Beijing Municipality Self-Discipline Convention on Internet Application Programmes and Public Information Services

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This convention was announced on 26 November 2014. According to Xinhua, it was signed by over 50 websites, including Sina, Netease and Sohu. In the Xinhua report, the names of companies such as Baidu and Tencent are conspicuously absent. I have not been able to verify whether they have signed this document or not. 

Following the swift development of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet application programmes (hereafter named apps) have been applied increasingly broadly in areas such as information publication, commercial marketing, social interaction, etc., and their influence in areas such as cultural dissemination, economic growth and social development is growing increasingly large. At the same time, a number of unlawful and harmful phenomena have appeared, such as the use of apps to publish false information, disseminate online rumours, infringe users’ privacy, conduct illegal trading, disseminate obscene and vulgar information, etc., this gravely harms the lawful rights and interests of consumers, and gravely disorders the Internet information dissemination order. In order to standardize and guide apps and public information service activities, promote the healthy and orderly development of the app sector, and stimulate social harmony and national development, this Convention is formulated.

I, Take the lead in persisting in running the web according to the law. Persist in implementing the spirit of the 4th Plenum of the 18th Party Congress, take the lead in abiding by State laws and regulations and all policies and principles, take the lead in promoting surfing according to the law, take the lead in safeguarding the online rule of law order, make concerted efforts to jointly create a civilized, healthy and rule of law cyberspace.

II, Realistically safeguard cybersecurity. Incessantly raise technological innovation capabilities, complete management systems, perfect guarantee measures, promote real identity information authentication, guarantee technological security, platform security, information security and application security, and promote the safe and orderly circulation of online information.

III, Vigorously transmit positive energy. Persist in using advanced technology to communicate advanced culture, forcefully carry forward the Socialist core value system, carry forward China’s excellent traditional culture, persist in the correct public opinion orientation, energize online civilized tendencies, advocate the good, the true and the beautiful, oppose the bad, the false and the ugly, and guide and promote society’s healthy development.

IV, Persist in resisting unlawful and harmful information. Respect the “seven baseline”, implement dominant responsibilities, and strengthen content inspection. Promise to and request users to not use apps to produce, reproduce, publish or disseminate information that violates laws or regulations, or is harmful, do not provide dissemination space for any kind of harmful information.

V, Fully protect users’ lawful rights and interests. Respect users’ right to autonomously choose to download and install apps, respect users’ rights to autonomously choose service content and service methods, respect users’ right to know and their personal dignity, protect users’ personal information and their lawful rights and interests.

VI: Jointly safeguard an environment of fair competition. Persist in doing business according to the law, advocate fair competition, firmly resist infringing and piracy activities, firmly oppose acts of unfair competition, raise service quality, enhance the sector’s image and realize common development and common flourishing through strengthening communication and cooperation.

VII, Dare to bear social responsibilities. Persist in putting social effect above economic effect, treat the enterprise’s image as the life of the enterprise, strengthen sectoral self-regulation, promote the construction of honesty, consciously accept social supervision. Through serving netizens and society even better and in an even more convenient manner, implement social responsibility, display social values, and strive to become loyal upholders of the social interest and positive promoters of national development.

The Capital Internet Society is responsible for supervising the implementation of this Convention by its signatories, and on the basis of this Convention, evaluates the signatories of this Convention through the Capital Internet Society Network Information Technology Security Specialist Committee, violators will be subject to a warning, sectoral censure, listing on a blacklist, media exposure and prohibition from entering the sector, according to the circumstances.

This Convention takes effect forthwith, all walks of society are requested to supervise the matter.


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