Opinions concerning Letting Socialist Literature and Art Flourish

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Central Committee

3 October 2015

In order to implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress and the 3rd and 4th Plenums of the 18th Party Congress, earnestly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the Forum on Literature and Art, and let Socialist literature and art flourish, the following opinions are put forward.

I, The importance of and guiding ideology for doing literature and art work well

  1. Fully understanding the importance of literature and art work. Literature and art are the torch of a nation’s spirit, they are the bugle call for the progress of the times, they are most able to represent the bearing of a nation, and are most able to guide the spirit of an age. The literature and art undertaking is an important component part of the undertaking of the Party and the people. Our Party has always given high regard to literature and art work, it has fully used literature and art to guide the winds of the times, encourage the people to move forward, and promote social progress in the periods of revolution, construction and reform. Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is inseparable from the flourishing and development of the literature and art undertaking. Holding high the spiritual banner, erecting spiritual pillars and building spiritual gardens are the noble mission of literature and art in current day China. Carrying forward China’s spirit, disseminating Chinese values and concentrating Chinese strengths, are the sacred duties of literature and art workers.
  2. Correctly grasping the circumstances that literature and art work faces. At present, our country’s literature and art creation and production is active, its content and forms are rich, its styles and methods are varied, a large batch of excellent works loved by the people has emerged, and vivid images of a hundred flowers blooming and flourishing development have come into being. The broad literature and art workers are industrious in their cultivation, they serve the people, they have gained clear achievements, and have made important contributions. Following the profound progress of reform, opening up and Socialist modernization construction, our country’s economic and social development has made huge achievements, modern science and technology are becoming newer every day, foreign exchange and interaction are incessantly deepening, our international position has clearly strengthened, and the people’s spiritual and cultural needs are growing daily, these matters have provided a firm basis, an internal driver, and broad space for the development of literature and art. At present, the situation in the ideological area is very complex, and the task to consolidate the ideological and cultural battlefield, and safeguarding national cultural security, have become ever more pressing; against the background of ideological dynamism, the clash of ideas and the merging of culture, many problems exist in the area of literature and art, including distorted values, impetuousness and vulgarity, the supremacy of entertainment, over-marketization, etc., the task of value guidance is pressing; problems including quantity over quality, having “highlands” but no “high peaks”, plagiarism and imitation, stereotypes, sub-standard production, etc. exist in literature and art creation and production, and the task of promoting excellent works and masterpieces remains strenuous; problems such as “absenteeism” and “vacant positions”, insufficient recommendation of excellent works and feeble criticism of bad phenomena exist in literature and art comment, and literature and art comment’s role in distinguishing the good and the evil, appraising the beautiful and the ugly, and stimulating flourishing, remains to be strengthened. The literature and art environment, business models and styles are undergoing profound adjustment, creation, dissemination and consumption are encountering deep change, new literature and art organizations and literature and art masses are emerging in great numbers, guidance, management and service structures, mechanisms, methods and means urgently need reform and innovation.
  3. The guiding ideology and policy principles for literature and art work. Hold high the magnificent banner of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important “Three Represents” thought and the scientific development view as guidance, deeply study and implement the spirit of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, closely focus on the strategic arrangements for comprehensively constructing a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively deepening reform, comprehensively governing the country according to the law, and comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, deeply implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress and the 3rd and 4th Plenums of the 18th Party Congress, persist in the progressive orientation of advanced Socialist culture, comprehensively implement the “Two Fors” orientation and the “Two Hundreds” policy, closely rely on the broad literature and art workers, persist in putting the people central, take the Socialist core value system as guidance, take China’s spirit as the soul, take the Chinese dream as the theme of the times, take the excellent traditional culture of China as a foundation, take innovation as a driver, take creation and production of excellent works as a central link, go deeply into practice, go deeply into life and go deeply into the masses, produce ever more literature and art masterpieces that live up to the nation and live up to the times, incessantly satisfy the spiritual and cultural needs of the people, build a strong Socialist culture country, and provide strong value guidance, cultural concentration and spiritual drivers for realizing the “Two Centenaries” struggle objective and realizing the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

