Central Committee Resolution Concerning Guiding Policies for the Construction of a Socialist Spiritual Civilization

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(Passed on 28 September 1986 at the 6th Plenary Meeting of the 12th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party)

The 6th Plenary Meeting of the 12th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, according to the strategic policies of the Party’s 12th Party Congress concerning striving to construct an spiritual civilization construction at the same time as constructing a material civilization, as well as the spirit of the national Party congress of 1985, according to the requirements of our country’s complete reform and development, has reviewed and discussed the achievements of spiritual civilization construction in the past few years and the problems we face. The Plenum believes that, suited to new circumstances, further clarifying the guiding principles of Socialist spiritual civilization construction, strengthening work in this aspect, has a major and immediate significance and a long-term significance for guaranteeing the smooth development of the cause of Socialist modernization construction.

I, The strategic position of Socialist spiritual civilization construction

The general arrangements of our country’s socialist modernization construction are: with economic construction at the centre, unflinchingly conducting economic structural reform, unflinchingly conducting political structural reform, unflinchingly strengthening spiritual civilization construction, and ensuring that these aspects are conducted in coordination and are mutually stimulating. The comrades in the entire party must, from the height of these general arrangements, correctly understand the strategic position of Socialist spiritual civilization construction.

The Socialist spiritual civilization with Marxism as guidance is an important characteristic of Socialism. During the Socialist period, material culture provides material conditions and practical experience for the development of the spiritual civilization, and the spiritual civilization provides spiritual drivers and knowledge support to the development of the material civilization, and provides forceful ideological guarantees for its correct development orientation. Socialist spiritual civilization construction is a large matter relating to the rise, decline, success and failure of Socialism

Since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, following the victory of bringing order out of chaos and the development of overall reform, following the development of material civilization construction, Socialist spiritual civilization construction has obtained major progress. Our Party has liberated thoughts, persisted in the ideological line of seeking truth from facts, given rein to the scientific spirit and creative vitality of Marxism, and has made breakthroughs in a series of fossilized concepts and raised then to new levels in Socialist understanding; the entire country is stable and united, the democratic legal system is progressively completed, the broad cadres and masses’ vigour has clearly risen; mass-type spiritual civilization construction activities are broadly launched, and many fresh experiences are accumulated; the social morality of respecting knowledge and respecting talent is beginning to be established, education, science and culture flourish more every day; the Party’s fine traditions are being carried on, the Party style and social atmosphere are improving. This is the mainstream. At the same time, we must be aware that, spiritual civilization construction is not adapted to Socialist modernization construction and with the circumstances of reform and development in many aspects, sufficient understanding of the importance of spiritual civilization construction is still lacking, the problems of guiding policies in real work have not yet been completely resolved, within the Party and society, a number of grave negative phenomena still require us to eliminate them with great efforts. Only by completely assessing the situation of spiritual civilization construction and fully understanding the urgency and long-term nature of strengthening spiritual civilization construction, is it possible to unflinchingly grasp work in this aspect, otherwise, the entire picture may be disrupted.

Reform is the self-perfection and development of the Socialist system. Launching it completely is an important symbol of the huge changes that took place in our country’s circumstances in the last few years. Complete reform and opening up to the outside world has brought strong vitality to the Socialist cause, and a huge stimulation to spiritual civilization construction. Following the development of a Socialist commodity economy and Socialist democratic politics, deep changes have taken place in people’s ideologies and states of minds, and at the same time, even higher new requirements are put to spiritual civilization construction. Whether or not we can adapt to this sort of requirement, shape public opinion forces, value concepts, cultural conditions and social environments benefiting Socialist modernization construction, forcefully resist the degenerate ideology of capitalism and feudalism, prevent the danger of all sorts of losing orientation, inspire the huge enthusiasm and creative spirit of people of all ethnicities in the entire nation, and use the efforts of a number of generations to construct a strong Socialist country, this is an historical major test. We shall believe that, if we have the Party’s correct orientation, have the guidance of Marxism, have the basic economic systems and basic economic policies of Socialism, have the people’s democratic regime and the Socialist legal system, and especially have the firm support of the broad people for Socialist construction and reform, as long as we incessantly strengthen spiritual civilization construction at the same time as forcefully moving material civilization construction forward, we will certainly be able to reach the objective of realizing Socialist modernization.

