Opinions concerning Publishing Works of Lu Xun

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XCT No. (1996)46

In recent times, there have been many publishers who planned to re-edit the collected works, literary collections and other large-scale categorized collections of Lu Xun. Lu Xun is a commending figure in China’s cultural revolution, he was not only a great writer, but was also a great thinker and politician. Lu Xun’s works are rich and erudite in content, they touch upon many political and cultural issues in China’s recent and modern history. Because of this, the compilation and publication of “The Collected Works of Lu Xun”, literary collections and other major categorized collections, is a cultural work with a strong political nature.

Now, it has been researched and decided that: all those preparing to publish collected works and literary collections of Lu Xun (including categorized large-scale collections), must report selected topics to their controlling departments for examination, verification and agreement, and afterwards report them to the Administration of Press and Publications for examination and approval. Those who have already arranged this sort of selected topics or are currently producing them must immediately cease this and write a written report. Our Administration will, on the basis of instructions from the Centre, make a uniform deployment for the publication of Lu Xun’s works.



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