II, Persisting in the creative orientation of putting the people central

  1. Writing for the people, expressing emotions for the people. Socialist literature and art essentially is the literature and art of the people, the needs of the people are the basic value for which literature and art exist. Resolve well the question of “for whom, with whose support, and who am I”, firmly establish the viewpoint that the people are the creators of history, consciously make the broadest people into the target for service and the subject of expression, and conduct the discovery and the creation of beauty in people’s production and lives. Vividly depict the magnificent progress of the people in creating history, use the spirit of realism and the sentiments of romanticism to illuminate real life, eulogise the light, express ideals, castigate the ugly and the bad, resist vulgarity, and give the people confidence and strength. Closely follow the development of the times, grasp the people’s expectations of the quality, status and style of literature and art works, create and produce more excellent works that the people love to see and hear, and push the people’s spiritual and cultural lives to incessant new heights.
  2. Going deeply into life, taking root among the people. Life is the fountainhead of literature and art creation, and it is on the people that the livelihood of literature and art workers depends. Forcefully advocate that literature and art workers go deeply into life and take root among the people, modestly learn from the people and learn from practice, and incessantly accumulate life experience and artistic refinement. Formulate economic policies to support literature and art workers to go deeply into life for a long period, complete long-lasting guarantee mechanisms, provide them with the necessary work conditions to live in a particular work unit to gain experience, suspend their work for training, and collect local culture for creation, and provide platforms to display their achievements. Perfect incentive mechanisms to bring going deeply into life into literature and art work unit target management and leading cadre assessment, and make it into an important basis for the professional assessment, job performance evaluation, honouring and rewarding of literature and art workers. Give rein to the leading role of well-known writers and artists, and ensure that going deeply into life and taking root among the people become common practice.
  3. Facing the grass roots, serving the masses. Persist in lowering the centre of gravity, make all kinds of literature and art public welfare measures part of public cultural service system construction plans, promote menu-style services, make real achievements into standards, enhance quality levels. Innovate forms, continue to launch activities such as “culture entering ten thousand homes”, “bring happiness to the grass roots”, “connect hearts with hears”, cultural and artistic volunteer services, village film screenings, reading activities for the entire populace, etc., deeply move forward cultural construction and advanced collective establishment activities to serve peasants and serve the grass roots. Organize the implementation of grass roots mass culture construction projects, and give rein to the role of rural book rooms and community book rooms, carry out the functions of village and town culture stations, include complete full-time community culture centre staff positions in personnel allocation quantities, and implement State-stipulated salary and remuneration policies. Stimulate “bringing culture” to effectively connect with the masses’ demands, and expand government procurement of literature and art products and services aimed at the grass roots. Establish “form cooperatives to seed culture” work mechanisms, organize that specialist literature and art workers go to the grass roots to educate, learn, assist and lead. Implement rural primary and secondary school art education plans, and encourage art academy graduates to go and teach in rural primary and secondary schools.
  4. Stimulating the people’s creative vitality, letting mass literature and art flourish. Fully respect the dominant position and creative spirit of the popular masses, ensure that the creative vitality hidden among the masses fully bursts forth. Formulate development plans to let mass literature and art flourish, complete mass literature and art work networks, give rein to the guiding role of grass roots literary associations, writers’ associations, cultural centres (stations) and mass art centres in mass literature and art creation, and expand folk literature and art. Perfect mass literature and art support mechanisms, support and guide after-hours literature and art communities, folk theatre companies, performance teams, universities for senior citizens as well as youth literature and art troupes, network literature and art associations, community and enterprise literature and art backbones, rural cultural masters, etc., to broadly launch creative activities, innovate the forms of carriers, and reveal the excellent achievements of mass literature and art creation. Raise the construction levels of community culture, rural culture, enterprise culture, campus culture, military barracks culture and online culture, foster vigorous, healthy, variegated and colourful cultural forms, guide the masses to express themselves, educate themselves and serve themselves through participation. Popularize literature and art knowledge, foster literature and art hobbies, and raise the cultural accomplishment of the entire people. Encourage the integration of mass literature and art with tourism, sports and other such related industries.
  5. Establishing evaluation standards that can stand the test of the people. To evaluate literature and art works, we must make the basic interest of the broadest people into a starting point and a stopover point, persist in putting social effect first, strive to realize the integration of social effect and economic effect, social value and market value, we must absolutely not let literature and art become slaves of the market. Establish and complete comprehensive evaluation systems that reflect the quality of literature and art works, perfect standards for project establishment, purchasing, evaluation and criticism concerning the creation and production of television dramas, literature and art performances, fine art, literature and art-type publications, etc., perfect assessment standards for the recommendation and dissemination stage of literature and art works, integrate box office income, viewing rates, listening rates, click rates, circulation numbers and other such quantitative indicators with expert evaluation and mass appraisal, and promote the healthy development of literature and art. Integrate serving the masses and guiding the masses, satisfy the people’s diverse spiritual and cultural needs on the one hand, and strengthen guidance and overcome impetuousness on the other, stress quality, stress style, and persist in resisting profiteering and vulgar tastes.

