Outline of the National “11th Five Year Plan” Period Cultural Development Plan

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Table of Contents


I, Guiding ideology, policy principles and development objectives

(1) Guiding ideology

(2) Policy principles

(3) Development objectives

II, Theoretical and ideological morality construction

(4) Strengthening Marxist theory research and theoretical innovation

(5) Flourishing and development of philosophy and social sciences

(6) Strengthening Socialist ideology moral construction

(7) Moving spiritual civilization construction activities forward

III, Public cultural services

(8) Perfecting public cultural services networks

(9) Strengthening rural culture construction

(10) Disseminating cultural knowledge

(11) Establishing and perfecting cultural support mechanisms

(12) Encouraging social forces to contribute and initiate public benefit-type cultural undertakings

IV, News undertakings

(13) Moving news media construction forward

(14) Expanding support strength for focal news media

(15) Organizing news web sites

(16) Developing burgeoning dissemination carriers

V, The cultural industry

(17) Developing focal cultural industries

(18) Optimizing cultural industries development and structure

(19) Transforming cultural industries’ growth method

(20) Fostering cultural market subjects

(21) Completing all sorts of cultural markets

(22) Developing modern cultural product circulation organization and circulation methods.

VI, Cultural innovation

(23) Flourishing development of literature and art

(24) Fostering cultural innovation communities and content providers

(25) Promoting cultural enterprises to be cultural innovation subjects

(26) Accelerating science and technology innovation

(27) Strengthening intellectual property rights protection

VII, National culture protection

(28) Compiling and publishing cultural canons

(29) Giving free rein to the vigorous function of major festivals and customs

(30) Attaching importance to China’s excellent traditional culture education and traditional scripture and artistry heritage

(31) Standardizing and protecting national and ethnic spoken and written languages

(32) Strengthening protection for important cultural heritage

(33) Rushing to save threatened cultural heritage

VIII, Foreign-related cultural exchange

(34) Expanding foreign-related cultural exchange and dissemination channels

(35) Fostering foreign-oriented backbone cultural enterprises

(36) Implementing the important “stepping out” project

IX, Talented troops

(37) Strengthening ideological and political calibre and skills construction

(38) Grasping high-level personnel training

(39) Organizing training work

(40) Strengthening higher education personnel training and study discipline construction

(41) Completing personnel promotion selection mechanisms

(42) Establishing systems for conferring honorary titles in the sphere of national culture and art

X, Guaranteeing steps and important policies

(43) Strengthening organizational guidance

(44) Completing macroeconomic regulation

(45) Deepening cultural structural reform

(46) Perfecting economic policies for cultural development

(47) Strengthening cultural legislation

(48) Implementation steps

The period of the “11th Five Year Plan” is a key period for completely constructing a relatively well-off society and accelerating the promotion of the socialist modernization drive, and it is also an important step for cultural development. According to the “Outline of the People’s Republic of China 11th Five Year Plan for National Economy and Society Development”, this “Outline” is formulated, in order to determine the guiding ideology, policy principles, objectives and tasks for cultural development for the coming five years, further making flourish and developing socialist culture, promoting the coordinated development of culture with economy, politics and society.


Culture is the spirit of country and nation, giving a concentrated expression to the character and morals of country and nation. The power of culture, is deeply cast into the middle of vitality, creativity and cohesion of nations, it is a spiritual support for uniting the people and promoting development. The Chinese culture with five thousand years of long-lasting splendour has made gigantic contributions to the cultural progress of humankind, it is the endlessly multiplied, inherited through the national vein, spiritual link of the Chinese nation, it is the Chinese nation’s towering and infallible, experienced through misfortune, and resilient in the face of setbacks source of strength when facing severe challenges, as well as all sorts of complicated environments. In the course of history of founding the Chinese nation’s glorious future, culture has already provided a strong spiritual driver for complete social and economic coordinated development, and is also an important content for economic and social development. Making socialist advanced culture flourish and develop, establishing national self-confidence, inspiring national spirits, inevitably provides an ideological guarantee and spiritual driver for the realization of the complete construction of the magnificent objective of a relatively well-off society, constituting socialism and a harmonious society.

In the present world, culture is mutually mingled with the economy and politics, and integration with science and technology is closer every day, its level and function in the comprehensive national strength competition is more prominent every day, it becomes an ever more important scale of evaluating a country’s comprehensive strengths and weaknesses. In the complex international environment, to win international competition, it is not only necessary to strengthen economic power, science and technology power and national defence power, it is similarly necessary to expand cultural power. We must strengthen a mentality of concern, accelerate development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, arouse the national vitality, strengthen national cohesion, raise national creativity, to occupy a commanding height in the international competition, and have the initiative in our hands.

Since reform and development, especially since the 16th Party Congress, our country’s cultural construction has adapted to the requirements of the socialist market economy, abide by the rules for construction of a spiritual civilization, and have obtained accomplishments that have attracted worldwide attention. Theory and ideological moral construction has been soundly moved forward, public opinion guidance capacity has notably strengthened, literature and art flourished more every day. Public culture input has expanded, cultural facilities and services networks are more perfect every day. Cultural and corresponding industries vigorously develop, having shaped a number of industrial categories having relatively large space for growth, making emerge in large number a batch of enterprises and groups with relatively strong competitive power. Explicit policies for non-public capital input into cultural industries, have mustered the vigour of the whole society to participate in cultural construction, forming the first stages of a cultural industry setup with public-owned system as the main body, jointly with many other kinds of ownership systems. Inheriting and carrying forward excellent national traditions, protecting national cultural heritage is something that society attaches great importance to. Indigenous creation capacity is raised relatively largely, cultural creation results emerge in ever-larger numbers incessantly. The pace of cultural “stepping out” accelerates, the influence of Chinese culture in the world strengthens step by step. Cultural system reform vigorously and reliably develops, promoting cultural undertaking and cultural industries’ coordinated development. Our country’s cultural development is now at a new historical starting point.

At the same time, it is also necessary to notice, in the current period, our country’s cultural development level is not yet adapted to the complete objectives and progress for constructing a relatively well-off society, cultural structural reform is not yet adapted to the circumstances of a perfected socialist market economy system and further expansion of opening up to the outside, the number, quality, assortment of cultural products and services is not yet adapted to the people’s daily increasing spiritual culture needs, cultural products’ international competitiveness is not yet strong. Facing new circumstances, we must strengthen a sense of urgency, a sense of responsibility and a sense of calling, grasp important strategic opportunities beneficial for our country’s cultural development, strongly promote cultural innovation, promote the mighty rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

I, Guiding ideology, policy principles and development objectives

(1) Guiding ideology. Taking Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents” as guidance, taking the scientific development view as commanding, firmly grasping the progressive direction of socialist advanced culture, closely revolving around realizing complete construction the magnificent objective of a relatively well-off society and constituting the requirements for a socialist harmonious society, carrying forward the national spirit with patriotism at the core and the spirit of the times with reform and innovation at the core, establishing new cultural development views, liberating thoughts, seeking truth from facts, developing with the times, opening up and innovating, developing with a view to modernization, with a view to the world, with a view to the socialist culture of the masses, of science, of the nation, of the future, incessantly satisfying the people’s daily increasing spiritual culture needs, striving to foster socialist citizens with ideals, with morals, with culture, with discipline, raising the thinking and morals and the scientific and cultural level of the entire nation, promoting people’s complete development and complete social progress.

(2) Policy principles. During the “11th Five Year Plan” period, our country’s cultural development must persist in the following policy principles:

– Persisting in the orientation of serving the people, serving Socialism, and the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom, and a hundred schools contend, persisting in the principles of being close to reality, being close to life, being close to the masses, carrying forward the main melody, encouraging diversification.

– Persisting in taking man as the core, guaranteeing and realizing the basic cultural rights and interests of the people, making the wide masses enjoy the achievements of cultural development. Arming people with scientific theories, guiding people with correct public opinion, moving people with noble spirit, heartening people with excellent works, promoting the complete development of people.

– Persisting in establishing new cultural development views, incessantly deepening recognition of the status, orientation, impetus, thought, structure and objectives of cultural development, breaching all thoughts and concepts, methods, regulations and structural and mechanism obstructions tying up cultural development, incessantly liberating and developing cultural production power, promoting coordinated development of culture with economy, politics and society.

– Persisting in inheriting and carrying forward excellent national culture traditions, assimilating and learning from excellent cultural achievements from all countries in the world, completely making cultural innovation into the basic strategy point and the impetus for progress of cultural development, vigorously promoting culture to develop in close step with the economy, science and technology, energetically raising our country’s indigenous innovation capacity.

– Persisting in placing societal interest first, realizing the unification of societal interest and economic interest, maximally giving free rein to culture’s function in guiding society, educating the people, promoting development.

– Persisting in taking development as the main theme, taking reform as driver, taking structural reform and innovation as focal point, deepening culture structural reform, grasping public interest cultural undertakings with one hand, grasping commercial cultural enterprises with the other hand, incessantly strengthening our country’s cultural power and competitiveness.

– Persisting in grasping flourishing with one hand, and grasping management with one hand, energetically developing advanced culture, supporting healthy and beneficial culture, striving to transform backward culture, determinedly resisting degenerate culture, safeguarding national culture security, promoting the healthy and speedy development of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.

– Persisting in the coordinated development of town and country, and regional culture, according to the requirements of constructing a new socialist countryside, expanding cultural input into the countryside and central and western regions, shaping a development structure with cities spurring the countryside and the centre and the west to strongly help each other, and benignly interact.

(3) Development objectives. By 2010, the general objectives of cultural development are: completing the tasks of completely constructing a relatively well-off society in the “11th Five Year Plan” period that are entrusted to cultural construction, a clear strengthening of culture’s capacity to serve the people and serve socialism, providing strong ideology guarantees, spiritual impetus and intelligent support for economic development, political stability and societal progress; a clear increase of culture’s innovation capacity and overall strength, cultural products being even more abundant, even better guaranteeing and satisfying the people’s basic cultural needs, promoting the mutual cultural development between town and country, and regions; increasing expansion of Chinese culture’s influence in the world, a daily increasing prominence of culture’s position and function in the comprehensive national strength competition, cultural development levels to be mutually adapted with our country’s economic strength and international level.

The focal points of cultural development in the “11th Five Year Plan” period are:

– Grasping grass rots cultural construction expanding strength to improve rural and central and western regional public culture basic facility conditions, perfecting public culture service setups, guaranteeing the basic cultural rights and interests of peasants and urban low-income groups. Do everything to, by the end of the “11th Five Year Plan” period, ensure that urban cultural facilities, service networks and cultural products basically satisfy residents’ requirements to enjoy cultural services conveniently and nearby, and in the countryside to basically resolve the peasantry’s problems that reading books is difficult, watching theatre is difficult, watching films is difficult, and receiving radio and television is difficult.

– Grasping modelling of major programme construction in the image of national culture, presenting a batch of excellent cultural art products reflecting national characteristics, mirroring the spirit of the times, having international first-class standing, creating and producing even more and even better excellent cultural products adapted to the people’s needs.

