Some Opinions concerning Forcefully Moving Informatization Development Forward and Realistically Guaranteeing Information Security

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GF No. (2012)23

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal people’s governments, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate organs:

Forcefully moving informatization development and realistically guaranteeing information security has a major important significance for adjusting economic structures, transforming development methods, guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihoods, and safeguarding national security. In recent years, all regions and all departments have earnestly implemented the policies and deployments of the Party Centre and the State Council, accelerated the push forward in informatization construction, established and completed information security guarantee systems, this powerfully stimulated economic and social development. At present, the informatization of all countries in the world is developing rapidly, the application of information technology has stimulated the optimized allocation of global resources and the innovation of development models, the Internet has an even deeper influence on politics, the economy, society and culture, the international competition surrounding information obtention, use and control is becoming fiercer every day, and guaranteeing information security has become an important topic in all countries. But, some problems that urgently need to be resolved still exist in our country’s informatization construction and information security guarantees, the difference with developed countries in terms of broadband information infrastructure development levels has somewhat expanded, government information sharing and professional coordination levels are not high, and core technologies are controlled by people; there is insufficient strategic planning and comprehensive coordination in information security work, there is insufficient capacity to protect important information system and basic information network, mobile Internet and other technological applications have brought serious challenges to information security. We must further strengthen a sense of urgency, adopt even more powerful policy measures, forcefully move informatization development forward, and realistically guarantee information security. To this end, the following opinions are put forward.

I, Guiding ideology and main objectives.

(1) Guiding ideology

With Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implement the scientific development view, take stimulating the optimal allocation of resources as a  rallying point, accelerate the construction of next-generation information infrastructure, promote the deep convergence of informatization and industrialization, build modern information technology industry systems, completely raise economic and social informatization development levels. Persist in vigorous use, scientific development, management according to the law and guaranteeing security, strengthen comprehensive coordination and top-level design, complete information security guarantee systems, realistically strengthen information security guarantee capacity, safeguard national information security, stimulate stable and relatively rapid economic development, and social harmony and security.

(2) Main objectives.

Clearly raise informatization levels in focus areas. Incessantly deepen the convergence of informatization and industrialization, powerfully support modern agricultural development with agricultural and rural informatization, clearly raise informatization in culture, education, healthcare, social security and other such focus areas; rapidly develop e-government and e-commerce, by the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, a national e-government network is to be basically established, and information sharing and professional coordination frameworks are to be basically established; nationwide e-commerce trading value is to exceed 18 trillion Yuan, online retail is to occupy a proportion of social consumption and retail income exceeding 9%.

Begin the construction of next-generation information infrastructure. By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, nationwide fixed broadband access user numbers are to exceed 250 million accounts, international Internet connection broadband is to achieve 6500 Gbit per second; third-generation mobile telecommunications (3g) networks are to cover towns and countries, and the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)is to be sued on a commercial scale.

Gain news breakthroughs in information industry transformation and upgrading. A batch of major innovation results are to be obtained in integrated circuits, system software, crucial components and other such areas, the proportion of information industry income that the software sector occupies is to further rise.

Build the basis for national information security guarantee systems. Clearly strengthen the security protection capacity for important information systems and basic information networks, clearly raise controllability levels of informatization equipment security, clearly strengthen information security ranking, protection and other such fundamental work.

II, Implement the “Broadband China” project, build next-generation information infrastructure.

(1) Accelerate the development of broadband networks. Implement the “Broadband China” project, accelerate information network broadband upgrading with optical fibre broadband and broadband wireless mobile telecommunications as focus points. Move optical fibre broadband into urban households and administrative villages for universal broadband service, raise broadband access, network speed and broadband popularization rates. Strengthen extensive 3G network coverage, support the development of industrial chains of the 3G technology with indigenous intellectual property rights, TD-SCDMA and its subsequently evolved technology TD-LTE, scientifically plan technological coordination and development for 3G and its long-term evolution. Accelerate the construction of next-generation radio and television networks, move digitalization, bidirectionalization and interconnection of radio and television networks forward.

(2) Move the commercial application and cutting-edge distribution of next-generation Internet forward. Accelerate the deployment of next-generation Internet, grasp the launch of commercial IPv6 use trial points, promote the large-scale deployment and commercial application of IPv6 at the right time, move the evolution from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv 4) towards IPv6, business migration and commercial operation forward. Perfect national top-level network frameworks for the Internet, upgrade backbone networks, realize high-speed and high-quality connections. Focus on researching next-generation Internet key chips, equipment, software and systems, promote the pace of industrialization. Accelerate the research and development of key theories and core technologies for future network systems and frameworks, strengthen strategic distributions, establish demonstration platforms for future Internet innovation and development.

