Notice concerning Further Strengthening Control over the “Fan Circle” Mess

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee cybersecurity and informatization offices, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Party Committee Cybersecurity and Informatization Office”

Since the “Clear and Crisp ‘Fan Circle’ Mess Control” campaign was held, all localities have implemented relevant work requirements, and have gained certain achievements focusing on star rankings, trending topics, fan communities, interactive comments and other such focus segments, and deeply dealt with the problem of the “fan circle” mess. In order to further strengthen control, bring greater and substantial pressure to the dominant responsibilities of websites and platforms, make substantial breakthroughs in focus and difficult issues, incessantly consolidate and expand the achievements of the campaign, attack and resolve the “fan circle” mess with a heavy fist, hereby, relevant work measures are notified as follows. 

1. Cancel star and artist rankings. Cancel all rankings and lists involving individual stars and artists or groups, prohibit newly adding or covertly uploading individual rankings and related products or functions. Only rankings of music works, film and television works, etc. may be maintained, but no individual characteristic such as stars’ or artists’ names may appear.

2. Optimize and adjust ranking rules. When ranking music works, film and television works, etc., reduce the weight of registries, likes, comments and other such indicators, and increase the weight of indicators such as the work’s orientation and expert evaluation. Related functions that lead users to make lists may not be set up, paid-for registration functions or increasing registry numbers through added-value memberships and other such methods may not be set up, guide fans to pay more attention to the quality of cultural products, and reduce the heat of chasing stars.

3. Strictly manage star brokerage companies. Strengthen website platforms’ management responsibilities over the online conduct of star brokerage companies (offices), formulate related online operational standards, and make clear provisions concerning account registration and verification, content dissemination, commercial marketing, crisis PR, fan management and other such online conduct. Strengthen the responsibility of star brokerage companies (offices) to guide fan communities, adopt measures such as limiting flow, prohibition of speech, closure, etc., against stars and their brokerage companies (offices), fan groups and their accounts who incite mutual rifts of fans, struggles and incitements of battles, at the same time, the entire platform will reduce and even cancel all kinds of information dissemination related to [those] stars.

4. Standardize fan community accounts. Strengthen management of accounts of stars’ fan communities, backers, etc. require that fan communities and backers must be authorized or accredited by the star’s brokerage company (office), and their daily maintenance and supervision becomes the latter’s responsibility. Without authorization, no individual or organization may, without exception, register a star fan community account.

5. Strictly prohibit the emergence of mutual ripping information. Substantially implement management responsibilities, timely discover and clean up all kinds of harmful “fan circle” information where fans mutually tear at each other or hurl abuse, drag and trigger fights, start rumours and attacks, etc., strictly deal with accounts violating laws and regulations, effectively prevent heating up and fermentation of public opinion. Strictly punish website platforms where discovery is not timely and management is insufficient. 

6. Clean up community pages violating regulations. Continue to dissolve fan communities and groups with themes such as rank voting, reinforcement, collecting money, controlling comments, gossip, explosive materials, etc., close boards, channels, etc. that easily lead to fans collecting and exchanging their ranking experiences, discuss stars’ sex scandals, mutually assign data scraping, etc, and block channels that generate harmful inducements to fans and encourage stirring up of trouble.

7. Fans may not be incited to consume. Formulate detailed rules that stars’ and artists’ magazines or other works, products, etc., in the sales segment, may not display fans’ individual purchase amounts, contribution amounts and other such data, may not rank fans’ individual product purchase data or amounts, may not set up marketing activities that stimulate fans to consume such as task-based unlocking, custom-made benefits, limited-time PK, etc. 

8. Strengthen segment setup and management. Strengthen management of online arts and entertainment programmes’ online conduct, they may not set up “spend money to buy votes” functionalities, and are strictly prohibited from guiding or encouraging netizens to vote for candidates by material methods such as purchasing products, memberships etc.

9. Strictly control participation by minors. Further adopt measures to strictly prohibit minors from playing for rewards, it is strictly prohibited that minors respond to calls for consumption, minors may not act as related community heads or managers, minors are restricted from voting for rankings, clarify that star fan communities, backers, etc. may not, in their online conduct, influence minors’ regular study and rest, and may not organize minors to launch all kinds of online assemblies, etc.

10. Standardize reinforcement and fund-raising activities. Timely discover and clean up all kinds of information on calling for reinforcements and raising funds isolating regulations; deal with and punish website platforms where problems are concentrated, accountability is weak, who induce minors to participate in calls for reinforcement and fundraising according to laws and regulations; continue to investigate and prosecute foreign websites who provide ranking votes, reinforcement calls and fund-raising. 

All localities must further raise their political stance, substantially strengthen their sense of responsibility, sense of mission and sense of urgency, and understand and advance their work in bringing the “fan circle” mess under control from the height of online political security and ideological security, and creating a clear and crisp cyberspace. They must, in the first instance, arrange and implement matters, take further steps to break the matter down, formulate detailed implementation plans, and supervise local website platforms’ realistic grasp and implementation of these. 

CAC Secretariat

25 August 2021


















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