Generally speaking, it is decided that the strategic position of Socialist spiritual civilization construction must be the spiritual civilization construction that promotes Socialist modernization construction, must be the spiritual civilization construction that stimulates complete reform and implementation of opening up to the outside world, and must be the spiritual civilization construction that persists in the Four Cardinal Principles. This is the basic guiding principle of Socialist spiritual civilization construction.

II, The basic tasks for Socialist spiritual civilization construction

The basic tasks for Socialist spiritual civilization construction are the requirement to adapt to Socialist modernization construction, foster Socialist citizens having ideals, morals, culture and discipline, and raising the ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality of the overall Chinese nation.

The quality of people is the outcome of history, and has a huge influence on history as well. Under the conditions of Socialism, to strive to improve the quality of the whole body of citizens, we must incessantly raise social productivity, incessantly develop new sorts of relationship between people on the basis of the public ownership system, and cause profound change in the overall appearance of society. This is an indispensable condition for our country’s Socialist modernization cause to become successful.

Spiritual civilization construction includes both aspects of ideological and moral construction and education, scientific and cultural construction, permeates into the centre of the overall material civilization construction, and is reflected in all aspects of the economy, politics, culture and social life. Strengthening spiritual civilization construction, not only is the task of ideological, cultural and education department, but is also the task of all departments at the battle line, and is a joint, long-term task of the entire Party, the entire Army and the labourers, peasants, intellectuals and other workers and patriots of all ethnicities in the entire country.

After our country’s Socialist reform was basically completed, the Party has made major mistakes within a long period, which were that it did not transfer work focus towards economic construction, and still persisted in taking class struggle as the key link, it despised educational, scientific and cultural construction, extremely exaggerated class struggle in the ideological sphere, until the internal disorder of the “Cultural Revolution” occurred. Our Party summarized historical experiences, clearly put forward that at the current stage, the main contradiction in our country’s society is the contradiction that the people’s daily increasing material and cultural needs and the backward social production; class struggle will still exist for a long time to a certain extent, but it is no longer the main contradiction, the majority of contradictions existing in our society do not have a class struggle nature. Strengthening spiritual civilization construction requires us to keep historical lessons firmly in mind, correctly deal with all contradictions in Socialist societies, persist in adopting the method of discussion, the method of reasoning and the method of criticism and self-criticism concerning questions with an ideological nature, that is to say, using education and persuasion method to resolve problems; persist in everything fixing eyes upon construction, concentrating our attention on uniting the people, fully giving rein to the people’s Socialist vigour and creative spirit, concentrating on satisfying the people’s cultural and spiritual needs, concentrating on strengthening ideological and moral construction and education and science construction, and in the final analysis, concentrating on stimulating social productivity development.

Recent global and Chinese history both indicate that, refusing to accept advanced science and culture from abroad, is impossible for any country or any nation that wants to develop and advance. Adopting a closed-door policy can only cause stagnation and backwardness. We determinedly abandon the ideological system and social structure of capitalism that safeguards exploitation and oppression, and abandon all repulsive and degenerate things in capitalism, but we must use great forces and great determination to master science and technology from all countries in the contemporary world, including capitalist developed countries, economic administration and management experiences that have broad application and other beneficial culture, and inspect and develop them in practice. Not doing things like this is ignorant, and modernization will be impossible to realize. Opening up to the outside world is an unshakeable basic national policy, and does not only apply to material civilization construction, but also applies to spiritual civilization construction.

The Chinese nation is a great nation with a long history and culture, and has been at the global forefront of ancient civilization and history for a long time. In recent times, because of the decadence of the feudal system and the invasion of imperialism, it has become backward. The Xinhai Revolution, May Fourth Movement and the People’s Revolution led by the Chinese Communist Party, have brought a huge change in Chinese history. The establishment of a new China, has begun the great rejuvenation of Chinese civilization on a Socialist basis. Since our country entered a new historical development period with the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress as symbol, this rejuvenation has been imbued with even more formidable vitality and life force. This rejuvenation, not only will create a high-level developed material civilization, but also will create an equally high-level Socialist spiritual civilization with Marxism in the lead, criticizing traditions inherited from history and also fully reflecting the spirit of the times, standing in this country but open towards the world.