– Grasping cultural industry structure construction, remoulding market subjects, optimizing industrial structure, determining focal development industry categories, fostering cultural product markets and essential markets, developing modern circulation organizations and circulation methods, shaping cultural industry distribution with public ownership as the main part, jointly developing with many other kinds of ownership systems. During the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, culture and corresponding industries’ added value growth speed should clearly be higher than the economy growth rate during the same period, the proportion in GDP must increase somewhat.

– Grasping cultural innovation capacity construction, taking content innovation as the core, putting forth effort to foster new subjects, accelerating the blending of science and technology with culture, raising our country’s culture indigenous innovation capacity, obtaining a batch of cultural innovation achievements with major influence.

– Grasping implementation of the important “stepping out” culture programmes and projects, fully utilizing both international and domestic markets and resources, actively participating in international cooperation and competition, strengthening foreign-related cultural exchange, expanding foreign-related cultural trade, expanding cultural development  space, begin to transform the passive situation of our country’s cultural product trade deficit being relative large, shaping a cultural opening structure with national culture as the main part, absorbing beneficial culture from abroad, promoting Chinese culture to step towards the world.

– Grasping talented personnel training, building systems and mechanisms, and social environments beneficial for excellent talents to come to the fore, constructing a branch of cultural worker teams on a large scale, with relatively high quality, to provide substantial talented personnel guarantees for cultural development.

II, Theory and ideology virtue construction

(4) Strengthening Marxist theory research and theoretical innovation. Persisting in Marxism’s guiding position in the area of ideology, strengthening research in Marxism’s basic principles and our Party’s theory innovation and practice, presenting a batch of theoretical achievements, further consolidating the common ideological basis of the people of all nationalities in the entire country uniting in struggle.

1. Promoting theory arms and theory propaganda. Completely persisting in using Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents” to arm the whole Party, educate the people, incessantly raising the entire Party’s Marxist theory level. Making a series of major strategic propaganda such as studying implementation of the scientific development view, constituting a socialist harmonious society, strengthening the Party’s governing capacity construction, etc., into focal tasks for theoretical arming work, using developing Marxism as guidance for new practices. Persisting in taking leading cadres of county and office level or higher as focal point, strengthening and improving all levels’ Party committee (Party group) theory study centres’ organization of study, soundly moving Party members’ and cadres’ theory study forward, promoting construction of a learning-oriented Party and a learning-oriented society. Strengthening theoretical study and education for young students, especially university students, realistically promoting Marxist theory to enter teaching materials, enter classrooms, enter the heads and minds of students. Strengthening the propagation of basic theory and major theory innovation achievements through media such as books, periodicals, radio, television, the Internet, etc. Continuing to organize compilation of cadre study textbooks and common theory reading materials, answering hot topics and difficult questions that cadres and the masses are concerned about. Strengthening Party committees’ teaching-training group construction, shaping a branch of theory teams loyal to the Party for theory arming work, with strict discipline and full of vitality.

2. Deeply implementing Marxist theory research and construction projects. Strengthening research of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Though, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of “Three Represents” and the scientific development view, strengthening theory summarization of practice and experience of socialism with Chinese characteristics, continuing to do Marxist canon translation and editing work well. Taking major actual problems as the main direction of attack, researching and answering questions of further deepening reform, expanding opening, realizing the coordinated and healthy development of the national economy, researching and answering questions of promoting overall economic, political cultural and social progress, researching and answering questions of deep ideology and knowledge questions about which cadres and the masses have widespread concern. Strengthening Marxist learning construction, progressively Marxist learning systems with Marxist theory as first-level learning, with Marxist basic principles, Marxist development history, Marxist Sinicization research, foreign Marxist research, ideology and political education as second level learning, and with research in areas as philosophy, social sciences, etc., as support. Strengthening learning material system construction, organizing compilation of teaching materials in Marxist philosophy, political economy, basic theory of scientific socialism and of teaching materials in the focal disciplines of political science, social science, journalism, history, law, literature, philosophy and social science, compiling about 150 focal learning materials basically covering main philosophy and social science curricula, shaping a philosophy and social science teaching material system completely reflecting the most recent theoretical achievements of Marxist Sinicization. Strengthening and improving propaganda and political theory courses in higher education, organizing compilation of propaganda and political theory course teaching materials.

(5) Flourishing and development of philosophy and social science. Persisting in taking Marxism as guidance, strengthening  construction of philosophy and social science traditional subjects, burgeoning subjects and interdisciplinary subjects, promoting intersection and osmosis of philosophy and social science with natural sciences, and with branches other than philosophy and social science, developing philosophy and social science with a view to modernization with a view to the world, with a view to the future, having Chinese characteristics, giving free rein to the important functions of philosophy and social science in understanding the world, inheriting civilization, innovating theory, educating the people with political advice, serving society. Strengthening the construction of innovative philosophy and social science systems, vigorously promoting innovation of academic points of view, innovation of learning systems and innovation of research methods. Integrating research forces, optimizing the deployment of resources for philosophy and social science, shaping reasonable systems for work distribution. National-level social science research organs and focal institutes of higher educations mainly bear the research of basic theory, strategic and prospective problems affecting the overall situation of Party and State undertaking development , and strive to shape superiority and specialization for each of them. Local social science research organs and institutes of higher educations shall mainly centre on developing applied countermeasures research for the reality of economic and social development in their regions, those meeting conditions may develop basic theory research with local characteristics and regional superiority. State-supported major social science research organs and institutes of higher education must guarantee the completion of major research tasks determined by the State, strengthen philosophy and social science basic research and applied policy research. Focusing on supporting major research programmes with innovative significance, supporting research programmes concerning overall philosophy and social science development, supporting research programmes having a crucial function for learning development, supporting research programmes having a major function for carrying forward national spirit and inheriting national culture, supporting research programmes having important influence on economic and social development and State security.

(6) Strengthening socialist ideology moral construction. Persisting in integrating ruling the country according to law with ruling the country according to virtue, fixing regard on raising people’s thought and moral quality, promoting people’s overall development, taking ideal beliefs as the core, energetically carrying forward national spirit and the spirit of the times, making the most of the good traditions shaped during the long time of the party leading the people in revolution and struggle, construction and practice, striving to construct socialist ideology and moral systems suited to the socialist market economy, coordinated with the socialist legal system, carrying on the traditional excellent virtues of the Chinese nation.

1. Striving to raise the moral quality of citizens. Completely implementing the “Outline of Implementation for Moral Construction of Citizens”, implementing people’s moral construction projects, closely integrating household education, school education, work unit education and social education, taking social ethics, professional ethics and excellent household virtues as target points, energetically guiding basic moral standards of nationalism and law abiding, refinement, courteousness, sincerity and honesty, unity and friendliness, diligence, thriftiness and self improvement, respect for work and devotion. Deeply conducting the Party’s basic theory, basic practice, basic programme and basic experience education, conducting patriotic, collectivist, socialist education, reform and opening up and modernization construction achievement education, leading people to establish correct world views, views of life and value systems. Giving free rein to the backbone function of grass roots organizations and mass organizations, the driving function of advanced typical cases, the main function of the broad masses, deeply developing mass moral practice activities. Fully applying mass media, literature and art as well as recreational and sports activities, strive to construct a beneficial social atmosphere for citizen’s moral construction. Vigorously exploring the special points and patterns of moral construction under new circumstances, innovating form, content, methods, strengthening the work’s focalization, actual effect and appeal and influence.

2. Deeply studying and practicing a socialist view of glory and dishonour. With practicing socialist views of glory and dishonour, strengthening ideological virtue construction as the main part, with promoting social conduct to incessantly improve as objective, deeply developing propaganda and education activities for study and practice of socialist views of glory and dishonour, promoting the basic requirements of the “Eight Honours and Eight Disgraces” to enter into organs, enter into enterprises, undertakings and work units, enter into communities, enter into the countryside, enter into schoolyards, enter into households. Reflecting the content and requirements of the “Eight Honours and Eight Disgraces” the ideology and political theory courses of university, secondary and primary schools and teaching materials for ideology and moral character courses, penetrating into moral education curricula and corresponding courses’ classroom teaching. Fully giving rein to the function of basic propaganda and education battlefields such as town schools, rural schools, worker schools, etc., organizing publicizing and touring reporting activities for “Eight Honours and Eight Disgraces”, energetically propagating practicing the advanced models of socialist views of glory and dishonour, making the socialist views of honour and disgrace to become a household term and deeply impressed upon everyone’s mind. Persisting in the integration of education and practice, launching many kinds and forms of practice activities in the entire society, realistically resolving prominent problems existing in citizen’s civilized habits and social conduct, promoting shaping of civilized customs of recognizing glory and dishonour, speaking righteousness, establishing new trends, promoting harmony.

3. Strengthening and improving youth’s ideology and moral education. Energetically strengthening course construction such as ideology and political theory courses and ideology and moral courses, etc. in higher, secondary and primary schools, guiding and helping higher, secondary and primary school students to earnestly observe student regulations and everyday norms of behaviour, incessantly raising ideology and virtue levels. Fully mustering forces from all sides, perfecting the “three-in-one” education network of schools, households and society. Focusing on developing ideology and moral education theme propaganda and education activities during major festivals and commemoration days. Strengthening construction and management of venues for after-school activities for minors taking patriotic education bases as the focal point, taking construction of venues for after-school activities for minors into general national economic and social development planning of their localities. Large and middle cities must suit measures to local conditions, focusing on constructing city-level venues for after-school activities for minors, those meeting conditions may construct theme parks for children. Until the end of the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, striving to realize that all counties have comprehensive and multi-functional venues for after-school activities for minors. Radio stations and television stations must organize youth channels or columns and programmes, focal news web sites and main education websites must offer youth web pages and special columns, publications work units must publish a batch of excellent literature and art products suited for minors, and realistically perform promotion work, building a desirable social culture environment for minors’ healthy growing up.

(7) Promoting activities for spiritual culture establishment. Extensively developing civilized city, civilized village, civilized sector establishment activities, making town and country environmental outlook have a relatively large makeover, social service levels have a clear improvement, citizens’ civilization quality and social modern civilization degree to clearly go up. Cities must take communities as focal points, develop activities such as “Four into the Communities” for science education, entertainment and sports, law and hygiene, constructing harmonious communities, etc. incessantly raising cities’ level of civilization. Villages must take promoting local civilization and tidying up the look of the village as target points, develop activities to establish civilized villages, civilized households, civilized towns and “Three into the Countryside” for culture, science and hygiene, guide the broad peasantry to transform their habits, change their ideas, raise their quality. Sectors must take serving the people and contributing to society as purpose, energetically strengthen sincere and honest construction, develop activities such as one hundred cities and ten thousand stores without fake goods, common casting of sincerity and honesty, civilized landscape tourist areas, being a government functionary about who the people are content, establish a new trend of sectoral civilization.

III, Public culture services

(8) Completing public culture services networks. Vigorously moving government functioning transformation forward, implementing government and business separation, government and business separation, government and finance separation and management and organizing separation, realistically transferring government functions from mainly handling culture to social management and public services. It is necessary to start from the current stage of economic development level, take realizing and guaranteeing the citizen’s basic cultural rights and interests, and satisfying the broad masses’ basic cultural needs as objectives, persisting in principles such as universality and impartiality, simultaneously dealing with coordinated development between town and country, and different regions, coordinated planning, reasonable arrangement, shaping functional, convenient and high-efficiency public culture service networks.