III, Letting China’s spirit become the soul of Socialist literature and art

  1. Focusing on the Chinese Dream as the theme of the age. Realizing the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the clear theme of current-day literature and art creation. Deeply launch literature and art creation activities with a Chinese Dream theme, vividly reflect the magnificent practice of reform, opening up and Socialist modernization construction, comprehensively display the development prospects of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, strive to write down the people’s pursuit of their ideals and their struggle in pursuing their dreams, assemble strong spiritual forces to unite hearts and together build the Chinese Dream. Incessantly enrich and expand the content within which the Chinese Dream is manifested, tell well the magnificent story of the Chinese nation on the one hand, and tell well the real-life, daily stories of the common people on the other, use vivid artistic forms and styles to reflect the rich content of the Chinese Dream, look at people, look at events, look at spirits.
  2. Fostering and carrying forward the Socialist Core Value System. The Socialist core value system is the concentrated reflection of the Chinese spirit and the manifestation of the times. Persist in using the Socialist core value system to guide literature and art creation and production, realize the omnidirectional penetration and profound blending of core values, ensure that core value views are reflected in literature and art works in a vivid, vigorous, lively and lifelike manner through splendid stories, fresh language and rich forms, so that they have an unobtrusive influence in nourishing people’s hearts, and let people be influenced to understand and identify with social mainstream values . Use all kinds of forms to let art display the major events and major personalities in the history of the Party and the history of the country, and let glorious achievements and the revolutionary tradition be inherited and glorified by one generation after another. Forcefully support literature and art work units, writers and artists to unearth themes from social life and contemporary characters, to eulogize the true, the good and the beautiful and denounce the false, the bad and the ugly, manifest the beauty of faith, the beauty of noble beliefs, and guide people towards a life of pursuing virtue, respecting virtue and abiding by virtue. Funding and support for literature, art, film, publications and other such areas should focus on supporting the creation and dissemination of literature and art transmitting upward and benevolent value views to the young.
  3. Singing the main melody of patriotism. Patriotism is the most profound and most fundamental content of the Chinese spirit, and is the eternal pursuit of literature and art creation. Persist in historical materialism, in all changes occurring under whichever historical circumstances, all heroes that have made historical contributions to the Chinese nations should be respected, extolled, remembered by the people, and depicted in literature and art. Organize and support literature and art creation on patriotic themes, forcefully eulogize the nation’s heroes, pour out the feelings of the home country, carry forward the spirit of collectivism, and incessantly strengthen the moral integrity and stamina of the Chinese people. Correctly reflect the Chinese nation’s five thousand years of civilizational history, the history of struggle of the Chinese people since the advent of modernity, the history of struggle of the Chinese Communist Party, the development history of the People’s Republic of China, and the history of reform and opening up of current-day China, vividly reflect the people of all ethnicities safeguarding the unity of the motherland, and the road of the heart of overseas sons and daughters’ mind-set with regard to the motherland. Oppose historical nihilism with clear banners flying, resist discourse and activities that deny Chinese civilization, destroy ethnic unity, distort the history of the Party and the country, vilify the country’s image and uglify the popular masses, oppose blind respect for foreign things and the idea that only foreign things should be followed, guide the people in establishing and persisting in correct view of history, of the nation, of the country and of culture, incessantly strengthen self-confidence about the path, self-confidence about the theory and self-confidence about the system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Expand the space for expression of patriotism-themed materials, incessantly enrich forms, innovate methods and strengthen artistic glamour. Fully utilize important commemoration days, national traditional festivals and other such periods to concentratedly display and broadcast excellent patriotic works that the masses love, and launch rich and varied mass cultural activities.
  4. Inheriting and carrying forward China’s excellent traditional culture. China’s excellent traditional culture is the spiritual lifeblood of the Chinese nation, and a solid foundation for us to stand towering in the forest of cultures worldwide. Persist in the standpoint of Chinese culture, persist in using the ancient for the present, removing the old to let in the new, maintain an attitude of objectivity, science and politeness, strive to realize creative transformation and creative development. Renounce the dregs, and preserve the quintessence, abstract ideological ideas, moral norms, and value pursuits from traditional culture that conform to the needs of the present times, and endow them with new meanings and creative forms, conduct artistic transformation and improvement, and create ever more literature and art works that have Chinese cultural undertones and display the Chinese spirit. Implement the inheritance project for Chinese culture, and inherit Chinese cultural genes through national education, folk inheritance, rituals and norms, policy guidance, public opinion propaganda, literature and art creation and other such manners. Do ancient books arrangement, classics publication, argumentation and elucidation, and social dissemination work well. Strengthen support for Chinese poetry, music and dance, calligraphy and painting, quyi and acrobatics as well as documentaries, cartoons and publications about historical culture. Develop ethnic and folk art, protect and excavate our country’s ethnic minority literature and art achievements and resources, protect and inherit intangible cultural heritage. Implement local drama vitalization plans, do the “audiovisualization” of Peking opera well, excavate and arrange excellent traditional operas, move forward with digitalization, preservation and dissemination. Move forward with the construction of grass-roots State-owned literature and art troupe rehearsal and performance venues, government procurement of opera programmes, provide public cultural services, move forward with opera entering schools. Support the Chinese cultural genome schoolyard inheritance work, and build a batch of education bases for excellent traditional Chinese culture.