III, Using common ideals to mobilize and unit the people from all ethnicities in the entire country

Constructing Socialism with Chinese characteristics, making our country construct itself into a Socialist country with high-level civilization and high-level democracy, this is the common ideal of the people of all ethnicities in the entire country at this stage. By the end of this century, we must make our country’s economy reach the relatively well-off stage; by the middle of the next century, we must approach the level of global developed countries. This common ideal, has concentrated the interests and desire of our country’s labourers, peasants, intellectuals and other workers and patriots, and is a formidable spiritual weapon guaranteeing that the whole body of the people in politics, morality, justice and spirit unite as one, overcome any difficulty and obtain victory. In order to realize this common ideal, all vigorous ideologies and spirits benefiting constructing of the Four Modernization, revitalizing China and unifying the motherland, all vigorous ideologies and spirit benefiting ethnic unity, social progress and the people’s happiness, and all vigorous ideologies and spirits of using honest labour to obtain a glorious life, shall be respected, protected and carried forward. Only in this way is it possible to, concerning the question of uniting all forces that can be united to construct Socialism, genuinely overcome narrow points of view created for a long time that are gravely dangerous, and  closely unite Communist Party members and non-Party members, Marxists and non-Marxists, atheists and religious believers, domestic compatriots and overseas compatriots, or generally speaking, the entire body of workers and patriots, vigorously bring them into action, and struggle for the common ideal.

The highest ideal of our Party is the establishment of a Communist society in which each contributes according to ability, and receives according to need. Regardless of past, present or future, this highest ideal is the source of strength and spiritual pillar of our Communist Party members and model workers. Now, constructing Socialism with Chinese characteristics, is a phase that must be passed in realizing this highest ideal. Speaking about our Communist Party members, this means struggling to construct Socialism with Chinese characteristics is also struggling for the highest ideal of the Party. If they are not honest or enthusiastic in realizing this struggle, this will be wittingly or unwittingly deviating from the highest ideal of the party, and they are not conscious Communists. Because of this, Communist Party members, Communist Youth League members and advanced workers must all, together with labourers, peasants and intellectuals, integrate the common ideal with all sectors and trades, all localities, all collective development objectives and construction tasks, and integrate it with the duties of each position and life pursuits, be determined to construct, be determined to reform, work diligently in spite of difficulties, building the country through thrift and hard work, be earnest and down to earth in the cause. In our era, honour belongs to those people that are dauntless in constructing the motherland and protecting the motherland, overwhelm all difficulties and make outstanding contributions and brilliant examples.

The achievements of Socialist modernization constructions are ever larger, and the broad popular masses’ conviction in realizing the common ideal is ever firmer. We must be good at utilizing the real achievements of construction and reform and the personal experience of the masses to conduct vivid education about ideals. At the same time, we must adopt many kinds of methods to help the broad cadres and masses, and especially minors to progressively and deeply understand the Marxist world view and social development rules, understand the glorious history and revolutionary traditions of our nature, understand the grave calamities of our nation in the last century and the heroic struggle against imperialism and feudalism, understand the progress and contradictions of the contemporary world and the future of humankinds, in order to raise the self-respect, self-confidence and self-pride of our nation and establish ideals on a scientific basis.

Our patriotism is closely related with internationalism. China’s development and progress is a part of global development and progress. Our country’s people, when associating with people from all countries in the world must persist in peace and friendship, equality and mutual benefit, mutual support and mutual learning. The victory of Socialist modernization construction is to oppose hegemonism, safeguard world peace and strive to contribute to the cause of progress of humankind.

IV, Establishing and carrying forward Socialist moral customs

The basic requirements of Socialist moral construction are to love the motherland, love the people, love work, love science and love Socialism. We must reflect the “Five Loves” in all aspects of social life, between all ethnicities in the entire country, between workers, peasants and intellectuals, between Army and people, between cadres and the masses, within households and between neighbours, so that in all mutual relations between the people, new sorts of Socialist relationships of equality, unity, friendliness and mutual support are established and developed.

