Foster Good Netizens, Build a Safe Net Together

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Speech at the Initiation Ceremony for the 2nd National Cybersecurity Propaganda Week

1 June 2015

Lu Wei

All respected guests,

Comrades, students, friends:

Good morning, everyone! Today is “1 June”, the International Children’s Day, on this beautiful day that belongs to children, we are holding the initiation ceremony for the 2nd National Cybersecurity Propaganda Week in the China Science and Technology Museum. First and foremost, on behalf of the Central Internet Information Office [Note: this is a literal translation, the official English name for this body is the Cyberspace Administration of China], I’d like to send my congratulations to children on this holiday, and would like to express heartfelt thanks to all sponsoring work units, all localities and all departments, all enterprises and news media that support and participate in this Cybersecurity Propaganda Week! Read the rest of this entry »

China’s propaganda leaders outline priorities for 2015

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On 5 January, the Propaganda Department organised a conference for directors of local propaganda departments nationwide. Standing Committee member Liu Yunshan and Liu Qibao both gave speeches outlining propaganda priorities for 2015. Furthermore, it seems that the Cyberspace Administration of China organised a parallel meeting for propaganda online. There have been only intermittent references to this, which in a number of cases were removed from the Internet rapidly.

The following summary of the propaganda speeches was published on Xinhua’s website:

On 5 January, the Nationwide Propaganda Department Directors’ Conference was convened in Beijing. CCP Politburo Standing Committee Member and Central Secretariat Secretary Liu Yunshan attended and gave a speech. He stressed it was necessary to comply with the new demands of the development of the Party’s and State’s undertaking, firmly do propaganda and ideology work well, and provide powerful ideological and public opinion support for the comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively deepening reform, comprehensively govern the country according to the law, and comprehensively and strictly govern the Party.

Liu Yunshan pointed out that, to do propaganda and ideology work well, the most fundamental matter is using Socialism with Chinese characteristics to bring together an ideological consensus. We must persist in continuing to deeply study and implement the spirit of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, work hard to understand the essence of this spirit, work hard to let it enter minds and hearts, and ensure that we study it so we can believe, use and practice it. Study to believe it means we must persist in ideals and convictions, and building firm spiritual supports; study to use it means we must persist in problem orientation, and use the spirit of the speeches to guide the resolution of real problems; study to practice it means we must internalize it in our hearts and externalize it in our practice, shaping strong forces for the promotion of the development of our undertaking and the realization of the Chinese Dream. Liu Yunshan stressed that propaganda and ideology work serves the bigger picture, it must closely revolve around the strategic “four comprehensives” deployment, grasp the correct public orientation guidance, strengthen propaganda and elucidation, create a beneficial environment, and promote the implementation of the Centre’s policy decisions. We must deeply move forward the construction of the Socialist cure value system, focus on model examples, focus on changing people through culture, focus on structures and standards, and incessantly consolidate the ideological and moral basis of the united struggle of the people of all ethnicities. We must persist in the creative orientation of putting people at the centre, stimulate writers to even more firmly take root among the people and take root in real life, and create ever more literary and artistic works that are imbued with real affairs and move people’s hearts, it is especially necessary to enhance the quality of works, stress social effect and prevent only looking at box office, only looking at viewing rates and only looking at clicks. We must fix our eyes on enhancing national cultural soft power, actively and colourfully tell China’s story well, strengthen the construction of international communication power, promote synergy with cultural marching out measures, and strive to create a good international public opinion environment. Liu Yunshan stressed that, to do propaganda and ideology work well, we must persist in Party management of propaganda and Party management of ideology, realistically grasp the leadership power and initiative in work. All levels’ Party Committees must bear general responsibility for ideological work, carry out the work to grasp the correct orientation and deploy guidance, strengthen supervision and inspection, grasp team construction, etc.; Party Committee secretaries must bear the first responsibility, take the lead in carrying professional responsibilities to the utmost; corresponding department s and work units must, in integration with their individual functions, make the responsibility they must bear more detailed, real and concrete.

CCP Politburo Member and Central Propaganda Department Director Liu Qibao chaired the Conference and provided work deployments, he stressed we must grasp the correct orientation, persist in value leadership, tell China’s story well, strengthen management according to the law, and strive for innovation and progress. We must deeply study, propagate and implement the spirit of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and deepen study, propaganda and education about Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese Dream; we must strengthen the Party Committees’ responsibility system in leading ideological work, and closely grasp the leadership power and the initiative in the ideological area; we must move forward the concretization and systematization of study, education and practice of the Socialist core value system, and strive to establish common value pursuits in all of society; we must improve public opinion guidance capacities and levels, consolidate and expand a positive, healthy and upward mainstream public opinion; stimulate literature and art workers to go deeply into life to let creation flourish, grasp the implementation of cultural structural reform tasks, truly, vividly and lively tell China’s story, improve national cultural soft power; strengthen grass-roots propaganda, ideology and cultural work, and promote the effective implementation of all tasks.

CCP Politburo Member and State Council Vice-Premier Liu Yandong attended the conference.

Mutual Trust through Communication, Cooperation through Win-Win

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Speech at the 7th Sino-US Internet Forum

2 December 2014

Lu Wei

Respected madam Catherine Novelli,

Respected misters Craig Mundi, and Shen Xiangyang,

Respected mister Wu Hequan,

Ladies, gentlemen, friends:

Good morning everyone! Today, government representatives and business elites from the Chinese and US Internet circles have come together in Washington, to together welcome the opening of the 7th Sino-US Internet Forum. I represent the Cyberspace Administration of China in sincerely and enthusiastically congratulating the convention of the Forum! And in expressing sincere thanks to the Forum’s sponsors, Microsoft and the Internet Society of China!

Since last year, China’s President XI Jinping and President Obama have grasped general tends and looked towards the future, from the Annenberg “estate meeting” to the “Ocean Platform Meeting” in Zhongnanhai, they have reached an important consensus of together building a new type of great power relations between China and the US, this met with high praise and broad recognition from international society, and pushed relationships between both countries into a new historical phase. Following the rapid advance of Internet developments, cyber relations between China and the US have attracted unprecedented attention and concern, they have expanded from commercial cooperation and people-to-people communication to become a focus point in bilateral relationships, and a focus point for attention from all sides, they have become an important content of a new type of great power relationship between China and the US, influence the future of both countries to a considerable degree. Sino-US cyber relationships in a new era tend generally to be good, and are advancing steadily, but there are some bumps on the path ahead, which mainly present the following two characteristics: Read the rest of this entry »

Liu Yunshan: Safeguard Cybersecurity, Build a Strong Network Country

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Liu Yunshan’s full speech has not been published. The following is a translation of Xinhua’s summary.

The first National Cybersecurity Propaganda Week’s opening ceremony took place in Beijing on 24 November. CCP Politburo Standing Committee member, Secretary of the Central Committee Secretariat and Vice-Director of the Central Cybersecurity and Informatization Leading Group Liu Yunshan gave a speech at the opening ceremony, and participated in the public experience exhibition for cybersecurity. He pointed out that everyone shares online information, that everyone has responsible for online information, it is necessary to incessantly strengthen the entire population’s consciousness about cybersecurity, realistically strengthen cybersecurity, strive to move the legalization of cyberspace forward, and provide powerful guarantees to build a strong cyber country.

Liu Yunshan said that the interactivity of the Internet has provided strong drivers for our country’s economic development and has infused huge vitality into social progress. Ever more people obtain information, learn and interact, buy products and find entertainment, create and set up businesses, through the Internet, and going online, using the network and interacting online have become the state of life for many people. At the same time as fully enjoying all the convenience that the Internet has brought, we must also be soberly be aware that cyber attacks, online fraud and online infringement of rights occur regularly, online pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, terror as well as online rumours and other such harmful information cannot be stopped despite repeated bans, which gravely harms national security and harms the peoples’ interests. Safeguarding cybersecurity, standardizing the online order, cleaning up the online environment have become the common call of the broad masses. Read the rest of this entry »

Xi Jinping’s Talks at the Beijing Forum on Literature and Art

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The original text of the speech has not been published. This summary was published by Xinhua on 15 October.