IV, Creating excellent works that can live up to the times

  1. Making the creation of excellent works into the central link. Firmly establish a spiritual consciousness, push out ever more literature and art masterpieces that are ideologically profound, artistically exquisite, produced marvellously, which reflect the achievements of the culture of the times and reflect the image of national culture. Organize and implement Chinese contemporary literature and art creation projects, scientifically organize special creative plans for reality themes, patriotic themes, major revolutionary and historical themes, youth themes, etc., optimize creation and production platforms, focus on supporting the creation of literature, film and television dramas, stage plays, music, fine art, etc. Raise the extent of organization, concentrate forces, collect resources, push out a batch of great works and masterpieces that have backbone, virtue, temperature, and a strong artistic arousing power, strive to shape “high peaks” for literature and art creation and production. The centre and the localities will establish literature and art creation funds, expand investment into creation and production, and strengthen guarantees for criticism, propaganda and dissemination. Give rein to the demonstrative and guiding role of the “one of five project” for the construction of spiritual civilization, and expand the propaganda and display of award-winners. Run media literature and art columns and programmes well, and implement the original Chinese literature and art masterpiece creation and publication programme.
  2. Letting a spirit of creativity penetrate into the overall process of creation and production. Persist in the integration of ideology and artistry, persist in making content king and gaining victories in creation, raise original literature and art creation capabilities, make breakthroughs and leaps through exploration, bring out new colours through mixing, strive to strengthen the attractiveness and infectiousness of literature and art works. Focus on organizational creation and fundamental links in literature, stage plays, composition, etc., focus on the creation of things rich in individuality, avoid excessive and overflowing duplication revision. Integrate inheritance, innovation, exchange and learning, deeply excavate and abstract the beneficial ideological and artistic values in excellent traditional culture, vigorously absorb the excellent cultural achievements of all countries, ensure that literature and art conforms ever more to the tides of progress of the times, and guide social morals even better. Promote the blending of literature and art with new technology, new business models, new methods and new media, vigorously promote the transformation and progress of literature and art creation and production methods, with digital technology in the lead, enrich creation methods, expand the artistic space, incessantly strengthen art’s power of expression, and core competitiveness.
  3. Giving high regard to and strengthening literature and art theory and criticism work. Persist in taking Marxism as guidance, inherit the excellent heritage of theory and criticism of Chinese traditional literature and art, critically learn from foreign literature and art theories, research, comb through, carry forward and innovate China’s aesthetic spirit, promote the integration of virtue, learning and letters, display the aesthetic bearing of contemporary China. Implement the Marxist theory of literature and art and the criticism construction project, deeply research Socialist literature and art theory with Chinese characteristics, edit and use Marxist literature and art theory teaching materials well, let the newest achievements of the Sinification of Marxism penetrate into every link of classroom education, and literature and art criticism practice. Support focus literature and art criticism forces; give good rein to the vigorous role of all levels’ literature and art criticism organizations, research bodies and higher education institutes. Run focus literature and art criticism periodicals, websites and columns well, enrich their forms of expression, and expand dissemination channels. Persist in using historical, popular, artistic and aesthetic viewpoints to criticise and appreciate works, praise the excellent and censure the inferior, eliminate the bad and exalt the good.