Morality is the reflection of the economic basis, and is not an abstract concept that is removed from historical development. Our country is still in the primary stage of Socialism, and must not only implement distribution according to work done, develop Socialist commodity economies and competition, but is also in a corresponding historical period, and must still develop many kinds of economic elements on the basis of public ownership at the core, and encourage a part off the people to become rich first under the objective of common wealth. Under these historical conditions, moral construction at the level of all people, shall affirm reasonable differences in distribution aspects between people that are brought about by this, and at the same time encourage the people to carry forward a Socialist and collectivist spirit that integrates the national interest, collective interest and individual interest, carries forward a spirit of considering the big picture, being honest and keeping promises, helping each other in friendliness and supporting the poor and those in difficulties. What Socialist morals must oppose, are all ideologies and actions benefiting oneself at others’ expense, feathering one’s nest at public expense, letting money come first, using power for personal gain, cheating and extorting, and is absolutely not to deny distribution according to work done and the commodity economy, we can absolutely not make egalitarianism into a moral standard for our society. At the same time, it must be pointed out that Socialism is a historical movement at the highest stage before entering Communism. Our society’s model workers, for the sake of the people’s benefit and happiness, for the Communist ideal, stand at the front of the tides of the times, may spare no effort to pioneer, forget themselves in their public duties, be courageous and dedicated, and when necessary, do not hesitate to sacrifice their own life, this sort of sublime Communist morals shall be advocated earnestly in the entire society. Communist Party members first and foremost are leading cadres, and must especially unflinchingly practice what they preach. Generally speaking, concerning moral construction, we absolutely must start from reality, encourage advances, look after the majority, and integrate the requirements of advance with the requirements of being widespread, only in this way will it be possible to link and guide people with different levels of awareness to progress together, and shape strong spiritual forces concentrating the hundreds of millions of people.

In all sectors and trades of our society, we must forcefully strengthen professional moral construction. First and foremost, it are the cadres of Party and State organs who must be just and honest, loyal and vigorous, and serve the people with their whole heart and mind, oppose bureaucratism, trickery and fraud, and using official powers to seek personal gain. They must also strengthen the construction of professional morals in these departments that directly serve the popular masses’ daily life, oppose and correct unhealthy tendencies having sectoral characteristics. In our society, everyone is a service target, and everyone must serve others. Our society’s concern for people, social peace and harmonious relationships between people are closely related with the service attitude and service quality in all positions.

In public and social life, we must forcefully carry forward a spirit of Socialist humanitarianism, respect people, care for people and especially pay attention to protecting children, respecting women, respecting the elderly, respecting soldier’s dependents and disabled veterans, and be concerned with and help widowers, widows, orphans and the childless, and handicapped persons. We must observe public order and preach civilized manners. We must advocate people to cherish public assets, protect the environment and resources, and consciously implement duties towards the State and society. When the national security is threatened, or social public security is in danger, we must stride boldly forward and fight heroically.

We must launch activities to transform social traditions in the broad town and country, advocate a civilized, healthy and scientific way of life, and overcome ignorant and backward things that still exist in social customs. Corrupt habits in marriages and funerals must be reformed, feudal superstitions must be done away with. This sort of reform, must be conducted by the masses themselves on the presupposition of respecting healthy folk customs and on a voluntary basis, Communist Party members and Communist Youth League members must take the lead in initiating them.

Socialist morals are a new frontier of moral development in human civilization, they certainly must critically inherit all fine moral traditions of human history, and must struggle with all degenerate ideologies and morals. Feudal morals have a deep influence in our country, and today, the patriarchal concepts, ideas about privilege, autocratic ways, forming factions with accomplices, treating women as inferior to men, etc., that still survive in our social relationships, are essentially all reflections of the poisonous legacy of feudalism. Because of the enslaving ideology that emerged under semi-feudalist society conditions, as well as degenerate capitalist ideologies, also have a deep influence in our country, and often are integrated with degenerate feudal ideologies. Because of this, overcoming the influence of these degenerate ideologies and morals in all aspects of society is a huge and long-term work.

V, Strengthening Socialist democracy, legal system and discipline education

Highly regarding democracy is a great objective of Socialism, and is also an important reflection of Spiritual civilization construction in State and social life. In human history, in the burgeoning capitalist period and the struggle of the working people in opposing feudalist and autocratic systems, shaping a democratic and free, equal and fraternal concept is a great liberation of the human spirit. Marxism critically inherited these concepts of the capitalist class, and also has differences in principle with them. Fundamentally speaking, capitalist class democracy is serving to safeguard the capitalist system. Socialism, on the basis of eliminating class oppression and exploitation, in order to fully realize that the people run their house and take charge, democracy has been pushed towards a new historical height, which opened paths. The main historical lessons in our country’s Socialist development are first, that we have not concentrated forces to develop the economy, and second, that we have not realistically constructed democratic politics. Since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, our Party has stressed that without democracy, there will be no Socialist modernization, stressed that democracy must be systematized and legalized, stressed that the Party must operate within the scope of the Constitution and the laws, and realistically move democratization forward in Party and State political life, economic management and in overall social life. Recently, the Centre has emphasized and put forward political structure reform, which is that we must persist in the leadership of the Party and the basis of the people’s democratic dictatorship, reform and perfect Party and State leadership systems, further enlarge Socialist democracy, complete the Socialist legal system, in order to adapt to the requirement of Socialist modernization. This is an extremely complex work, the Centre will conduct full investigation and research, make deployments and move forward gradually and in the lead.

