Guiding Opinions concerning Promoting the Healthy Development of Online Literature

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Notice concerning Printing and Issuance of the “Guiding Opinions concerning Promoting the Healthy Development of Online Literature”

All provincial, autonomous and municipal press, publications, radio, film and television bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Press and Publications Bureau, the Liberation Army General Political Department Propaganda Department Press and Publications Bureau, all Centre and State organs’ ministries and commissions, all democratic parties, all people’s organizations’ press, publications, radio and television controlling departments, the China Publishing Group Co., relevant Internet publishing bodies:

In order to implement the deployments of the 18th Party Congress and the 3rd and 4th Plenums of the 18th Party congress, earnestly implement the spirit of the important speech that General Secretary Xi Jinping grave at the Literature and Art Work Conference, and promote the healthy and orderly development of online literature, the “Guiding Opinions concerning Promoting the Healthy Development of Online Literature” are hereby issued to you, please implement them earnestly. All localities and all relevant departments must fully understand the important significance of stimulating the healthy development of online literature, strengthen organizational leadership, adopt forceful measures, firmly move work forward in all areas, incessantly guide online literature to practice the Socialist core value system, carry forward the true, the good and the beautiful, and disseminate positive energy.

State Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television

18 December 2014.

Guiding Opinions concerning Promoting the Healthy Development of Online Literature

Online literature is a new form of creating and disseminating literary works that relies on the Internet, it is characterized by rich content, varied forms, multiple themes, broad dissemination, convenient consumption, etc. In recent years, online literature has developed rapidly, and it has become an important component part of our country’s digital publishing industry, and an important category of online literature and art, the broad audiences, many literature lovers and youths love it. At the same time, we must consider that at present, prominent problems still exist in online literature, such as high quantity and low quality, that there are “high plains” but there is a lack of “peaks”, there is plagiarism and imitation, content is duplicate, there is mechanized production, fast food-style consumption as well as one-sided pursuit of market effect, infringement and piracy cannot be stopped despite repeated bans, some market subjects are good and others bad, management norms are not complete, and market supervision is not perfect.

Promote the healthy and orderly development of online literature is important to let literary creation flourish, guide literary and artistic innovation, improve the quality and service levels of digital publication products, foster new growth points in the publishing industry, enrich online content construction, stimulate the nation’s cultural creative vitality, satisfy the popular masses’ spiritual culture needs and strengthen national cultural soft power. Hereby, the following guiding opinions on the healthy development of online literature are put forward.

I, Guiding ideology, basic principles and development objectives

(1) Guiding ideology. Persist in the basic orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism, hold high the banner of the Socialist core value system, pursue the true, the good and the beautiful, disseminate positive energy; closely follow the developments of the times, grasp the people’s demands, make the Chinese Dream into the dominant theme of the times, make patriotism into the main melody, make the country’s spirit into a soul, make China’s excellent traditional culture into a basis, make the creation and production of excellent works into a central link throughout, push out ever more excellent works that the people love to see and hear, and ensure that the masses’ spiritual and cultural lives are ever richer, positive and upward.

(2) Basic principles. Persist in the principles of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend, advocate the full development of genres, themes, forms and methods; put social effect and social values first, realize the integration of social effect with economic effect, social values and market values; persist in equally stressing the deepening of reform and stimulating development, combine standardized management with support and guidance, create a lively situation in which excellent works and masterpieces gush forth incessantly, and where excellent talents come to the fore; accelerate scientific and technological innovation and the application of their results, take the excellent works strategy, the brand strategy and focus programmes as drivers, arouse creative enthusiasm in all segments of the online literature industry chain, build and industrial structure with mutually supporting advantages, benign competition and orderly development.

(3) Development objectives. Use three to five years of time, ensure that creative leadership is ever more healthy, creative quality is clearly improved, successively produce a batch of originally-created excellent online literature products with profound ideology, exquisite artistry, with excellent production, which are deeply loved by the people; ensure that operational and service models become ever more mature, create deep multi-level and multi-area converged developments with books, film and television, drama and performance, cartoons and games, cultural creation and other such relevant industry forms, and ensure that the role of this becomes ever more prominent in online content construction and literature and art innovation; foster a batch of online literature publishing, integration and delivery backbone enterprises with strong original creation capabilities, a great scope of delivery, a broad scope of coverage and well-structured management, forge a batch of brands with market competitiveness, in order to carry forward advanced Socialist culture and enrich the popular masses’ spiritual and cultural lives, and promote its important role in the flourishing and development of digital publishing and cultural industries.

II, Focus tasks

(4) Grasp the correct orientation. Guide online literature creators to firmly establish a Marxist literature and art view, persist in the creative orientation of putting the people central, make the people into the dominant subject for creation and expression, make them into connoisseurs and judges of aesthetics, make satisfying the people’s spiritual and cultural needs into a starting point and stopover point for content creation and dissemination; guide online literature creation in taking root in real life, in writing for the people, expressing emotions for the people and being concerned about the people; guide online literature creation in moulding beautiful soul and leading social morals, ensure that the role of online literature in areas such as value guidance, spiritual guidance, aesthetic enlightenment, etc., can gain full rein.

