Xi Jinping: Keep the Larger Picture in Mind, Grasp General Trends, Look Towards Great Matters, Do Propaganda and Ideological Work Even Better

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Liu Yunshan Attends Meeting and Gives Speech

The Nationwide Propaganda and Ideology Work Conference was convened on the 19th and 20th in Beijing. The CCP Central Committee General Secretary, State President and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping attended the conferences and made an important speech. He stressed that propaganda and ideology work must absolutely make revolving around the centre and serving the larger picture into a fundamental duty, keep the larger picture in mind, grasp general trends, look towards great matters, look for correct entry points and focus points for work, ensure that plans adapt to trends, actions adapt to trends, and trends are seized as opportunities to act.

The CCP Central Committee Politburo Central Committee member and Central Committee Secretariat Secretary Liu Yunshan attended the meeting and gave a speech.

In his speech, Xi Jinping stressed that economic construction is the Party’s central work and ideological work is an extremely important work of the Party. Since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, our Party has persisted in putting economic construction central from beginning to end, has concentrated its energy on improving economic construction and improving the people’s lives. As long as no fundamental changes occur in domestic and foreign general trends, persistence in taking economic construction as central cannot and should not change. This is the a requirement of persisting in the basic Party line of not wavering for 100 years, and is a basic requirement to resolve all problems in China at present. At the same time, only if material civilization construction and spiritual civilization construction are done well, both the country’s material strength and spiritual strength strengthens, and both the material lives and spiritual lives of the people of all ethnicities in the entire country improve, can the undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics be smoothly pushed forward.

Xi Jinping pointed out that propaganda and ideology work must consolidate the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological area, and consolidate the common ideological basis of the united struggle of the entire Party and the people in the entire country. Party members and cadres must firmly believe in Marxism and Communism, earnestly, soberly and untiringly strive to realize the basic programme of the Party in the present phase, solidly do all work matters well, and gain excellent achievements with our baton in this “relay race”. Leading cadres and especially higher-level cadres must make grasping the basic theories of Marxism into their special skill, honestly and comprehensively study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and especially Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important “Three Represents” thought and the scientific development view. Party Schools, cadre academies, Academies of Social Science, colleges and universities, theoretical study centres, etc. must all make Marxism into compulsory courses, and become important battlegrounds for the study, research and propaganda of Marxism. New cadres and young cadres must especially grasp theoretical study well, and through firm and unwavering study, master the use of Marxist standpoints, viewpoints and methods to observe and resolve problems, and strengthen theoretical conviction.

Xi Jinping pointed out that we must deeply launch propaganda and education on Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and unite and concentrate the people of all ethnicities in the entire country under the banner of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. We must strengthen the construction of the Socialist core value system, vigorously foster and practice the Socialist core value system, raise citizens’ moral quality comprehensively, and foster good customs of knowing honour and disgrace, stressing righteousness, making contributions and stimulating harmony.

Xi Jinping stressed that the Party nature and the people’s nature have always been consistent and united. The core of persisting in the Party nature is persisting in the correct political orientation, standing firmly on political standpoints, firmly propagating the Party’s theories, line, principles and policies, firmly propagating the Centre’s major work deployments, firmly propagating the Centre’s major analyses and judgements of trends, resolutely maintaining a high level of consistency with the Party Centre, and firmly safeguarding the authority of the Centre. All propaganda and ideology departments and work units, and all Party members and cadres on the propaganda and ideology front must persist in the principle of the Party nature with clear banners flying. Persisting in the Party nature means making realizing, safeguarding and developing the fundamental interests of the broadest popular masses into starting points and stopover points, persisting in taking the masses as the core and people as the core. We must establish a work orientation with the people at the centre, integrate serving the masses with educating and guiding the masses, integrate satisfying demands with raising cultivation, propagate and report on the popular masses’ magnificent struggle and fervent lives more, propagate and report on the advanced models and moving achievements emerging from among the popular masses more, enrich the people’s spiritual world, strengthen the people’s spiritual strength and satisfy the people’s spiritual needs.

