Announcement concerning Launching a Special Campaign to Attack Online Obscenity and Sexual Information

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At present, online obscenity and sexual information has not been stopped despite repeated bans, and has not been eliminated despite repeated bans, this gravely harms the physical and mental health of minors and gravely harms the social atmosphere, all walks of society deeply abhor this, and the popular masses’ calls demanding strict punishment have grown strong. In order to strictly attack the use of the Internet to produce and disseminate obscenity and sexual information, the National “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” Work Group Office, the State Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Public Security have decided to launch a “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality – Clean Web 2014” campaign for a united attack on online obscenity and sexual information on a nationwide level. Hereby, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

I, Comprehensively clean up online obscenity and sexual information. All localities and all relevant departments are to conduct a complete and thorough clean-up of Internet sites, search engines, application software stores and other such Internet information service providers and online television dongles, set-top boxes and other such equipment. All writing, images, videos, advertising and other information containing obscenity and sexual content, must be deleted without exception.

II, Punish enterprises and individuals producing and disseminating obscenity and sexual information according to the law. Firmly order the cessation of business for rectification or closure of websites, channels and columns with grave problems of producing and disseminating obscenity and sexual information, and cancel corresponding administrative permits according to laws and regulations. Illegal websites must, without exception, be closed or their online connection qualifications must be cancelled. On the basis of the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate Judicial Interpretation concerning Some Questions of Concrete Applicable Law in Criminal Cases of Dissemination of Obscene Electronic Information on the Internet, and other such laws and regulations, where the production, reproduction, publication, sale or dissemination of electronic information is suspected to constitute a crime, criminal liability will be pursued according to the law. The operators of telecommunications operation services, network access services, advertising services and fee-collection services providing conditions for the dissemination of obscenity and sexual information will be subject to corresponding criminal and administrative liability. From the date of promulgation of this Announcement onwards, where obscenity and sexual information is produced and disseminated, it will be strictly punished according to relevant laws and regulations.

III, Strictly implement the central responsibility of Internet enterprises. Internet sites, basic telecommunications operation enterprises and network access service providers must immediately launch a self-inspection and self-correction, actively clean up online obscene and sexual information and links, and strictly implement management rules on information security, perfect content inspection and gatekeeping systems and research and develop technological measures to prevent the dissemination of obscenity and sexual information, they may not provide communication conditions and channels for obscenity and sexual information.

IV, Strictly pursue neglect of duties and responsibilities. According to corresponding management systems, where negligence in supervision and management results in the production and dissemination of obscenity and sexual information, creating a vile influence on society, the responsible persons from the relevant sectoral supervision and management department, administrative licensing, examination and approval department or filing department will be prosecuted for neglect of duties and responsibilities strictly according to the law and according to discipline. Where basic telecommunications operations enterprises and Internet information service enterprises violate laws or regulations, the liability of the statutory representative or personnel in charge will be investigated.

V, Welcome complaints and reports from the masses. According to relevant report reward rules, give rewards to informants, and protect the personal information and security of informants according to the law. The Nationwide “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” Work Group Office Reporting Centre’s reporting URL is, reporting telephone lines are 12390 and 010-65212870 and 65212787; the Internet Unlawful and Harmful Information Reporting Centre reporting URL is, its reporting telephone line is 12377, and its reporting mailbox is; the 12321 Online Harmful and Spam Information Reporting Reception Centre’s reporting URL is, its reporting telephone number is 010-12321, its reporting mailbox is; the URL of the website to report online law-breaking and crime is

It is hereby notified.

Nationwide “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” Work Group Office, State Internet Information Office, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security









全国“扫黄打非”工作小组办公室 国家互联网信息办公室 工业和信息化部 公安部

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