1. Perfecting public culture facility network distribution. Taking large-scale public culture facilities as backbone, taking community and town-level culture facilities as basis, giving priority to arrange facility construction connected to cultural interests directly affecting the people, strengthening construction of basic public cultural facilities such as libraries, museums, cultural centres, art galleries, radio stations, television stations, radio and television broadcast and relay platforms (stations), public Internet information service points, etc.

– Constructing a batch of focal cultural facilities representing national culture imagery, energetically moving major culture project construction such as the cultural information resources sharing project forward, expanding the support strength for major social science research organs, art academies and groups reflecting national characteristics and national standards, publishers undertaking political and public interest publication tasks.

– Perfecting public culture facilities in large and middle cities, strengthening the construction of libraries, museums and cultural halls (centres).

– On the basis of consolidating that all counties have a library and a cultural centre, basically realizing that villages and towns have comprehensive culture stations and administrative villages have cultural activity rooms.

– Strengthening safeguards for all levels’ radio and television wireless broadcast and relay platforms (stations), replacing equipment, guaranteeing regular operations.

– In sparsely inhabited regions such as  central and western regions, and other old revolutionary base, minority, border and poor regions providing mobile culture service vehicles, constructing mobile service networks.

2. Innovating public culture service methods. Adapting to the people’s multi-aspect, many-sided and diverse cultural needs, broaden service areas, innovating service methods raising service quality.

– Establishing and completing public culture facility service publication systems, publicizing service hours, content and procedure, in aspects such as  receiving at service counters, guiding venues, providing materials as well as content explanation, creating a beneficial service environment, strengthening attraction.

– Perfecting systems of free or favourable opening of State-owned public culture facilities, such as museums, art galleries, etc., for minors, etc., public culture facilities of patriotic education bases meeting conditions may be opened free of charge to society.

– Implementing mutual integration between fixed-location and mobile services, encouraging city libraries meeting conditions to adopt modern service methods such as uniform lending and returning, promoting public culture services to stretch to communities and the countryside.

– Adopting methods such as government procurement and subsidizing, to provide free culture services to grass roots, low incomes and special groups.

– Promoting digital and network technology application in public culture services, constructing digital radio and television information platforms, digital film projection network systems, on-line libraries, on-line museums, on-line theatres and mass culture activities long-distance guidance networks.

– Supporting people-run public interest culture organ development, encouraging the folk to open museums, libraries, etc., vigorously guiding societal forces to provide cultural services.

3. Completing public culture service organization systems and operational mechanisms. All levels’ governments must give free rein to their guiding function, strengthening guidance and supervision over public culture organs, and from aspects such as funding, facilities, venues, organs, personnel, etc., guaranteeing public culture facilities’ regular operation and fully giving reign to their function. Public culture organs must perfect their functional orientation, explicitly serve objectives, tasks and responsibilities, establish assessment, encouragement and control mechanisms, raising applied productivity. Encouraging and guiding societal funds to initiate all sorts of State-approved public culture facilities, developing public culture services. Organizing national standards for public culture facility construction such as libraries, museums and cultural centres (stations), revising construction standards for radio stations, television stations and radio and television broadcast and relay platforms. Completing public culture service quality standard system formulation, establishing and completing public culture organ evaluation systems and effect evaluation mechanisms.

Shaping government-sponsored, society-participated, complementarily functioning, regularly operating public culture service organization systems and operational mechanisms with clear responsibilities, standardized behaviour, with high effectivity.

4. Realistically safeguarding the basic cultural rights and interests of low-income people and special groups. Adopting steps such as government procurement and subsidies, etc., to open service channels, enrich service content, guarantee and realize basic cultural life requirements of groups such as urban low-income residents, the disabled, the elderly and peasants or industrial labourers, etc. Public culture facilities such as State-owned museums and art galleries, etc, are to be opened for groups such as the disabled and the elderly, etc., free or charge or at a preferential rate. State-owned art academies and groups and cinemas are to organize a certain number of low-price performances or screenings, mainly directed towards low-income residents every year. Central and provincial-level television stations are to organize an increase of programmes or columns in sign language. Vigorously developing book-bringing, theatre-bringing and film-bringing activities for peasants and industrial labourers. After the digitalization process of cable television is completed, a certain number of simulation channels are to be preserved, to completely relay the main central, provincial and local programmes, granting preferential payment policies to low-income households, guaranteeing their basic watching requirements.

(9) Strengthening rural culture construction. Earnestly implementing the “Central Committee and State Council Some Opinions concerning Promoting a New Socialist Countryside Construction” and the “Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat Opinion concerning Further Strengthening Rural Culture Construction”, strengthening government input, adjusting resource deployment, striving to promote focal rural culture construction projects, expanding cultural resource incline towards the countryside. Establishing long-lasting mechanisms for rural culture construction.

1. Moving rural culture facility and focal project construction forward. Accelerating reorganization and expansion of general cultural stations in lower-developed regions and transforming of dangerous and old rural public culture facilities, implementing rural focal culture project construction, perfecting and raising basic rural public culture facility conditions and service levels, progressively transforming the phenomenon of disequilibrium between town and country in cultural development.

2. Expanding the incline of cultural resources to the countryside. Reasonably deploying public culture resources, progressively expanding resource amounts for rural services.

– Central and provincial-level Party newspapers, Party periodical, radio station and television stations must enlarge rural and agricultural reporting components, expand rural programming, columns and broadcasting time. Large agriculture provinces’ Party newspapers, Party periodicals, radio stations and television stations must create conditions to develop rural editions and rural channels and frequencies. City (local) Party newspapers and city (local) and county radio stations and television stations must conduct important tasks for the grass roots, and serve the “Three Rural”.

-Expanding financial support strength for rural-themed focus topics, bringing rural themes into theatrical art production, film, radio drama and television drama production, and all sorts of book, periodical and audiovisual product publication planning, guaranteeing rural theme literature and art products to occupy a certain proportion of the total amount of publications. For important cultural programmes and cultural products government subsidies are adopted, which will directly be sent to the countryside in the form of government procurement. Purchased excellent script copyright adapted to the countryside will be provided free of charge for use, adaptation and performance for the peasantry in grass roots art academies and groups. Encouraging and organizing expert cultural workers to go to the countryside to coach mass culture activities.

– Strengthening publication work of “Three Rural” reading materials, developing publication of all sorts of publications such as audiovisual products, books, etc. adapted to rural economic and social development, that peasants van afford, can comprehend and can use. Implementing the “Sending Books Down to the Countryside Project”, focusing on providing books to libraries and town culture stations, rural culture rooms catering to central and western region State poverty relief development work.

– County (city) libraries progressively implement a library division system, enriching the amount of collected books, shaping a book allocation system with unified purchasing and unified classification, fully giving rein to the radiating function of county libraries to town and village book rooms, promoting county and town book and literature sharing. According to the requirements of “Government financing construction, encouraging society to contribute, the peasants manage by themselves, development through market operation”, supporting the peasant masses to open up “Peasant Book Rooms”

3. Establishing rural culture construction long-term mechanisms. Rural public culture construction must be taken into all levels’ governments’ important matters agenda and government objective management responsibility system, taken into corresponding evaluation systems for establishing advanced culture counties (cities), advanced culture towns and establishing civilized villages, required expenses are to be taken into financial government budgets. Expanding common finances in covering the scope of the countryside, guaranteeing a certain amount of central finances to be transferred to pay funds used for town and village culture construction, newly added financial input for the cultural area shall mainly be used for the countryside. Governments must guarantee the expenses required by cultural centres (stations) for developing their work, basic public library book purchasing funds, expenses needed for regular radio and television broadcast and relay platform operation, radio and television “reaching all villages” operation safeguard expenses and village film screening subsidy expenses. Establishing and completing grass-roots cultural work units’ assessment systems, taking serving the countryside, and serving the peasantry as important assessment content for grass-roots cultural work unit work.

(10) Disseminating cultural knowledge. Developing basic knowledge dissemination work of humanities and social sciences, literature and art appreciation, the legal system, science, technology and hygiene, etc., all over society. Strengthening town culture, community culture, enterprise culture, schoolyard culture, barracks culture, household culture construction. Implementing the “National Art Education Promotion Project”, promoting literature, theatre, music, dance, folk music, sculpture, painting, handicrafts, customs, mechanical arts, etc., to go to the countryside, go to the factories, go to the barracks. Highly paying attention to culture dissemination education during the compulsory education phase, making higher, secondary and primary school students grasp basic common cultural knowledge and traditional cultural art. In compulsory education, enlarging the proportion of humanities and social science knowledge, strengthening the dissemination and education of philosophy and social science-related knowledge. Strengthening mass cultural creation, giving free rain to the organizing function of cultural organs such as cultural centres (halls, station), etc., fully utilizing media such as traditional festivals, major holidays, public arena culture activities, etc., to develop all sorts of mass culture activities such as song, reading, calligraphy, declamation, science popularization, etc. Organizing literature and art workers to go down to grass roots for performances, encouraging and supporting expert art academies’ and groups’ surplus and retired performance artists to develop mass culture guidance or performance exhibition activities. State-owned cultural work units must every year arrange a certain number of free performances and art lectures free of charge, and at the same time as enriching mass culture life, raise the level of art enjoyment.

(11) Establishing and completing culture support systems. Through methods such as donating equipment, materials and cultural products, sharing cultural resources, professional cooperation, personnel training, work guidance, etc., through “one helps one” mutual assistance activities of the eastern regions for the western regions, and the cities for the countryside, helping rural and western regions to resolve problems of lack of cultural products and services , supporting their cultural construction. Fully giving reign to the organizing and guiding function of civic organizations such as the Communist Youth League, Women’s Federation, Cultural Federation, the Writers’ Union, etc. broadly developing cultural volunteer activities. Expanding cultural service content in “University Student Volunteers Serving the West Plan” and “Higher Education Graduates Going to the Countryside to Serve Plan” and higher and secondary school student volunteer service day activities. Mobilizing retired culture and art workers, art academy students and other people from all walks of life that are enthusiastic in promoting the public good to provide volunteer cultural services to communities. Supporting and subsidizing excellent culture expert personnel to assist in cultural construction for the west. Granting awards and prizes to excellent cultural service volunteers.

(12) Encouraging social forces to contribute and initiate public benefit-type cultural undertakings

Guiding and encouraging social forces to contribute and initiate libraries, museums, cultural centres, etc., granting preferential policies in aspects such as land use, taxation, etc. Social forces contributions though lawfully established non-profit public interest organizations and State organs  for public interest cultural undertakings are to be taken into public interest contribution scope. Mobilizing urban work units and residents to contribute in all sorts of ways to television sets, radio sets, computers and books and magazines, audiovisual and electronic publications, etc., required by the peasant masses. Encouraging rights holders to permit grass-roots culture work units to use their works or audio and video recording work without compensation. Organs, enterprises and schools’ cultural facilities must be opened to society as much as possible, vigorously developing cultural services.

IV, News undertakings

(13) Promoting news media construction. Completely placing persisting in correct public opinion guidance in the first place. Realistically strengthening all sorts of news media construction, consolidating and developing vigorous, healthy and upwards striving mainstream public opinion.

