Liu Yunshan: Safeguard Cybersecurity, Build a Strong Network Country

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Liu Yunshan’s full speech has not been published. The following is a translation of Xinhua’s summary.

The first National Cybersecurity Propaganda Week’s opening ceremony took place in Beijing on 24 November. CCP Politburo Standing Committee member, Secretary of the Central Committee Secretariat and Vice-Director of the Central Cybersecurity and Informatization Leading Group Liu Yunshan gave a speech at the opening ceremony, and participated in the public experience exhibition for cybersecurity. He pointed out that everyone shares online information, that everyone has responsible for online information, it is necessary to incessantly strengthen the entire population’s consciousness about cybersecurity, realistically strengthen cybersecurity, strive to move the legalization of cyberspace forward, and provide powerful guarantees to build a strong cyber country.

Liu Yunshan said that the interactivity of the Internet has provided strong drivers for our country’s economic development and has infused huge vitality into social progress. Ever more people obtain information, learn and interact, buy products and find entertainment, create and set up businesses, through the Internet, and going online, using the network and interacting online have become the state of life for many people. At the same time as fully enjoying all the convenience that the Internet has brought, we must also be soberly be aware that cyber attacks, online fraud and online infringement of rights occur regularly, online pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, terror as well as online rumours and other such harmful information cannot be stopped despite repeated bans, which gravely harms national security and harms the peoples’ interests. Safeguarding cybersecurity, standardizing the online order, cleaning up the online environment have become the common call of the broad masses.

Liu Yunshan pointed out that cybersecurity and network development complement each other, without safety dams, the network cannot develop healthily and in a sustained manner. Safeguarding cybersecurity according to the law is an important content of moving governing the country according to the law forward. We must further perfect laws and regulations for Internet construction and management, strive to complete a national cybersecurity protection system, firmly attack online unlawful and criminal activities, and realistically strengthen the initiative and effectiveness of cybersecurity work. We must vigorously participate in international dialogue and cooperation concerning the Internet, stimulate the resolution of prominent problems faced in cybersecurity, jointly build a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace, promote the establishment of a multilateral, democratic and transparent international Internet governance system, guarantee that online information is circulated freely, circulated safely and circulated orderly, even better safeguard the security of the national cyberspace and development interests, and safeguard the popular masses’ lawful rights and interests concerning online information.

Liu Yunshan stressed that safeguarding cybersecurity means safeguarding the security of every netizen and every citizen personally, the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Propaganda Week conforms with the expectations of society, and promotes the creation of a beneficial environment of jointly building cybersecurity and sharing the online civilization. We must forcefully propagate policies and regulations for the construction and management of the Internet, propagate behavioural norms to go online and use the network, guide the people to strengthen their sense of the rule of law, ensure the network is run according to the law and used according to the law. We must forcefully disseminate common cybersecurity knowledge, help people to grasp the skills and methods to safeguard their cybersecurity, and increase their ability to resist and prevent harmful information online. We must forcefully propose a positive, healthy and upward online culture, carry forward the Socialist core value system, strengthen netizens’ morality and self-discipline, and let the network send out ever more good voices, disseminate positive energy, and ensure that cyberspace becomes truly clear and crisp.

Ma Kai, Liu Qibao and Guo Shengkun were also in attendance.



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