SIIO Director outlines eight objectives for online media.

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This speech by SIIO Director Lu Wei was published on the People’s Daily Online website today. It mainly rehashes earlier themes about cleaning up the online sphere, and seems to provide a clearer picture of how the leadership conceives of the future appearance of the Chinese cyberspace. In practicular, Lu claims that Internet enterprises need to set the example in eight areas:

First, setting the example in grasping orientations, meaning that they must closely grasp the correct political orientation.

Second, setting the example in grasping management, meaning that they must persist in the fact that being able to manage tightly is a firm rationale from beginning to end.

Third, setting the example in fostering healthy tendencies, meaning that they must persist in the fact that disseminating positive energy is the general requirement.

Fourth, setting the example in establishing new styles, meaning that they must greatly initiate online civilized tendencies.

Fifth, setting the example in abiding by the law and discipline, meaning that they must stick to the baselines of laws and regulations.

Sixth, setting the example in exploring laws, meaning that they must raise the effectiveness of online disseminations.

Seven, setting the example in seeking development, meaning that they must strengthen the core competitiveness of online media.

Eighth, setting the example in building teams, meaning that they must build a line of strong teams loyal to the Party and the people.

State Internet Information Office Director Lu Wei: Concentrate Positive Online Energy, Jointly Build the Chinese Dream

Speech at the 13th China Online Media Forum

30 October 2013

All respected guests, comrades, friends:

A good morning to everyone! Today, we have gathered in Zhengzhou, a key cultural place in the central plains, to organize the 13th China Online Media Forum, and discuss matters of fundamental importance in the development of online media. This is a real action of implementing the spirit of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping and of the National Propaganda and Ideology Work Conference, and is an important step in promoting the healthy development of the Internet. Here, I represent the State Internet Information Office in expressing warm congratulations on the organization of the Forum!

The China Online Media Forum is a grand annual gathering that has an important influence in the entire sector, and so far has lasted for thirteen years. Over these thirteen years, the forum has had a positive and important function in concentrating sector consensus, strengthening academic research, deepening cultural cooperation, promoting innovation and development and other such aspects, and it has become an important platform for the collaborative development of network media. The themes and content of successive Forums has not only profoundly reflected the development orbit of China’s online media, it has also pointed the way in which to progress in the future.

This forum’s main theme is “Concentrating Positive Online Energy, Jointly Building the Chinese Dream”, closely grasping the development orientation, grasping the pulse of the times and reflecting the voices of the masses. Where online content construction is concerned, positive energy is the main requirement and the Chinese Dream is the main melody. Concentrating positive online energy means it is necessary to closely revolve around the Chinese Dream, use the common expectations of 1.3 billion sons and daughters of China to concentrate faithful energy, loving hearts, selfless spirits and an enterprising drive to the broadest extent, and let our online space be full of rain, dew and sunlight; jointly building the Chinese dream means it is necessary to incessantly arouse positive energy, transmit positive energy and assemble positive energy, and incessantly consolidate the common ideological basis for the united struggle of the Party and the people.

Positive energy comes from the popular masses, it comes from the people’s pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful, it comes from the people’s fervent lives, and it comes from the people’s vivid practice and magnificent creation. The Chinese Dream is the dream of the people, it is the longing of the people for national wealth and strength, it is the pursuit by the people for national rejuvenation, and it is the yearning of the people for individual happiness. The Chinese Dream is not a hollow slogan, it is not a remote and unattainable goal, but it is a firm conviction, it is a real action, and in the end, must rely on the common cast of hundreds and millions of people. The Internet is an important node for the Party and the government to link up with the masses under new circumstances, and an important platform to serve the masses, we must tell the stories of the common people pursuing their dreams, display the struggle of the common people chasing their dreams, assemble the strength of the common people in making their dreams come true, this is the fundamental essence of concentrating positive online energy and jointly building the Chinese Dream.

Over the past few months, we have forcefully launched Chinese Dream-themed propaganda activities online, forcefully stimulated the protection of citizens’ lawful rights and interests, attacked online rumours and other such special campaigns, all localities and all relevant departments have moved together, grasped and managed matters jointly, mainstream news websites have taken the lead and set the example, focus commercial websites have closely cooperated and vigorously worked in concert, the broad netizens have participated eagerly and interacted sincerely, the haze in the online space is gradually clearing up, a clear sky is starting to appear, this has been fully confirmed by all walks of society. “The last bit of a task is the hardest to complete”, we must continue to give rein to the principal effect of the broad netizens, give rein to the driving function of online media, fully muster the vigour, initiative and creativity of all of society, and progressively clear up the online space. Important points in realizing this goal are constructing an online space for the sake of the people, that is civilized, sincere, with the rule of law, safe and innovative.