1. Putting forth effort to raise societal public opinion guidance capacity. Persisting in uniting stability and encouragement, and propagating the positive side of things, persisting in sticking close to reality, sticking close to life, sticking close to the masses, promoting content, form, method and mechanism innovation, unifying correct opinion guidance with stressing propaganda art, incessantly strengthening news and propaganda’s attractiveness and influence. Striving to propagate well the positive side, completely propagate the Party stand, correctly reflect the popular will, and expand the influence of propagating the positive side of things. Strengthening the ideas of the masses, strengthening service consciousness, even more propagating advanced models of grass-roots masses. Improving conferences and leading comrades’ activities news reports as well as model propaganda, strengthening special reporting on major topics, further raising the period of effectiveness of sudden affairs reporting, supervising public opinion well. Paying high attention to public opinion guidance of social hot topics, perfecting news announcement systems.

2. Realistically strengthening management system construction. Earnestly implementing the provisional regulations on professional management of news gathering and editing staff. Establishing and perfecting newspaper and periodical withdrawal mechanisms. Strengthening long-term mechanism construction for related departments to coordinate and cooperate, strengthening the focalization and effect of public opinion guidance. Strengthening professional self-discipline, effectively stopping paid-for news, false reports, vulgar tendencies and harmful advertising.

3. Moving system and mechanism innovation forward. News media must persist in correct public opinion guidance, guarantee the nature of the Party’s and the people’s mouthpiece, according to the requirements of expanding input, transforming mechanisms, strengthening vitality and improving service,  innovating mechanisms and systems, moving internal personnel matters, income allocation and social guarantee system reform forward. Standardizing and perfecting the “Two Separations” of news work units’ gathering and editing work and management work. Vigorously moving newspapers and periodicals sector structural reform forward, moderate and control scale of newspapers and periodicals, decreasing numbers, raising quality, stressing inner development. Continuing to finis newspaper sector grouping reform work, expanding the market coverage rate of Party newspapers. Strengthening management over sub-newspapers and sub-periodicals, giving free rein to the superiority of sub-newspapers and sub-periodicals, making them become a supplement for Party newspapers and Party periodicals and an extension of the mainstream propaganda battleground . Further strengthening and improving control and management over metropolitan newspapers and periodicals, giving free rein to their characteristics in sticking close to life, their strong readability, and richness and variety, raising the moral quality and status of newspapers and periodicals. Relying on news media’s resource superiority, vigorously developing corresponding industries and products, incessantly raising the application level of science and technology, expanding overall strength, raising core competitiveness.

(14) Expanding support strength for focal news media. Supporting Party newspapers, Party periodicals, press agencies, radio stations, television stations, focal news web sites and current politics-type newspapers and periodicals, strengthening sustainable development capacity, becoming superior media using famous brands and with relatively strong social influence and competitiveness. Fully giving rein to functions as public opinion battle positions, and main army force.

Expanding support strength for main central and provincial-level news media, strengthening infrastructure construction, accelerating equipment and technology renewal and transformation, incessantly improving hardware conditions, raising informatization levels and dissemination capacities. The People’s Daily, Seeking Truth Magazine, Guangming Daily and Economic Daily, etc., must strive to strengthen attractiveness and influence, raise core competitiveness, stabilize the circulation volume of main papers and main periodicals, expand coverage. Xinhua News Agency must give rein to the functions of State news agency and global news agency, accelerate multimedia database and economic information platform construction, give rein to the function of news information and resource integration, sharing and management, guaranteeing news information products’ market share inside the country, strive to expand foreign users. Moving Central People’s Radio Station programming FM coverage to extend to all cities of city (locality) level and higher in the entire country, strengthening China Central Television’s channel brand construction. Moving Party newspapers, Party periodical distribution work reform forward, promoting retail work, expanding coverage. Focusing on supporting Party newspaper, Party periodicals and radio and television station development in the western regions.

(15) Organizing news web sites. According to the general requirements of prominent focus, reasonable distribution, integrating resources, and working on special characteristics, making large and strong focus news web sites, striving to create a healthy and upward-looking public opinion ambience.

1. Moving focus news web site construction forward. Expanding central focus news web site infrastructure and scale, expanding work areas such as on-the spot communication, blogs, grouped news services, etc., realizing technology adjustment and professional integration of many channels and comprehensive news information announcing, raising technology application levels and professional guarantee capacities. Perfecting local Internet news undertakings’ development pattern.

2. Accelerating construction of a batch of comprehensive and strong news websites having broad influence at home and abroad. Shaping some comprehensive network media groups suited to the status of our country, having relatively strong international competitiveness and influence, striving that one to two of those focal news web site enter the front ranks of the world.

3. Promoting news web sites’ healthy development. Perfecting laws and regulations, expanding law enforcement levels, strengthening professional self-discipline and mass supervision mechanisms. Standardizing on-line news information source reprinting and non-news work unit websites’ information announcement, establishing marketized draft-supplying mechanisms.

(16) Developing burgeoning dissemination carriers. Fully giving rein to State mainstream media’s resource superiority in aspects such as information and talented personnel, developing burgeoning dissemination carriers such as mobile telephone newspapers and periodicals, IP television, mobile digital television, network radio, network television, etc., enriching content, establishing brands, incessantly raising market share. Further strengthening standardization and management over burgeoning dissemination carriers, formulating industrial self-regulation standards, persisting in the correct orientation, protecting intellectual property rights, safeguarding a market environment of fair competition.

V, The cultural industries

(17) Developing focal culture industries. Identifying focal development cultural industry categories, promoting a batch of major cultural industry programmes such as the State digital film production base construction, the domestic cartoon promotion project, the “Chinese Character Database” project, etc., of a strategic nature, leading nature and driving nature, obtaining leapfrog development in focal areas.

1. The film production sector. Developing film content industries, raising the production capacity of television drama and non-news type television programmes, films and cartoons, expanding film production, distribution, screening and merchandising development, expanding quantity, raising quality, satisfying requirements of multimedia and multi-terminal development for television digital content.

2. The publications sector. Promoting sectoral restructuring and upgrading, accelerating the modern publications sector transformation from mainly depending on traditional paper media publications to many kinds of media form publications co-existing, and the transformation from mainly relying on regional market to comprehensively expanding into international and domestic markets. Fostering a batch of publications sector groups having relatively strong competitiveness and strength, forging a batch of publications brands having clear societal effect and economic effect, and having strong influence.

3. Distribution sector. Supporting  publications distribution enterprises to develop inter-regional, inter-sectoral and inter-ownership system operations, focusing on developing modern publications circulation systems such as chain operations, modern logistics and network bookshops, etc., shaping some large-scale distribution groups, establishing unified, open, competitive and ordered publications markets nationwide.

4. The printing and duplication sector. Developing high-technology printing, specialized printing and CD duplication sectors, establishing some printing and duplication bases all having distinguishing features, and advanced technology, making our country become a major international printing and duplication centre.

5. Advertising sector. Giving rein to the function of all sorts of media, vigorously promoting the healthy development of the advertising sector, striving to expand the advertising sector’s scale, raising media advertising’s credibility, advertising business turnover is to grow relatively fast.

6. The performing arts sector. Moving commercial performance work unit capital grouping forward, developing performing art brokers, strengthening performance cooperation network establishment, shaping a batch of large-scale performing art sector groups.

7. The entertainment sector. Developing the electronic entertainment sector, developing burgeoning entertainment methods having national characteristics, local characteristics, a healthy and upward outlook and advanced technology, innovating entertainment business models. Encouraging the chain entertainment enterprise sector development. Utilizing high-technology to transform traditional entertainment facilities, strengthening cultural entertainment theme park construction.

8. The cultural exhibition sector. Developing all kinds of comprehensive and specialized cultural exhibitions, focusing on supporting cultural exhibitions covering the entire country and having international influence, organizing cultural activities and exhibitions related to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo well, making the cultural exhibition sector into a focal platform for promoting our country’s cultural industry development.

9. Digital content and cartoon sector. Vigorously developing digital content industries with digitized production and network dissemination as main characteristics. Accelerating development of the national cartoon sector, substantially raising the amount and quality of domestic cartoon products. Vigorously developing network culture sectors, encouraging innovation and R&D of network culture products that support original national creations, and are healthy and upward-looking, expanding national network culture development space.

(18) Optimizing cultural industries development and structure. Establishing a batch of culture production groups in cultural industry-strong provinces and strong cities and with regional characteristics, shaping cultural industry coordinated development structures.

1. Strengthening construction of focal cultural industry belts. Taking establishing culture creativity centre cities as the core, accelerating industrial integration shaping three large cultural industry belts in the Yangzi river delta, the Pearl River delta and the Bohai region. Vigorously developing cultural industry groups in our country’s southwest and northwest having clear regional and ethnic characteristics. Moving science and technology application in the area of culture forward, accelerating the pace of cultural industry optimization and upgrading, promoting our country’s cultural industries to enter into international cultural industry labour division systems, incessantly raising internationalization levels.

2. Accelerating cultural industry parks and bases construction. Promoting the reasonable disposition of all kinds of resources and industrial labour division, accelerating cultural and creative industry park construction, making them become incubators of the culture and creative industries. Shaping some industrial centres for publishing, printing and duplication, film production and cultural product wholesale, focusing on constructing a batch of large-scale demonstration basis for industries such as film production, cartoons, audiovisuals and electronics, printing and duplication, performing arts, etc.

3. Promoting regional cultural industry coordinated development. Fully giving rein to the driving and radiating function of industrial belts, industrial parks and industrial bases. Encouraging the eastern regions to take the lead in developing, the central regions to accelerate the rise of the cultural industry, the western regions to integrate local characteristics and resource superiority, putting forth effort to strengthen self-development capacity in the cultural industries, striving to shape a new cultural industry coordinated development structure with superiority, complementarity and positive interaction of east, central and west.

(19) Transforming cultural industry growth methods. Adapting to the development requirement of the socialist market economy, transforming growth methods, raising effect, expanding scale, and promoting sustained healthy development of the cultural industries.

1. Promoting upscaled, intensified operations. Accelerating the transformation from an extensive growth method simply relying on quantity and scope to an intensive development method energetically raising quality and effect, further optimizing industrial structures, promoting industrial concentration, shaping large-scale economy effects, raising capacity and level of intensified operations. Centring on strong enterprises and core competence, through interregional and inter-sectoral uniting, mergers and grouping, focusing on fostering and developing a batch of large-scale cultural enterprises and enterprise groups with solid strength, having relatively strong competitiveness and influence.

2. Transforming traditional cultural industries. Fully utilizing advanced technology and modern production methods, transforming traditional cultural industries and traditional models, moving industrial upgrading forward, extending industrial chains. Completely moving digitalization of areas such as radio and film production, transmission, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, storage, exchange as well as film and performing art merchandising. Promoting digitalized publishing, printing as well as modern logistics technology research, development and application. Vigorously developing new kinds of cultural products and services, raising overall cultural industry technology levels and competitive strength.

