Liu Qibao: Expand Strength to Move Cultural Structural Reform Forward

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This speech of Propaganda Department director Liu Qibao was published first by Xinhua, on 28 March 2014.

The Speech of Liu Qibao, who is the head of the Central Leading Group for Cultural Structural Reform and Development Work, a member of the CCP Politburo and the director of the Central Propaganda Department brimmed with a sense of urgency. He said that the Central Leading Group for Cultural and Structural Reform and Development Work deliberated and passed the “Plan for Deepening Cultural Structural Reform” not long ago, and put forward that the struggle objective for reform is to establish structures and mechanisms that are full of vitality, rich in efficiency and benefit the flourishing and development of culture by 2020, to ensure that the Socialist culture system with Chinese characteristics becomes more mature and more finalized. 2020 is seven years away from now, there is little time, and tasks are grave.

Liu Qibao said this at the meeting of the National Work Conference for Cultural Structural Reform convened on 24 and 25 March. At the Conference, Liu Qibao elaborated on a series of new thoughts, new viewpoints and new requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping concerning cultural reform and developments. He said that a new round of reform waves had started, and that it was urgently necessary to accelerate the pace of cultural reform and development, promote the coordinated progress of reform of cultural structures and various other areas, and push out ever more and better cultural products.

Liu Qibao pointed out that in the past few years, major advances and clear achievements have been obtained in cultural structural reform, following the incessant deepening of reform, many profound contradictions and problems have manifested themselves; the structures of some cultural work units have been reformed, but operational mechanisms have not been satisfactorily reformed yet, they have not truly become qualified market subjects, this requires that the establishment of modern enterprise systems must be advanced, and legal person governance structures are perfected; after some cultural enterprises have entered the market, they found it difficult to exist and develop by only relying on their own strength, which requires the exploration and establishment of the necessary support mechanisms, and the strengthening of cultural enterprises’ own “hematopoietic” functions and development objectives; the level of interconnectedness of reform in some areas is high, it is difficult to push it forward individually, this requires that cultural structural reform and reform in various other areas must be comprehensively planned, that all areas, all levels and all factors of cultural structural reform must be comprehensively planned, and that the systemicness, integratedness and coordinatedness of reform is guaranteed.

Liu Qibao said that cultural structural reform only has a progressive tense, no perfect tense, we are still on the road, the tasks are heavy and the way is long.

The 3rd Plenum of the 18th Party Congress put forward requirements concerning cultural structural reform, for which Liu Qibao provided deployments one by one.

Concerning the perfection of management structures for State-owned management structures, the establishment of management organs for Party Committees and the government to supervise and manage State-owned cultural resources, and promoting the unity of implementing personnel management, management of affairs, management of resources and management of orientations, Liu Qibao said that this is a difficult point, but however difficult it may be, it must be firmly and unwaveringly pushed ahead.

Exploring the implementation of special management and shareholding structures is a major reform measure aimed at already-transformed State-owned media enterprises, the objective is to maintain management power over media enterprises during shareholding system reform from beginning to end. Liu Qibao required that we must grasp the research and formulation of corresponding regulations, clarify the scope of application, subjects of implementation and supplementary mechanisms, persist in preliminary trials, accumulation of experiences and gradual pushing ahead.

The 3rd Plenum of the 18th Party Conference put forward that we must complete structures and mechanisms to persist in the correct public opinion orientation, Liu Qibao pointed out that it is necessary to aim at new network technologies and applications, vigorously move the integration of newspapers and the network, and [radio and television] stations and the network forward, shape organizational structures, management systems and dissemination systems for integrated development, promote the development of all media, and ensure that traditional media and new media continue to be mainstream media after they are scientifically integrated.

When discussing paying attention to and developing folk and ethnic culture, and striving to establish inheritance structures for excellent traditional culture, Liu Qibao said that, under the great trend of globalization, ethnic and native cultural traditions have an important and irreplaceable, reproductive value, and at the same time face the danger that they are marginalized, replaced, decline or even perish. He passionately said that: “We must keep our homes, and remember our hearths.” He demanded a strengthening of protection for and development of folk culture, the inheritance of unique styles and forms, endowing them with new cultural content, and ensure that excellent folk culture becomes enlivened and is handed on. It is necessary to integrate new urbanization and the construction of a new countryside, with forcefully developing beautiful cities, towns and villages that have a historical memory and regional ethnic characteristics.

Liu Qibao stressed that deployment is ten percent, implementation is ninety percent. We must make implementation into the focus point of moving cultural structural reform work forward, strengthen organizational leadership and work leadership, and closely grasp the correct orientation of cultural structural reform, ensuring our hooves are quick and our pace steady. Member work units of the Small Group for Cultural Structural Reform must, as quickly as possible, research tasks and ledgers for reform in their areas, and strongly move reform tasks in all areas forward.

新华网北京3月28日电 作为中央文化体制改革和发展工作领导小组组长,中共中央政治局委员、中宣部部长刘奇葆的讲话充满了紧迫感。他说,中央全面深化改革领导小组不久前审议通过了《深化文化体制改革方案》,提出改革的奋斗目标是,到2020年建立充满活力、富有效率、有利于文化繁荣发展的体制机制,使中国特色社会主义文化制度更加成熟更加定型。现在距离2020年只剩下7年,时间很紧,任务很重。


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