First, an online sphere for the sake of the people. Netizens come from the masses, the masses have gone online, and the Party’s Mass Line must extend onto the network. Serving 600 million netizens well, is the central task in marching the Mass Line under new circumstances, and is the basic starting point and stopover point for building a good online space. We must listen to the popular will through the Internet, fully respect those straightforward and even sharp voices, sincerely and actively make government accountable to netizens, ask netizens for their needs, and ask netizens about plans, promote government affairs openness and effectively change the phenomenon that changes of government decrees are a blocked “barrier lake”; we must collect the wisdom of the people through the Internet, derive nutrition and obtain strength from the popular masses, merge the voices of the popular masses into policymaking by Party Committees and governments; we must benefit the people’s livelihood through the internet, provide richer, faster, more convenient and safer information services for the popular masses, and incessantly satisfy the popular masses’ daily increasing spiritual and cultural demands; we must warm people’s hearts through the Internet, perhaps in online interaction and off-line action, ensure that when the interests and concerns of the masses are discussed, there are people who listen, that there are people who take charge of matters, that there are people who help in difficulties, that there are people who manage problems, we must even better unify the Party’s standpoints with netizens’ voices, let the Internet truly become a new channel for Party Committees and governments to understand the masses, stick close to the masses and serve the masses.

Second, a civilized online sphere. The Chinese people have a civilizational history of five thousand years, which as been dubbed with the epithet of a “land of decorum”. Our ancestors created a resplendent culture and shaped moral norms and standards of decorum that have been inherited over millennia, this not only promoted the progress of human society, it also nourished our nation’s roots and fostered our nation’s spirits. “Propriety, righteousness, honesty and shame are the four cardinal principles of the land”, regardless of whether this concerns the country, the nation or individuals, and regardless of whether this concerns history, the present of the future, in all cases, the root and spirit of the civilization must be held, and in no case is it possible to lose the fine qualities inherited through the generation, this is the historical responsibility of this generation of ours. In this country of ours that is so known for its civilization, if the online space is full of vulgarity, sex, uncouthness and violence, this will gravely harm the goof image of the Chinese nation, extremely greatly harm the physical and mental health of the young, and even will ruin the millennia-long cultural context of the Chinese nation and destroy our beautiful future! We must persist in the “seven baselines”, it is as one netizen wrote: the “seven baselines” do not amount to online civilization, in comparison with the towering mountains and vast seas of online virtue and human virtue, they are only the floorboards, ladders, paths and sea levels of the online space, but even so, exactly because these firm floorboards and ladders exist, can we make steady progress towards a smooth climb of the towering mountain peaks. We must start from today, and from ourselves, to propose civilized customs in the online space, carry forward advanced Socialist culture, display the true, the good and the beautiful, castigate the false, the bad and the ugly, reveal the benevolence and magnanimity of the common people, display the moving stories of the populace, display the civilized bearing of contemporary China, and build the online space into a spiritual garden that worships virtue and is aimed towards the good, that is civilized and courteous, and that warms people’s hearts.

Third, a sincere online sphere. People cannot stand without trust, commerce cannot flourish without trust. A network without trust has no vitality, a network that does not stress trust is no different from “ruining one’s own Great Wall”. In the present world, no person would want to live in a space flooded by lies, where rumours rise from all directions. The existence of online rumours and other untrustworthy acts corrode the organism of the network like a virus, and has become a public nuisance that everyone hates bitterly. If we do not timely and effectively deal with this, it will lead to a “broken window effect”, and this will run wild across the network space, so that in the end, it will harm the personal interests of everyone. “What one does not wish for oneself, one should not inflict upon others”, every netizen must make using the web in an honest manner into a behavioural norm, be responsible for their own statements, consciously achieve that where there are “rumours”, they do not believe them, where there are “rumours”, they do not disseminate them, and where there are “rumours”, everyone jointly attacks them, so that untrustworthy acts are the object of universal condemnation. We must unite online celebrities and online “Big Vs”, and encourage them to give full rein to social positive energy, consciously bear social responsibility, achieve self-respect and self-love, and by no means become “big rumour mongers”. We must forcefully carry forward the virtue of honesty, strengthen the value orientation of “seeing sincerity as glorious and seeing untrustworthiness as shame”, establish and perfect sincerity systems for the online space, we must firmly restrain and attack those acts of wilful fabrication and dissemination of rumours, and jointly cast a sincere online space.

Fourth, a rule of law online space. The online space is an extension of the real society, what happens online is done by people offline, the online space is not an “area outside the law”, netizens are not “people outside of civilization”, abiding by the law is a basic norm, baselines are impassable, and all acts contravening laws must be punished. The more we pursue freedom, the more we require order; the more we pursue openness, the more we require the rule of law. Governing the Internet according to the law is a common convention and a universal consensus of all countries, not country would connive at unlawful and criminal acts online. Recently, the “Two Supremes” published a Judicial Interpretation concerning attacking online rumours and other unlawful and criminal activities, which forcefully displayed our firm resolution to govern the network according to the law. We must accelerate the perfection of online laws and regulations, persist in attacking online crime, and must especially forcefully eradicate online extortion, violations of citizens’ lawful rights and interests and other such “malignant tumours”, strengthen websites’ self-discipline and netizens’ self-discipline, create an online environment with clear winds and correct tendencies, and let network management, network operations and network services function healthily on the rails of the rule of law from beginning to end.

