Opinions concerning Stimulating the Healthy and Orderly Development of the Mobile Internet

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Central Committee General Office

State Council General Office

Following the swift development of information network technology and the broad popularization of smart mobile terminals, mobile Internet has, with its prominent advantages of broad availability, connectivity, smartness and universality, powerfully promoted a profound convergence between the Internet and the real economy, it has become a new area for innovative development, a new platform for public services, and a new channel for information sharing. In order to deeply implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s thinking about the strong cyber power strategy, and stimulate the orderly and healthy development of our country’s mobile Internet, the following opinions are hereby put forward. Read the rest of this entry »

Guiding Opinions concerning Strengthening the Construction of a Personal Sincerity System

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State Council General Office

GBF No. (2016)98

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal people’s governments, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate bodies:

In order to carry forward the traditional virtue of sincerity, strengthen the sincerity consciousness of members of society, strengthen the construction of a personal sincerity system, praise sincerity and punish trust-breaking, raise the credit levels of the entire society and create a beneficial credit environment, with the approval of the State Council, these Opinions are hereby put forward. Read the rest of this entry »

State Internet Information Office Deploys Attack on Activities of Fabricating and Disseminating Rumours Online

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Original SIIO documents in relation to this campaign have not been made public. This is a Xinhua press release from 2 May. The journalist understood from the State Internet Information Office on the 2nd that the State Internet Information Office is deploying a concentrated attack on activities of fabricating rumours on the Internet and wilful dissemination of rumours, on a nationwide level, recently, a certain Guizhou person named Li, as well as many other persons using the Internet to fabricate and disseminate rumours were investigated and prosecuted, a batch of microblog accounts fabricating and disseminating rumours were closed, and Public Security organs have imposed public order detention and other punishments. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinions concerning Strengthening the Supervision of Internet Mapping and Geographical Information Service Websites

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GCTZ No. [2008]1

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Peoples’ Government, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate organs:

Following the progress of satellite positioning technology, remote sensing technology, geographical information system technology and network technology, and development speed of mapping and geographical information services based on the Internet have, at the same time as providing conveniences to people’s work and lives, presented many problems that should not be overlooked. A number of work units and individuals have, in violation of the provision of relevant State laws and regulations, provided unauthorized Internet mapping and geographical information services without qualifications or approval, have published erroneous national maps, and indicated some geographical coordinate information that is sensitive, should not have been published or even involves State secrets. The emergence of these problems has gravely harmed the national interest and threatened national security. In order to strengthen supervision and management of Internet mapping and geographical information service websites, and with the agreement of the State Council, hereby, the following opinions are put forward: Read the rest of this entry »

Coordinated Work Plan for Internet Site Management

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Notice concerning Printing and Issuing the “Coordinated Work Plan for Internet Site Management”

17 February 2006

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee Propaganda Departments, telecommunications management bureaus, information offices, education offices (education commissions), cultural offices (bureaus), public security offices (bureaus), national security offices (bureaus), radio, film and television bureaus, press and publications bureaus, secrecy preservation bureaus, administrative industry and commerce management bureaus, food and drug supervision and management bureaus (drug supervision and management bureaus):

On the basis of the uniform deployment of the Centre, relevant departments launched joint and concentrated clean-up and rectification work of Internet sites between November 2004 and June 2005. In this concentrated campaign, all departments resolutely grasped implementation according to the “Plan for the Centralized Launch of Internet Site Clean-Up and Rectification Work”, acted vigorously, cooperated closely, accumulated certain experiences in coordinated work, and laid a firm basis for further doing daily supervision and management work of the Internet well. Read the rest of this entry »

Internet News Information Service Management Regulations

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Chapter I: General Principles

Article 1: In order to standardize Internet news information services, satisfy the public’s demand for Internet news information, safeguard national security and the public interest, protect the lawful rights and interests of Internet news information service work units, and stimulate the healthy and orderly development of Internet news information services, these Regulations are formulated.

Article 2: These Regulations shall be observed when engaging in Internet news information services within the borders of the People’s Republic of China. Read the rest of this entry »

Provisional Regulations on the Management of Internet Sites Engaging in News Publishing Business

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In order to stimulate the development of our country’s Internet news dissemination undertaking, standardize the business of Internet sites publishing news, safeguard the truth, accuracy and legality of Internet news, these Regulations are formulated.

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Notice concerning the Fact that Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals May Not Solicit Subscriptions and Be Distributed by Themselves in the Interior

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State Council Information Office, Administration of Press and Publications

I, The distribution work of foreign newspapers and periodicals in the interior must be conducted through State-approved newspaper and periodical import work units, foreign newspapers and periodical working bodies in the interior may not directly engage in subscription solicitation and distribution work of foreign newspapers and periodicals in the interior. Foreign newspapers and periodicals may not use other interior channels through offices of interior departments abroad in conducting distribution work. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion concerning Strengthening Our Foreign Language Book and Periodical Distribution and Doing Foreign Propaganda Work Well

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Administration of Press and Publications, State Council Information Office, Ministry of Finance, State Tourism Bureau

Following the further broadening of our country’s reform and opening up, increasing numbers of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan compatriots, overseas compatriots and foreigners enter the borders, the tasks for foreign propaganda work are very formidable. With domestically published foreign language books and periodicals introducing our country’s situation as medium, the moment is to be seized to launch propaganda work, to ensure that the people of even more countries and regions understand China, to serve the reform, opening up and economic construction of our country, this is an important channel for foreign propaganda. Read the rest of this entry »