Xi Jinping Chairs Forum on Literature and Art Work and Stresses

Persisting in the Creative Orientation of Putting the People Central

Creating Ever More Excellent Works Living Up to the Times

Liu Yunshan in Attendance

CCP General Secretary, State President and CMCC Chairman Xi Jinping chaired the Forum on Literature and Art Work organized in Beijing on the morning of the 15th, and gave an important speech. He stressed that literature and art are the bugle call for the advance of the times, are most able to represent the spirit of an era, and are most able to guide the mood of an era. To realize the “Two Centuries” struggle objective and realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the role of literature and art is irreplaceable, and there is great promise from literature and art workers. The broad literature and art workers must understand the position and role of literature and art from this height, understand the historical mission and responsibility they bear, persist in the creative orientation of putting the people central, strive to create ever more excellent works living up to the times, carry forward the Chinese spirit, concentrate Chinese strengths, and encourage the people of all ethnicities in the entire country to march toward the future full of vigour and vitality.

Standing Committee member and Central Committee General Office Secretary Liu Yunshan attended the Forum.

At the forum, China Writer’s Association Chairwoman Tie Ning, China Peking Opera Association Chairman and Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre and Art Director Shang Changrong, Kongzheng Song and Dance Ensemble First-Level Playwright Yan Su, China Association of Fine Arts Vice-Chairman and China Academy of Fine Arts Director Chang Xuhong, China Association of Dance Chairwoman and National Theatre Dance Art Chief Inspector Zhao Rusu, China Writer’s Association Vice Chairman and Shanghai Municipal Writer’s Association Vice Chairman Ye Xin, China Film Association Chairman and China Drama Academy First-Level Performer Li Xuejian gave successive addresses.

After earnestly listening to everyone’s speeches, Xi Jinping made an important speech. First, he indicated that the literature and art undertaking is an important undertaking of the Party and the people, the literature and art battlefront is an important battlefront for the Party and the people. For a long period, the broad literature and art workers have devoted themselves to literature and art creation, performance, research and dissemination, and in their respective areas, have been diligent and hardworking, served the people, obtained clear achievements, and made important contributions. Through everyone’s joint efforts, a hundred flowers are growing in our literature and art garden and there are countless great fruits, presenting a vivid picture of flourishing and development. Xi Jinping extended his sincere respects to literature and art workers nationwide.

Xi Jinping pointed out that promoting the flourishing and development of literature and art, in the end, requires the creation and production of excellent works that can live up to this great nation and these great times. Literature and art workers should firmly keep in mind that creation is their central task, work is the root of their being, they must engage in their creation with calm hearts and a spirit of improvement, and present the best spiritual nourishment to the people. The creation and production of excellent works must be made into a central link of our literature and art work, and we must strive to produce even more excellent works that disseminate the value views of present-day China, reflect the spirit of Chinese culture, mirror the aesthetic pursuits of Chinese people, which organically integrate ideology, artistry and enjoyability.

Xi Jinping stressed that, since reform and opening up, our country’s literature and art creation has welcomed a new springtime, and produced large amounts of universally appreciated excellent works. At the same time, it cannot be denied that, in the area of literature and art creation, the phenomena that there is quantity but no quality, and there are “high plateaus” but no “high peaks” exist, the problem of plagiarism, imitation and stereotypes exist, and the problems of mechanistic production and fast-food-style consumption exist. Literature and art cannot lose its direction as it is absorbed into the market economy, it cannot accept deviations on the question for whom they are, otherwise, literature and art will not have life force. Vulgarity is not popularity, passion does not represent hope, and naive sensual amusement is not equal to spiritual cheer. The reason excellent works are “excellent”, lies in their ideological profundity, artistic exquisiteness and product superiority. [Translator’s note, these three adjectives all contain the character 精, “excellent”]. Literature and art workers must hold high ideals, live and create in step with the times, and innovate through the individuality of their art. We must persist in the principle of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend, carry forward academic and artistic democracy, construct a vigorous, healthy, tranquil and harmonious atmosphere, advocate discussion between different viewpoints and schools of thought, advocate that styles, themes, forms and methods fully develop, and promote mutual praise and reflection in group discussion on ideas, content, styles and schools.

Xi Jinping pointed out that, to make literature and art creation flourish and promote literature and art innovation, we must have a large batch of distinguished literators and artists skilled in virtue and art. Our country’s writers and artists should become prophets, trailblazers, and pioneers of the spirit of the times, write and record the magnificent practice of the people and the demands for progress of the times through ever more literature and art works that have strong fibre, virtue and a warm temperature, display the beauty of faith and the beauty of the sublime. Literature and art workers must consciously persist in literature and art ideals, incessantly raise their scholarship, self-control and self-cultivation, strengthen their ideological accumulation, knowledge stores, cultural accomplishments and artistic training, earnestly and solemnly consider the social effect of their works, stress quality, place weight on artistic virtue, save righteousness for history, present beauty and virtue to the people of the world, strive to win people’s love and welcome with noble professional integrity, a fine social image, and beauty both in writing and quality.

Xi Jinping stressed that Socialist literature and art, essentially speaking, is the people’s literature and art. Literature and art must reflect well the people’s wishes; it must persist in the fundamental orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism. This is a basic requirement of the Party for the literature and art front, and is the crux that decides the future destiny of our country’s literature and art undertaking. We must make satisfying the people’s spiritual and cultural needs into a starting point and checking point for literature and art and literature and art workers, make the people into the centre of literature and art expressions, make the people into connoisseurs and critics of literature and art aesthetics, and make serving the people into the vocation of literature and art workers.

Xi Jinping pointed out that, following the incessant rise in people’s living standards, the people’s demands on quality, status and style of cultural products, including literature and art works, have risen. Literature, theatre, film, television, music, dance, fine arts, photography, calligraphy, folksong, acrobatics as well as folk literature and art, mass literature and art and other areas must follow the developments of the times, grasp the demands of the people, and create and produce excellent works that the people love to see and hear with full fervour, vivid brush strokes, graceful melodies and moving forms, to let the people’s spiritual and cultural lives incessantly climb towards new heights.

Xi Jinping stressed that the people are the sources of flowing water for literature and art creation, whenever they are removed from the people, literature and art will change into rootless duckweeds, baseless groaning, and soulless bodies. Whether or not we can produce excellent works fundamentally depends on whether or not we are able to write for the people, express emotions for the people, and express the compassion of the people. We must modestly learn from the people and learn from life, derive nutrients from the people’s magnificent practices and rich and varied lives, incessantly accumulate life and artistic experiences, incessantly discover the beautiful and create the beautiful. We must consistently keep the people’s daily lives and the people’s happiness in our hearts, pour the people’s range of emotions into our own brushstrokes, eulogize the struggling human life, portray the most beautiful characters, and persist in people’s yearning for and belief in beautiful lives.

Xi Jinping pointed out that if literature and art workers want to achieve success, they must consciously breathe together with the people, share their fate, link their hearts with the people’s hearts, fell joy for the joy of the people, suffer for the suffering of the people, and be servants of the people. They must love the people sincerely, love them profoundly, love them lastingly, and must deeply understand the rationale that the people are the creators of history, go deep among the masses, go deep into life, earnestly and sincerely be the little students of the people. Art may give wings to imagination, but it must absolutely have its feet on terra firma. There are a hundred, a thousand ways of creating art, but the most fundamental, the most crucial, and the most reliable method is taking root among the people and taking root in life. We should use realist spirits and romantic feelings to contemplate real life, use light to disperse darkness, use the beautiful and the good to vanquish the ugly and the evil, let the people see that beauty, hope and dreams are ahead.

Xi Jinping stressed that a good work should put social effect first, and at the same time should be a work that integrates social effect and economic effect. Literature and art cannot become slaves of the market, and must not be stained with the stink of money. Excellent literature and art works, at best, can gain ideological and artistic successes, and can receive a welcome on the market.