(3) Accelerate three-network convergence. Summarize trial experiences, forcefully move the process of bidirectional access between radio, television and telecommunications network under the precondition of guaranteeing information and cultural security, accelerate network upgrading and transformation, and resource sharing, strengthen resource research and development, information technology and business innovation, forcefully develop converged businesses, foster and expand industries and markets related to three-network information. Accelerate the construction of corresponding legal, regulatory and standard structures, complete mechanisms and structures suited to three-network information, perfect manageable and controllable network information and cultural security guarantee systems.

III, Promote the deep convergence of informatization and industrialization, raise informatization levels of economic development

(1) Completely raise enterprise informatization levels. Spread the application of digitalized research, development and design tools, accelerate the progress of digitalization of production facilities in focus sectors and making production processes intelligent, comprehensively spread management systems for enterprise resource planning, supply chains, user relations, etc. Implement major informatization demonstration programmes, guide the shift of enterprise business applications to comprehensive integration, coordination and innovation in industrial chains. Continue to implement small and mid-size enterprise informatization promotion projects and projects to create informatized science and technology, raise the informatization levels of small and mid-size enterprises and manufacturing enterprises. Perfect enterprise informatization and industrialization integration level appraisal and authentication systems, support the development of informatized public service platforms that face concrete sectors.

(2) Expand energy-saving and emission-reduction information technology. Promote the spreading and deep application of energy-saving and emission-reduction information technology in industry, construction, traffic, shipping and other such areas, expand the informatization transformation of major energy-consuming and material-consuming facilities and technological processes. Establish and complete integrated resource and energy use efficiency monitoring and evaluation systems, raise bidirectional adjustment level for resource and energy demand and supply. Establish and complete comprehensive systems to monitor major polluting emissions and to manage the usage of solid waste materials, perfect supervision and management systems to deal with pollution.

(3) Strengthen the core competitiveness of the information industry. Expand support strength of major national science and technology programmes for the research and development of core basic products in the information industry and key general network technology, accelerate the promotion of the research, development and application of next-generation networks and cloud computing. Implement the industrial electronic product upgrade programme, move forward with the comprehensive integration of information technology and industrial technology, raise the intelligence levels of cars, ships, machines and other such products. Promote the transformation of electronic information product manufacturing industries from purely providing products to providing comprehensive solution plans and information services.

(4) Guide the healthy development of e-commerce. Complete security, trust, financial, logistical, standards and other such support systems, explore effective supervision and management models, establish a standardized and orderly e-commerce market order. Guide e-commerce platforms to develop towards providing full-process services that include information exchange, logistics and financial exchange. Encourage small and mid-size enterprises to launch online purchasing and selling, strengthen the coordinated operation of supply and demand chains, focus on promoting the wide application of e-commerce by small and micro enterprises. Implement mobile e-commerce trial and demonstration projects, build e-commerce trial and demonstration cities, innovate e-commerce development models, improve e-commerce development environments.

(5) Move the informatization progress of service industries forward. Promote information sharing in the banking sector, securities sector and insurance sector, support the innovation of financial products and services, stimulate the development of consumption banking, raise financial service levels aimed at small and micro enterprises, agriculture and the countryside. Accelerate moving forward with the informatization of traffic, travel, leisure, entertainment and other such services. Foster and develop the geographical information industry, forcefully develop information system integration, Internet added-value businesses and information security services, raise the informatization levels of industrial design.

IV, Accelerate informatization in the social sphere, move the construction of advanced network culture forward

(1) Improve e-government service capacity. Focus on upgrading service, supervision and management capacity, stimulate government management and innovation, strengthen e-government top-level design. With interconnection and exchange as focus point, form a uniform national e-government network perfect programme construction and management, outcome evaluation, and operations and maintenance mechanisms. Firmly move forward with the construction of important supervision and management information systems for drugs, foodstuffs, housing, energy, finance, pricing, etc. Promote the information sharing and professional coordination in focus areas, accelerate the extension of e-government services into streets, communities and villages, support grass-roots governments and communities in launching trials and demonstrations for management and service model innovation. Strengthen the development and use of basic information resources in the areas of geospace, natural resources, the population, legal persons, finance, taxation, statistics, etc., and stimulate resource sharing. Completely upgrade the service capacity of e-government technology, encourage the shift of professional applications to cloud computing models. Strengthen the management and application of electronic files.

(2) Raise informatization levels of social management and urban operations. Establish comprehensive social management information systems with a complete coverage. Perfect population information sharing mechanisms, realise dynamic management over the actual population, and raise dynamic population information surveys, analysis and forecast capacities. Build management platforms for information about public appeals, improve letters and visits work plans. Strengthen online public opinion analysis, complete online dynamic public opinion guidance and management mechanisms. Promote urban management information sharing, roll out grid management models, accelerate the realization of intelligent electricity networks, intelligent traffic and other such trials and demonstrations, guide the healthy development of intelligent urban construction.