(5) Implement excellent product projects. Guide online literature enterprises in making the publication of excellent works into a central link, strive to produce ever more excellent works that disseminate the value system of contemporary China, embody the spirit of Chinese culture, reflect the Chinese people’s aesthetic pursuits, and which organically unify ideology, artistry and enjoyability; guide online literature enterprises in taking the Socialist core value system as guidance, forcefully carrying forward China’s spirit, singing the main melody of patriotism, focusing on the Chinese Dream as the main theme of the times, inheriting China’s excellent traditional culture and displaying the unique charm of Chinese culture; ensure that online literature enterprises let a spirit of innovation penetrate into the entire process of creation and production, incessantly strengthening the attraction and infectiousness of online literature; promote the establishment of an “online literature excellent works project”, support online literature enterprises in vigorously undertaking national focus publishing projects and programmes, expand support strength in areas such as topic selection and project establishment, work production, selection, awards, and honours.

(6) Incessantly improve the quality of works. Make content quality into the lifeline of online literature, vigorously guide online literature in stressing status, focusing on style, discarding vulgarity and rejecting mischief [egao]; establish online long-term mechanisms for literature content quality management, complete work inspection and review systems, perfect proofreading workflows and management rules that conform to the publishing characteristics of online literature; support online literature enterprises in, on the basis of their own particularities, establishing editorial, examination and publishing quality evaluation systems and control mechanisms that are beneficial to the incessant emergence of excellent products and masterpieces.

(7) Complete editorial management mechanisms. Perfect online literature editorial staff management mechanisms, implement appointment qualification systems, establish and complete systems for real-name registration of authors of published works of online literature, responsible editors, publishing work unit signing, etc.; take clarifying scopes, standardizing order, strengthening supervision and responsibility tracing as focus point, strengthen the construction of online literature editors’ capacity to guide, judge and keep the gate of artistic levels for sent-in manuscripts, strengthen moral education and professional training of online literature editors, guide enterprises in building assessment methods and incentive mechanisms that are beneficial to the implementation of the editorial responsibility system.

(8) Establish and perfect work management systems. Persist in the principles of benefit to enterprise management, benefit to public inquiry and benefit to copyright protection and use, accelerate the promotion of research and development of registration identification, indication application, storage categorization and other kinds of work management technology standards, establish online literature work classification systems, copyright information systems and social notification and inquiry systems for originally created online literature works that are convenient to use, progressively establish and perfect effective management systems for large amounts of online literature works, provide effective information, scientific data and reliable support for the deep development of online literature industry chains and multiple use.

(9) Promote the construction of content delivery platforms. Encourage enterprises to fully use the Internet and the mobile Internet, with different forms, such as text, images and videos, to conduct comprehensive and multi-terminal development of use and communication of excellent originally-created online literature, realize that something is developed and produced once, and published on many kinds of carriers; support online literature enterprises in engaging in strategic cooperation and resource integration with e-commerce, finance, logistics, telecommunications and different other kinds of enterprises, build delivery and dissemination systems that integrate online and offline circulation; give rein to the characteristics of integrated and categorized literature website, which have a large quantity and many varieties of online literature works and correct target user orientation, forge open, comprehensive and multifunctional online literature work delivery platforms, raise delivery effectiveness and user satisfaction, broaden the coverage scope of excellent online literature works.

(10) Forcefully foster market subjects. Encourage State-owned publishing enterprises with superior resources, strong innovation capabilities and a high degree of marketization to launch online literature publishing activities, expand and strengthen these as quickly as possible, and give rein to the leading role of online literature production and creation; within a State-permitted scope, guide social capital to participate in online literature publishing through many kinds of forms, including exclusive investment share control, purchasing, mergers, etc., grant online literature publishing qualifications to people-run cultural enterprises with an outstanding core business, standardized management, solid strength and strong core competitiveness, give rein to their superiorities in areas such as product planning, capital use, technology use, production management, market retail, etc., ensure that online literature development channels become ever broader.

(11) Launch foreign exchange, promote “marching out”. Support online literature works’ position in holding fast to Chinese culture, inherit China’s excellent culture, on the basis of displaying Chinese aesthetic styles, study and learn from the world’s excellent cultural achievements and artistic forms; encourage online literature works to vigorously enter international markets, tell China’s story well on the international stage, communicate China’s voice well, explicate China’s spirit well, and display Chinese styles well; support online literature enterprises meeting conditions to expand overseas markets through overseas mergers, joint operations, the establishment of branch organs and other such methods, expand the strength to support the expansion of excellent online literature products’ foreign trade, copyright explore, and cooperative publishing and communication channels; encourage participation in international competition through our own superiorities and characteristics in technology, standards, products, branks, intellectual property rights and differentiated services.

