks. All work units taking the lead in drafting work must submit reports on the situation of progress in drafting work at the end of every year, the Central Committee Secretariat will gather these and report them to the Centre. The Central Committee Secretariat will circulate notifications on the situation of progress in implementing this planning outline in a suitable manner every year.

The focus formulation programmes determined in this planning outline are the prepared arrangement for intra-Party regulation formulation work in the next five years. In the process of implementation, formulation manners may be increased, adjusted or perfected timely, on the basis of the development of the Party’s undertaking and the real demands of Party building and Party work, and in relation to new situations and new questions that are encountered.

All relevant departments and all localities may, on the basis of the spirit of this planning outline, and in integration with their own reality, compile five-year intra-Party regulation formulation work plans for their own locality or their own systems. The Central Military Committee and its General Political Department may, according to the spirit of this planning outline, compile five-year plans for intra-Party regulation formulation work in the military.














































































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