We Cannot Slacken or Weaken in Ideological Work Even for One Moment – Earnestly Study and Implement the Spirit of the National Propaganda and Ideology Work Conference

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Editorial from today’s Qiushi Magazine.

The Party Centre convened the National Propaganda and Ideology Work Conference, which was an important conference dealing with the overall situation after the 18th Party Congress, and dealt with five years. General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important speech at the conference, which stood on the heights of the overall work of the Party and the State, deeply elaborated a series of major theoretical and practical issues relating to the long-term development of propaganda and ideology work, and further clarified the principles and policies for propaganda and ideology work under new circumstances, it contained a series of new thoughts, new viewpoints and new arguments, and had a very strong strategic nature, perspicacious nature, focused nature and guiding nature. All levels’ Party Committees and the comrades in the entire Party must earnestly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, and strive to initiate a new picture for propaganda and ideology work under the guidance of the spirit of the speech.

Our Party has always given much attention to ideological work, and being good at propaganda and ideology work is the special skill and political superiority of our Party. Since reform and opening up, our Party has continuously stressed that economic construction is the central work of the Party, and ideological work is an extremely important work of the Party. Fundamentally speaking, without solid development results, there would not be incessant improvement of the people’s lives, and it would be empty talking about ideals and convictions, empty talking about the superiority of the Socialist system and empty talking about ideological and moral construction, and in the end, it would be difficult to obtain good results in ideological work. Persisting in putting economic construction central, concentrate spirits to improve economic construction and improve the people’s lives, is the basic requirement for resolving all of China’s present problems, as long as no fundamental change occurs in general domestic and international trends, this work centre cannot and should not be changed. At the same time, this does not mean that doing economic work well allows to hide a hundred ugly things with one beautiful thing. History and reality have repeatedly proven that, whether or not it is possible to do ideological work well, relates to the future destiny of the Party, relates to the long-term peace and order of the country, and relates to the cohesion and centripetal force of the nation. The Party’s mass basis and governance basis includes both material and spiritual aspects. Losing the mass basis on the spiritual side, must result in problems in the end as well. Only by doing both material civilization construction and spiritual civilization construction well, can the country’s material strength and spiritual strength both increase, can the material lives and spiritual lives of the people of all ethnicities in the entire country be improved, and can the undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics be successfully pushed ahead.

With regards to this rationale, and with regards to the position of economic work and ideological work, the understanding of the entire Party should be clear, but it occurs in some places that how to correctly grasp both kinds of work in practice is clear to say it but unclear to do. To do propaganda and ideology work well, first and foremost, this problem must be resolved well.

Now, the situation in the ideological area is very complex. Internationally, the trial around development models and value views becomes more prominent every day, the exchange, blending and clashing between all sorts of ideologies and cultures becomes more dynamic every day, the struggle of infiltration and counter-infiltration in the ideological area is sharp and complex. Following China’s economic successes, the influence of China’s development model is expanding every day. A number of Western forces, although they cannot but recognize China’s economic achievements, have never and will never approve of China’s political system, instead, they believe that China’s successes may threaten the Western system, model and value view. As a Socialist country under the leadership of the Communist Party, China will face the pressure of Western containment and forcible change for a long time, and ideological infiltration is the main method of Western hostile forces to implement a strategy of westernization and division in our country.

Domestically, progress in national development is universally recognized, the achievements of reform and opening up have brought benefits to national citizens, the entire Party’s self-confidence about the path, self-confidence about theory and self-confidence about the system is strengthening incessantly, the level of identification with the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics is rising among all walks of society, including thinking circles and knowledge circles, ever more people understand that China marches a successful development path, the self-confidence and cohesion of the nation are greatly strengthening, and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has become the strongest main melody in the realm of social thought. At the same time, under the conditions of profound social change and incessant broadening of openness to the outside world, all sorts of social contradictions and problems are piling up and emerge in concentration, the independence, difference, diversity and variability of people’s thoughts and concepts increases daily, a number of mistaken viewpoints emerge every now and then, some propagate Western value views, some use the Party’s history or the country’s history to write articles about historical nihilism, some deny reform and opening up, some deny the Four Cardinal Principles, some decadent and backward thinking and culture gains the upper hand, Mammonism, hedonism and extreme individualism are thriving somewhat, etc.