  4. Forcefully develop online literature and art. Online literature and art is full of dynamism and has huge development potential. Persist in the policy of “focusing on construction and equally stressing development, management and guidance”, implement the online literature and art masterpiece creation and dissemination plan, encourage and push out excellent online originally created works, promote the flourishing and orderly development of online literature, online music, online dramas, micro-films, online performances, online cartoons and other such new literature and art forms, stimulate the creative convergence of traditional literature and art and online literature and art, encourage writers and artists to vigorously use the network to create and disseminate excellent works. Fully give rein to the unique superiorities of new media, grasp dissemination laws, strengthen the construction of focus literature and art websites, be good at using microblogs, WeChat, mobile user terminals and other such carriers to stimulate the multi-channel distribution, multi-platform display and multi-terminal dissemination of excellent works. Strengthen content management, innovate management forms, standardize the dissemination order, and let positive energy guide the development of online literature and art.
  5. Strengthening the construction of the literature and art battlefield. Further strengthen leadership, strengthen planning and expand input, fully give rein to the vigorous rule of newspapers, periodicals, radio stations, television stations, online media, books and audiovisual publications, construct and use theatres, cinemas, cultural centres (stations), mass art centres, fine art galleries, workers’ cultural palaces, cultural squares, comprehensive grass-roots cultural service centres and other such literature and art battlefields well. Suit measures to local conditions, suit measures to the times, adopt methods that the masses love to see and hear, organize all sorts of exhibition, broadcast, performance, show, reading, appreciation and singing activities to let excellent literature and art works march to the grass roots masses, especially the broad youth. Realistically strengthen a sense of governance, a sense of responsibility and a sense of the battlefield, strengthen management of all literature and art battlefields according to the principles of who manages is responsible as well as localized management, ensure that there is a responsibility to protect the territory, that responsibility is taken up and borne, so that absolutely no dissemination channels are provided to mistaken literature and art thinking trends and harmful literature and art works.
  6. Promoting excellent literature and art works to march out. Using literature and art forms to tell China’s story well and display China’s glamour, is an important strategic task to establish a good image for todays China and enhance the country’s cultural soft power. Deeply excavate a wide-ranging and profound spiritual culture, a varied and colourful folk culture, a high-spirited and upward red culture, and a modern culture that is brimming with vitality, create and produce excellent works that conform to foreign dissemination laws, and are easy for foreign audiences to accept, incessantly strengthen the attractiveness and inspiration of Chinese literature and art. Strengthen comprehensive guidance, perfect coordination mechanisms, bring the cultural Silk Road programme, the Silk Road Film Bridge, the Silk Road Literature programme and other such programmes into the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy, and formulate special plans for cultural exchange and cooperation. Implement the contemporary Chinese literature translation project, select representative contemporary Chinese literature and art works for translation, publication, broadcast and exhibition in many languages. Fully use domestic and international, governmental and popular foreign exchange channels and activity platforms, bring literature and art marching out into people-to-people exchange mechanisms, and promote our country’s excellent literature and art works to the world.