Democracy cannot be separated from the legal system and discipline. The Socialist legal system reflects the people’s will, guarantees the people’s lawful rights and interests, stresses the relationship between people, standardizes and controls the actions of people, and punishes and attacks all sorts of illegal activities violating society. Not wanting a Socialist democratic legal system, is absolutely not a Socialist legal system; not wanting the democracy of a Socialist legal system, is absolutely not Socialist democracy. Only by forcefully strengthening the Socialist legal system with the Constitution as the foundation, strengthening labour discipline and work discipline, and struggling with all sorts of acts suppressing and endangering democracy in real life, will it be possible to move forward and guarantee the smooth development economic construction and complete reform, and safeguard a long period of peace and order in the country. Bourgeois liberalization, denies the Socialist system, and advocates a capitalist system, this is basically in violation of the people’s interest and the tide of history, and for the broad people to determinedly oppose.

The basic problem in strengthening Socialist democracy and legal system construction is educating the people. We must start from primary schools, and at the same time as conducting ideal, moral, civilized manner and other education, conduct democracy, legal system and discipline education. We must unflinchingly disseminate common knowledge about the legal system in the whole body of people, strengthen a Socialist civic awareness, and make people understand the basic rights and obligations of citizens, and understand the laws and disciplines that directly relate to their own work and life, and foster fine habits of observing the law and obeying discipline. Citizens must all abide by the Constitution, Party members must also obey Party rules. Everyone is equal in the face of law and discipline, and it is absolutely not permitted to have special personalities exceeding law and discipline in any way, these shall become unwavering norms in our political and social life.

The people’s democratic dictatorship is a strong and powerful weapon protecting the people and safeguarding the Four Modernization. We must attack all hostile elements destroying our country’s Socialist system according to the law, punish economic crimes and other crimes according to the law, prohibit and ban prostitution, drugs, gabling, the dissemination of obscene videos, books, periodicals and other unlawful and criminal activities harming the people.

VI, Disseminating and raising education, science and culture

Education, science and culture are important conditions for material civilization construction, and are also important conditions for raising the popular masses’ ideological and moral consciousness levels. In the present world, science becomes an increasing revolutionary force in promoting historical progress, and becomes an important symbol representing the civilization level of a nation. When we conduct modernization construction, we shall even more consciously rely on science, carry forward and respect science, and a spirit of respecting knowledge, and strive to firmly organize education, science and culture dissemination and rising in the whole nation.

Education, science, literature and art, press and publications, radio and television, hygiene, sports, cultural heritage, libraries, museums and all other cultural undertakings must each have an important function. We must start from the reality of our country’s vast territory and unbalanced economic and cultural development, and strive to make these undertakings obtain a great development. Especially in education and science, with overall Socialist modernization construction as strategic focus, if we cannot obtain the development we should not only will spiritual civilization construction not go forward, economic construction will also have no aftereffect. The State must guarantee the development undertakings through policy and finance, and encourage forces from all sides of society to support these undertakings. All localities must formulate concrete cultural undertaking development plans, and guarantee the completion of cultural construction tasks, just like completing economic construction.

The Socialist nature of our country’s cultural undertakings, requires that social effect must become the highest standard. We must strive to raise the quality of intellectual products to satisfy the masses’ broad requirements, and conduct cultural management structure reform, reform business management, and stimulate the vigorous development of cultural undertakings.

