Provisional Audio and Video Publishing Work Regulations

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Audio and video publishing work is a component of the ideological and cultural front, and has an important function in our country’s socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization construction. In order to strengthen management over this undertaking and stimulate its healthy development, the following Provisional Regulations are formulated.

I, The policy tasks and operation guidance ideology of audiovisual publishing work units

(1) Audiovisual publishing work units must persist in the orientation of serving the People and serving Socialism, implement the policies of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend, weeding out the chaff to obtain the new, making the foreign serve China, making the past serve the present. Its basic tasks are mobilizing and organizing creation and performance forces, publishing audiovisual products required by the People, accumulating and disseminating the achievements of culture, science, technology and knowledge, raising the People’s culture, science, technology and knowledge level, satisfying the cultural entertainment requirements of the masses, enriching the People’s spiritual life.

(2) Audiovisual publishing work units shall correctly handle the relationship between societal interest and economic interest, and put societal interest first.

(3) All audiovisual publishing work units must strictly conduct professional activities according to their approved publishing scope.

(4) Audiovisual publishing work units must persist in the principle of quality first. From aspects such as publications’ shooting and recording, written expression, as well as layout and design, packaging, etc., striving to raise quality. Determinedly opposing rough manufacturing, one-sided pursuit of sales volumes and profit tendencies.

All audiovisual publishing work units must pay attention to focus themes, strive vigorously to publish each year some relatively high-level publications, progressively accumulating “retained programmes” of the publishing work unit, establish their own specialities.

(5) Strengthening artistic audiovisual product publishing work. Artistic audiovisual products shall persist in the principle of unification of ideology and art, strive for an entertainment function that also has educational sense or is healthy, and also has a relatively high enjoyment value.

It is necessary to appropriately deal with popularizing and raising the intermingling relationship all sorts of Chinese, foreign, past and present themes and forms, satisfying the different levels of likes and requirements of the People of all nationalities. It is necessary to both gather the cream of artistry under the sun, and break through in focus points, make efforts in publishing work of programmes that reflect reality and benefit inspiring the masses to devote themselves to the Four Modernizations.

(6) Energetically developing educational audiovisual products’ publishing work. All educational audiovisual publishing work units must implement State education policies and education reforms guiding ideologies, publish high-quality audiovisual material. Full attention shall also be paid to providing self-study audiovisual material, in order to satisfy self-study requirements.

(7) Energetically developing technology audiovisual products publishing work, disseminating scientific knowledge, spreading new technology. Technology audiovisual products shall stress the scientific nature. All information dissemination having an experimental or research nature, shall be distributed internally, and is only provided to relevant expert personnel for reference.

II, Audiovisual publishing work unit powers and duties

(8) All audiovisual publishing work units reported and approved according to the “Provisional Audio and Video Product Management Regulations” approved by the State Council have the power to publish audiovisual products, copyright of their publications shall receive State protection.

(9) Audiovisual publishing work units shall respect and safeguard the proper rights and interests of the writers and performers of the recorded works, implement the “Temporary Regulations on Copyright Protection of Audio and Video Publications” formulated by the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television.

(10) Audiovisual publishing work units must enrich their forces, strengthen editing and recording work, complete examination systems. Programmes decided to be published shall be examined on three levels: preliminary examination, re-examination and final examination, their written manuscripts, complete recording master tapes, layout design drafts and production notification must all be signed by the editor-in-chief, and be kept on file.

(11) Audiovisual publishing work units shall closely relate to work units in culture and art, education, science and technology, etc., as well as writers and performers, and strengthen cooperation. Inviting on-the-job personnel to record and produce programmes, shall be consulted in advance with their work unit. For organizing non on-the-job personnel to record and produce programmes, their ideological situation and professional level must be fully understood in advance, it is necessary to both discover talents, and prevent accepting the second-best.

(12) Audiovisual publishing work units must do publication propaganda well, apart from day-to-day compiling of publication catalogue and magazine advertisements, it is also necessary to use newspapers and periodicals, radio and television to vigorously and in a practical and realistic manner, develop review work, providing convenience and guidance to the masses.

(13) Audiovisual publishing work units must do well distribution work of their own publications. It is necessary to pay attention to collecting the masses’ reflections, grasp distribution numbers; where there are good social results, distribution numbers may be expanded, where it is not good, it is necessary to control distribution numbers up to suspending publication.

(14) Audiovisual publishing work units shall observe State regulations concerning remuneration payments to writers and performers. Observe all financial and tax-collection systems and regulations. Pay attention to handle work matters in a hardworking and thrifty way.

(15) Audiovisual publishing work units shall submit samples (for audiovisual tapes: temporarily submitting cover and written explanation drafts) to the Ministry y of Radio, Film and Television Audiovisual Management Organ and the provincial-level audiovisual management organ of their locality. Those not submitting for a more than a month after bringing it to the market, will be reported and fined by the audiovisual management organ.

III, Some requirements of audiovisual publication specifications

(16) All sorts of audiovisual products must publish on a clear location on the packaging (also named poster) and the film label, the publishing work unit’s full name and the registered trademark, the publishing number of that work unit and the year of publication. Video programmes shall also record the publishing work unit’s full name and trademark on the programme recording tape.

(17) All sorts of audiovisual products must indicate the writers of the programme (including words, script, and song writers) and performers (including director and conductor) on the packaging or in the enclosed written material. Songs and opera audio tapes and records, shall enclose lyric materials; songs sung in foreign languages shall also have a Chinese language short lyric introduction; on the label, the programme name of that disc or tape shall be indicated; video programmes shall also enclose a short content introduction of that programme.

IV, The relationship between audiovisual publishing work units and duplication production work units.

(18) Audiovisual publishing work units entrusting recording and production of audiovisual products must sign a contract. The party receiving entrustment must be a duplication production work unit approved by the audiovisual management organ. The signed contract shall be reported to the provincial-level audiovisual management organ of the locality of the production work unit for filing, and their supervision and examination shall be examined.

(19) Audiovisual publishing work units may not entrust editing and screening, and recording work to duplication production work units. Audiovisual publication propaganda and advertising shall be signed by the publishing work unit and this is responsible for its content.

(20) On the packaging of the publication, and when possible also on the label, the publication work unit is printed, so as to benefit examining product quality and prevent reprinting.

V, Concerning guidance and management questions

(21) The Ministry of Radio, Film and Television is in charge of nationwide audiovisual product work. All State-approved audiovisual publishing work units shall accept Ministry of Radio Film and Television, and local provincial-level radio, film and television office (bureau) audiovisual management organ supervision and management.

(22) Specialist audiovisual publishing work units shall simultaneously also accept guidance from their specialist higher-level controlling authority.

(23) All controlling authorities shall strengthen guidance over audiovisual publishing work units in their localities, and are responsible for examining and approving publication plans and work plans, supervising examination and implementation situations.

(24) Audiovisual publishing work units must strengthen ideology and political work, simultaneously make effort for all specialist cadre training. They must foster a large batch of cadres having revolutionary spirit and specialist skill, stimulating this burgeoning publication undertaking’s development.

(25) All sorts of audiovisual publishing work units, shall strictly observe and strive to implement these Provisional Regulations, where there are violations, they shall be dealt with according to the gravity of the situation. Up to cancelling publication powers.





































































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