Xi Jinping pointed out that every age has a spirit of the age. Literature and art are the engineering project of casting souls, literature and art workers are engineers of the souls. Good literature and art work should be like sunlight in a blue sky, like a cool spring breeze, they should be able to enlighten thoughts, caress spirits and mould people’s lives, they should be able to clear away the wind of despair. The broad literature and art workers must carry forward the banner of the Socialist core value system, reflect the Socialist core value system in their literature and art creation vividly, vigorously and in a lifelike manner, use true-to-life images to tell people what they should affirm and praise, and what they must oppose and deny, ensure that the salutary effect of education, like a spring breeze, noiselessly touches all. We must make patriotism into the main melody of literature and art creation, guide the people to establish and uphold correct views of history, views of the nation, views of the country and views of culture, and strengthen their fortitude and resolve to be Chinese.

Xi Jinping stressed that pursuing the true, the good and the beautiful is the eternal value of literature and art. The highest boundary of literature and art is moving people, letting the spirits of people experience baptisms, letting the people discover the beauty of nature, the beauty of life and the beauty of the spirit. We must, through literature and art works, spread the true, the good and the beautiful, spread upward and charitable value views, guide the people in strengthening their powers of moral judgment and their sense of moral honour, yearn for and pursue a life of stressing morals, respecting morals and abiding morals. As long as the Chinese nation pursues the moral plane of the true, the good and the beautiful generation by generation, our nation will be eternally healthy and upward, and will for always be full of hope.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China’s excellent traditional culture is the spiritual lifeline of the Chinese nation, is an important source nourishing the Socialist core value system, and is a firm basis for us to get a firm foothold within the global cultural surge. We must integrate the conditions of new times with inheriting and carrying forward China’s excellent traditional culture, and inheriting and carrying forward a Chinese aesthetic spirit. For our Socialist literature and art to flourish and develop, we must earnestly study and learn from the excellent literature and art created by people in all countries worldwide. Only if we persist in using the foreign to serve the Chinese, exploration and innovation, ensuring combinations of the Chinese and the Western, and mastery through comprehensive study, will our country’s literature and art be able to flourish and develop better.

Xi Jinping stressed that all levels’ Party Committees must bring literature and art work onto the important matters agenda, implement the Party’s literature and art principles and policies well, and grasp the correct orientation of literature and art development. We must choose good leadership ranks for strong literature and art work units, put cadres who have both ability and integrity, and who are able to be on the same page as literature and art workers into leading positions in literature and art work. We must respect the creative individuality and creative labour of literature and art workers, have full confidence in political matters, provide enthusiastic support in creative matters, and create a good environment for the benefit of literature and art creation. We must, through deepening reform, perfecting policies and completing structures, shape a vivid picture of incessant production of excellent work and talents. We must give high attention to and realistically strengthen literature and art criticism work, use the viewpoints of history, the people, art and aesthetics to judge and appreciate works, advocate telling the truth, stressing virtue, and create a good atmosphere to develop literature and art criticism.

Wang Huning, Liu Yandong, Lu Qibao, Xu Qiliang and Li Zhanshu attended the Forum.

Persons in charge from relevant Party and State departments, and the Liberation Army General Political Department, as well as representatives of literature and art workers from all sectors participated in the Forum.



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A Network Shared Together, A Space Governed Together

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Keynote Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the ICANN Meeting in London

Lu Wei

Respected Minister Ed Vaizey, respected chairman Steve Crocker and CEO Fadi Chehade, respected colleagues, ladies, gentlemen:

Good morning! Today, the 50th ICANN meeting is opened, and I represent the Chinese government in expressing enthusiastic congratulations! I also express heartfelt thanks for vigorous efforts and considerate arrangements that Minister Ed Vaizey and ICANN have made for this Meeting! There is a proverb in English: “He that walks with wise men should be wise”. I have come to London for the second time in a year, I have come to the birthplace of the father of the World Wide Web, and so would like to “learn from everyone, through exchanging views, like polishing jade”, and together, exchange experiences and wisdom concerning Internet development and governance. Read the rest of this entry »

Strive to Foster and Practice the Socialist Core Value View

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This revised version of a speech given on 4 January 2014 was published in Seeking Truth on 16 January 2014.

Liu Yunshan

Not long ago, the CCP Central Committee Secretariat issued the “Opinions concerning Fostering and Practicing the Socialist Core Value View” (hereafter simply named “Opinions), this is an important measure of our Party to move the construction of the Socialist value system forward. We must earnestly implement the spirit of the series of speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, realistically grasp the implementation of the “Opinions”, strive to build a common spiritual garden for the Chinese people, and promote the formation of strong forces that exert themselves for progress, worship virtue and seek the good.

I, Grasping the relationship between the core value view and the core value system well. Read the rest of this entry »

Lu Wei: Concentrate Positive Energy Online, Build the Chinese Dream Together

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Speech at the 13th Chinese Online Media Forum

30 October 2013

Lu Wei, Director, State Internet Information Office All respected guests, comrades, friends: Good day, everyone! Today, we are assembled in Zhengzhou, an important location in the culture of the Central Plains, to hold the 13th Chinese Online Media Forum, and together discuss fundamental matters in the development of online media. This is a real act in our implementation of the spirit of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the national propaganda and ideology work conference, it is also an important measure to promote the healthy development of the Internet. Here, I represent the State Internet Information Office in expressing warm congratulations for the organization of the Forum. The Chinese Media Forum is an annual distinguished gathering with important influence in the industry, and has so far existed for thirteen years. In thirteen years, the Forum has had a positive and important role in forging consensus in the industry, strengthening academic research, deepening exchange and cooperation, promoting innovation and development, and other such matters, and it has become an important platform for online media to jointly seek development. The themes and content of all previous Fora not only profoundly reflect the development trajectory of China’s online media, they have also pointed out the direction for progress in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Liu Qibao: Some Points of Understanding concerning the Theoretical Structure of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.

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This article by Central Propaganda Department director Liu Qibao was published in today’s People’s Daily.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics is composed of a path, a theoretical structure and an institutional system, it is the basic achievement for which the Party and the people have struggled, and that they have created and accumulated over more than ninety years. The theoretical structure of Socialism with Chinese characteristics is an important component part, it is the newest achievement of the Sinification of Marxism, and is the guidebook for action in persisting in and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the China of the present, persisting in the theoretical structure of Socialism with Chinese characteristics means persisting in Marxism and persisting in scientific Socialism. We must earnestly study the Report of the 18th Party Congress and the series of important speeches by comrade Xi Jinping, earnestly study Party history and national history, incessantly deepen understanding of the theoretical structure of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, persist in self-confidence about Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and struggle even better for the complete construction of a moderately prosperous society, and for realizing the Chinese Dream of the rejuvenation of the nation. Read the rest of this entry »

Providing a Powerful Theoretical Basis for Realizing the Chinese Dream

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Qiushi, 1 June 2013

Letting  philosophy and social science flourish is a necessary requirement for persisting in and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is a strong call for realizing the country’s wealth and strength, the vitalization of the nation and the happiness of the people. Since 16th Party Congress, under the determined leadership of the Party Centre, the philosophy and social science front has closely grasped the correct political orientation, has closely revolved around the larger picture of Party and State work, has forcefully moved all work forward, has obtained clear advances, and has made important contributions to consolidating mainstream ideology and public opinion, letting academic theory flourish, and for promoting reform, opening up and modernization construction. In the magnificent journey of realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation, philosophy and social science are as broad as heaven and earth, and are very promising. Read the rest of this entry »

Speech at the Capital Conference Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Promulgation and Entry Into Force of the Current Constitution

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Xi Jinping

Comrades, friends:

On 4 December 1982, the 5th Meeting of the 5th National People’s Congress passed the “Constitution of the People’s Republic of China”. Already thirty years have passed since our country’s current constitution was promulgated and came into force. Today, we have ceremoniously gathered to commemorate this event, which has a major historical significance and real significance, which is the guarantee of the complete and effective implementation of the Constitution, and the promotion of the complete implementation of the spirit of the 18th Party Congress.