V, Constructing literature and art teams endowed with both virtue and artistry

  1. Strengthening ideological and moral construction. Literature and art workers are engineers of the soul, and must put ideological and moral construction first. Deepen study and education of the Marxist view of literature and art, guide literature and art workers to become protectors and practitioners of the Party’s literature and art principles and policies, and become pioneers and leaders of the winds of the times. Deepen study and education concerning the Socialist core value view, guide literature and art workers to build a strong basis for a worldview, view of life and value view, make clear the definition between true and false, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, abandon vulgar, base and lowbrow phenomena, carry forward good ethics and establish a new wind and a correct atmosphere. Organize the launch of the “be literature and art workers loved by the people” campaign, guide literature and art workers to strongly remember their cultural tasks and social responsibilities, incessantly raise their learning, self-cultivation and accomplishment. Broadly launch education about professional ethics and professional spirits, guide literature and art workers to consciously abide by the “Professional Ethics Convention of the Literature and Art Workers of China”, deal well with relationships of interest, oppose mammonism, hedonism and extreme individualism, adhere to norms of professional integrity, and establish a good image.
  2. Foster and train literature and art leaders and high quality literature and art talents. Focus on fostering a large batch of influential literature and art leaders in all areas, and training a large batch of famous masters and folk culture representatives that the people love, deeply implement the cultural celebrity and the “four batches” talent project, further strengthen literature and art celebrity subsidy support, propaganda and recommendation, implement the country’s “thousand people plan” and “then thousand people plan” culture and art talent programme well, expand support for domestic cultural and artistic leaders and young top talents. Strengthen the construction of Marxist literature and art theory and evaluation teams, implement literature and art theory and evaluation team training plans. Do all sorts of literature and art talent training work well, implement the grass-roots cultural team training plan and the ethnic minority region literature and art talent fostering plan. Strengthen and improve specialist art education work, optimize specialized structures, and raise educational quality. Implement honoured expert rules for major cultural programmes, perfect measures and rules for literature and art talent job title appointments, and support the authentication of schooling records and job titles of specialist artistic talents.
  3. Do new literature and art organization and literature and art community work well. New literature and art organizations and literature and art communities have become effective forces in the area of culture and art. We must broaden work coverage, extend linkages and our hands, perfect work mechanisms, innovate organizational methods, do unity, guidance and service work well, and let new literature and art organizations and literature and art communities play a vigorous role in letting Socialist literature and art flourish and develop. All levels’ propaganda, culture, press, publications, radio, film and television departments, as well as Cultural Federations and Writers’ Associations must create conditions in areas such as project application, education and training, performance and exhibition, competitions and awards, etc., and provide conveniences in areas such as developing members, assessing job titles, etc. Party Committees and governments of countries (districts), as well as neighbourhoods or towns containing cultural parks and residency areas of new literature and art communities must realistically strengthen management and service.