3. Developing “expert, excellent, special, new” small and middle culture enterprises. Relaxing market access, simplifying examination and approval procedures, establishing perfect entry and exit mechanisms, encouraging, supporting and promoting small and middle enterprises to develop in the direction of “expert, excellent, special, new”, shaping superior enterprise groups having vitality. Encouraging people to take intellectual property rights as venture capital, and establishing small and middle enterprises according to the law. Supporting social forces to establish risk investment and guarantee companies, providing services for small and middle cultural enterprise development.

4. Encouraging development of culture-related industries. Promoting cultural appliances, equipment and corresponding cultural product production and retail. Moving cultural industries’ joint development with industries such as education, science and technology, information, sports, tourism, leisure, etc., mutually integrating with economic activities such as industrial development, city construction, etc., shaping new economic growth points. Vigorously supporting cultural enterprises to fully utilize their own intellectual property rights and brand superiority, extending development to corresponding industries, developing many kinds and shapes of derived products.

(20) Fostering culture market subjects. Putting forth effort to remould culture market subjects, raising State-owned cultural enterprises’ competitiveness, shaping cultural industry structures taking the publicly-owned system as the main part, developing together with many kinds of ownership systems.

1. Moving commercial culture undertaking work unit structural transformation forward. For ordinary art academies, groups, and publication work units, apart from a small number undertaking political or public interest publishing tasks, and newspapers and periodicals in categories such as culture,  art, life and popular science, the Xinhua Book Store, film production plants, cinemas television drama production work units and cultural operations intermediary organs, film production and sales work units subordinate to the undertaking personnel allotment of industry groups, Party and government entities and people’s organizations, news media advertising, printing, duplication, distribution, transmission network parts and programmes such as television drama, etc. production and sales entities, phasing in the task of completely transforming into enterprises. Standardizing the transformation of State-owned cultural undertaking work units, strengthening supervision over enterprises separated from cultural undertaking work units, reasonably determining to whom belong property rights, making rights of investors clear, establishing a property and operation responsibility system, striving to shape a batch of cultural enterprises and enterprises groups persisting in the advanced orientation of advanced socialist culture, having strong indigenous innovation capacity and market competitiveness.

2. Accelerating the transformation of the State-owned cultural enterprise company system. Taking innovating structures, transforming mechanisms, facing the market, expanding strength as focus, according to the requirements of modern enterprise systems, accelerating the company system transformation of the State-owned cultural enterprise sector, completing a legal person administration structure. Moving the reform of a rights system forward, implementing the pluralisation of investment subjects, making State-owned and State-controlled cultural enterprises truly become market subjects running themselves, controlling themselves, developing themselves. Accelerating the shareholding system transformation of State-owned cultural enterprises, before 2010, basically completing the company system transformation of wholly State-owned cultural enterprises, presenting a batch of on-the-market culture companies with outstanding main occupation and strong core competitiveness.

3. Fostering strategic cultural industry investors. Promoting the domain concentration of State-owned culture capital into good market prospects, strong overall strength and high social effect. Fully giving rein to the control force, influence and driving force of State-owned cultural capital. Utilizing market mechanisms, taking capital as driver, focusing on fostering and developing a batch of State-owned or State-controlled large-scale cultural enterprises end enterprise groups solid strength, making them become the leading force of the cultural market and strategic cultural industry investors. Encouraging and supporting State-owned culture enterprises to develop high market share innovative products, forging famous cultural brands having core competence.

4. Encouraging non-public capital to enter the cultural industries. Earnestly implementing the “State Council Some Decisions Concerning Non-Public Capital Entering the Cultural Industries”, creating beneficial policy environments and equal and fair competition, strengthening and improving service, encouraging and supporting non-public capital to enter in cultural industry areas permitted by policy, supporting non-public culture enterprise development.

(21) Completing all sorts of cultural markets. Fully giving rein to the market’s basic function in allocating resources, establishing and completing a cultural market with complete categories, promoting the reasonable circulation of cultural products and production factors.

1. Developing cultural product markets. Encouraging development of town  small-scale specialized bookstores, expert bookstores, community bookstores and network bookstores. Focusing on developing all sorts and shapes of publications distribution network points, distribution points and rental points, encouraging all sorts of capital to invest in rural publication distribution, expanding rural publications markets. Standardizing and developing the performing arts market. In large and middle cities, spreading chain ticketing service, shaping ticketing sale service networks covering the entire country. Making the film, radio and television programme trading market flourish, developing burgeoning markets such as cartoons and games, mobile television, paid television, network radio and television, etc. Supporting the market development of art products, striving to make our country become one of the main art product trading centres in Asia.

2. Perfecting the cultural production factor market. Fully utilizing domestic and foreign capital markets, expanding cultural industry financial investment channels. Encouraging cultural enterprises to directly finance themselves in the capital markets through distributing company shares and enterprise bonds. Perfecting cultural enterprise indirect financing systems through innovative credit guarantee methods and guarantee means, providing convenient conditions for cultural enterprises to lend money with financial institutions. Standardizing cultural property rights trading, focusing on development of copyright and other immaterial cultural property rights trading markets. Establishing cultural sector talent banks and talent appraisal systems, promoting the reasonable deployment and orderly circulation of talented personnel. Perfecting cultural information and technology trading markets, raising service levels. Developing intermediary service organs such as cultural brokers and agents, estimation and appraisal, technological exchange, recommendation and consultancy, guaranteeing and auctioning, etc., guiding their standardized operation, developing in the direction of brand formation and specialization. Strengthening professional training, carrying out qualifications authentication systems. Formulating and perfecting cultural intermediary organ management rules, standardizing the activities of intermediaries, raising service quality.

3. Fostering rural culture markets. Utilizing policies such as market access, price readjustment, preferential tax rates, etc., to guide all sorts of market subjects in areas such as publication and distribution, film screening, literature and art performance, network services, etc., to vigorously develop rural cultural markets. Formulating economic policies supporting rural culture operation work units and individual entrepreneurs, simplifying rural individual industry and commerce business and privately-run enterprise registration and examination procedures. Supporting the peasant masses to collect funds themselves, organize themselves, assume responsibility for profits and losses themselves, manage themselves, initiate peasant presses, film screening teams, etc., supporting people-run opera troupe development. Encouraging development of folk craft programmes such as paper-cutting, painting, ceramics, clay sculptures, carvings, weaving, etc., having ethnic tradition and regional characteristics, supporting rural folk arts and craft industry development.

4. Completing cultural sector organization. All sorts of cultural sector organization must, according to laws and regulations, earnestly implement functions such as market coordination, sector self-discipline, supervision services and rights protection, etc. Civic organizations such as the Chinese Cultural Federation, China Writer’s Union, China Journalist Association, etc., must vigorously give rein to sector self-discipline and rights protection functions. The China Radio and Television Association, the China Publishing Workers Association, the China Periodicals Distribution Sector Association, the China Copyright Association, the China Performing Arts Association, the China Film Producers Association, the China Film Distribution and Screening Association, etc, must realistically transform their functions, strengthen self-construction, perfect service functioning. By 2010, completing all sorts of sectoral organization establishment and transformation in the cultural area, realizing separation between government entities and sector organizations.

5. Encouraging and guiding cultural consumption. Adapted to the tendencies of town and country residents’ consumption pattern change, innovating cultural products and services, fostering consumption hot spots, expanding consumption areas, guiding the cultural consumption of society and the masses. Cultural product production work units must face the masses, strive to lower costs, provide reasonably priced, richly varied and high quality cultural products and services. Localities meeting conditions, may adopt government subsidy methods to provide low-price cultural products to society. Raising citizens’ reading mentality and cultural consumption mentality, expanding the service mentality of the integration of education and training, fitness, tourism, leisure, etc., with culture. Improving cultural consumption environments, strengthening cultural product price supervision, establishing and completing cultural product consumption complaints and case-accepting mechanisms, safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of consumers.

(22) Developing modern cultural product circulation organization and circulation methods. Moving chain operation, logistics and delivery, electronic commerce forward, accelerating cultural product logistic centre construction, implementing new agent delivery systems, establishing cultural product circulation networks with large cities as the centre, middle and small cities as competing the set, linking up with town and country.

1. Fostering large-scale modern circulation organizations in with national and regional natures. Strengthening construction of large-scale modern culture circulation enterprises with inter-regional chain operation, informatized management and modern logistics as characteristics. Encouraging cultural circulation enterprises having a competitive edge to realize scale expansion through methods such as share purchasing, share controlling, merging, acquisitions and franchising. Focusing on fostering a batch of large-scale State-owned or State controlled cultural circulation enterprises and enterprise groups with outstanding main occupations, having famous brands and intense radiation, making the become the guiding forces of the cultural circulation area. Encouraging cultural circulation enterprises with good asset quality, standardized operations and strong maturity to enter the market.

2. Establishing regional cultural product logistics centres radiating nationwide. Accelerating distribution and restructuring of the cultural product circulation industry, supporting establishment of cultural product logistics centres footed in the regions, radiating nationwide, encouraging the development of modern interregional cultural product logistics enterprises with standardized management, advanced technology and high quality service. Cultural product logistics and delivery centre establishment listed in planning is to be taken into the State focal technology transformation programme, and enjoys the corresponding preferential policies.

3. Developing modern cultural product chain operation. Encouraging cultural enterprises such as publications distribution, ticketing, Internet on-line services, film distribution and screening, etc., to take capital as driver, establish directly run chain networks using mother-son company systems, or through connected methods such as branding, shop names, distribution and delivery, management techniques, etc., develop franchising networks, shaping a batch of national and regional cultural product chain enterprises, making chain business models become the main development direction of cultural product distribution. Encouraging cultural product chain operation enterprises to develop across regions, promoting enterprises meeting conditions to run chain operations across countries. Continuing to move cinema chain reform forward, establishing interregional-scale cinema chains, specialized cinema chains and town and country cinema sub-chains.

4. Vigorously developing cultural electronic commerce. Fully utilizing modern communications and computing technology, constituting a platform for network cultural products and cultural production factors trading, lowering trading costs, moving product circulation forward. According to the principle of integration of government promotion and enterprise guidance, giving free rein to the main function of enterprises in the exploitation and application of electronic commerce, moving cultural enterprise informatization construction forward. Establishing and perfecting cultural sector information resource sharing and on-line trading credit systems, researching formulation of cultural sector electronic commerce standards, vigorously developing burgeoning cultural electronic commerce models catering to consumers.

VI, Cultural innovation

(23) Flourishing development of literature and art. Based on the great practice of constructing a relatively well-off society, focusing on the spiritual style of the people creating new lives, fully tapping the potential of and utilizing the abundant resources of national culture, learning from the excellent achievements of world culture, energetically moving cultural innovation forward, striving to create excellent literature and art works with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, Chinese impressiveness, greatly liked by the people. Implementing cultural excellent product strategies, supporting innovative works, continuing to support excellent theatre art work creation. Putting forth effort to forge a batch of excellent culture works representing national imagery, having ethnic characteristics, such as literature, plays, music, fine arts, calligraphy, photography, dance, acrobatics, radio, film and television, cartoons, etc., fostering a batch of cultural celebrities and famous products reflecting the national culture level and having corresponding international influence. Focusing on supporting famous brand cultural activities such as the China Art Festival, China Beijing Opera Festival and Beijing International Fine Arts Biennial. Implementing the China children’s music creation spreading plan, presenting a batch of excellent children’s music. Strengthening investigation and research concerning the masses’ cultural needs and cultural market consumption, adapting to modern audiences’ aesthetic requirements and entertainment methods, conducting unique and richly creative digging and refinement of content, developing cultural products deeply loved by the people, having high market share, satisfying the cultural requirements of different groups and different regions.

