Ma Kai’s Speech at the World Internet Conference

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Ladies, gentlemen, friends:

Hello, everyone! Welcome to this thousand year-old town, with a long history and a gathering of talents, to together attend the first World Internet Conference. Here, I express warm congratulations on the convention of the Conference! And I express a sincere welcome to the honoured guests who have travelled from afar.

The Internet is one of the most important technological inventions of the 20th Century, and will profoundly influence humankind’s social and civilizational progress. As General Xi Jinping pointed out: “In the present world, a new round of scientific and technological revolution with information technology at the core is being fostered into life, the Internet is becoming more of a leading force for innovation driving development every day, it deeply changed people’s ways of production and life, and powerfully promotes social development” At present, the number of netizens in the world has reached 3 billion, a dissemination rate of 40%, network interconnection and information interflow has been realized on a global scale, and the world has truly become a global village. With “An Interconnected World, Shared and Governed by All” as its theme, it responds to the concerns of international society, and has an extremely important significance in promoting the balanced, secure and sustainable development of the global internet, giving better rein to the important role of the Internet in global economic and social development, stimulating the shared enjoyment of the fruits of Internet development by the people of all nations, and enhancing the prosperity of humankind.

Ladies, gentlemen: The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of the Internet. Twenty years ago, China fully accessed the complete functions of the Internet, opening up a new era of interconnection and interflow with the world. In these 20 years, China has vigorously merged into the great wave of global Internet development, innovated Chinese practices to move Internet development forward, formulated national informatization development plans, implemented the “broadband China” strategy, and arranged the development of third-generation and fourth-generation mobile telecommunications, it rolled out “three-network integration” in the entire country, vigorously developed the Internet of things, big data, and cloud computing, and accelerated the promotion of e-commerce, e-government, smart cities and other such Internet applications, greatly stimulating information consumption, etc. Through twenty years of efforts, China has now become the county with the largest netizen population in the entire world, the largest worldwide production base of electronic products, and the most mature information construction market in the world. The TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE standards proposed by China have respectively become third-generation and fourth-generation mainstream technological standards for international mobile telecommunications; broadband networks cover the entire country, and there are now 640 million Internet users, 530 million mobile broadband users, and the number of mobile phone users is about 1.3 billion; the market value of publicly-traded Internet companies is higher then 39,5 trillion Yuan, and four companies, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and have entered into the list of the ten strongest global Internet companies; information consumption is rapidly growing, amounting to 1,9 trillion Yuan in the first three quarters of this year, or 18% in relative terms. China’s Internet is developing formidably, greatly stimulating economic development, social perfection and improvement in the livelihood of the population, extending to China’s 1.3 billion people.

In the present and future period, China will be in a crucial period to comprehensively construct a moderately prosperous society and realize the “Two Centuries” struggle objective. In this period, the Internet must have an even greater role. China’s government will respect the principles of positive use, scientific development, management according to the law, and protection for security, accelerate the construction of next-generation national information network infrastructure, strengthen innovation of information and telecommunications technology, promote the profound convergence of the Internet with the economy and society, strengthen Internet governance according to the law, and fully give rein to the important role of the Internet in stimulating sustained and healthy economic development. We will better use the Internet to transform and upgrade traditional industries, foster and develop new industries and new business models, promote economic upgrading, synergy and improvements, and march towards middle and high-end levels. We will better use the Internet to stimulate technological exchange and cooperation, raise scientific and technological innovation capacities, and promote the realization of innovation spurring development. We will better use the Internet to accelerate the construction of e-government services, stimulate the openness of government information, strengthen supervision over government, and enhance administrative efficiency and capacity. We will better use the Internet to strengthen the dissemination of excellent culture, strengthen the overall strength of the cultural industries, and effectively satisfy the people’s various spiritual and cultural demands. We will even better use the Internet to strengthen and improve education, healthcare, traffic, sanitation and other such public services, provide convenience to people’s lives, and realistically guarantee and improve the people’s livelihoods.

Ladies, gentlemen: The development of the Internet faces both rare historical opportunities, and quite a few risks and challenges. Building, using and managing the Internet well relates to national sovereignty, dignity and development interests, it relates to international security and social stability, it relates to the flourishing and development of the global economy, it is urgently necessary for international society to jointly take up their responsibilities, jointly respond to challenges, strive for common governance, and realize common gains. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his words of congratulations to this Conference that: “China is willing to join hands with all countries in the world, in line with the principles of mutual respect and mutual trust, to deepen international cooperation, respect network sovereignty, safeguard cybersecurity, jointly build a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace, establish a multilateral, democratic and transparent international Internet governance system.” To this end, I raise the following four proposals:

First, promoting the interconnection and interflow of Internet infrastructure. Network infrastructure is the bedrock of Internet development. To strengthen exchange and cooperation in the area of the Internet, we must promote the interconnection and interflow of basic infrastructure. The Chinese side is willing to strengthen cooperation with the entire world, accelerate the pace of construction of network infrastructure and telecommunications infrastructure, forcefully upgrade broadband levels, promote the research, development and spread of a new generation of mobile telecommunications technologies, and erect an information highway connecting the world. At present, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Silk Road Fund are vigorously planning, and the construction of network infrastructure will also become a focus area for investment.

Second, stimulating the flourishing and development of the Internet economy. At present, the network economy has become one of the areas of the global economy that develops most rapidly, has the greatest potential, where cooperation is most dynamic. China is willing to, together with international society, formulate and perfect norms for trade in cyberspace, strengthen the effective linkage of laws and policies, launch cross-border e-commerce cooperation, raise the levels of convenience in customs clearance, logistics, etc., oppose trade protectionism, shape a global online market, and promote the flourishing and development of the global network economy.

Third, strengthen Internet technology cooperation and sharing. Technological innovation is a fundamental driver of network development, Internet cooperation is an important basis for technological innovation. We hope that all countries in the world grasp the historical opportunity of a new round of technological revolution, strengthen technological cooperation in network telecommunications, mobile Internet, cloud computing, the Internet of things, big data and other such areas, jointly resolve development difficulties in Internet technology, and jointly promote the development of new industries and new business models. The crux for Internet technology breakthroughs is to rely on talent. We are willing to launch broad talent exchange with all countries, and jointly foster top-notch innovative network talents. China will vigorously create a fine environment for foreign talents to innovate and start up businesses, we warmly welcome foreign network experts and excellent talents to come to China for exchange and cooperation, start-up businesses and development.

Fourth, realizing powerful guarantees for Internet security. The Internet is a double-edged sword, if it is used well, it is the treasure of Ali Baba; if it is not used well, it is Pandora’s box. Cybersecurity is a common challenge that human society faces, effectively responding to it is the common responsibility of all countries’ governments. All countries worldwide should strengthen cooperation, fully reflect the different concerns of various countries concerning cybersecurity, attack cybercrime according to the law, strongly attack acts of cyber terrorism, joint forces to attack cyber attacks and violations of privacy, jointly safeguard online sovereignty security, data security, technology security and application security, and let the Internet become a safe web and a care-free web.

Ladies, gentlemen! Take a look into the future, the great changes, great developments and great convergence of the global Internet has become an irreversible historical tide. Let us join hands, incessantly deepen exchange and cooperation, let the Internet enrich all of human kind even better, and let the world become ever more beautiful. Lastly, I wish the Conference is crowned with complete success! Thank you, everyone!


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