Education, science and culture workers bear a glorious huge mission in spiritual civilization construction, and shall understand the requirements of the times and the people, strive to raise their own ideological and moral quality and professional quality. All levels’ leading organs must guide and organize intellectuals to integrate with the popular masses in the rich practice of creating a new life through many channels, broadly attract to participate in all aspects of construction and reform work consulting and policymaking; give forceful support through conditions to talents having prominent contributions and focus work; give spiritual and material rewards to excellent intellectual works and excellent workers, and must especially organize some kinds of awards that represent our nation’s scientific and culture levels, and that are seen as sublime honours  .Respecting knowledge and respecting talent, are major themes that await further resolution in all aspects of our real work. The genuine rise of the position of intellectuals and fully giving rein to their functions, and labourers, peasants and intellectuals closely uniting and struggling together, are reliable guarantees for the certain success of modernization construction

VII, The guiding function of Marxism in spiritual civilization construction

Persisting in taking Marxism and Mao Zedong Thought at the core is the basis for the cause of our country’s Socialist modernization, and is a basis for Socialist spiritual civilization construction. The Marxism that is a scientific worldview for the working classes and a great achievements of all humankind’s spiritual civilization, is a theoretical basis for the Socialist cause and the Party leadership, is the most important component part of Socialist ideology, and has a major guiding function in the overall spiritual civilization construction. Our ideal construction, moral construction, cultural construction, democracy and legal system concept construction are all inseparable from the guidance of Marxism, and inseparable from Marxist theoretical construction.

Marxism is a science that incessantly enriches and develops in the middle of historical and scientific progress, it has no conclusive truth, but is a path for incessantly starting to understand the truth in practice. China and the world have already undergone and are currently undergoing huge changes, one the one hand, this proves the great vitality of Marxism, and on the other hand requires us to use Marxism’s basic principles and basic methods to creatively resolve new problems. The new task of our country’s Marxist theory work in the new period, is that we have to research Socialist modernization construction and the new situation, new experiences and new questions of complete reform from all aspects of economy, politics, culture and society, and explore the construction of rules of Socialism with Chinese characteristics; at the same time, we must research new changes in the contemporary world, research all sorts of contemporary ideological trends, and critically absorb and summarize the newest achievements of scientific development in all categories. Only by starting from reality, taking practice as the sole criterion to examine truth, courageously breaking through in judgements and verdicts that have been proved through practice to be incorrect or that aren’t adapted to changed circumstances, and by not using fossilized concepts to judge life, Marxism can advance following life and guide the advance of life. Persisting in Marxism is not discussed. Making Marxism into an ossified dogma is wrong; denying the basic principles of Marxism, and thinking that Marxism is “out of date” and blindly worshipping some philosophies and sociologies of the capitalist class, is also wrong.

In Socialist practice, modernization construction and complete reform are extremely complex and innovative undertakings, and there is no, and there can be no readily available answer, different opinions in theory and work can appear regularly. We must determinedly implement the principle of “letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools content”, support and encourage bold exploration and free discussion with scientific research at the basis, and make Marxist theoretical research become enormously dynamic, and make all policymaking be established on the basis of increasing democracy and science. Decisions on policies and plans must observe the principle of democratic centralism. Academic and artistic issues must respect the principle of abiding by the provisions of the Constitutions, and implement academic freedom, creative freedom, freedom of discussion and freedom of criticism and counter-criticism. The objective of acting in this way is to correctly give rein to the guiding function of Marxism for the academy and artistry, create a stable and united environment necessary for scientific and cultural development and a harmonious atmosphere, and making them serve the people and serve Socialism even better.

Party members and cadres, and especially leading cadres and cadres engaging in ideological work, must pioneer the earnest study of Marxism. Without earnest study, persisting and development have no basis to speak of. Among the masses and especially the youth, the study of Marxism must also be vigorously advocated. We must integrate the basic principles of Marxism with the Party line, policies and principles and education of the circumstances and education about revolutionary history, integrate it with the study of all sorts of historical, cultural and scientific knowledge, and integrate it with the ideological state of the masses, overcome the tendency to overlook Marxist theoretical study, and overcome studying content that is removed from reality and the flaws of formalism, monotony and dullness.

VIII, The tasks of Party organizations and Party members in spiritual civilization construction

The working class is the leading class of our country. The vanguard of the working class is the Chinese Communist Party, which is the core force leading our country’s Socialist modernization construction. The tasks of all levels’ Party organizations and the broad Party members in spiritual civilization construction, are first, to strengthen their own spiritual civilization construction, and especially do the Party style well; and second, to organize and promote the spiritual civilization construction of the whole society with exemplary actions and arduous work.