Xi Jinping pointed out that persisting in unity, stability, encouragement and putting positive propaganda first is an important policy that must be respected in propaganda and ideology work. We are currently engaged in a magnificent struggle that has many new historical characteristics, the challenges and difficulties we face are unprecedented, we must persist in consolidating and expanding mainstream ideology and public opinion, carry forward the main melody, disseminate positive energy, and arouse string forces for social unity and progress. The crux is that we must raise quality and levels, grasp well times, extents and effects, strengthen attractiveness and infectiousness, let the masses love to listen and love to view, engender sympathetic resonance, fully give rein to the function of positive propaganda in encouraging the people and inspiring the people. On issues pertaining to cardinal matters of right and wrong or political principles, we must strengthen initiative, take initiative in our own hands, fight battles of initiative, and assist cadres and masses in drawing clear lines between right and wrong, and clarifying blurred understandings.

Xi Jinping stressed that, during long-term practice, our Party’s propaganda and ideology work has accumulated extremely rich experiences. These experiences were not easily gained, and are quite precious, it is important to abide by them in doing work in the future well, we must absolutely earnestly summarize them and persist in them for a long time, and incessantly enrich and develop them in practice. “The enlightened one changes with the times, the knowledgeable one governs in step with circumstances.” In innovating propaganda and ideology work, it is important to grasp conceptual innovation, method innovation and grass roots work innovation, strive to open new work pastures through new leaps in ideological understanding, vigorously explore new measures and new methods benefiting the analysis and explanation of difficulties in work, and put the emphasis on innovation on the grass roots level. We must continue to promote cultural structural reform, promote the comprehensive flourishing of cultural undertakings and the rapid development of cultural industries, and construct a strong Socialist cultural country.

Xi Jinping pointed out that, when doing propaganda and ideology work under conditions of complete opening up to the outside world, one important task is guiding the people to understand the present China and deal with the external world in an even more complete and objective manner. When propagating and elucidating Chinese characteristics, we must make clear the historical traditions, accumulated culture and basic national conditions of all countries and nations are different, and their development path therefore also inevitably has its own characteristics; we must make clear that Chinese culture has accumulated the most profound spiritual pursuits of the Chinese nation, which are abundant nourishments that multiply endlessly, develop and expand among the Chinese nation; we must make clear that China’s excellent traditional culture is the prominent superiority of the Chinese nation, and is our most profound cultural soft power, we must make clear that Socialism with Chinese characteristics is rooted in the soil of Chinese culture, reflects the aspirations of the Chinese people, suited to the development and progress requirements of China and of the times, and has profound historical origins and a broad basis in reality. The Chinese people have created the long-standing and well-established Chinese culture, the Chinese nation will also certainly be able to create new glories for Chinese culture. Unique cultural traditions, a unique historical fate and unique basic national conditions have decreed that we must inevitable march a development path with out own characteristics. In respect to our country’s traditional culture and foreign things, we must persist in letting the old serve the new, letting the foreign serve the Chinese, discarding the dregs and picking the excellent, discarding the false and retaining the true, and using things for ourselves after scientific picking and choosing.

Xi Jinping stressed that, we must strengthen propaganda and reporting on developments and changes in global trends, on new events and new situations occurring globally, and on new thoughts, new viewpoints and new knowledge emerging in all countries, in order to benefit our vigorous learning from the beneficial results of the creativity of human civilization. We must meticulously do foreign propaganda work well, innovate foreign propaganda methods, strive to forge new concepts, new categories and new expressions circulating between China and the outside world, tell the Chinese story well and spread the Chinese voice well.

Xi Jinping pointed out that propaganda and ideology departments bear an extremely important ask, they have the responsibility, the duty and the obligation to defend the land. The work of propaganda and ideology departments must be strengthened, which means that first and foremost, leading cadres must be strengthened and leadership ranks must be strengthened. All levels’ propaganda department leading comrades must strengthen study, strengthen practice and truly become experts and old hands that convince people.

Xi Jinping stressed that, to do propaganda and ideology work well, the entire Party must take matters to hand. Al levels’ Party Committees must shoulder political responsibilities and leadership responsibilities, strengthen their analysis and decision-making on major questions in the propaganda and ideology area and their comprehensive guidance on major strategic tasks, incessantly raise their capacity and level of leading propaganda and ideology work. We must establish great propaganda work concepts, mobilize all fronts and all departments to work together, and even more closely integrate ideological work with administrative management, sector management and social management in all areas.