(3) Accelerate progress of informatization in the area of people’s livelihoods. Accelerate the construction of broadband networks in schools, promote the development and sharing of excellent digital education resources, perfect education management information systems, build life-long learning networks and service platforms aimed at the entire population, forcefully develop long-distance learning, shape comprehensive education information service systems. Perfect healthcare service and management information systems, accelerate the establishment of residents’ e-health files and electronic medical histories, strengthen national and regional healthcare information sharing, lay the basis for the development of long-distance healthcare. Build labour, employment and social security information service systems that cover town and country, completely move the application of social security cards forward, promote employment information sharing. Move forward with the informatization of disaster prevention and relief, social aid, social welfare, charitable undertakings and other such social services. Raise information service capacities aimed at the disabled and other special groups.

(4) Develop advanced online culture. Encourage the development of digital cultural products having Chinese characteristics and indigenous intellectual property rights, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, expand digital content industries, foster digital content and network culture industry backbone enterprises, expand digital content industry chains. Strengthen the construction of focus news websites, standardize the management of comprehensive commercial websites, build a positive and healthy new online communication order and network atmosphere. Vigorously move the construction of digital libraries and other such public interest-type cultural information infrastructure forward, develop excellent network popular science resources, perfect public cultural information service systems.

V, Move rural and village informatization forward, ensure that information strengthens and benefits the countryside.

(1) Raise agricultural production and management informatization levels. Promote the research, development and application of information technology suited to agriculture, accelerate the convergence of agricultural production infrastructure, equipment and information technology. Raise the informatization levels of the plant products industry, aquaculture production, as well as of specialize rural cooperatives and agricultural product wholesale market operations. Strengthen agricultural production environment supervision and control, production process monitoring, sector development supervision and management, establish and perfect agricultural product quality and security tracing systems. Vigorously foster, standardize and spread informatized application models suited to agriculture.

(2) Perfect comprehensive agricultural and rural information service systems. Standardize all sorts of agricultural information service systems, establish nationwide comprehensive agricultural information service platforms, encourage the development of specialized information services, accelerate moving forward with agricultural information resource development, integration and comprehensive use. Continue to move forward with the construction of agricultural grass-roots information service stations and information teams, shape comprehensive rural information service systems with villages as nodes, counties as the basis, provinces as platforms and comprehensive nationwide planning.

VI, Complete security protection and management, guarantee information security in focus areas.

(1) Guarantee the security of important information systems and basic information networks. With regard to important information systems in energy, communications, finance and other such areas that involve the national economy and the people’s livelihood, as well as telecommunications networks, radio and television networks, the Internet and other such basic networks, it is necessary to plan matters in a synchronized manner, build them in a synchronized manner and operate security protection equipment in a synchronized manner, strengthen technological protection, straiten security management, realistically raise anti-attack, anti-falsification, anti-virus, anti-paralysis and anti-secret stealing abilities. Expand guarantee strength for wireless network security management and important information systems’ radio frequencies. Strengthen management over Internet sites, addresses, domain names and access service work units, perfect information sharing mechanisms, standardize Internet service market order.

(2) Strengthen security management of government and secrecy-related information systems. Straiten security management of government information technology service contracting, data centres that provide services to government organs, cloud computing service platforms, etc., must be set up inside the borders, it is prohibited to install software on office computers that is not related with work. Establish systems for the verification of opening government websites, uniform symbols, surveys and reports. Reduce quantity of Internet linkage points in government organs, strengthen security and secrecy preservation prevention monitoring. Implement hierarchical protection system for secrecy-related information systems, strengthen examination mechanisms for secrecy-related information systems.

(3) Guarantee the security of industrial control systems. Strengthen security protection and management of industrial control systems for nuclear facilities, aviation, advanced manufacturing, petroleum, oil and gas pipelines, electronic systems, traffic and transportation, water conservation centres, urban infrastructure and other important areas, as well as applications of the Internet of things and the construction of digital cities, regularly launch security inspections and risk evaluations. Focus on strengthening supervision and management over industrial control systems that may endanger lives or the security of public assets. Launch security surveys of key products used in focus areas, implement security risk and loophole reporting systems.

(4) Strengthen the protection of information resources and personal data. Strengthen the protection and management of basic information resources about geography, the population, legal persons, statistics, etc., guarantee the security of interconnection between information systems and information resource sharing between departments. Clarify protection requirements for sensitive information, strengthen the responsibility of enterprises and organs to protect user data and basic State data in online economic activities, strictly standardize acts of data collection by enterprises and organs inside our borders. Launch personal data protection trials in software service contracting, information technology services, e-commerce and other such areas, strengthen personal data protection work.