Because of this, we cannot slacken or weaken in ideological work even for one moment at the same time as concentrating our spirits on conducting economic construction. We must deeply understand the decisive effect of the economic base for the superstructure, and profoundly understand the counter effect of the superstructure on the economic base. In the end, only when the country develops well, can propaganda and ideology work be done well; conversely, only when propaganda and ideology work is done well, can the country develop well. We must both have hard strengths and soft strengths, we must both realistically do central work well, providing a solid material basis for ideological work, and realistically do ideological work well, providing a powerful guarantee for central work; we can neither overlook ideological work because of central work, nor cut ideological work loose from central work. In this regard, we have learned profound lessons. The disintegration of a regime often starts in the ideological area, political unrest and regime change may occur in one night, bit ideological evolution is a long-term proves. When the ideological front is broken, it is difficult to maintain other fronts. We must grasp the leadership power, management power and discourse power of ideological work tightly in our hands, and cannot let it fall to others at any time, otherwise, irredeemable historical mistakes will be made.

Ideological work must absolutely make revolving around the centre and serving the larger picture into basic duties, keep the larger picture in mind, grasp general trends, fix eyes upon large matters, seek for the correct entry points and focus points for work, and achieve that there is planning according to the circumstances, movement according to the circumstances, and action according to the circumstances

The basic task in propaganda and ideological work is the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological area must be consolidated, and the common ideological basis for the united struggle by the entire Party and the people in the entire country must be consolidated. We must deeply implement the series of important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping after the 18th Party Congress, revolve around persisting in the Chinese path, carrying forward the Chinese spirit and consolidating Chinese strength, fully give rein to the functions of ideological guidance, public opinion promotion, spiritual encouragement and cultural support, in guiding the broad cadres and masses to struggle and realize the “Two Centuries” struggle objective and the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must fix eyes upon persisting in ideals and convictions, deeply launch propaganda and education on Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream, guide the people to strengthen self-confidence about the path, self-confidence about theory and self-confidence about the system; persist in thinking under the bigger picture, acting under the bigger picture, serving the bigger picture, closely grasp the correct public opinion orientation, unify reflecting the Party’s standpoints with reflecting the voices of the people, concentrate positive energy for reform and opening up, and safeguarding social stability; deeply move forward the construction of the Socialist core value system, incessantly cultivate our spiritual garden, and strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of the entire nation; continue to deepen cultural structural reform, accelerate the pace of cultural development, strive to foster cultural superiority, expand cultural strengths, raise national cultural soft power.

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the entire Party must set to doing propaganda and ideology work well. All levels’ Party Committees must take up political responsibilities and leadership responsibilities, comprehensively lead the analysis and judgment of major questions in the ideological area and major strategic tasks, and incessantly raise their capacity to lead propaganda and ideology work. We must establish big propaganda work concepts, mobilize all fronts and al departments to work together, and integrate propaganda and ideology work even more closely with administrative management, sector management and social management in all areas. To do ideological work well, propaganda and ideology departments have an extremely important responsibility, they must protect the territory, are responsible for defending the territory and do every thing they can to defend the territory, ensure that principles are upheld, dare to undertake work, reform, innovate, make ideas into reality, construct strong teams, be enthusiastic and press on. We are currently conducting a magnificent struggle that has many new historical characteristics, propaganda and ideology work is very promising, and can certainly do great things, and make new and even greater contributions to seizing new victories for Socialism with Chinese characteristics and realizing the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

—— 认真学习贯彻全国宣传思想工作会议精神










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