Notice concerning Filing Inspection Work for Cases Involving Internet Management

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In order to do filing inspection work for cases involving Internet management well in the future, hereby, the relevant issues are notified as follow:

I, The scope of cases involving Internet management

Cases involving Internet management include civil disputes and administrative disputes triggered because of network management. Civil disputes mainly are manifested as disputes triggered by the deletion of articles, speech as well as websites, etc., that the plaintiff published on the network by websites on the basis of requirements of relevant departments, or closure of plaintiffs’ blogs, forums, post bars, websites, etc. The majority of plaintiffs file a lawsuit on the basis of the network service contract they concluded with websites, and the fact that that the website deleted these persons’ articles or closed websites unilaterally, without their agreement or without notifying them. Administrative disputes mainly are manifested as lawsuits raised because plaintiffs do not agree with administrative punishment decisions or punishment acts by corresponding management departments to delete the articles or speech the plaintiff publishes online or close the plaintiff’s blog, websites, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Notice concerning Further Strengthening Radio and Television Channel Management

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On 4 August 2005, SARFT issued the “SARFT Notice concerning Further Strengthening Radio and Television Channel Management” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio and television bureaus (offices), the “Notice” pointed out that, since recent times, the phenomena of covert rental and transfer of radio and television channels and frequencies, timeslots and columns (hereafter jointly named channels) had appeared in some radio stations and television stations, which resulted in the weakening of propaganda editing powers and commercial control, and influenced radio and television propaganda security and operational order. In order to adapt to the requirements of dynamic development, further strengthen radio and television channel management and realistically guarantee the healthy and orderly development of radio and television, the following is notified: Read the rest of this entry »