The problems of Party style are problems relating to the Party’s life and death. Our party is a governing party with the political power to lead the entire country, whether Party members and cadres serve the people with their entire hearts and minds, or act as bureaucrats and overlords, abuse their power for personal gain, override the people and act tyrannically has become an especially major question in Party style construction. Since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, clear achievements have been obtained through brining order out of chaos and completely rectifying the Party, in aspects of  resuming and carrying forward the Party’s fine work style of linking theory and practice, and realistically linking the masses and self-criticism. But it must be pointed out that the struggle of opposing unhealthy trends is one of long duration, and we absolutely must determinedly and lastingly conduct it, and implemented into the entire process of reform, opening up and modernization construction. Constructing a good Party style and ideological education is very important, system construction is also very important. We must strive to reform and perfect Party organization structures and work structures, strictly implement Party discipline, establish and complete intra-Party supervision systems and popular supervision systems, and make all levels’ leading cadres obtain effective supervision

Communist Party members first and foremost are leading cadres, and shall be a model for the popular masses at all times and all places: models of working hard, and advancing by studying well, models of not being given to prattle and doing more things, models of persisting in reform, and daring to blaze new trails, models of safeguarding the interests of the masses, and leading the masses to achieve prosperity through hard work, and models of observing discipline and law, and struggling with unhealthy tendencies and unlawful activities. In short, be models for constructing both civilizations. Party organizations shall regularly discuss and inspect problems in the model function of Party members, reward advances and supervise those lagging behind.

Persisting in grasping both civilizations under new circumstances, is a new issue faced by the entire Party. All levels’ Party organizations from the Centre to the grass-roots, must use even more time and energy to strengthen leadership over spiritual civilization construction. We must strive to find out the rules, research policies, organize and coordinate forces on all sides, firmly do work well, and not commit formalism.

Ideological and political work is a forceful guarantee for economic work and other work. We must adapt to the requirements of the new period, and initiate a new path in ideological and political work. Regardless of which work aspects cadres engage in, they must all be upright in their work. Leading cadres must regularly go to labourers, peasants and intellectuals, encourage them to incessantly raise ideological and professional levels, win the trust of the masses through enthusiastically serving the masses and being highly effective in work, and fully give rein to the function of ideological and political work.

This Resolution stresses the settlement of questions of further clarifying spiritual civilization construction guidance policies under new circumstances. Party organizations in all departments, all localities and all work units shall integrate the guiding policies of the Centre with their own real situation, make concrete implementation plans and arrangements. The Centre will strengthen guidance in this aspect.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is the steel Great Wall protecting the motherland and an important force in constructing the motherland, is an army with a high ideological consciousness, fine moral qualities and strict organizational discipline, and has a huge spiritual influence over the entire nation. The Army must strengthen its own spiritual civilization construction, and vigorously participate in nationwide spiritual civilization construction. For work relating to this aspect, the Central Military Commission will make deployments according to the spirit of this Resolution and the characteristics of the Army.

The Plenum calls upon all Party organizations and all Party comrades to earnestly study and discuss this resolution, raise understanding, unify ideologies, realistically strengthen Socialist spiritual civilization construction work, and push the great cause of constructing the two civilizations and complete development towards progress.










改革是社会主义制度的自我完善和发展。它的全面展开,是近几年来我国形势发生巨大变化的一个重要标志。全面改革和对外开放给社会主义事业带来强大活力,对精神文明建设是巨大的促进。随着社会主义商品经济的发展和社会主义民主政治的完善,人们的思想意识、精神状态发生深刻的变化,同时也对精神文明建设提出新的更高的要求。能不能适应这种要求,形成有利于社会主义现代化建设和全面改革的舆论力量、价值观念、文化条件和社会环境,有力地抵制资本主义和封建主义的腐朽思想,防止种种迷失方向的危险,振奋起全国各族人民的巨大热情和创造精神,用几代人的努力建设起社会主义现代化强国,这是一个历史性的重大考验。应当相信,我们有党的正确领导,有马克思主义的指引,有社会 主义的基本经济制度和基本经济政策,有人民民主政权和社会主义法制,尤其是有广大人民对社会主义建设和改革的坚决拥护,只要在大力推进物质文明建设的同时不断加强社会主义精神文明建设,就一定能够达到实现社会主义现代化的目的。













































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