In his speech, Liu Yunshan pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping stood on the height of the overall work of the Party and the State, deeply elaborated a number of major theoretical issues and real issues concerning long-term developments in propaganda and ideology work, further clarified the orientation, objectives, focus tasks and basic guidelines for future work. We must deeply study, understand and completely implement it, and unify thoughts and actions around the spirit of the speech.

Liu Yunshan said that, to do propaganda, ideology and culture work well under new circumstances, we must deeply implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress and of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, revolve around persisting in the Chinese path, carry forward Chinese spirits, concentrate Chinese strengths, fully give rein to the functions of ideological guidance, public opinion promotion, spiritual encouragement and cultural support, to guide the broad cadres and masses to struggle for the realization of the “Two Centuries” struggle objective and the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must fix eyes upon strengthening ideals and convictions, deeply launch propaganda and education on Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream, guide people in strengthening self-confidence about the path, self-confidence about theory and self-confidence about the system; realistically implement well the basic tasks of revolving around the Centre and serving the larger picture, firmly grasp the correct public opinion orientation, unify reflecting the Party’s standpoints with reflecting the people’s voices, and concentrate positive energy to stimulate reform and opening up and safeguard social stability; deeply stimulate the construction of the Socialist core value system, incessantly cultivate our spiritual garden, and strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of the entire nation; continue to deepen cultural structural reform, accelerate the pace of cultural development, strive to foster cultural superiority, expand cultural forces and increase national and cultural soft power. All levels’ Party Committees must realistically strengthen leadership over propaganda, ideology and culture work, and satisfactorily implement the requirements that the Party manages propaganda and the Party manages ideology with a strong sense of responsibility and a spirit of taking on work. The propaganda, ideology and culture front must push forward work with a spirit of reform and innovation, strengthen their initiative, grasp discourse power, strive to grasp the grass roots, lay the foundations, and strive to transform work styles, rectify study styles and improve writing stiles, construct a line of high-quality propaganda, ideology and culture teams, and strive to initiate a new work situation for propaganda, ideology and culture work.

CCP Central Committee Politburo member and Central Propaganda Department director Liu Qibao indicated in his summarizing speech that we must deeply launch propaganda and education on Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese Dream, strengthen ideological guidance and management, consolidate and develop healthy and upward mainstream public opinion, foster and practice the Socialist core value system, vigorously and solidly stimulate cultural reform and development, promote cultural marching out, raise cultural soft power, incessantly consolidate the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological area, and consolidate a common ideological base for the united struggle of the entire Party and the people in the entire country. The propaganda, ideology and culture front must act according to principles, dare to be enterprising, reform and innovate, be modest, industrious, and make real efforts, build strong teams, and initiate a new work picture with a spirit of enthusiasm and drive.

A number of CCP Central Committee Politburo members and Secretariat secretaries in Beijing attended the conference.

This Conference reviewed and summarized propaganda, ideology and cultural work since the 17th Party Congress, researched and deployed new efforts to initiate a new work picture for propaganda, ideology and culture from a new historical starting point. The Central Propaganda and Ideology Work Leading Small Group, all provincial, regional, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department directors, as well as those from the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps as well as vice-provincial level cities, responsible comrades from relevant Central and State organs’ ministries and commissions, and relevant people’s organizations managing propaganda work, main responsible comrades from Central work units in the propaganda and culture system, main responsible comrades from the General Political Department Propaganda Department and the Military Police Political Department, and others participated in the meeting.

Xinhuanet, 20 August, Beijing, Xu Jingyue, Hua Chunyu


习近平:胸怀大局把握大势着眼大事 把宣传思想工作做更好

















这次会议回顾总结了党的十七大以来的宣传思想文化工作,研究部署在新的历史起点上努力开创宣传思想文化工作新局面。中央宣传思想工作领导小组成员,各省区市、新疆生产建设兵团以及副省级城市党委宣传部部长,中央和国家机关有关部委、有关人民团体分管宣传工作的负责同志,中央宣传文化系统各单位主要负责同志,总政治部宣传部、武警部队政治部主要负责同志等参加会议。(新华网北京8月20日电 记者徐京跃华春雨)


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