History can always bring profound enlightenment to people. Looking back at the development process of our country’s constitutional system, we feel ever more that our country’s Constitution is closely connected with the arduous struggle conducted by the Party and the people, and the glorious achievements that they have accomplished, and it is closely connected with the path forward opened up by the Party and the people, and the precious experiences that they have accumulated.

Our country’s current Constitution can be traced back to the “Common Programme of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference” that played the role of a provisional constitution, and the “Constitution of the People’s Republic of China” that was passed in 1954 at the first meeting of the first People’s Congress. These documents both have the form of the basic law of the country, they affirmed the heroic struggle of more than a century of modernity by the Chinese people against domestic and foreign enemies and for the independence of the nation and the freedom and happiness of the people, and affirmed the historical change of the Chinese Communist Party leading the people to seize victory in the New Democratic revolution, in which the Chinese people grasped State power.

In 1978, our Party convened the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, which had a major historical significance, it heralded a new historical period of reform and opening up, and the development of Socialist democracy and the completion of a Socialist legal system became an unswerving basic policy of the Party and the country. It was at this meeting that Comrade Deng Xiaoping profoundly pointed out that: “In order to guarantee the people’s democracy, we must strengthen the legal system. We must ensure that democracy becomes institutionalized and legalized, and ensure that these institutions and laws do not change because leaders change, or that they do not change because the viewpoints and attention of leaders change”. On the basis of the line, principles and policies determined at the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, summarizing both positive and negative experiences in our country’s Socialist construction, drawing profound and bitter lessons from the decade of the “Cultural Revolution”, learning from the successes and failures of global Socialism, adapting to the demands of our country’s reform, opening up and Socialist modernization construction, as well as strengthening the construction of a Socialist democratic legal system, we have formulated our country’s current Constitution. At the same time, the constitution can only have lasting vitality if it is incessantly adapted to new circumstances, takes in new experiences and recognizes new results. In 1988, 1993, 1999 and 2004, the NPC respectively made necessary and extremely important revisions to individual articles and a part of the content of our country’s Constitution, ensuring that our country’s Constitution, on the basis of maintaining stability and authority, follows in the footsteps of the progress of the age, and incessantly moves ahead with the times.

Our country’s Constitution takes the form of the basic law of the country, which established the development achievements of the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, the theoretical structure of Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and reflected the common will and fundamental interest of the people of all ethnicities in our country, it became the highest reflection in the national legal system of the central work, basic principles, major guidelines and important policies of the Party and the country in a new historical period.

In thirty years, our country’s Constitution, its supreme position in the legal system and its strong legal force have powerfully guaranteed that the people are the masters of their own affairs, have powerfully stimulated reform, opening up and Socialist modernization construction, have powerfully promoted the process of Socialist rule of law, have powerfully stimulated the development of the cause of human rights, and have powerfully safeguarded national unity, ethnic unity and social stability, they have had an extremely profound influence on our country’s political, economic, cultural and social life.

The process of development of thirty years fully demonstrates that our country’s Constitution is a good constitution that conforms to our national conditions, conforms to reality and conforms to the development demands of the times, it is a good constitution that fully reflects the people’s common will, fully guarantee’s the people’s democratic rights, and fully safeguards the people’s fundamental interests, it is a good constitution that promotes the process of national development, guarantees the people’s creation of happy lives, and guarantees that the Chinese nation will realize its great rejuvenation, and it is the fundamental legal system guarantee for our country and people to undergo all sorts of difficulties, dangers and trials, and advance along the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics from beginning to end.

When we go further back, and trace back the development process of our country’s constitutional system in the sixty years since the establishment of the New China, we can clearly see that the Constitution, the prospects of the country and the fate of the people are closely connected. Safeguarding the authority of the Constitution means safeguarding the authority of the common will of the Party and the people. Defending the dignity of the Constitution means defending the dignity of the common will of the Party and the people. Guaranteeing the implementation of the Constitution means guaranteeing the realization of the fundamental interests of the people. As long as we realistically respect and effectively implement the Constitution, will it be guaranteed that the people are masters of their own affairs, and will it be possible for the cause of the Party and the country to develop smoothly. Conversely, if the Constitution is ignored, weakened or even destroyed, it is impossible to guarantee the people’s rights and liberties, and the cause of the Party and the country will meet with setbacks. These precious enlightenments have been obtained through a long time of practice, and must be doubly cherished. We must even more consciously abide by the principles of the Constitution, carry forward the spirit of the Constitution, and implement the mission of the Constitution.

At the same time as fully affirming achievements, we must also look at shortcomings that exist, and which mainly manifest themselves as: the fact that supervisory mechanisms and concrete structures for supervising the implementation of the constitution are not yet complete, that the problems that there are laws that are not followed, law enforcement is not strict and law-breaking is not prosecuted still exist in a number of localities and departments; problems in law enforcement and the judiciary that relate to interests directly affecting the popular masses are still quite prominent; a number of civil servants abuse their power and position, neglect their duty or engage in malpractice, break the law in law enforcement and even bend the law for relatives and friends, gravely harming the authority of the State legal system; the constitutional consciousness of citizens, including a number of leading cadres, remains to be further raised. We must give these problems high importance, and realistically resolve them.

Comrades, friends!

The 18th Party Congress stressed that ruling the country according to the law is the basic strategy of the Party’s leading the people in governing the country, the rule of law is the basic method to rule the country according to the law, and more attention must be paid to giving full rein to the important role of the rule of law in governing the country and managing society, completely move ruling the country according to the law forward and accelerate the construction of a Socialist rule of law country. To realize this objective, we must completely implement the Constitution.

Completely implementing the Constitution is the first task and basic work in building a Socialist rule of law country. The Constitution is the basic law of the country, it is the general charter to administer state affairs and ensure national security, it has the highest legal position, legal authority and legal effect, it has a fundamental nature, comprehensive nature, stable nature and long-term nature. The people of all ethnicities in the entire country, all State organs and armed forces, all political parties and social organizations, all enterprise and undertaking work units, must take the Constitution as the fundamental norm for action, and bear responsibility for safeguarding the dignity of the constitution and guaranteeing the implementation of the constitution. No organization or individual may have privileges that exceed the Constitution of the law. All acts violating the Constitution and the law must be punished.

The life of the Constitution lies in its interpretation, the authority of the Constitution also lies in its interpretation. We must unwaveringly persist in grasping the work to implement the Constitution, and raise the complete implementation of the Constitution to a new level.

First, persist in the correct political orientation, unwaveringly persist in marching the political development path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Since reform and opening up, our Party has made great progress in uniting and leading the people to develop Socialist democratic politics, it successfully opened up and persisted in the political development path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and determined the correct orientation for realizing the broadest popular democracy. The core ideology of this political development path, its central content and basic requirements have all been affirmed and reflected in the Constitution, their spiritual essences are closely connected, mutually linked and mutually stimulating. The basic systems and basic tasks of the country, the leading core and guiding ideology of the country, the national system of the people’s democratic dictatorship in which the working class leads and which is based on the alliance between workers and peasants, the political structure of the People’s Congress system, the multi-party cooperation and political consultative conference system under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the ethnic autonomous region system as well as the grass roots mass autonomy system, the patriotic united front, the principles of the Socialist legal system, the principles of the democratic centralism system, the principles of respecting and guaranteeing human rights, etc., these systems and principles determined in the constitution are matters that we must persist in for the long-term, completely implement and incessantly develop.

