Proposal on Upholding Cyber and Information Security

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On 6 February, the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization and China Mobile jointly organized a nationwide conference for cyber and information security, at which China Telecom, China Mobile, People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Online, Qihoo 360 and other such Internet and information technology firms committed to new list of proposals concerning reforming the online environment. These documents mostly have symbolic value, but demonstrate the continuing pressure on enterprises to “identify with” (rentong ) the State’s objectives.

Since the 18th Party Congress, and especially since the establishment of the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization, the Centre has put forward a series of major policies and strategic deployments concerning cybersecurity and informatization work, greatly inspiring internet and information technology enterprises as well as sectoral organizations nationwide. Everyone deeply feels major responsibilities, and shall dare to undertake work, act vigorously, give rein to their own superiorities, and truly make even greater contributions to safeguarding our country’s cyber and information security. To this end, the Chinese Cyberspace Security Association, together with all Internet and information technology enterprises and sectoral organizations publish the following proposal:

I, Consciously respect State laws, regulations and policies, abide by professional ethics, consciously resist unlawful activities, vigorously coordinate with controlling departments to comprehensively clean away unlawful and harmful information, clean up the network environment and create a clean and crisp cyberspace.

II, Establish and complete self-discipline mechanisms, strengthen a sense of social responsibility in the entire sector, enhance enterprises’ service levels, raise employees’ professional accomplishments, so they become practitioners of the Socialist core value system and disseminators of positive energy.

III, Effectively arouse the vigour of the social masses to participate in cyberspace governance, open up channels for public complaints and reporting, raise capacity to discover and deal with harmful information, raise the capacity of information security guarantees, and effectively safeguard cyber and information security.

IV, Forge specialist teams and technological forces, strengthen cyber and information security guarantee measures, forcefully move the registration of trustworthiness and identity information of users forward, strictly protect the security of users’ personal information.

V, Vigorously follow the development trends of cyber and information security technology, forcefully strengthen indigenous technological research, development and innovation, raise the ability to guarantee the security of basic network and telecommunications infrastructure, stimulate the benign and rapid development of the country’s cyber and information security industry.

VI, Strengthen communication and coordination, strive to establish joint work mechanisms for cyber and information security, realize interaction and information sharing, jointly build a cyber and information security garden, share the fruits of the online civilization.









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