VII, Accelerate capacity construction, raise network and information security guarantee levels

(1) Lay down a basis for network and information security. Research and formulate national information security strategies and plans, strengthen top-level design. Implement protection structures for information security, etc., launch security construction and management at corresponding levels, do information system ranking, filing, improvement, supervision and inspection well. Strengthen network and information security emergency response work, perfect emergency response plans, strengthen guidance over and coordination of information security disaster preparation facility construction. Perfect information security authentication and approval systems, strengthen information security product authentication work, reduce duplicate inspections and duplicate fee payments.

(2) Strengthen network trust system construction and password guarantees. Complete electronic authentication service systems, move forward with the application of electronic signatures in financial and other such focus areas, and in e-commerce. Formulate e-commerce trust evaluation norms, establish Internet site and e-commerce trading platform honesty evaluation mechanism, support third parties how meet conditions to launch trust evaluation services. Forcefully move the application of password technologies in secrecy-related information systems and important information system protection forward, strengthen the support function of passwords in guaranteeing the security of e-government and e-commerce, in protecting citizens’ personal information and other such areas.

(3) Raise network and information supervision and management capacity. Perfect national network and information security infrastructure, strengthen the construction of specialized network and information security backbone teams and emergency response technology teams, raise the capacity to discover risks and hidden dangers, for monitoring and early warning, and to deal with sudden incidents. Strengthen information sharing and exchange platform construction, complete network and information security information reporting mechanisms. Expand attack strength against unlawful and criminal activities online. Further perfect supervision and management systems, improve supervision and management capacity, strengthen guidance, supervision and management over basic information network security work. Initiate sector self-regulation, give rein to the supervisory role of social organizations and the broad netizens.

(4) Accelerate tackling of key problems and industrial development. Plan matters comprehensively, integrate forces, further expand network and information security technology research and development strength, accelerate information security technology research in cloud computing, the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, next-generation Internet and other such areas. Continue to organize and implement information security industrialization programmes, perfect government procurement policy measures and management systems related to information security, support the development of the information security industry.

VIII, Perfect policy measures

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership. Under the leadership of the National Informatization Small Leading Group and the National Network and Information Security Small Coordination Group, all relevant departments must, according to their duties, responsibilities and work division, earnestly implement all work tasks, strengthen coordination and cooperation, shape joint forces, and jointly move the development of informatization and information security guarantee work forward. All localities must list guaranteeing network and information security on their important matters agenda, gradually establish and earnestly implement network and information security responsibility systems, clarify management and leadership, determine work organs, take responsibility for supervising the implementation of network and information security rules and structures, organize the formulation of advance emergency response plans, to deal with major network and information security incidents, etc., and on the basis of the real situation in their localities, establish network and information security coordination organs at both provincial (regional, municipal) and district (city) levels.

(2) Strengthen financial policy support. Gove rein to the leverage function of fiscal policies to expand support strength for key general technology research and development for the deep convergence of informatization and industrialization, public service platforms, the construction of major demonstration projects, etc. Perfect supplementary mechanisms for universal rural telecommunications services, give priority to support comprehensive information infrastructure construction and improvement in rural and underdeveloped regions. Integrate the use of existing financial channels, expand financial input from the Centre, focus on supporting important fundamental work to support information security. All regions and all departments must bring expenses for basic and public network and information security infrastructure operations and maintenance, security services and inspection, etc., into their financial budgets.

(3) Accelerate the construction of regulations, structures and standards. Perfect laws and regulations for the development of informatization, network and information security, research and formulate management rules for government information security management, personal information protection, etc. Complete corresponding regulations and structures, clarify and implement the responsibilities of enterprise and undertaking work units, and social organizations in safeguarding information security. Formulate and perfect applied standards for a new generation of information technologies in focus areas, pay attention to giving rein to the technological support function of standards for industrial development. Foster standardized specialist forces for national information security, accelerate the formulation of security standards for three-network integration, cloud computing, the Internet of things, etc., Vigorously participate in the formulation of international behavioural norms for information security, Internet governance and other international norms and standards.

(4) Strengthen propaganda, education and talent fostering. Launch propaganda, education and training on informatization applications and information security facing all of society. Support the construction of academic information security and secrecy preservation teaching teams, specialist institutes, academic systems, and focus laboratories. Strengthen education in primary, secondary and tertiary education concerning information technology, information security and network ethics, launch information security education and training in government organs and secrecy preservation work units. All levels’ finance departments must expand support for information security propaganda, education, training and other such public interest activities. Accelerate the fostering of innovative and applied informatization talents.

State Council

28 June 2012



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