The key to persist in the political development path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics is persisting in the organic unity of the leadership of the Party, the people mastering their own affairs and ruling the country according to the law, making guaranteeing the fact that the people master their own affairs into the basis, making strengthening the vitality of the Party and the country and mustering the vigour of the people into the objective, broadening Socialist democracy, and developing a Socialist political civilization. We must persist in the constitutional concept that all State power belongs to the people, mobilize and organize the people to the broadest extent,  to exercise State power through People’s Congresses at all levels,  to manage State and social affairs and manage economic and cultural matters through various channels and forms, construct together, enjoy together and develop together, and become the masters of the country, the society and their own fate. We must, according to the principle of democratic centralism and the principle of State power structures and activities determined in the Constitution, ensure that People’s Congresses uniformly exercise State power, ensure that policymaking power, implementation power and supervision power are both subject to rational division of work and are mutually coordinated, guarantee that State organs exercise their powers and carry out their duties according to their statutory competences and procedures, and guarantee that State organs uniformly and effectively organize undertakings in all areas. We must, on the basis of the structures and principles determined in the Constitution, correctly handle the relationship between the Centre and the localities, correctly handle the relationship between the ethnicities, correctly handle the relationships between interests on various sides, mobilize all positive factors, consolidate and develop a political picture of democratic unity, vigour and dynamism, stability and harmony. We must adapt to the new demands of broadening the people’s democracy and stimulating economic and social development, vigorously and reliably move political structural reform forward, develop an even broader, fuller and more complete people’s democracy, fully give rein to the superiority of out country’s Socialist political system, and incessantly move the self-perfection and development of Socialist political institutions forward.

Second, implement the basic strategy of ruling the country according to the law, and accelerate the construction of a Socialist rule of law country. The Constitution has determined the basic principles of the Socialist legal system, and has clearly provided that the People’s Republic of China implements ruling the country according to the law, that a Socialist rule of law country is to be built, and that the State safeguards the unity and dignity of the Socialist legal system. To implement the basic strategy of ruling the country according to the law and accelerate the construction of a Socialist rule of law country, we must comprehensively move the process of scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, fair administration of justice and the entire population abiding by the law forward.

We must make the Constitution into the highest legal norm, continue to perfect the legal system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics with the Constitution in command, bring all State affairs and all areas of work onto the tracks of the legal system, realize that there are laws to rely on, that laws must be relied on where they exist, that law enforcement must be strict and law-breaking must be prosecuted, safeguard social fairness and justice, realize the institutionalization and legalization of State and social life. The NPC and its Standing Committee must strengthen legislation in focus areas, expand channels for the people’s orderly participation in legislation, promote the implementation of the Constitution through perfect laws, and guarantee that the institutions and principles determined in the Constitution are implemented. The State Council, local People’s Congress with legislative powers and their Standing Committees must grasp the formulation and revision of administrative regulations and local regulations that supplement laws, guaranteeing that the Constitution and the laws are effectively implemented. All levels’ administrative State organs, judicial organs and prosecutorial organs must persist in administration according to the law and judicial fairness, accelerate moving the construction of rule of law government forward, and incessantly raise judicial credibility. The State Council and all local levels’ People’s Governments are the executive organs of organs of State power, as administrative State organs, they bear an important responsibility in strictly implementing the Constitution and the laws, government acts must be standardized, realistically ensuring strict standards, and fair and civilized law enforcement. We must deepen judicial structural reform, guarantee the fair and independent exercise of judicial power and prosecutorial power according to the law. The NPC, its Standing Committee and relevant State supervision organs must take responsibility for constitutional and legal supervision, strengthen supervision over and inspection of the implementation of the Constitution and the law, complete supervision mechanisms and procedures, and persist in rectifying acts violating the Constitution and the law. All local levels’ People’s Congresses and their Standing Committees must exercise their powers according to the law, and guarantee that the  Constitution and the laws are respected and implemented in their administrative areas.

Third, persist in the dominant position of the people, realistically guarantee that the people enjoy rights and carry out their obligations. The basic rights and obligations of the people are the core content of the Constitution, the Constitution is the fundamental guarantee for every citizen to enjoy rights and carry out obligations. The basis of the Constitution lies in the people endorsing it from within their hearts, the majesty of the Constitution lies in the people’s sincere belief. Only by guaranteeing that citizens are equal before the law without exception, respecting and guaranteeing human rights, and guaranteeing that the people enjoy broad rights and liberties according to the law, is it possible for the Constitution to deeply enter people’s hearts and walk into the popular masses, and is it possible for implementing the Constitution to truly become a conscious act of the whole body of the people.

We must guarantee that the whole body of citizens enjoys broad rights according to the law, guarantee that citizens’ personal rights, property rights, basic political rights and all other rights are not infringed, guarantee that citizens’ economic social and other rights are implemented, strive to safeguard the fundamental interest of the broadest people, and guarantee the people’s aspiration and pursuit of beautiful lives. We must treat the popular masses’ appeals fairly and according to the law, and strive to let the popular masses feel fairness and justice in every judicial case, we can absolutely not let unfair judgments harm the feelings of the popular masses and damage the rights and interest of the popular masses. We must strengthen propaganda and education about the Constitution in the entire society, raise the constitutional consciousness and ideas about the legal consciousness of the whole body of the people and especially leading cadres at all levels and State organs’ work personnel, carry forward the spirit of Socialist rule of law, strive to foster a Socialist rule of law culture, let the Constitution be known to every household, and shape a good atmosphere to study the law, respect the law and abide by the law in the entire society. We must, through unwavering efforts, establish the authority of the Constitution and the laws n the entire society, let the broad popular masses fully believe in the law and consciously use the law, ensure that the broad popular masses understand that the Constitution is not only a norm for action that the whole body of citizens must respect, but is also a legal arm to guarantee citizens’ rights. We must make education about the Constitution into an important content of Party member and cadre education, ensure that all levels’ leading cadres and State organs’ work personnel grasp a basic understanding of the Constitution, and establish a conscious mentality of loyalty to the Constitution, respect for the Constitution and upholding the constitution. The law is written morality, morality is the law in our hearts. We must persist in integrating ruling the country according to the law with ruling the country according to morality, give high regard to the normative role of morality in people’s activities, guide citizens to both safeguard their lawful rights and interests according to the law, and consciously carry out their statutory obligations, ensuring consistency between enjoying rights and carrying out obligations.

Fourth, persist in the leadership of the Party, pay even more attention to improving the Party’s leadership methods and governance methods. To rule the country according to the law, we must first and foremost rule the country according to the Constitution; to govern according to the law, governing according to the Constitution is crucial. Under new circumstances, our Party must carry out its major duties of governance and rejuvenating the country well, the Party must be strictly governed according to the Party Constitution, and the country must be ruled according to the Constitution. The Party led the people in formulating the Constitution and the laws, the Party leads the people in implementing the Constitution and the laws, the Party must itself act within the scope of the Constitution and the law, truly achieving that the Party leads legislation, guarantees law enforcement, and takes the lead in abiding by the law.

We must persist in the core leading role of the Party, which assumes responsibility for the entire picture and coordinates al aspects, persist in the basic strategy of governing the country according to the law and the basic method of holding power according to the law, be good at ensuring that the Party’s standpoints become the will of the nation through legal procedures, be good at ensuring that the candidates recommended by Party organizations become leading persons in organs of State power, be good at implementing Party leadership over the country and society through the organs of State power, persist in the fact that organs of State power, administrative organs, judicial organs and prosecutorial organs bear independent responsibility according to the Constitution and the law, and launch their work in a coordinated and consistent manner. All levels’ Party organizations and leading Party cadres must take the lead in rigorously enforcing the rule of law, incessantly raise their ability for and level of administration according to the law, and incessantly enhance the institutionalization and legalization of all sorts of activities of administration and governance. All levels’ leading cadres must raise their ability to use rule of law thinking and rule of law methods to deepen reform, promote development, dissolve contradictions and maintain stability, strive to promote the formation of a good rule of law environment in which affairs are handled according to the law, the law is sought when problems are encountered, the law is used to resolve problems, and the law is relied upon in resolving contradictions, and promote all areas of work to proceed along the tracks of rule of law. We must complete systems to restrain and supervise the use of power, those having power must have responsibility, the use of power must be supervised, neglect of duty must lead to accountability, and violations of the law must be prosecuted, guaranteeing that the power endowed by the people is used for the interest of the people throughout.

Comrades, friends!

