Great Qing Newspaper Code

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Article 1: All those opening up newspaper offices to distribute newspapers, shall write up all listed materials, and twenty days before distribution, present it to the government office of the local official in charge for application with the governor-general of that province, who will seek advice from and file it with the Ministry of Civil Affairs; 1, the name; 2, the style; 3, the full names, antecedents and addresses of the distributor, editor and printer, 4, the name and address of the distribution office and the print shop. Read the rest of this entry »

Great Qing Special Code for Printed Materials

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Since the Wuxu year [1898], the number of periodicals has risen vigorously, and newspapers are also often bound in volumes and sold at fixed prices. Therefore, in the 6th month of the 32 Year of Guangxu [1906], the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Inspection and the Ministry of Education, have jointly determined the “Great Qing Special Code for Printed Materials” as follows:

Chapter I: Outline Read the rest of this entry »