VI, Strengthening and improving Party leadership over literature and art work

  1. The leadership of the Party is the fundamental guarantee for the flourishing and development of literature and art. All levels’ Party Committees must, from the strategic height of constructing a strong Socialist culture country and enhancing the Party’s governing ability, strengthen their cultural self-consciousness and cultural self-confidence, accurately grasp the relationship between the Party spirit and the people’s spirit, and between political standpoints and creative freedom, bring literature and art work into the important matters agenda, strengthen macro-level guidance, grasp the literature and art direction well, raise the extent to which creation and production is organized, and prevent the tendency that literature and art creation and production is completely surrendered to the market. All levels’ governments must bring the literature and art undertaking into economic and social development plans, bring it into assessment and evaluation systems, implement the Centre’s policies in support of literature and art development, formulate local concrete measures to support literature and art development, and incessantly expand input into the literature and art undertaking. All levels’ Party Committee propaganda departments must play an overall guiding role, fully muster forces from all sides to do literature and art work well, and shape uniform Party Committee leadership, propaganda departments are to take the lead in overall work, culture, education, press, publications, radio, film and television, Culture Federation, Writers’ Association and other such departments and organizations are to move forward in a coordinated manner, all sides of society are to vigorously participate in a new structure of literature and art work. Select and appoint strong leadership ranks in literature and art work units, appoint hose cadres who combine virtue and ability, who are well acquainted with literature and art work laws, and who can integrate with literature and art workers to leading positions. Promote the construction of clean government in literature and art circles, strengthen discipline, oppose corruption and enhance work styles.
  2. Create a good environment for the flourishing of literature and art. Respect literature and art talent, respect literature and art creation, implement national rules on honour, to grant national honorific titles to literature and art workers with eminent achievements. Expand propaganda concerning excellent literature and art talents and literature and art works, ensure that excellent writers and artists have authority in their field and are respected by society. Conduct work concerning selection and award work for young and middle-age literature and art workers who possess both virtue and artistic ability well. Forcefully support literature and art workers in their work and setting up businesses, sincerely and honestly make friends with them and do things for them. Reform and perfect remuneration and award rules that benefit the flourishing and development of literature and art. Respect and observe literature and art laws, give rein to academic democracy and artistic democracy, advocate the full discussion between different viewpoints and schools, advocate full development of themes, carriers, forms and methods, promote vigorous innovation of ideas, content, styles and schools, and create a vivid dimension for innovative spirits and creative dynamism to spur each other forward, and for excellent literature and art works and literature and art talents to emerge continuously.
  3. Incessantly deepening reform and perfecting mechanisms and structures. Implement the requirements of comprehensively deepening reform, strongly move forward with reform in cultural undertaking work units, build and complete structures and mechanisms that benefit the creation of works and talents. Give rein to the dominant role of backbone cultural enterprises and small and micro culture enterprises and all other such kinds of markets, use market mechanisms to muster the vigour of artists and writers, and promote the creation of more excellent works. Implement and perfect complementary reform policies for cultural work units, support their expansion and strengthening, and boost the cultural industry into a pillar industry. Further perfect all kinds of literature and art support policies, expand support for the reform and development of State-owned literature and art institutes and troupes, and expand support for focus literature and art newspapers and journals, as well as focus online literature websites. Bring public interest-type cultural activities and major cultural programmes aimed at the grass roots into public budget accounting. Use all kinds of special funds and monies well, grasp the direction, focus on prominent matters, and trend towards literature and art creation that carries forward the Chinese Dream, carries forward the Socialist core value view, and carries forward China’s excellent traditional culture. Persist in the two-wheel drive of government guidance and market coordination, innovate financial input methods, complete rules for government procurement, programme subsidy, lending discounts, donation incentivization, etc., implement public interest-type donation tax deduction and other such measures, to encourage and guide social forces to participate in literature and art creation and production as well as public interest-type cultural activities, progressively establish and complete literature and art creation and production subsidy systems. Strengthen art education at all levels and in all kinds of schools, promote joint construction and sharing of resources and facilities between schools and social art education, and raise the artistic cultivation of youth. Revise and formulate laws and regulations to stimulate and guarantee the flourishing and development of literature and art. Manage the cultural market according to the law, deepen comprehensive cultural market administrative law enforcement reform, strengthen cultural market law enforcement, deepen “sweeping away pornography and striking illegality”, and further raise the degree of management according to the law. Strengthen intellectual property rights protection, and safeguard the lawful rights and interests of literature and art workers and literature and art bodies. Strengthen and improve literature and art award management, straiten award criteria, look both at works and personal qualities, and realistically raise the credibility and influence of awards.
  4. Fully give rein to the role of the Cultural Federation, the Writers’ Association and other such people’s organization. The Cultural Federation and the Writers’ Association are bridges and links connecting the Party and government with the broad literature and art workers. All levels’ Party Committees and governments must expand support for the Cultural Federation and Writers’ Association, and realistically support their fulfilment of their uniting and guidance functions, their liaison and coordination functions, their service and management functions, and their self-disciplinary and rights defence functions, and let them have a dominant role in the construction of the sector. The Cultural Federation and Writers’ association must reform and innovate, strengthen their vitality, improve work mechanisms, methods and means, enhance work styles, avoid mechanization and an image of being separate from the masses, so that they truly become a home for literature and art workers, unite and concentrate the broad literature and art workers even better, fully muster all positive factors, and contribute to the flourishing and development of Socialist literature and art, and constructing a strong Socialist culture country.



































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