The people of all ethnicities in the entire Party and the entire country must closely unite around the Party Centre, hold high the magnificent banner of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, persist in taking Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important “Three Represents” thought and the scientific development view as guidance, persist in jointly moving ahead with governing the country according to the law, holding power according to the law and running the administration according to the law, persist in the integrated construction of a rule of law country, rule of law government and rule of law society, firmly implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress in all areas of work, and struggle valiantly for the comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society and the beginning of a new dimension for the undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics!

























Speech at “The Road to Rejuvenation”

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Xi Jinping

29 November 2012

We just visited the exhibition “The Road to Rejuvenation”, this exhibition reviews the yesterday of the Chinese nation, displays the today of the Chinese nation, and announces the tomorrow of the Chinese nation. After I saw it, I had many thoughts and feelings, it brings deep education and enlightenment.

The yesterday of the Chinese nation can well be called “an impregnable pass like a wall of iron”, this nation of ours suffered very gravely after the beginning of the modern era, it made enormous sacrifices, such as been rarely seen in the history of the world. But because the Chinese people have never surrendered, and incessantly rose with force and spirit to resist, we grasped hold of our own fate in the end. We began the magnificent process of arranging the construction of our own country. This has fully displayed the magnificent national spirit with nationalism at the core. Read the rest of this entry »

Report concerning the Work Situation in Deepening Cultural Structural Reform and Promoting the Grand Development and Grand Flourishing of Socialist Culture

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Given on 24 October 2012 at the 29th Meeting of the 11th Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress

Minister of Culture: Cai Wu

Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress,

I have been entrusted by the State Council to report to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the work situation in deepening cultural structural reform and promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture. Cultural structural reform and development work involve culture, radio, film and television, press and publications, and various other areas, and for this report, the opinions of the Central Propaganda Department as well as SARFT, the General Administration of Press and Publications, the Information Office and other departments were sought, in order to as much as possible, completely reflect the comprehensive situation of cultural structural reform and development work, please consider it. Read the rest of this entry »

Liu Yunshan: Jubilantly Welcome the 18th Party Congress

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There are obvious differences between the leadership transitions in the two largest economies in the world, which will take place within days from each other, in November. Most importantly China doesn’t have a presidential election, as the United States does. Its leadership transitions are organized opaquely, in backrooms filled with the smoke of Panda cigarettes and without any external input. The United States works in quite the opposite way: candidates are intensely scrutinized in the press. Every detail of their private history and public service records are put under the  spotlight. This vetting is considered to be of fundamental importance in the process, and has hobbled (Romney’s tax reviews) or ended (Herman Cain’s alleged misconduct) a number of presidential campaign bid. In China, the opposite happens. The personal life and history of top-level leaders is proclaimed to be beyond reproach and they or their families may not be investigated. Similar things happen with policy. A huge political marketing machine has been set up to market, analyze, compare and criticize the policy proposals made by candidates, whereas in China, a huge political marketing machine has been set up to flood the public sphere with a continuous message that the Party’s policy is correct.

China’s political marketing machine is faced, however, with a few problems. First, the Communist Party is obliged to take responsibility for the overall state of the country. It can’t blame a previous government for problems, as the Party has been in power for over six decades. It can’t blame stubborn opposition, as there is none, and it can’t significantly shift in basic political direction, as it has claimed over the last three decades that their policies are correct and historically determined. It can blame foreign hostility and volatile international circumstances, but then, it needs also to explain why China isn’t using its growing international clout to shape the international environment to suit it better. It can also claim that every historical phase brings along its own challenges, and does so, but this can only be a small part of its propaganda. Dealing with challenges requires political choices to be made, and may engender opportunities for dissent. Rather, the Party contends that policymaking is a scientific manner where optimal solutions to problems can be found, depoliticizing the policymaking process.

This is especially important now, as the 18th Party Congress is coming along. This transition is a delicate moment, and all stops are being pulled to ensure that no opposition can organize. One key aspect of this is propaganda. The Party believes it needs to not only tell the people that they are better off, China is getting more important and stronger internationally, and Hu Jintao’s decade of leadership has been a great success; it also believes it needs to mobilize the people to give full and enthusiastic support to the new generation of leaders. The propaganda campaign for this Congress was officially launched late in July, two days after Hu Jintao gave his valedictory speech. Liu Yunshan gave a speech to a conference of propaganda department directors outlining the measures that must be taken “to welcome the victorious convocation of the 18h Party Congress” (Available in translation).  Liu heads the Central Propaganda Department and is widely tipped to succeed his political godfather, Li Changchun, to the Standing Committee propaganda and ideology portfolio, . Most of these measures are taken directly from the standard Communist playbook. Advanced models of communist virtue and concrete examples of Communist development will be trotted out, there will be a series of books, articles, films, exhibitions and cultural activities extolling the virtues of the CCP, and closer attention will be paid to sudden incidents. Interestingly, Bo Xilai’s Red Song initiative didn’t leave the scene with him, but there are now two major events, “Everyone Sings patriotic Songs” and “Singing about China”, touring from city to city.

The most interesting remarks in the Liu speech are about foreign-oriented propaganda. Liu now seems to understand that, as the second largest economy in the world, more eyes are pointing towards China than in the past, and that there is more and more non-official interaction between the Chinese and international spheres of public communication. What Liu does not yet seem to comprehend, is the nature of the many soft power own goals that China has made in the recent past. China has often appeared petulant, in spats involving Tibet for example, has thrown its weight around regionally that has sent many smaller South-East Asian nations run towards the United States for cover, and every time it jails another dissident, another corruption case comes out or a food scandal is uncovered, it adds another bullet hole to the many it has in its foot already. Liu seems to believe that this can be rectified with patient and reasonable explanation of the facts as the Party sees it. This is exactly the same path that the Party took after Tiananmen, where it claimed that all that was needed to justify sending tanks at students to the international community, was a rational exposé about Chinese politics. Now, Liu argues that the Party must concentrate foreign attention on the Party’s claim to put people first and govern for the people, but these claims are at best misguided and at worst mendacious when we look at the endemic corruption that sustains the Party’s position in power. In this light, Liu’s contention that the Party must gain “the moral commanding heights” is risible. But there is a more fundamental problem as well. Westerners fundamentally don’t believe in the system that China proposes. Europe’s historical relationship with dictatorial regimes and powerful religious organizations has led to a relativist, postmodernist position that instinctively distrusts any claim to truth and power, while the powerful anti-government stance in US society causes a lack of trust in any overbearing regime, regardless of what political colour. In other words, CCP rule is mistrusted for what it is, even before the discussion starts about what it does. Conversely, many Chinese will instinctively distrust American and European politics for being chaotic and disorganized.

Whether or not this distrust is justified is another discussion. It certainly is the case that China does better materially than in the past, and it is equally the case that the economic, political and social crises besetting Europe and the United States indicate that many improvements there remain to be made. It is, however, undoubtedly so that these perceptions exist, and that China’s ideas on how to deal with them are often ill-informed and cack-handed. China hires foreign law firms as council in its WTO disputes, possibly it could to with a bit of foreign PR expertise as well.

Hu Jintao Says Goodbye and Starts Preparing Legacy

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On 23 July, Hu Jintao gave a speech at a training seminar for high-level provincial officials, on the importance of continuing the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. He evaluated the Party’s work over the last ten years, his period in office, and set out a number of goalposts and principles for the future. According to Bill Bishop, Hu Jintao spoke for many hours, clearly outlining the problems and challenges facing China. The full text of the speech has not been made public, but since then, the Party magazine Qiushi has published a number of articles drawing from this speech and the People’s Daily has opened an entire website dedicated to it, with commentaries from Xi Jinping and a number of experts from different fields. Also, this website contains a summary of the speech, which is available in translated form hereunder.