(24) Fostering cultural innovation communities and content providers. Vigorously constructing atmospheres beneficial to groups and individuals fully giving rein to creativity, artistry and skill, focusing on fostering creative groups in areas such as radio, film and television, cartoons, audiovisuals, media, visual arts, performing arts, arts, crafts and design, advertising and decoration, packaging design, software and computer services, etc. Supporting economically relatively developed cities to use the method of creative industry parks, to collect all sorts of cultural creative talented personnel. Progressively perfecting market environments and policy environments beneficial to creative innovative groups’ pioneering development, providing beneficial conditions for all sorts of creative talented personnel groups. Accelerating traditional cultural enterprises’ product mix and service structure restructuring, supporting and encouraging small and middle=scale cultural content service enterprise development, establishing content integration, processing, creation, dissemination and production mechanisms with the market as guidance. Vigorously giving rein to the basic function of the market in distributing cultural resources, progressively shaping a batch of large-scale content provides giving fist place to cultural digital information, film and television, performing arts, cultural consulting, etc., having solid strength.

(25) Promoting cultural enterprises to be cultural innovation subjects. Fully giving rein to the function of cultural market policies and science and technology policies, guiding cultural enterprises to become cultural innovation subjects, supporting cultural science and technology talented personnel mastering core skills to set up innovative cultural enterprises.

1. Implementing policies corresponding to creating new-type cultural enterprises. Perfecting credit services and financial environments for innovative cultural enterprises, supporting the development of small and middle innovative cultural enterprises. Utilizing government procurement, focusing on supporting innovative ethnic culture enterprises having core skills and indigenous brands, supporting cultural enterprises to participate in and undertake major State cultural projects and programmes. Strengthening financial support for all sorts of small and middle innovative enterprises, fully giving rein to the function of risk investment funding in supporting small and middle cultural innovative enterprises. Supporting and encouraging all sorts of cultural enterprises and research and development organs, higher education institutes to form innovative organizations.

2. Moving cultural innovative enterprise development forward. Encouraging economically developed cities, relatively rich in innovative talented personnel resources, to develop cultural-type innovative enterprises in cultural science and technology, film production, music production, fashion design, art creation, arts, crafts and fine arts, advertising creativity, cartoons and games, etc. Creating an industrial atmosphere advocating creativity and pursuing brilliance, expanding cultural innovative industries’ influence and driving force in the whole society. Fully giving rein to the vigorous function of cultural innovation in content innovation and traditional enterprise transformation, utilizing cultural innovation achievements to pull the development of corresponding service industries and production industries.

3. Paying high attention to technology intermediary services. Developing marketized and networked technology intermediary service mechanisms such as technology consulting, technology transferring, etc., promoting the industrialization of technological achievements. Encouraging higher education institutes, scientific research institutes, enterprises and all sorts of mass organizations to develop cultural technology exhibition and recommendation, providing cultural technology intermediary services. Vigorously utilizing technological property rights trading markets, developing cultural technology property rights trading activities.

(26) Accelerating science and technology innovation. Strengthening research and development, and application of core technologies, such as digital and network technology, etc., promoting the blending of culture with science and technology, enriching display forms, expanding dissemination methods.

1. Accelerating core technology research and development in the cultural area. Aiming at the strategic forward position of world culture science and technology development, strengthening core technology research such as digital technology, digital content, etc., raising equipment technology and production technology levels.

2. Innovating cultural dissemination methods and means. Accelerating the construction of large-capacity digital cultural resource databases taking the national digital library as beginning point, completing public library networking in small and middle cities, realizing resource sharing. Moving stage technology progress forward, developing new art display forms. Accelerating radio and television broadcasting and film screening digitalization progress, establishing radio and television direct satellite broadcast systems.

3. Promoting cultural business model updating. Accelerating the transformation of the traditional publishing and distribution sector to a modern publishing and distribution sector, vigorously developing burgeoning business models such as electronic books, mobile telephone newspapers and periodicals, network publications, etc.. Completely moving radio and television digitalization forward, starting broadcast of surface digital high-definition television in 2008, in 2010 basically completing cable television transformation from analogue to digital of all county-level or higher cities in the eastern region and the majority of county-level or higher cities in the western region, realizing a complete update of cable television transmission and terminal service business models. Encouraging creation and development network culture products having indigenous intellectual property rights, developing value added sectors such as cultural data processing, storage and transmission services, mobile culture information services, on-line cultural trading, digital interactive learning services, digital long-distance education and digital entertainment products, etc.,

(27) Strengthening intellectual property rights protection. Adapted to the requirements of new circumstances, establishing and completing laws and regulations for the implementation of intellectual property rights protection, creating a desirable legal system environment, implementing corresponding protection steps, expanding protection strength, further raising intellectual property rights protection levels in the cultural area.

1. Implementing intellectual property rights protection steps in the cultural are. Finishing important cultural resource intellectual property rights unearthing and arrangement work, establishing a state focus cultural intellectual property rights protection catalogue. Government controlling entities, civic organizations and trade associations must strengthen guidance and coordination, guide all aspects of industry, learning and research to hurry research and determination of technological standards for the transformation of analogue television to digital television, surface digital television, logistics and delivery systems, etc. Grasping implementation of arrangement and publication work of China’s modern classic music scores and play script. Strengthening cultural workers’ intellectual property rights consciousness, promoting cultural work units, research and development institutes and higher education institutes to pay regard to and strengthen intellectual property rights protection and management. Encouraging development of intellectual property rights agency, recommendation and trading service sectors, progressively construct intellectual property rights service networks covering the entire country. Adopting many kinds of methods, timely propagating the results obtained by our country’s intellectual property work in the cultural area, developing popular-themed education activities of “refusing piracy begins with me”, strengthening the intellectual property rights consciousness of the whole society.

2. According to the law, strictly attacking all sorts of activities infringing intellectual property rights. Strengthening overall planning and coordination, shaping work mechanisms for horizontal and vertical integration, and joint moving of higher and lower levels. Persisting in integrating everyday supervision and special campaigns, taking large and important cases as breakthrough points, developing special discipline activities for book and audiovisual market protection, etc., persisting in eradicating production lines of pirated compact discs, strictly attacking activities of infringing broadcast of radio and television programmes and unauthorized transmission of radio and television programme signals, focusing on investigating and prosecuting illegal activities such as piracy of educational textbooks, computer software and audiovisual products, etc.

VII, National culture protection

(28) Compiling and publishing cultural canons. Continuously implementing major programmes such as the national Qing history compilation project, China ancient book special preservation and protection programme, etc., starting major national publications projects taking the digitized China ancient book collectaneum publication and the China classics collection compilation and publication as representative. Strengthening saving work of national ancient books and artefacts, collecting and arranging ethnic minority ancient books, compiling the “Abstract of the Chinese Ancient Book General Catalogue” and the “Abstract of Chinese Ethnic Minority Ancient Books”. Finishing arrangement and publication of classical ethnic epics such as Gesar, Zhunggar, Manas, etc., and translation and publication work of excellent ethnic minority literary works. Fully giving rein to the function of higher education institutes and art organs in arranging, researching and compiling transitional cultural canons.

(29) Giving free rein to the vigorous function of major festivals and customs. Adapted to modern life, reflecting the characteristics of the era, combined with spiritual culture construction activities, persisting in unremittingly grasping transformation of social conditions, innovating forms, enriching content, improving and developing film traditional festival content, customs and rites having rich national characteristics, safeguarding national culture’s basic elements. Continuing to perfect the sacrificial entities for the Chinese nation’s earliest ancestors, fully giving rein to the function of  traditional national festivals such as the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Double Seventh Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, etc., in strengthening the Chinese’s nation’s cohesion, promoting the construction of a harmonious society. Giving high regard to important holidays and commemorations such as National Day, “1 May”, the international labour day, “1 June”, founding of the Party, “1 August”, founding of the Army, etc., extensively developing topical propaganda and education activities of loving the Party, loving the Motherland, loving the people and loving socialism.

(30) Attaching importance to China’s excellent traditional culture education and traditional scripture and artistry heritage. In primary schools meeting conditions, offering courses such as calligraphy, painting, traditional arts, etc., in secondary schools’ language and literature courses, suitably expanding the proportion of traditional classics and model essays, poems, etc., all learning disciplines in primary and secondary schools must combine the characteristics of the discipline with Chinese excellent traditional culture content. Higher education institutes must create conditions, and offer Chinese language and literature classes catering to the whole student body. Strengthening the construction of traditional culture education and research bases, promoting corresponding curriculum development. In social education, widely developing excellent traditional culture popularization activities such as reciting classical poems, transmitting traditional art knowledge, etc., striving to rise the humanities accomplishments of the entire nation, establishing desirable social conduct. Organizing the world China traditional culture forum.

(31) Standardizing and protecting national and ethnic spoken and written languages. Strictly observing the “State Universal Language and Character Law”, energetically popularizing Putonghua in the whole society, promoting standardized Chinese characters. Radio stations, television stations, newspapers and periodicals, publications, public service spoken and written language, public space spoken and written language, etc., shall conform to the standards and norms for state universal language and characters, and except for special requirements, foreign language and characters may generally not be inserted. Strictly controlling radio and television dialect-type programmes’ broadcast proportion. In areas such as important international conferences organized inside the country and public service, etc., Putonghua shall be used as the basic used language. Completing the once-a-year national popularizing of Putonghua propaganda week activities. Moving ethnic minority language and writing standardization and norm-setting forward.

(32) Strengthening protection for important cultural heritage. Completing cultural heritage surveys nationwide. Giving high regard to important revolutionary historical relic collection and arrangement and the protection of focal revolutionary history heritage. Strengthening protection and management over world cultural heritage, large ruins, historical famous culture cities (streets and neighbourhoods, villages and towns) and relic protection work units. Formulating and implementing planning for immovable cultural relics. Perfecting cultural relic protection work in major construction projects, stricten programme examination and approval, checking and filing systems. Establishing a catalogue system for immaterial culture, drawing a national immaterial cultural heritage resource distribution map, establishing genealogies of inheriting persons of immaterial cultural heritage, formulating financial aid rules for inheriting persons. Formulating 10 State-level national folk culture ecology protection regions. Completing the publication of the “China National Folk Culture and Art Compendium” and corresponding material protection work, publishing the “State Immaterial Cultural Heritage Directory and Atlas”, the “Immaterial Cultural Heritage Survey Map Collection (Atlas Divided by Province)”, the “Kunqu Collection”, the “China Folk Fine Art Category Collection”. Continuing to implement protection and support programmes for State focus Beijing Opera theatres and groups, and Kunqu theatres and groups. Implementing the ” Compass Plan”, deepening excavation and exposition of the historical value, scientific value and artistic value of our country’s ancient inventions. Fully utilizing the “Cultural Heritage Day” organizing and developing a series of propaganda exhibitions and activities concerning cultural heritage protection.

