Joining Hands to Promote the Progress of the Global Internet

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Address at the 2016 New Year’s Reception

27 January 2016

Lu Wei

Respected envoys from all countries,

respected guests,

ladies, gentlemen, friends:

Good evening, everyone! As the Chinese New Year approaches, we are extremely honoured to have invited all you honoured guests, from embassies in China, Chinese and foreign Interest enterprises and bodies, famous domestic and foreign media, and relevant ministries and commissions to come together in the Diaoyutai national guesthouse, to have a friendly chat together, to talk Internet matters together, and to welcome the new Spring together. On the sincere behalf of the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization as well as the Cyberspace Administration of the People’s Republic of China, as well as in my own name, I’d like to express a warm welcome to everyone. And I’d like to express heartfelt thanks to all old friends and new friends for the contributions they have made to promote the interaction and cooperation between China and the global Internet.

The year of the Sheep, which is about to end, was a jubilant one for the Chinese Internet, a year of flourishing and development, as well as a year of deepening cooperation and realization of mutual interest between China and all other countries in the area of the Internet.

In this year, we forcefully promoted the development of the network and the informatization undertaking, the number of Chinese netizens grew to 688 million, the number of mobile netizens to 620 million, the number of websites to 42.3 million, and China’s .cn national top-level domain now ranks first globally, e-commerce trade values are calculated to exceed 20 trillion Yuan, the online economy has rapidly grown by over 30%, and the Internet is becoming ever more of a forerunning force for innovation driving development every day.

In this year, we have vigorously promoted international exchange and cooperation in cyberspace, we successfully organized activities such as the Sino-US Internet Forum, the Sino-UK Internet Roundtable, the China-Singapore Internet Forum, we organized the first China-Afghanistan Online Silk Road Forum focusing on “One Belt, One Road” and the “China-ASEAN Information Port” Forum, China’s circle of friends in global cyberspace is growing ever greater, the points of approval it gains are growing in number, and the results of collaboration are growing ever richer.

This year, we will vigorously build a high-end international platform for “Interconnection, interaction and shared governance” in cyberspace, we have successfully organized the 2nd World Internet Conference, where China’s President Xi Jinping attended and gave a keynote speech, this started from the common prosperity of humankind, and proposed “four principles” to move forward the reform of the global Internet governance system, and “five standpoints” for building a community of common destiny in cyberspace, it gained high praise from everyone, and opened up a new path for the development and governance of the global Internet.

Ladies, gentlemen, friends:

“When the Great Way is followed, all under Heaven are equal.” China’s Internet has undergone more than 20 years of development and exploration, under the firm leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, we have correctly dealt with the relationships between freedom and order, security and development, openness and autonomy, we have explored and formed an Internet governance path with Chinese characteristics. This path is the choice of history and the choice of the people, we have marched it with unparalleled steadfastness and brimming with self-confidence. We wish, together with all sides, to join hands and promote new progress in the development and governance of the global Internet, to let the development fruits of the Internet extend to 1.3 billion Chinese citizens, and ever better enrich the people of all countries.

In the new year, we will further promote the reform of the global Internet governance system, vigorously advocate that international society, on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust, jointly resolves the problems of unbalanced development, incomplete norms and unreasonable processes in the area of the Internet, that it will join forces to respond to the grave challenges of cyber attacks, cybercrime, cyber terrorism, etc., that it will promote the formulation of international norms in cyberspace that the entire world can accept and that represent the interests of the majority of countries, so as to let the Internet become a beautiful new garden that both pursues freedom and stresses order.

In the new year, we will further promote building a community of common destiny in cyberspace, strengthen collaboration with European and American countries, accelerate the collaboration with developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa, accelerate the collaboration with the Hong Kong SAR, the Macau SAR and Taiwan, so as to let the Internet bring ever more benefits to people.

In the New Year, we will further strengthen collaboration with the countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, take the lead in forging “One Belt, One Road” blood vessels through interconnecting networks and exchanging information, so as to let “One Belt, One Road” truly become a shared belt and a win-win road.

In the New Year, we will unwaveringly implement the basic national policy of openness to the outside world, the open gates of China’s Internet will never be shut. As long as China’s laws and regulations are respected and China’s national interests and the interests of its consumers are not harmed, we warmly welcome all countries’ Internet enterprises and bodies to come to China and develop.

Ladies, gentlemen, friends:

The New Year is the year of the Monkey. In traditional Chinese culture, the “monkey” carries beautiful connotations. The “monkey” symbolizes wisdom and courage, it symbolizes unity and cooperation. Like the Internet, the “monkey” is full of vitality and yearns for freedom, but the “monkey” also stresses order, and the “monkey” also has a “tightening crown charm” [Translator’s note: this is a proverbial reference to the tale of the Journey to the West, in which the protagonist, an initially rebellious monkey, is disciplined by the use of a charm which gives him a splitting headache]. The Internet is so big, its problems are so many, but as long as we stand at the commanding heights of human virtue from beginning to end, have the power to raise up the masses, concentrate the wisdom of wall sides, promote that the global Internet governance system strides towards a fairer and more reasonable goal, and make ever more contributions to building a community of common destiny in cyberspace, we will certainly be able to grasp new opportunities through new progress, realize new developments and achieve new successes, to let the Internet enrich the people of China and enrich the people of the world!

Ladies, gentlemen, friends:

Let us toast together,

to sincere friendship,

to everyone’s health,

to our collaboration,

to our win-win,

and to an ever more beautiful tomorrow for the Internet,

bottoms up!


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