This speech sets the stage for the 18th Party Congress and outlines the agenda for the new leadership generation, although, in this acrimonious transition, it is not completely certain this speech reflects a consensus between the different factions. Nonetheless, there are some things we can learn from the summary, which consists of two parts. The first part takes stock of the experience of the last few years, while the second part lists plans for the future. In evaluating the last ten years, Hu indicated that China had a bumpy ride, but that generally, the government managed to successfully fend off domestic and foreign issues. Hu unsurprisingly attributes that success to his own theoretical innovation, the scientific development concept, while paying the necessary dues to the policies of Mao, Deng and Jiang, as well as Marxism-Leninism. As a result, China is still on track to complete the objective of building a relatively well-off society (xiaokang shehui) by 2020, and complete Socialist modernization by 2050. In order to do so, the core requirement is persisting in Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Conveniently, Hu provides few details about what this may mean, but it does signal that no basic political change is on the agenda.

In setting out ideas on the future, Hu subsequently lists a number of policy areas, which may reflect the order of priority they have on the CCP agenda. In order of appearance, these are transforming economic development methods, political structural reform, building a strong Socialist culture country, improving the people’s livelihood and providing social services, and protecting the environment. On the economy, Hu Jintao reiterates that shifting development methods remains the first priority. However, thus far, little rebalancing seems to happen. On political structural reform, Hu continues the line established by Deng Xiaoping that the Party’s leadership position may not change, but that under this condition, the people are to manage their own affairs. While he also pays lip service to democratic election, decision-making, management and supervision, these refer to intra-Party structures and do not indicate that the Chinese franchise will be broadened. On culture, which may take the central space accorded to Zhou Yongkang’s coercive internal stability apparatus, Hu repeats the line established at the Plenary meeting in October last year. On ensuring the people’s livelihood, Hu indicates that it is necessary to expand China’s social services. Lastly, Hu argues that environmental protection should become an integral part of China’s economic, political, cultural and social policy in all areas.

In short, this speech avoids any contentious statement in the run-up to the 18th Party Congress, and provides a relatively blank space on which Xi can begin to establish his leadership. At the end, Hu does pay special attention to the necessity of improving Party building and fighting abuses. In the wake of the Bo scandal, and the different incidents that have battered the CCP over the last few years, and in the fact of corruption, the Party must embark on a new round of Party building. However, Hu does not go beyond calling for the strengthening of existing measures, including internal organization and supervision, campaigns and political education. Without the full text of the speech, it is difficult to assess to what extent Hu aims to push appointments or policy in a certain direction, but at least according to this speech, it seems that the key objective the Party pursues, is not to pursue any clear objective at all.

Valiantly Forge Ahead Following the Path of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Hu Jintao pointed out that Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the banner for the development and progress of the China of today, and is the banner for the united struggle of the entire party and the people of all ethnicities in the entire country, we must unwaveringly take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thoughts as guidance, deeply implement the scientific development view, persist in and develop Socialism with Chinese characteristics. We must grasp work, grasp implementation, and in the next five years, lay a decisive basis to completely realize the objective of a relatively well-off society, on time, by 2020, and after that, basically realize Socialist modernization by the middle of this century. We must unwaveringly march the correct path opened up by the Party and the people through a long time of practice, not fear any risk, and not be mislead by any interference. Liberating thoughts is a strong ideological weapon to promote the development of the undertaking of the Party and the people from beginning to end, reform and opening up is a strong force promoting the development of the undertaking of the Party and the people from beginning to end, we must unwaveringly move reform and opening up forward, never become fossilized, never stagnate, unite all forces that can be united, muster all vigorous factors that can be mustered, and with unbounded confidence, overcome all difficulties and risks on the path ahead.

Hu Jintao pointed out that, comprehensively analyzing present trends inside and outside the country, we face unprecedented opportunities, and also face unprecedented challenges, our country’s development is still in an important strategic period of opportunity with great potential. Whether we will be able to grasp the opportunities or calmly meet challenges, crucially depends on our ideological understanding, depends on our work strength, depends on our moving the pace of reform and development forward. We must completely examine development trends of the present world and the present China, completely grasp the new requirements for our country’s development and the new expectations of the popular masses, scientifically formulate action plans and major policies adapted to the requirements of the times and the aspirations of the people, press on more enthusiastically, work cautiously and conscientiously, continue to promote scientific development, stimulate social harmony, continue to improve the people’s lives, enhance the people’s happiness, and do all we can to complete the glorious and formidable tasks entrusted to us in these times.

Hu Jintao stressed that, since the 16th Party Congress, we have walked a very uneven path. Looking at these ten years overall, the international situation has constantly changed, the domestic tasks of reform, development and stability were grave, we have closely grasped and used our country’s important strategic period for development well, overcome a series of severe challenges, spared no effort to move the undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics towards a new development phase. The reason that we are able to achieve such historical accomplishments and progress, most importantly is that we have persisted in taking Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, have dared to move the practical and basic theoretical innovation forward, have formed and implemented the scientific development view, and have provided powerful theoretical guidance for completely constructing a relatively well-off society and accelerating the pace of Socialist modernization. Deeply implementing the scientific development view still is a long-term, arduous task, facing a series of extremely challenging contradictions and difficulties. We must implement the scientific development view with even firmer determination, even more powerful measures and even more perfect systems, and truly make the scientific development view into a strong force promoting both strong and good development in the economy and society.

Hu Jintao stressed that, through a long period of efforts, our persisting in and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics has obtained great theoretical and practical results, the most important one is that the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics has been opened up, a theoretical structure for Socialism with Chinese characteristics has been formed, and a system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics established. This is the basic achievement of ninety years of struggle, production and accumulation by the Party and people, and must be utterly treasured, completely persisted in, and incessantly developed. Under new historical conditions, to continue to move Socialism with Chinese characteristics forward, we must incessantly enrich the practical characteristics, theoretical characteristics, ethnic characteristics and characteristics of the time, of Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Hu Jintao pointed out that, the comrades in the entire Party must keep firmly in mind that the rapid development of our country over the last thirty years relied on reform and opening up, and our country’s development in the future must also resolutely rely on reform and opening up. Only through reform and opening up is it possible to develop China, develop Socialism and develop Marxism. We absolutely must persist in the line, principles and policies of the Party since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, persist in implementing the spirit of reform and opening up in all parts of governing the country, move reform and opening up forward even more consciously and even more firmly, incessantly stride forward in a new pace in areas of constructing and innovating systems, and do all we can to push reform and opening up forward.”

When discussing accelerating the transformation of economic development methods, Hu Jintao stressed that, having economic construction at the core is what is needed to rejuvenate the nation, development still is the key to resolve all problems of our country. In the China of today, the basic requirement that persisting in development is a hard principle is persisting in scientific development. Taking scientific development at the core, and taking accelerating the transformation of economic development methods as the main line, is the strategic decision of the overall picture of our country’s development. The comrades in the entire Party absolutely must unify thoughts, raise understanding and firmly implement the major policy deployments of the Centre on accelerating the transformation of economic development methods, shift the foothold of promoting development to raising quality and efficiency, firmly grasp the implementation of the strategy to have innovation drive development, move strategic readjustment of economic structures forward, promote the integration of urban and rural development, completely raise economic openness levels and other strategic tasks, strive to arouse all sorts of market subjects to develop new vitality, promote the synchronous development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization, completely deepen economic structural reform, incessantly strengthen long-term development aftereffects.

When discussing moving political structural reform forward, Hu Jintao stressed that, since reform and opening up, we have always put political structural reform in an important position in the entire picture of reform and development, have unwaveringly moved it forward, have obtained major progress, successfully opened up and persisted in the political development path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. To move political structural reform forward, we must persist in organically unifying the leadership of the Party, letting the people master their own affairs, and governing the country according to the law, develop people’s democracy even more broadly and even more fully, guarantee that the people conduct democratic elections, democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision according to the law, pay even more attention to giving rein to the important function of the rule of law in governing the State and society, safeguard the unity, dignity and authority of the national legal system, and guarantee that the people enjoy broad rights and freedoms according to the law.

When discussing the construction of a strong Socialist culture country, Hu Jintao stressed that, constructing a strong Socialist culture country is a major strategic policy decision in our Party’s grasping the developments and changes in the times and the trends, and vigorously responding to the spiritual and cultural requirements of the people of all ethnicities. We must unwaveringly march the culture development path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, persist in the orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism, persist in the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend, persist in the principle of sticking close to reality, sticking close to life, sticking close to the masses, establish high levels of cultural consciousness and cultural self-consciousness, promote the complete development of a Socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization, and construct a ethnic, scientific Socialist culture facing modernization, facing the world, facing the future, of the masses.