(33) Rushing to save threatened cultural heritage. Adopting effective steps, protecting threatened national cultural heritage. Continuing to implement cultural relic protection and safeguarding focus projects, removing major dangerous conditions for cultural relic protection work units. Constructing emergency cultural relic protection facilities, perfecting cultural relic protection work units’ and museums’ safety and fire prevention installations and facilities, finishing emergency archaeology excavations and relic protection in basic construction. Strengthening emergency measures for some immaterial cultural heritage such as folk literature, folk culture, folk music and dance, ethnic minority epics, etc.

VIII, Foreign-related cultural exchange

(34) Expanding foreign-related cultural exchange and dissemination channels. Fully utilizing all sorts of capital resources, innovating cultural “stepping out” forms and methods, attracting and learning from excellent cultural achievements from all countries, raising our country’s cultural products’ influence and competitiveness, vigorously promoting Chinese culture to face the world, and walk towards the world.

1. Vigorously developing foreign cultural exchange. Utilizing important festivals and commemorations such as Spring festival, National Day, Diplomatic Relations Establishment Day, etc., to organize or hold high-level cultural exchange activities, enhancing the world’s understanding of China. Paying regard to multi-level exchange visits in the cultural sphere, strengthening cultural exchange between twinned cities, actively developing foreign cultural cooperation. Continuing to finish Sino-foreign joint organization of work such as cultural years, organizing Chinese cultural festivals abroad, culture weeks, art weeks, film weeks, television weeks and cultural relic expositions, etc. Giving rein to the important function of our institutions abroad to propagate and recommend China’s excellent cultural products. Vigorously participating in the formulation of corresponding international regulations, strengthening the power of discourse of our country in international cultural activities, safeguarding the diversity of global cultures.

2. Giving rein to the cultural transmission function of multimedia. Drawing support famous foreign platforms such as film festivals, television festivals, art festivals, book expositions, trade fairs, etc., to vigorously recommend China’s cultural products and services. Meticulously choosing participating work units and cultural products, earnestly organizing teams participating in exhibitions and in performances, representing the national level, developing our country’s overall cultural strength and national image. Vigorously participating or organizing cultural forums and honoured guest country activities during international book expositions, exhibitions, etc., raising our country’s cultural influence. Adapted to foreign audiences’ requirements and receiving habits, incessantly expanding radio and television programmes’ effective landing abroad. Expanding folk exchange cooperation sphere, encouraging civic organizations, folk organizations, people-run enterprises and individuals to exchange in foreign cultural exchange. Expanding commercial performances and exhibitions, and cultural product sales. Strengthening the international exchange of philosophy and social sciences, expanding our country’s philosophy and social sciences in the world. Establishing and perfecting Sino-foreign scholar exchange mechanisms, strengthening exchange and cooperation with foreign influential philosophy and social science institutions, foreign famous Sinologists, Chinese problem experts and research institutions. Integrating culture “stepping out” work with work in foreign relations, foreign trade, foreign aid, science and technology, tourism, sports, etc., integrating performances, exhibitions and product sales, fully mustering forces from all sides, shaping foreign cultural exchange force pools.

3. Constituting international cultural business networks. Focusing on grasping the thee large international business network constructions of film and television dramas, publications and culture and art performances. Granting support to cultural enterprises meeting conditions for international market expansion activities.

(35) Fostering foreign-oriented backbone cultural enterprises. Perfecting foreign cultural trading systems, supporting on already existing famous domestic foreign culture enterprises and cultural industry brands, vigorously fostering outward-looking cultural enterprises, giving rein to their guiding function in culture “stepping out”.

1. Expanding and strengthening foreign cultural trade brands. Focusing on supporting product and service export such as cultural art, performances and exhibitions, films, television dramas, cartoons, publications, national culture and dance, acrobatics, etc,. having Chinese national characteristics, supporting burgeoning cultural products such as cartoons and games, electronic publications, etc., to enter the international market. Giving rein to the guiding function of State-owned cultural enterprises in foreign cultural trade aspects, encouraging investment diversification, shaping a batch of branded cultural enterprises and enterprise groups having competitive power.

2. Fostering foreign culture intermediary institutions. Vigorously developing foreign culture intermediary institutions engaging in sectors such as performances and exhibitions, radio and television, news and publications, etc. Supporting domestic cultural enterprises to cooperate with international famous performing arts, exhibition, film and publication intermediary institutions or brokers, developing towards scale growth and brand growth.

(36) Implementing the important “stepping out” project. Integrating resources, breaking though in focus, implementing the important “stepping out” project, accelerating “stepping out” progress, expanding the coverage and international influence of our country’s culture.

IX, Talented troops

(37) Strengthening ideological and political calibre and skills construction. Earnestly summarizing and maintaining the successful experiences of Communist Party members’ advanced education activities and the “Three Theories Study and Education” activities, further organizing and guiding the broad cultural workers in deeply studying Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought, studying the Party’s basic theory, basic line, basic principles, basic experience, firmly establishing the scientific development view, strengthening political keenness and political differentiation strength. Encouraging the broad cultural workers to go deeply into reality, deeply go into the masses, deeply go into life, undergoing exercise and strengthening ability in difficult environments and different work positions. Stressing the fostering of expert skills, encouraging broad cultural workers to gain professional proficiency through hard work, strive to grasp the characteristics and patterns of cultural work, incessantly raise capacities and levels of finishing cultural work under new circumstances.

(38) Grasping high-level personnel training. Persisting in the orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism, and the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools debate, fully developing learning democracy and art democracy, encouraging and supporting free development and innovation of different forms and different styles in learning and art. Continuously implementing the “a batch of all four” training programme for talented personnel, putting forth effort to strengthen the training of leading personnel and all sorts of high-level specialized personnel. Perfecting fair competition and distribution incentive mechanisms, encouraging and supporting excellent top talents to come to the fore. Vigorously propagating  leading personnel, excellent specialist technical personnel, operational and management personnel and their achievements and main results in the cultural sphere, creating a beneficial public opinion environment respecting work, respecting knowledge, respecting talent, respecting creation.

(39) Organizing training work. Implementing central strategic planning concerning personnel work, formulating and implementing cultural personnel training plans in the “11th Five-Year Plan” period nationwide, establishing and perfecting on-the job personnel professional training and continuous education systems, innovating training content, perfecting training mechanisms, integrating training resources, aiming at the concrete circumstances of personnel in different areas and different positions, phasing in and conducting specialized training. Before 2010, conducting systematic rotation Marxism theory and general and specific Party policy in philosophy and social sciences teaching and research backbones nationwide. Completing work personnel universal rotation in the cultural art, cultural relic, news and publications, radio and television systems. Strengthening rural cultural teams’ education and training, raising overall levels.

(40) Strengthening higher education personnel training and study discipline construction. Fully giving rein to the important function of higher education institutes in constructing advanced culture and fostering cultural personnel. Higher education institutes must completely move quality education forward, taking fostering the sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical capacity of students as focus, deepening education reform, strengthening learning construction, raising educational quality, promoting the complete development of students. Higher education institutes’ journalism faculties (departments) must persist in the correct political orientation, completely put the Marxist view of journalism first, based on the Chinese national circumstances, vigorously develop news theory research and learning construction, earnestly fostering talented personnel meeting qualifications for the Party’s news undertakings. Supporting a part of higher education institutes’ journalism science research basis, financially aiding a batch of focal research tasks. Encouraging higher education institutes meeting conditions to integrate corresponding learning resources, concentrate the development of major theoretical and actual problem research in cultural undertakings and cultural industries, serving the construction of advanced culture. Encouraging cultural work units to cooperate with higher education institutes to organize high-level research classes, training classes, fostering high-quality expert technical personnel, operation and management personnel. Encouraging and supporting cultural talented personnel to participate in academic research and exchange, undertaking important problems and programmes.

(41) Completing personnel promotion selection mechanisms. Persisting in the principles of the Party managing personnel and having both ability and integrity, generally acknowledged by the masses, according to the requirements of openness, fairness, competition and preference, perfecting evaluation, selection and encouragement guarantee mechanisms on the basis of judging by results, constituted by essential talented personnel  with moral character, knowledge and ability, creating an environment without lack of talented persons, were talent can be put to full use. According to development requirements, progressively standardizing all sectors’ professional classification in the  cultural sphere, organizing professional standards, exploring the establishment of an expert technical personnel professional certification system, steadily moving technical job title reform forward. Fully giving rein to the basic function of the market in personnel resource deployment, establishing and perfecting talented personnel circulation mechanisms under guarantee conditions of responding to society, guiding cultural talented personnel’s’ reasonable and ordered circulation, gathering excellent personnel in the middle of cultural construction. Utilizing cultural industry’s joint development with corresponding industries and capital expansion, expanding selected scopes, expanding selected channels, widely attracting excellent personnel and foreign high-level personnel to enter into the cultural sector in areas such as finance, banking, etc.

(42) Establishing systems for conferring honorary titles in the sphere of national culture and art . In order to promote the flourishing and development of Socialist culture, conferring honorary titles such as people’s artist, people’s writer, etc., upon cultural workers having obtained excellent achievements in the area of culture and art, and from the start of the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, establishing the “State Culture Outstanding Contribution Award”, honouring cultural workers having made outstanding contribution in areas such as culture and art, humanities and social sciences, press and publications, radio, film and television, etc. Those to be granted honorary titles by the State Council, will be determined by the competent authority for culture and after examination and verification by the personnel department, reported to the State Council for approval; those to be granted honorary titles by relevant State Council entities, will be granted them jointly according to corresponding regulations by the joint personnel departments.

X, Guaranteeing steps and important policies

(43) Strengthening organizational guidance. In order to guarantee the implementation of all tasks in the “Outline”, it is required that organizational guidance is strengthened, even more effective policies and measures are formulated and perfected, and organization and implementation is earnest.

1. Strengthening Party guidance over cultural work. Completely persisting in the policy of “grasping with two hands, two hands must both be hard”, giving high regard to cultural work, from the height of implementing the important “Three Represents” through and scientific development view, from the height of realizing the magnificent goal complete construction of a relatively well-off society and constructing a Socialist and harmonious society, from the height of strengthening the Party’s governing capacity, raising the Party’s guidance level and governance level, deeply recognizing the importance of strengthening cultural construction, taking cultural construction objectives and tasks into general economic development planning, deploying together with economic and social development tasks, and implementing together. Abiding by the special characteristics and development rules of culture itself, adapting to the requirements of the Socialist market economy, persisting in dealing with the complete picture, managing large affairs, strengthening research on major problems in cultural development, scientifically formulating general and specific policies, completely grasping the correct orientation of cultural construction. According to the requirements of situation development, establishing and perfecting cultural work guidance and coordination mechanisms, wholly planning and coordinating cultural construction.

2. Making all levels’ Party committees’ and governments’ tasks explicit. All levels’ Party committees and governments must take cultural construction into the important events agenda, establish work responsibility systems, take cultural construction as an important content of evaluating local development levels, weighing development quality and guiding cadre work results. Party committee propaganda entities must fully give rain to their coordinating and guidance functions, corresponding entities must vigorously support, and act in close coordination, cultural management entities must realistically implement their respective tasks, shape a pool of forces for promoting cultural development. Strengthening supervision and inspection of cultural oversight, substantially implementing central general and specific policies concerning cultural construction. It is necessary to suit measures to local conditions, classify guidance, summarize and popularize successful experiences, simultaneously dealing with all parties’ interests, finishing ideology and political work deeply into detail, guaranteeing the healthy and flourishing development of culture.