Fifth, a safe online space. Safety is the precondition and basis of Internet development, without security, nothing else can be mentioned. At present, online security has become a focus issue in international society, and subject to unprecedented concern. China is a main victim state of cyber attacks, and faces severe network security challenges, hacking attacks, dissemination of viruses, information theft, infringement of privacy and other such activities are a gushing undercurrent, the broad netizens’ cries for information security are extremely strong. We must make security into a “lifeline” for cyberspace, forcefully safeguard data security, technological security, application security and channel security, expand technological strength to deal with key issues, perfect security protection systems, build firm “dikes and dams”, guard “strategic passes” well, and block “back doors”. The application of new technologies is similar to driving a new car out of the garage, it is necessary to “install the brakes well before going on the road”. In the online space, we must equally respect citizens’ right to privacy, expand online personal data protection strength, raise citizens’ consciousness about information security, and create a safe, stable, reliable and orderly online environment.

Sixth, an innovative online space. Innovation is the genome of the Internet, without innovation, there would be no Internet, and without innovation, there would be no future for the Internet. Taking a broad view of international Internet development, innovation strength decides communication strength, communication strength decides influence, and influence decides competitiveness. “Without daily renewal, there will be daily decline”, China’s online media must persist in making conceptual innovation into their guide, make technological innovation into their support, make service innovation into a focus point, make communication innovation into their crux, and make management innovation into guarantees, they must strive to build an online space that is full of vitality and rich in innovation. Conceptual innovation means that they must vigorously learn from advanced international experiences with a mind like a sea that accepts a hundred streams, start from our country’s national conditions, and march a media development path with Chinese characteristics; technological innovation means that they must dare to rise with the current of Internet technology development, forcefully promote indigenous innovation, use even more Chinese creations and national brands, occupy the commanding heights of communication and strengthen international competitiveness; service innovation means that they must start from netizens’ real needs, expand burgeoning business models, eliminate information barriers, fill information gaps, provide even more specialized and individualized information services; communication innovation means that they must grasp Internet communication laws, use vivid stories to attract people, sincere emotions to move people and common sense to persuade people; management innovation means that they must incessantly complete management systems, innovate management structures, innovate operational models, and expand the comprehensive power of online media.

Building an online space that is for the sake of the people, honest, with the rule of law, safe and innovative is an important mission of great urgency, it requires that all walks of society join hand in hand, and pool their forces to build this together. Mainstream media websites and focus commercial websites are the core forces for promoting the healthy development of the Internet undertaking, they are the principal army in transmitting positive energy, and must fully give rein to their function as examples, ensuring “setting eight examples”:

First, setting the example in grasping orientations, meaning that they must closely grasp the correct political orientation.

Second, setting the example in grasping management, meaning that they must persist in the fact that being able to manage tightly is a firm rationale from beginning to end.

Third, setting the example in fostering healthy tendencies, meaning that they must persist in the fact that disseminating positive energy is the general requirement.

Fourth, setting the example in establishing new styles, meaning that they must greatly initiate online civilized tendencies.

Fifth, setting the example in abiding by the law and discipline, meaning that they must stick to the baselines of laws and regulations.

Sixth, setting the example in exploring laws, meaning that they must raise the effectiveness of online disseminations.

Seven, setting the example in seeking development, meaning that they must strengthen the core competitiveness of online media.

Eighth, setting the example in building teams, meaning that they must build a line of strong teams loyal to the Party and the people.

Comrades, friends:

Concentrating positive energy and jointly building the Chinese Dream is the glorious mission that the times have entrusted us with, and is the common aspiration of the Party and the people. Positive energy is like kindling for hope, it needs a light, and needs to be transmitted. It is wholeheartedly hoped that the broad network media can keep their mission firmly in mind, do not disgrace this great trust, concentrate positive energy, disseminate positive energy, and let the network space be full of warmth, full of sunlight and full of hope, and concentrate strong spiritual forces for the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Finally, I wish the 13th Network Media Forum to be crowned with success!

Thank you, everyone!

网聚正能量 共筑中国梦



国家互联网信息办主任 鲁 炜




本次论坛以“网聚正能量,共筑中国梦”为主题,紧扣发展方向,把握时代脉搏,反映群众心声。对于网络内容建设来讲,正能量是总要求,中国梦是主旋律。网聚正能量,就要紧紧围绕中国梦,用 13亿中华儿女的共同期盼,最大限度地凝聚信念的能量、大爱的胸怀、忘我的精神、进取的锐气,让我们的网络空间充满雨露阳光;共筑中国梦,就要不断激发正能量、传递正能量、汇聚正能量,不断巩固党和人民团结奋斗的共同思想基础。






















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