When discussing the improving of the people’s livelihood and strengthening social construction, Hu Jintao pointed out that progressively raising the people’s material and cultural life levels on the basis of economic development, is the basic objective of reform and opening up, and Socialist modernization construction. Since reform and opening up, and especially in the last few years, we have exerted extremely large efforts obtained clear achievements in the area of improving the people’s livelihood. At the same time, we also must consider that the popular masses’ requirements to live an even better life are also strengthening, and their expectations concerning resolving prominent problems in the area of the people’s livelihood are also rising. We must continue to strengthen work, seek the benefit of the people’s livelihood more, resolve the worries on the people’s livelihood more, resolve the problems of interests that are of the most concern, are the most direct and the most real for the people, continue to gain new progress in ensuring that there are matters to learn, there are jobs to do, there is medicine for the ill, there is care for the elderly, and there are houses in which to live, ensure that the gains of reform and development are extended to the whole body of the people even better and even more fairly, and guarantee that the people lead an even better life.”

When discussing moving the ecological civilization construction forward, Hu Jintao pointed out that, moving the construction of an ecological civilization forward, is a strategic tasks involving fundamental change production methods and life methods, we must profoundly merge and implement ecological civilization construction concepts, principles and objectives, etc., into all aspects and the complete process of our country’s economic, political, culture and social construction, persist in the basic national policy of saving energy and protecting the environment, strive to move green development, recycling development and low-carbon development forward, and create a fine production and life environment for the people.

Hu Jintao stressed that, since reform and opening up, we closely revolved around the magnificent undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, completely moved the new magnificent project of Party building forward, and have gained great achievements. Under new trends, major changes have occurred in the historical bearing and governance conditions of the Party, and the composition and structuring of Party member teams, the risks coming from outside are unprecedented, the aspect of Party building and especially in Party members and cadre teams, many prominent problems that urgently need to be resolved have emerged. The entire party must strengthen a sense of urgency and a sense of responsibility, persist in the fact that the Party must manage the Party, and governing the Party strictly, completely strengthen the Party’s ideological building, organizational building, work style building, anti-corruption and clean government building, system construction, guarantee that the Party becomes a strong leading core of Socialism with Chinese characteristics from beginning to end. We must continue to move the new magnificent project of Party building forward, persist in ideals and convictions, preserve the blood-and-flesh relationship of the Party with the popular masses, vigorously develop intra-Party democracy, deepen cadres’ personnel system reform, tamp down an organizational basis for Party governance, unwaveringly oppose corruption, consciously safeguard the concentration and unity of the Party.

Lastly, Hu Jintao pointed out that, all levels’ Party Committees and government must, with a spirit of high responsibility, enthusiasm and accomplishment, do all work matters on reform, stability and development well, continue to be earnest and down to earth, firmly grasp implementation, earnestly implement the general fundamental key of seeking progress in stability, preserve the tendency of smooth and relatively rapid economic development, and establish a solid basis for the stability of the larger picture. We must realistically do well the work of caring for the masses’ production and lives, always keep the masses’ safety, danger and daily life in our hearts, and especially must do the work well to care for masses in difficulty, in all manners assist them in getting rid of worries and overcoming difficulty. We must strengthen propaganda and public opinion work, forcefully propagate our Party’s magnificent achievements in leading the people to move reform and opening up, and Socialist modernization construction forward since reform and opening up and especially since the 16th Party Congress, and strengthen the confidence of the entire Party and the people of all ethnicities in the entire country in unwaveringly marching the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. The entire Party must even more closely unite around the Party Centre, firmly do work in all areas well, and welcome the victorious convocation of the 18th Party Congress with magnificent achievements.











Unify Thoughts and Acts with the Spirit of General Secretary Hu Jintao’s Speech – Construct a Good Ideological and Public Sphere Climate for the Convocation of the 18th Party Congress

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Liu Yunshan

On 23 and 24 July, the Central Committee organized the Provincial-Level Main Leading Cadre Specialized Research Class in Beijing, General Secretary Hu Jintao made an important speech at the beginning of the class. The propaganda, ideology and culture fronts must deeply study and understand, and earnestly implement the spirit of General Secretary Hu Jintao’s speech, soundly do all work matters according to the spirit of the speech, and promote an upsurge in propaganda and education to welcome the 18th Party Congress. Read the rest of this entry »

Lu Wei: The Lively Practice of the Marxist View of News in Present-Day China

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Some thoughts on the baptism of the “March, Transform, Improve” campaign

The Marxist news view is the root of the identity of every Socialist news worker, the basis of their employment and the spirit of their maturation, and it is a strong intellectual weapon to guide practice in news work. At present, the “March to the grass roots, transform work styles and improve writing styles” has been broadly launched across the nationwide news front, it is the newest practice of the Marxist news view in present-day China, and has further enriched the content of the times of the Marxist news view by integrating theory and practice.

I, Deeply launching the “March, Transform, Improve” campaign is a necessary requirement for firmly establishing the Marxist news view. Read the rest of this entry »

Liu Yunshan makes clear what CCP cultural policy is about

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Furthering the cultural construction wave, a book has been published (electronic version) that collects important speeches and statements by all party chiefs from Mao until Hu, concerning the important position of culture in the People’s Republic. At the launch seminar, CPD chief Liu Yunshan delivered a speech on the importance of the book and the underlying theme of cultural reform in the Chinese political constellation. This speech has now been published in “Seeking Truth”, which already published Hu Jintao’s earlier culture-related address. Full translation: Read the rest of this entry »

The Major Significance and Basic Experience of Shaping a Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics

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Wu Bangguo

I, Fully understand the important significance of shaping a Socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics

Developing Socialist democracy and completing a Socialist legal system are important strategic tasks for building Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Since the establishment of the new China and especially in the thirty years of reform and opening up, under the correct leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, and through the persistent and unwavering common efforts of all sides, our country’s legislation work has gained huge achievements that attracted the attention of the world. In 1982, the present Constitution was passed, after this, on the basis of the development requirements of objective circumstances, parts of the content of the Constitution were revised four times in total. By the end of 2010, our country had formulated the current 236 valid laws, more than 690 administrative regulations and more than 8600 local regulations, and completely accomplished the concentrated clean-up work of current laws and administrative regulations, as well as local regulations. At present, legal departments covering all aspects of social relationships are complete, fundamental and important laws in all legal departments have been formulated, corresponding administrative regulations and local regulations are relatively complete, and generally, the integration of science and harmony has been achieved inside the legal system. A Socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics that is based on China’s national circumstances and reality, that is suited to the requirements of reform, opening up and Socialist modernization construction, that concentrates and reflects the aspirations of the Party and the people, with the Constitution as commander-in-chief, with laws related to the Constitution, civil law, commercial law and laws in other legal departments as backbone, composed of laws, administrative regulations, local regulations and laws and regulations at many other levels has been shaped, it has been realized that there are laws to follow in all aspects of national economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction as well as ecological civilization construction. This is an important milestone in the history of our country’s Socialist democratic legal system construction, and has a major practical significance and a profound historical significance. Read the rest of this entry »

Speech at the Ideological and Political Work Conference

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Jiang Zemin

(28 June 2000)

At the eve of the 79th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party, the Centre has convened an ideological and political work conference, which is of important significance. In September last year, the Centre has issued Document 17, which has made deployments on strengthening and improving ideological and political work. The objectives of this conference are further getting a clear understanding of the circumstances faced by the ideological and political work, further clarifying the position of ideological and political work in the overall work picture of Party and State, further summarize the experience of ideological and political work, putting forward requirements and measures for strengthening and improving ideological and political work suited to new situations and new circumstances, mobilize the entire Party to ensure that ideological and political work is done more vividly and dramatically, and has realistic effects. Read the rest of this entry »