3. Mobilizing all of society to participate in cultural construction. For moving cultural construction forward, it is required that all aspects of society jointly make great effort. It is necessary to completely and accurately propagate central general and specific policies concerning the major strategic planning of cultural development, fully muster the vigorousness and creativity of the broad cultural workers, make cadres’ and the masses’ thoughts and actions unitedly come up to the spirit of the centre, let wisdom and strength condense into Socialist culture construction. Fully giving rein to the important function of civic organizations such as labour unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation, the Cultural Federation, the Writers’ Association, Journalists’ Association, etc., in the aspects of connecting the masses, organizing the masses and promoting cultural construction. Closely relying on the masses fully giving rein to the masses, respecting the pioneering spirit of the masses, letting the masses’ vigorousness and creativity guide be guided well, protected well and flourish well, striving to create a desirable atmosphere, beneficial for Socialist cultural development.

(44) Completing macroeconomic regulation. Adapted to the requirements of new circumstances, strengthening macroeconomic regulation over cultural development orientation, amount, structure and quality, strengthening work foresight, initiative and effectiveness, moving cultural management work’s scientification, systematization and standardization forward.

1. Perfecting forecast, guidance, reward and punishment, regulation, responsibility, supervision, guarantee and response mechanisms in the cultural area. Perfecting problem planning result appraisal and application mechanisms benefiting theoretical innovation. Completely developing cultural undertaking and cultural industry statistics work, giving rein to cultural statistics works’ information, counselling and supervising functions in government policymaking and public service. Perfecting national-scale culture, art press and publications awards rules, striving to raise the scholarliness and authoritativeness of awards.

2. Strengthening cultural market management. Completing market regulations, perfecting market access and withdrawal mechanisms, grasping access passes such as natural endowments, funding, products, etc., well. Innovating supervision methods, establishing nationwide cultural market supervision platforms and State publications credit management examination and approval, structuring a unified, high-effectiveness cultural market management information network covering the entire country. Further strengthening “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” work. Sternly attacking activities of stealing  and smuggling of cultural relics. Strengthening general cultural market law enforcement team construction, accelerating the integration of existing cultural, cultural relic, radio, film and television, press and publications administrative law enforcement teams, organizing unified and high-effectiveness general cultural market law enforcement organs. Developing cultural law enforcement personnel training, establishing honest, clean and fair law enforcement teams, fine in work style, mastering their profession, with quality really up to the mark. Before 2010, basically completing the establishment of general cultural market law enforcement organs with the cities as the main part.

(45) Deepening cultural structural reform. Deeply implementing the “CCP Central Committee, State Council Some Opinions Concerning Deepening Cultural Structural Reform”, pushing development from experiment to general application in an organized and guided way, gradually, step by step, progressively leading to deepening.

1. Vigorously and safely move reform forward. According to the principles of differential treatment, categorized guidance, suiting measures to local condition, and progressive pushing forward, according to the nature and special characteristics of different regions, different sectors and different work units, steadily pushing reform. Differentiating the different special characteristics of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, taking expanding input, transforming mechanisms, strengthening vitality, perfecting service as focal points, developing public interest-type cultural undertakings; with innovating mechanisms, transforming mechanisms, facing the market and strengthening vitality as focus, developing commercial cultural industries. Planning considering all factors, making reform of the economic system, the political system, the administrative management system and other spheres mutually consistent, and mutually linked.

2. Putting forth effort to resolve focal difficulties and problems in reform. Centring on remoulding key links such as market subjects, perfecting market systems, improving macroscopic management, transforming government functions, etc., deepening develop investigation and research, broadly listen to opinions, scientifically formulating reform implementation plans and a complete set of policies, realistically safeguarding the basic rights and interests of workers and the masses, mustering the broad cultural workers’ vigorousness in supporting reform and participating in reform, promoting reform to develop in breadth and depth.

3. Persisting in spurring development through reform. Unifying deepening of reform with accelerating development, using reform rules to resolve development problems, take the results of development to test the achievements of reform. Through reform, incessantly doing away with bottlenecks restricting development and systemic and mechanism-related obstacles, creating a systemic environment, policy environment and market environment beneficial to development. Striving to strengthen cultural innovation capacity, with new mechanisms increasing storage, expanding incrementally, expanding development space, fostering new growth points, and accelerating the development of cultural undertakings and the cultural industry.

(46) Perfecting economic policies for cultural development. Continuing to implement the cultural economic policy which proved their effectiveness through practice, formulating and perfecting policies in aspects such as supporting public cultural undertakings, developing cultural industries, urging cultural innovation, etc.

1. Implementing and perfecting economic policies supporting cultural development. Earnestly implementing corresponding propaganda and culture economic policies, and according to the real situation of economic development, researching and formulating corresponding policies to support public interest cultural undertakings and develop cultural industries.

2. Establishing State special cultural development funds and finances. The State establishes special cultural development funds and finances, to be focally used to support State public interest cultural undertaking development, support cultural innovation and production of excellent products, support the research and development of cultural industry programmes having an example function and guiding function; to be used for important State cultural heritage protection and supporting local major culture project programme construction; to be used for major State publications programmes, ethnic minority script and Braille publications publishing, as well as the covering of wireless radio and television.

3. Expanding and improving government input in cultural undertakings. Expanding government input strength in cultural undertakings, expanding public finance coverage scopes, central and local financial administrations input growth rate in culture may not be lower than the growth rate of the constant income of the financial administration of the same level. Strengthening basic cultural facility construction, guaranteeing that a certain number of central financial administration transfer payment funds and newly increased cultural expenses are mainly used for rural cultural construction. Expanding input into State social sciences funding, further perfecting management, raising quality, giving free rein to effect. Establishing government result evaluation mechanisms for public cultural undertaking input. Practicing public culture activity programme competitive bidding and government procurement to lead into market competition mechanisms. Formulating corresponding fiscal policies, attracting and encouraging social forces to initiate public interest cultural undertakings.

(47) Strengthening cultural legislation. Based on our country’s national situation, learning from foreign positive experiences, accelerating the pace of cultural legislation , grasping research on formulation of an immaterial cultural heritage law, library law, radio, film and television transmission guarantee law, cultural industry promotion law, film promotion law and Great Wall protection regulations. Strengthening supervision over law enforcement activities, standardizing law enforcement acts. Deeply developing  cultural legal system propaganda and education, continuing to finish law popularization work, strengthening notions of the legal system, raising the level of consciousness of administering according to the law, observing the law in operating businesses and safeguarding cultural rights and interests.

(48) Implementation steps. The implementation of this “Outline”, has an important function in consolidating the cultural construction successes of the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, and in laying a solid base for even more quick development in the following ten years , steadily pushing economic, political, cultural and social coordinated development forward and smoothly realizing the magnificent objective of realizing a relatively well-off society. This “Outline” is mutually linked to the “Outline of the People’s Republic of China National Economy and Social Development 11th Five-Year Plan”. All localities and all entities must according to the real situation, formulate and implement plans, strengthen wholly planning and coordination, adopt realistic and effective steps, guarantee the implementation of every task. All corresponding entities formulate complementing policies and grasp public appearance and implementation according to the requirements of the “Outline”. It is necessary to establish implementation, supervision and examination mechanisms for the “Outline”, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, fully giving rein to all localities’ and all entities’ vigorousness and initiative, jointly promoting the organization and implementation of the “Outline” General management entities such as culture management entities, development and reform entities, financial administration entities, etc. must strengthen tracking analysis and concrete guidance over the implementation situation of the “Outline”.










































































































专栏1 国家重大文化设施、重要文化工程项目


重大文化设施建设 国家大剧院工程、国家博物馆改扩建工程、国家图书馆二期暨国家数字图书馆建设工程、中国美术馆二期改扩建工程、国家话剧院建设工程、中央电视台新址建设工程和地方重要文化设施建设。
重要文化工程项目建设 文化信息资源共享工程——以农村为重点,建设电子图书、舞台艺术、知识讲座和影视节目等数字资源库,基本完成全国市、县和乡镇分中心建设,推进文化资源数字化,促进文化信息资源共享。广播影视数字化工程——全面推进广播电视由模拟向数字化转换,积极发展多种形式的新兴传播载体,加快电影制作、发行、存储和放映的数字化。




重点扶持的社科机构 中国社会科学院、中央编译局。
重点扶持的艺术表演团体 中国京剧院、国家话剧院、中国歌剧舞剧院、中国东方歌舞团、中国交响乐团、中国儿童艺术剧院、中央歌剧院、中央芭蕾舞团、中央民族乐团、中国广播艺术团、中国爱乐乐团,以及体现民族特色和国家水准的地方艺术表演团体。
重点扶持的出版单位 人民出版社、盲文和少数民族语言文字出版单位。












专栏2 农村文化建设重点工程



































专栏3 重点支持的文化会展









专栏4 重大文化产业推进项目
































专栏5 实施文化精品工程


















专栏5 实施文化精品工程























专栏6 文物保护重点项目
世界文化遗产保护 明清帝王陵寝、云冈石窟、武当山古建筑群、敦煌莫高窟、大足石刻、平遥古城、高句丽遗迹等。
大遗址保护 编制完成100处重要大遗址总体保护规划纲要。建设汉长安城、大明宫、隋唐洛阳城、殷墟、偃师商城等重点大遗址保护展示园区。启动实施长城保护工程、大运河文物保护工程、丝绸之路(新疆段)文物保护工程。
文物保护单位维修 实施故宫博物院古建整体保护维修工程、恭王府府邸文物保护修缮工程、西藏三大重点文物保护工程和应县木塔、元代以前早期木构建筑、大昭寺、扎什伦布寺、塔尔寺等维修保护工程。每年重点安排100项左右险情严重的全国重点文物保护单位整体维修保护工作。
考古工作 做好三峡工程、南水北调工程中的文物抢救保护工作,涉外考古、水下考古、航空考古取得较大进展。
建设抢救性文物保护设施 完成100余个市(地)级以上博物馆馆藏文物保存环境标准化建设,新建扩建库房面积30万平方米。依托博物馆改扩建23个区域性中心文物库房,集中保护珍贵文物。完成36所科研院所与大学出土文物整理库的文物保护设备和安防消防设施建设。











































专栏7 支持文化发展的经济政策

















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    中國出口文學:揚威到非洲了? - *CUP said:
    November 24, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    […] 在中國政府 2006 年發表了為文化發展 5 年計劃,策劃以展覽、電影節、藝術節、出版文學等多種形式向外國推廣中國文化,促進文化交流。這樣的政策方向延續至今,後來的文化部部長蔡武也曾言,文化軟實力是實現中國夢不可少的基本前提。因此在投入大量資源的非洲,文化「交流」同樣頻繁。雖說是相向交流,實際上卻以中國單向輸入為主。其中最突出的要數「中國圖書對外推廣計劃」,由中國政府資助在境外銷售出版書,以「增強我國在國際文化活動中的話語權,維護世界文化多樣性」為目標。 […]

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