III, Guarantee measures

(12) Launch online literature commentary guidance. Fully give rein to the role of literary commentary in praising the excellent and censuring the inferior, eliminating the bad and exalting the good, seek truth from facts in artistic quality and levels, express a clear position on great matters of right and wrong, speak true words and preach the right way; abide by the laws and characteristics of online literature creation and dissemination, vigorously launch deliberation and evaluation of many kinds and forms of online literature products and content, persist in making the satisfaction and approval of the popular masses into norms for evaluation, synthesise product value orientation, artistic standards, aesthetic appeal and readers’ praise, concentrate a social consensus, progressively establish a scientific online literature product evaluation system, realistically change the trend that literature websites purely pursue click rates.

(13) Give rein to the guiding role of scientific and technological innovation. Expand strength to promote the convergence of online literature and new media, innovate converged development methods, stimulate the sharing and circulation, and complementary advantages of many kinds of content resources, intermediary channels, technological applications and talent teams; support online literature enterprises in accelerating the research, development, creation, application and popularization of information application technology, digital copyright protection technology, product technology standards and other such high and new technology; encourage technological renewal for online literature in many segments, such as title selection management, production and creation, content expression, editing and proofreading, work dissemination, value-added services, etc., give rein to the guiding, demonstrative and driving role of scientific and technological innovation in promoting the healthy development of online literature.

(14) Realistically strengthen copyright protection. Complete laws and regulations, strengthen daily supervision and management, continue the attack on piracy and acts of infringement of online literature works, guarantee the lawful rights and interests of copyright holders, build long-term online literature copyright protection mechanisms; encourage enterprises to build standardized copyright asset registration, use, transfer and other such management structures, raise stored copyright asset valuation and incremental copyright asset use levels; accelerate the research, development and use of online literature products’ copyright protection technologies and standards, progressively shape copyright protection systems integrating the judiciary, the administration, technology and standards; expand copyright protection propaganda strength, guide all segments of the value chain and the social public to establish and strengthen a copyright protection consciousness.

(15) Standardize market order according to the law. Persist in administration according to the law and management according to the law, accelerate the construction of localized online publishing supervision and management structures and mechanisms, strengthen the construction of management departments’ online publishing law enforcement teams and supervision and management capabilities, give rein to the comprehensive coordination role of “sweeping pornography and striking illegality” offices, comprehensively use legal, administrative, economic and many other kinds of methods to expand the strength to attack the use of online literature to disseminate obscenity, sex and other such harmful content; forcefully deal with acts disordering market order, harming users’ interests, etc., guide the establishment of transparent and honest profit allocation mechanisms across all segments of the online literature industry chain; stimulate online literature enterprises in strengthening regularized management over contract signing, registering writers and free contributors; build digitized and convenient channels for social public opinion supervision, simplify the workflow for receiving users’ reports, explore convenient channels to guide public participation in supervision.

(16) Expand policy support strength. Vigorously strive for the support of all levels’ finance departments for the development of online literature, expand support for excellent original content; perfect corresponding support methods such as publishing funds and special funds, focus on supporting research and development of online literature and publishing industry programmes that conform to national cultural innovation and excellent product creation, that have a demonstrative and guiding nature, guide and drive even more social capital to participate through funding by the financial administration; vigorously promote the implementation of preferential value-added tax policies for online literature publishing and other such segments.

(17) Accelerate talent fostering. Strengthen the construction of online literature employees’ ideology and morality, deepen education about the Marxist view of literature and art, guide the creation, editing, publishing and dissemination of online literature in consciously practicing the Socialist core value system, foster a batch of famous writers and famous editors with high ideological, professional and moral standards; perfect online literature publishing talent fostering systems, strive to foster management talents, retail talents and planning talents, realistically resolve the problem that there is a lack of high-level, specialized and comprehensive talents; rely on social organizations, sector associations and higher education institutes to launch many kinds of specialist technological talent training, perfect talent evaluation standards, shape beneficially interacting mechanisms for the entire process of talent fostering, import, use, assessment, promotion and retirement, provide incessant talent guarantees for the flourishing and sustained development of online literature.

(18) Strengthen sectoral self-discipline. Support online literature enterprises in building a sector organization, to research new problems, exchange new experiences, strengthen the full communication, interaction and cooperation between all segments of the industry’s value chain, implement coordination, supervision, service and rights defence roles even better, complete sectoral norms, and perfect sectoral self-discipline and management; support industry associations in launching copyright agency, evaluation and authentication, technology trading, marketing, consulting and other such services, and stimulate common development.

All localities’ administrative press, publications, radio, film and television departments must, under the leadership of Party Committees, closely rely on online literature workers, respect and abide by the laws of literature and art, realistically strengthen guidance and support for online literature work, strengthen guidance over and unity of online literature employees, persist in taking and discharging their responsibility to protect the territory; they must, from the heights stimulating the cultural creative dynamism of the nation and strengthening national cultural soft power, fully understand the importance of promoting the healthy development of online literature, tightly grasp the research and formulation of opinions on doing online literature work under new circumstances well in their localities, further clarify policies, plans, concrete measures and effective rules; they must integrate this with the reality in their localities, ensure that all measures and tasks are implemented satisfactorily, realistically resolve prominent problems existing in development, and create beneficial environments and conditions that benefit the sustained and healthy development of online literature.



























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