Joint Statement by the President of the People’s Republic of China and the President of the Russian Federation concerning Coordinating the Promotion of Development in Information and Cyberspace

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The heads of state of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation stated that, following the rapid progress of information infrastructure and information and telecommunications technology, information and cyberspace have deeply changed the production and lives of humanity, and powerfully promote social development. A secure, stable and flourishing information and cyberspace is of major importance to the peaceful development of both countries and the world. Both countries will jointly devote themselves to furthering development in information and cyberspace, to even better enrich the people of both countries and the people of the world.

We believe that information and cyberspace is facing security challenges that become graver every day, information technology abuse is grave, and various countries, including China and Russia, have important common interests and space for cooperation, they should therefore, on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust, comprehensively engage in substantive dialogue and collaboration on the topic of guaranteeing information and cyberspace security and furthering the development of information and cyberspace.

We have consistently abided by the principle of national sovereignty in information and cyberspace, supported the reasonable pursuit of all countries to safeguard their own security and development, advocated the construction of a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative new order for information and cyberspace, and have explored the formulation of universally accepted international norms for responsibility for conduct within the framework of the United Nations.

We advocate that all countries have the right to equally participate in Internet governance, and have the right to safeguard their national cybersecurity according to the reality of their laws and institutions. We advocate the establishment of a multilateral, democratic and transparent Internet governance system, and support that the United Nations play an important role in the construction of international Internet governance mechanisms.

We believe that, within the framework of the Sino-Russian comprehensive strategic collaborative partnership, it is utterly necessary that both countries further engage in information and cyberspace collaboration, in order to safeguard the international interests of both China and Russia, as well as a broader scope. Remembering the “Joint Statement between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation concerning the Comprehensive Strategic Collaborative Partnership, and Advocating Collaboration and Mutual Gain”, signed by both countries in May 2015, we wish to further strengthen mutual trust between both countries in information and cyberspace, and promote the establishment of fair and equal information and cyberspace development and security systems, and have reached the following consensus:

I, We jointly advocate the promotion of respect for all countries’ cyber sovereignty, and oppose acts violating other countries’ cybersecurity.

II, We jointly advocate the promotion of all countries’ cultural traditions and social customs, and oppose interference in other countries’ internal affairs through information and cyberspace, the destruction of public order, incitement to hostility between ethnicities, races and religions, or acts destroying state governance.

III, We will strengthen scientific and technological collaboration in information and cyberspace, jointly launch research and development of information and telecommunications technology, and expand bilateral information exchange and talent training.

IV, We will strengthen economic collaboration in information and cyberspace, stimulate bilateral inter-industry exchange and promote multilateral collaboration, as well as provide technological assistance to developing countries, to bridge the digital divide.

V, We will realistically safeguard the lawful rights of both countries’ citizens on the Internet, and jointly devote ourselves to building a peaceful, secure, open and collaborative new order in information and cyberspace.

VI, We will strengthen our work, to prevent and attack the use of the Internet to engage in terrorist and criminal activities, and we advocate the research and establishment of response and collaboration mechanisms under the framework of the United Nations, including research and formulation of global legal documents.

VII, We will engage in cybersecurity emergency response collaboration and cybersecurity threat information sharing, and strengthen cross-border cybersecurity threat response.

In order to implement the above tasks, we assign the director of the Cyberspace Administration of the People’s Republic of China and the Presidential Assistant of the Russian Federation responsible for the application of information technology to acts as high-level representatives for both countries, with the responsibility of holding regular meetings, exchanging views on questions of common interest, determining a new direction in the mutually beneficial collaboration in information and cyberspace, and putting forward suggestions for and comprehensively coordinating collaboration between relevant departments. Both sides’ controlling departments for foreign affairs, law enforcement, telecommunications, etc., will continue to strengthen existing collaborations and topical consultations, and formulate implementation roadmaps for their own areas.

President of the People’s Republic of China

Xi Jinping

President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin

Beijing, 25 June 2016















中华人民共和国主席  俄罗斯联邦总统

习近平       弗·弗·普京




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